A squad of bickering Neopets with a sense of chivalry. They enjoy a good adventure everywhere they go all while busy arguing!


This is also Semmy's Art Page. Sorry Knight, you gotta share your page with me. Who is Semmy? I'm afraid the world is not yet ready to know. All you need to know is I love my beagle. Find me on the Art board running the Art Agency

我是台灣人~ 歡迎來交朋友!

Art Request: Check the Art Agency Art Trade: Closed.

Full Name: Knightmare Krawk (狂火龍)
Nickname: Knight
Species: Krawk
Colour: Flaming Fire!
Description: Knight is the self-proclaimed leader of the Knight Squad. Although not many members acknowledge that or simply doesn't care. His "leadership style is charging into all the actions without a second thought and forcing everyone for the wild ride.

Knight is very confident of himself and rightfully so, since he is the fighter of the squad. However, he is far too egotistic for his own good and needs a good smack on the head to be reminded of his place. This unfortunate job usually falls the voice of reason, Beckham.

Due to the fact that he had been the only Krawk in the squad for the longest time, he often feels like he is entitled to certain privileges. He certainly is spoiled when it comes to his vast selections of wearables.

Yet, this is all slowly changing due to the fact that Twisty is now in the squad. Even though things are rocky at first between the two Krawks, Knight quickly discovered a way to umm... put his flamethrowers to use.

He loves his heritage as a Krawk and how "valuable" it is. This resulted in the creation of his own personal fan club known as the 10Mil+ Club, so called as a homage to the costly price of Krawk morphing potion at the height of their popularity. Although it may seem elitist at first glance, there's a certain rumor going on that Knight is really just doing this to get on his arch nemesis, Beckham's. nerves.

Knight's Art Gallery

semi-organized from age (newest to oldest) or by style

Mini-Knight! (Gifts and Cute Adoptables)

Character Setting

Fiery Coffee
Being a Krawk!
Gabumon Hat!
10mil+ Club

Rainy days
Being called a handbag
Insulter of Krawks

The Krawk, the Silliness, and the Wearable

Magma OverLord
Krawk Island AC Fanatic
Ice Prince

Knight's Friendship Circle!

Knight enjoys a good prank or two and that results in many bickering with Beckham. Some may say that Beckham is his best friend even if both of them will simply laugh when they hear it.

Dasher often helps Knight with his pranks without question.

Knight, along with other members find it amusing to cuddle up to the resident plushie. Hydra doesn't mind too much... but Knight really needs to start paying attention to where he put his fiery tail.

Knight has had many fights with Pacuga over dietry habits. Marshmallow is a way of life! Doesn't Pac get it?!

Boist enjoy being the rebel and going against what Knight says. Not like others actually listens to Knight too, but with Boist, things can get violent.

He has a certain fond spot for Baron due to the common elemenet they both share. Fire, Magma. SAME THING.

Although very annoyed at the presence of another Krawk. Knight quickly discovered the way to use his fire to his advantage. Poor, poor Twisty.

Friend Me?

A Beagle's Ramble

A fire Krawk had always been my dream pet. Krawks are my favorite species when I first started this game back in 4th grade and still is (Boris are contending the spot). And fire in my opinion is still the best colour yet. My first fire Krawk was named liQuiDKNigHtMare###. I found him as a Kau in the pound and he got a pretty nice starter BD status which at that time meant everything, so I immediately morphed. It ended up in Iceland and I quit for a long time. I came back and knew immediately I wanted to recreate Knightmare and here he is today!

He is also the first pet I ever tried desiging. Although pretty cheesy with the Gabumon Hat and everything, this is the first time I've ever tried to come up with a character and Knight holds a special place in my heart for it. (-Semmy)

Art Gallery Submissions

Count: 108 (I can't remember a few)



