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Oh no, you found me! Please don't tell Chatial, please? I come to the orchard and climb the trees when I'm hiding from him, because it's more fun here than staying at the bakery all day. I like baking bread with him and his gallion Farine, but sometimes it's nice to just be outside, you know?

Will you stay and talk with me a bit? There are always people on the road going from Paris to the Versailles Palace and back again, but they never stop. I want to go visit the palace, but Chatial and Ver say we have to stay home and work, like Mama and Papa always said. That was before they went away. I want them to come back.

Before Chatial found me I just wandered in the orchard. I knew all the trees like the back of my paw, and had food to eat, and sometimes if I was quiet enough and still enough some of the wild snowbunnies would come close to where I was sitting to eat the bits of apple I left for them. Often times times I'd just sleep in the trees under the stars.

Now I usually only come to the orchard in the daylight. That still leaves plenty of time to work on my Apple Gallery though. Oh! Maybe you'd like to see it! Please?

Yay! Right this way!
Climbing Trees
Chatial & Ver
Lapin & Farine

Being Quiet
Staying Inside
English Lessons


Name: Kliarin
Nickname: Rin
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Species: Xweetok

Paint: Faerie
- Pelt: Brown
- Mane: Red
- Markings: Black, Red
- Wings: Red Butterfly
- Eyes: Red

Occupation: None
Home City: Versailles
Personality: Mischievous, Energetic

PetPet: Lapin the Brown Snowbunny

Apple Gallery

Favorite item that's not edible?
Well my Red Apple Wall Clock of course! Chatial made it for me.

Apple: The Color

Did you know that chias actually come in the color Apple? That's so neat! I wish xweetoks could be apple too! I've never met an apple chia but I hope I get to soon. I promise I won't nibble.

To get an apple chia you must feed your chia a Magical Apple Chia Pop. If a Neopet of another species eats one it's just an expensive snack. A very, very expensive snack. You could also try your luck at something called the Lab Ray, but that sounds rather risky, doesn't it?


I like Chatial a lot. He's a faerie xweetok with white fur, and he's almost always covered in flour! Chatial is really nice to me, always sneaking me jam and butter for my snacks even though Ver tells him we need to save it.

I know it's wrong, but I still run away and hide from him sometimes when I don't want to stay in the bakery. It can be boring with nobody my age to play with. Chatial likes to make sure everything is clean too, sometimes he'll get mad at me if I come back to the bakery with mud on my paws. But I always go back after a day or two, I don't want to scare him too much. His friend Ver helped me catch my snowbunny Lapin and grows carrots for him!

Chatial's petpet is a gallion named Farine, I like tying bows in her fur!


Augury isn't really a friend, I'm kind of scared of her actually. We always know she's coming because lots of weird black birds will land on the roof and start crowing. When she first visited Chatial wanted to make me go downstairs, but Augury said I could stay. I didn't understand a word she said though, Ver she talks in riddles.

Ver says that Augury lives in Paris too. If that's true she must be really brave since Ver and Chatial say the city is dangerous.


Prodromus is a newcomer to the bakery. He has really nice clothes with pretty designs and gold buckles and stuff, but doesn't wear them outside. Chatial caught me playing dress up in his boots and vest and got mad at me. Prodromus said it was okay but I had to promise to stay in the basement. I think that's silly, but I promised.

Prodromus isn't very good at baking, but he really likes gardening and between him and Ver the plants don't die as much as they used to when it was just Chatial. He likes to go walking with his Schnelly Ancil too. Ancil is really friendly but sometimes I have to put him in the bakery if he's chasing Lapin.

The only thing bad about Prodromus is that he loves books and writing, so he always agrees with Chatial when Chatial tells me to practice my letters. How boring.


This journal is where I keep notes on everything going on in my life. Some things I like to write about are story updates and Beauty Contest entries and results! Other times I'll write about when new adoptables, makeables, or links are added to my petpage, so look here to find out what's new!

January 19th 2009
Twi learned that I was up for adoption! She drew her first sketch of me today!

January 21st 2009
My first picture was finished, Twi's decided to use it for the petpage layout too!

January 22nd 2009
Hey, my page has most of the layout assembled! The apples in the background and dividers look yummy!

January 23rd 2009
Look! Lots of makeables have been colored to look like me! My first adoptable was added to the page too!

January 26th 2009
Twi's been adding little snippets of text all around my page, but the big change today was that my adoptable set was finished! Now to find some adoptable trades!

January 28th 2009
Some more custom adoptables of me have been added to the page, and a few other xweetoks have been colored on my apple adoptables as well!