Lu Codestone

Orange Petpet Paint Brush

Maractite Petpet Paint Brush

Brown Petpet Paint Brush

Orange Petpet Paint Brush


Secret Laboratory Map



Fifty Dubloon Coin

Bag of Peanuts

Purple Petpet Paint Brush

Electric Blue Paint Brush

Camouflage Paint Brush


Cui Codestone

Invisible Paint Brush



Invisible Paint Brush

Water Paint Brush

Zombie Petpet Paint Brush

Kauvaras Potion

Disco Petpet Paint Brush



Tai-Kai Codestone

Cui Codestone

Secret Laboratory Map

Gold Paint Brush

Invisible Paint Brush






Sketch Petpet Paint Brush

Grey Petpet Paint Brush

Speckled Paint Brush

Maraquan Petpet Paint Brush

Green Petpet Paint Brush

Icy Negg

Snow Paint Brush

Blue Petpet Paint Brush


Eventide Petpet Paint Brush

Brown Paint Brush

Orn Codestone


Checkered Petpet Paint Brush


Bag of Peanuts

Fifty Dubloon Coin

Orange Paint Brush

Pirate Paint Brush

Water Petpet Paint Brush


Mutant Petpet Paint Brush


Lu Codestone

Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush


Snow Paint Brush





Tyrannina PetPet Paint Brush

Electric Blue Paint Brush


Mau Codestone

Kauvara's Potion

Pink PetPet Paint Brush
Forgot. xD

Tai-Kai Codestone

Halloween Petpet Paint Brush

Pink Paint Brush


Bri Codestone

Glowing Petpet Paint Brush

Golden Paint Brush

Pink Paint Brush

Yellow PetPet Paint Brush

Tyrannina PetPet Paint Brush

Skunk Paint Brush


Island Paint Brush





Pink Petpet Paint Brush




Invisible Paint Brush




Art Dump

Rejected Art Gallery entries, art requests, anything (newest to oldest)

Neo Related

Art for Growl my Maraquan Grarrl

Art for Technodile my Robot Krawk

Art for Crunchdile my Maractite Krawk

Art for old app of UC Maraquan Krawk, my absolute ultimate dream.

Art for UC Darigan Eyrie app

Art for UC Mutant Lupe app

Various Neo-Art

For Others

Art for Cuddledile my friend's Plushie Krawk

Even older Art Requests

The Most Lovely of Gifts

Thank You List

Coloured Crafted Tree: Gifted by Rain! What a pleasant surprise. :D

Stealthy Gelert Wearables: Gifted by Mystica the FFQ queen.

Shenkuu Lantern Garland: Gifted by lijnie_6. Going off to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Artwork Display Garland: Gifted by Xy the Bori Guy. ArtAgency's studio got an upgrade.

Halloween Gelert Wearables: Gifted by Mystica. I failed at zapping Gelerts for YEARS, I'm not exaggerating.

Daring Sea Captain Coat: Gifted by Melissa. Thank you! I simply can't thank you enough. :)

Lost Desert Oasis BG: Gifted by Krystina. It's so random that I love it! Thanks! Gotta love things you don't even know exist before.

Darigan PB: Gifted by Sam. I never imagined this day would come. T.T (tears of joy). You may not have the best of lucks, but you're still so generous. Thanks for the trust.

Maps/Random PBs: Gifted by Jenn. You just never stop giving me random things do you? :P You're great.

Blue Chomby KQ Token!: Gifted by Lisa. Finally, a non-site event KQ token. 3D Chomby looks so awesome. Now, I'll never be able to stop playing KQ. xD Thanks!

Justice: Charlotte from TNT support! She told me that my suspension was indeed a mistake and my account is cleared of all charges. THANK YOU!! I officially love TNT now. :3

Gypsy Girl Striped Headscarf: Gifted by Concon~ My coolest neofriend of them all. :3 Thanks for the awesome headscarf on Bois.... and now all I need to do is find an awesome BG to add. :D :3

Birthday Gifts: So many awesome people that just randomly decided to gift me with items. Gifts are best when they are unexpected. :3 Thanks Chizzy, Maaike, Macey, Claire (10th B-day Capsule :O), Tails, Momo, Iggy, and every kind people :)

Daring Sea Captain Hat: Gifted by Stephi. My Daring Sea Captain Draik is finally complete! I'm so scared of going to NC because of those generous gifters. xD I really don't need anymore gifts. I have so many people spoiling me rotten already. :P

Gelert Spy Gloves: Gifted by Heather. I love those gloves. xD If only TNT makes them on all four paws. Now that'll make me so happy. :3 Of course, I'm not saying I don't love the gloves now~ Thanks!

Baby Techo Plushie: Gifted by Dragon. Thanks xD That was unexpected. :P Now, I just need to make sure I don't sell it for a horrible price.

Moltara Inventor Coat: Gifted by Sammie (my more correctly spelled counter part.). My strategy to prolong the conversation so you'll save you NC failed. D: But you get a nifty spot on this page. :3 And Knight is forever grateful! He is one spoiled rotten Krawk so THANK you! A merry Christmas indeed.

Ukali: Gifted by Jasmine. Gr. Even though it took me forever to put this up, it doesn't mean I'm less grateful. After seeing my wishlist for Ukali she immediately grabbed one from her shop and gave it to me. :3 Dasher nows has an adorable petpet to go with. Depressing dragons ftw! Thank you!

Knight's Lookup Codings: From the most awesome Con-Con~ Aha, I would never do anything like that for Knight (not talented enough) but muhaha now he has the most pwnsome look-up. Thank you. :3

Wings of Flame/Black and Orange Sweater Vest: Gifted by Amber~ They are amazing! :O Thank you. You have gave more than you should already, silly bunny elf ;)

Holiday Ornament Garland: Gifted by Mystica~ So in season for Christmas. *huggles* Finally some good looking garland. xD TNT! Start working on good looking np items too, will ya?

I Heart NC Flag: Gifted by Ghost ~ I'm sorry that I returned it! I appreciate your gift but I really don't want to see your box goes to waste on me. :S Sorry, sorry, sorry! But as you can tell I still think you're being super generous to me and I appreciate it. :)

Darigan Snuffly: Gifted by Zazu. Thank you! Thank you. :3 I finally got all my permies' petpets~ *huggles* I shall go draw a pic of all the four petpets soon. Thank you once more. :)

Curly Pink Wig: Gifted by Alexa. LOL. That gift seriously made me laugh out loud. It's just so funny because all my pets are guys. xD Thank you anyway, sorry I had to return it but it'll be SUCH a waste in my closet. You're still awesome. Thank you. :3

Haunted Paino Soundtrack: Gifted by Willow. Thank you! I never had a sountrack before. And it's such a cool soundtrack to start of with! :O Well, wicked and awesome at least. XD Thank you!

Knight's Previous PetPage Layout: Made by inmemoryof. Yay! My first good looking revamp of my art gallery! It took a while resizing everything. Thank you sooo much for your efforts and it was a great inspiration to my current layout:3

Baron's Halloween Wearables: Given by 1mewtwo! After hungint for a halloween bori for over a month. I just got gifted one! I'm so happy now. :D:D:D If only my account is aged enough to transfer them all to knightsquad. But still, this is SO awesome! Thank you, thank you! Another permie done. x3

Neovian Twilight Background: Gifted by Fawn! Yay! Yay! Thank you very much. :* I've tried to find a BG for Bois for the longest time and I'm just not satisfied with any of them till this one. And finally he got this most epic background to complete his wearable set. Bois is hard to customized because he can't wear anything without his spikes disappear so I really appreciate this awesome background to go with. Thank you!

Hydragon the PIRATE Hissi!: Gifted by Ella! She is truly the most amazing person. I received a FFQ custom to help me get my dreamie. I mean c'mon how often will people receive such a generous gift like that? This is the most amazing thing ever. Although I am unable to express my gratitude in simple words I would forever remember it. I don't really know how to show how much I appreciate it but truly, truly I do. Thank you ever so much.

Burning Red Eyes + Neoboard Pen: Gifted by Con! Con is awesome, there's no other way to say. The burning red eyes is the wearable I've been secretly wanting for a loooong time. I never imagined I could get it since it's a special MME. It's such an awesome wearable though. There's nothing else to describe it. The neoboard pen was something, I want because of BC. I want to SPAM properly after all 8D

Valentine Celebration Background/Pink Heart Horns: Gifted by Con! Okay, seriously stop being on my list. :K I feel like I'm leeching off you too often! But haha, I finally got a pink BG for whatever purpose I can do with it. :D Thanks, and don't even think about the meepit hat./ The Pink Heart Horns = the weirdest wearable I have. It looks hilariously out of place on all my pets. xD Yeahhh but once more STOP GIVING ME THINGS. :K I'll bite you next time but still thanks. :3

Sparkly Diamond Staff.: Gifted by Messie! I love your board title that nobody came to. xD Selfish PCers. :K But goooosh, stupid Con's bright idea to gift things to me. Don't you guys see this list is already TOO LONG?! :D: Thanks anyway though. It's a great whacking staff.x3 And also thank you very much for not picking a "pink" item xD

Plushie PB Fund: Many thanks to Wormie, Charlie, Meg, Gemma, Con and B0gi. Evil neofriends that like to make me feel guilty about receiving things! There's no better neofriends than that. xD Thanks but watch out for the pickles!

Chess Set BG!: Gifted by Lemr! Lurkers. What can you do about them? Hiding and attacking like ninjas. Tsktsk. And worse of all I can't even slap with a fish! Not fair. But thanks! It was exactly something that I want for a future character. I was really worried I can't get it because it's on sale for limited time only. @_@

Chest of Plunder: Gifted by Fawn! Geez, finally back from hiatus and immediatly you throw something in my face? xD Thanks. Even though you had to give up on your pirate gnorbu, this item will look great with Hydra. :3

Krawk Island Adventure Sword: Gifted by Lemr! Awwww, one the coolest item TNT ever created! This is an amzing gift as it's a LE item from one of those eviiil capsules. I love this sword item! I think it is equally epic as the fish sword of you know, even better. XD Finally a perfect sword for Hydra (well occasionally being stolen by Knight). Thank you so much! :) As always, you're amazing!

Split Grarrl Morphing Potion: Gifted by Niki! Thanks Niki! This is a potion for my silly old Growl that refuse to change into a Mara Grarrl! I've been busying grarrl potions myself already, but it's starting to eat my bank account up. But thank you so much for saving me some nps. With your wishings he BETTER turn into sharkie soon. xD

Krawk Island Altador Cup Jersey/Krawk Island Altador Cup Team Spirit Banners: Gifted by Dark, my best Krawk buddy. 8D Hehe, I wanted the Jersey since last year but didn't have NC. Knight finally get to show off his team spirit this year thanks to Dark though. :3 I'm a complete Krawk Island supporter in the AC *pokes AC stats* Seriously, having no life is great some time. xD GOOO KRAWK ISLAND!

Robot Hissi CasingsGifted by Niki the amazing master of pet zapping! I've went through so many hissis already and never gotten robot. Thanks so much for making Hydra even more epic. 8D (Correction: My lab hissi turned robot before I got the time to transfer the hissi in.... so I'll be trying to get Island/Desert hissi wearables with Niki's hissi. Thanks for understanding. :*)

Plushie Lolly Wand and Molten Rock Crown Gifted by Wormie. Okay.... you seriously needs to stop spoiling me. o3o But the plushie lolly wand looks really nice on Pac. x3 And gosh the crown looks so cool. I mean really! It makes me almost want to paint Knight magma to make the effect even cooler. xD Thank you. :3

Birthday Celebration BackgroundGifted by Nora. WHY?! HOW DARE YOU?! -sigh- I really didn't want anyone to gift this BG because I can actually afford it myself thanks to TNT's free 300NC but I'm just being cheap and not buying it. But still! That doesn't mean I want to be gifted all the time. D: Thanks nonetheless, please let this be the last. Too many gifts!!! XD

Foot Soldiers Vest:Gifted by Dark. Random gifts are the best. *nods* Thank you. :*

Winter Prince Jacket: Gifted by Nora.....I hate you. But I love you. Darn, I hate contradicting emotions.

1000 NC: Gifted by Wormie. Dang, this is crazy. You're completely insane to do something like this. o3o Thank you! Thank you so much:O There's no possible way to describe my gratitude. But seriously you promised, no gifting for 2 years at least!

Terror Mountain Mystery Capsule: Gifted by Dark. Because I bought like 4 caps with co Snowager Staff. T.T And Dark decided to send one my way. But I faiiiiiil and didn't get it this time too. Ended up having to trade for one. Stupidstupidstupid capsule!!!

MiniMME4-S2: Cloud of Ghostly Orbs: Gifted by Matt and Wormie! I got a really lame mask for the MME.... I mean really it is like the worst out of them all, but Matt gave me his MME instead. This one is the one I soo rather want get instead and now I have it. Thanks. :3

Cupcake Shower: Gifted by Wormie! For Knight's birthday. And my birthday too. Ahaha, she was right about that, I just didn't feel like admitting it. Thank~

MME2-S5: Glorious Golden Fish Sword: Gifted by Nora. Nora is epic, epic, epic.THANK YOU.

Encased in ICE: Gifted by Nora. I wish she'll stop this! She's the ice queen not me. d:

Screenies and Other Occasional Randomness

Beauty Contest
I decided have a little competition within my pets to see what happens if they enter all in the same week. I did not advertise other then using the Art Agency board and carrying a siggy that says "This is Semmy! She has 9 BC entries and she refuses to give you the links!" Haha, my favorite BC siggy yet. They are numbered by when I got them. From first to last. Thank you for being with me all this time!

3rd Place (109 votes)

2nd Place (98 votes)

3rd Place (60 votes)

6th Place (85 votes)

6th Place (33 votes)

4th Place (99 votes)

2nd Place (105 votes)

4th Place (95 votes)

4th Place (78 votes)


It was a fun experience not to have to stress about BC spamming and advertising. 1 Silver, 3 Bronzes. 3 fourth places, 2 sixth places. Not bad, right?

Screenies of my Neo-Moments. xD

Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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