February 1st 2009
The formal adoption process was canceled, but Sirquo told me I was still going to a new home today! I'll miss my old life, but it's time for a new adventure! I'm with Twi and Chatial and Ver at the bakery now!

February 4th 2009
My likes and dislikes have been added to the page. Twi has lots of half finished pictures of me too, hopefully some will be completed very soon!

February 6th 2009
I'm going to be in the Beauty Contest!

February 13th 2009
My first contest was really fun! I came in 63rd overall and 1st in xweetok with 161 votes! Twi's also added a quick doodle of me to the art section for Valentine's Day.

February 24th 2009
Another picture of me was completed for my Statistics section!

September 19th 2009
I can't believe Twi took so long to update my page again! If this happens again I'll have to nom at her arm or something until she comes back. Anyway, Twi did and adoptable trade with Pirate, and now I'm in a bucket! I like it, it's like an apple basket.

July 30th 2010
Well, I had to do that nomming. Twi showed no weakness until I nommed her socks and then she flew back here faster than a pteri strapped to a rocket. My page has gotten some fun new features, like the Apple Gallery!

June 17th 2011
I'm back! I'm back! Yay, yay, yay! I'm going to get some new art after Chatial gets his new lookup and some new story chapters. Twi spent time today fixing my page because the new coding filters didn't work with my old code all that well. Gifts I received in Christmas 2010 are in the scrapbook now.

July 5th 2011
Two new pictures are in the scrapbook! The first is from Mitsuki. It was one of my first pictures ever, but I lost it for a while and am glad I found it again. The other picture is brand new! It's by Foster, and shows me with Chatial! Don't we look pretty? Thank you!

October 13th 2011
Twi traded adoptables with amelie246, so now I have an adoptable with one of Fery's bows! I like it a lot. Twi also found an old picture of me never added to the page from winter 2009. That sounds so long ago, doesn't it?

January 27th 2012
Twi finished a really pretty picture of all of us from the bakery a few days ago, and the portion of me was entered in the January 27th BC.

February 3rd 2012
I came in 5th in xweetok. I was sad that I didn't get a trophy but Twi and Chatial say that 110 votes is very good and that next time I'd have better luck. I hope they're right!

February 10th 2012
I'm in the BC again, and guess what? I get to be a superhero! Twi says it's because of something called a BC invasion. It's lots of fun so far. We were encouraged to write a bit about our superhero powers, so this is what Twi said about me:

When Neopia is threatened by the evil scheming of the nefarious Dr. Orange, Super Apple Xwee leaps into action! And when we say leap, we mean leap; Super Apple Xwee can bound higher than the tallest treetops and balance perfectly even at great heights. She gains bursts of super strength after eating her favorite snack, apples naturally, and when Dr. Orange's impostor apple minions get the upper hand, she has one more secret weapon with which to thwart them: the ability to conjure a whirlwind of apple blossoms whose beauty and lovely scent distract her enemies and can sometimes even lull them to sleep!

February 17th 2012
I got 6th place in xweetok with 44 votes. If only I hadn't been distracted from advertising by pouncing impostor apples!

February 18th 2012
Twi added my Christmas gifts to the gallery! There's work by Nix, Pirate, Skye, and Courtney!

March 6th 2012
I have 12 new adoptable colors! Orange, grey, Christmas, speckled, electric, rainbow, desert, Halloween, woodland, robot, royalboy, and royalgirl. I'm caught up with Chatial and Prodromus now! Twi says that means my paintbrush color set is now complete. Twi also added one of Prodromus's writer xweetok adoptables colored after me to the adopted section.

Art by Twi

Twi loves to draw me and my family. I keep my pictures in this scrapbook, would you like to look? To view the full images, drag them to the address bar.


Sometimes other artists surprise Twi with images of me! Thank you so much everyone!

Artists: frozen_fire_dragon, vixalope, foxchain, lily2b18, xyaxis

Artists: caitlyncatjackson (Aspen), nobelist (Fig), doolebuge, sukita (Mitsuki), the_foster_home235 (Foster)

These pictures and adoptables are special. I got them in Christmas 2010 and they were my favorite gifts of all. Names listed are nicknames. Neopets account name links on the way.

Artists: Dehoot, Ericka, Hika, Icy

Artists: Pirate (o_pirate_o), Vicats (appologies)

These images are from Christmas 2011! I had so much fun opening them all. Nicknames followed by Neopets account links.

Artists: Nix (silver_spring), Pirate (o_pirate_o), Skye (skyekittie), Courtney


1.) Do not enter these in the Beauty Contest/Art Gallery or claim you made them.
2.) Do not alter the images in any way, including removing my username.
3.) Do not take a custom that is not yours.
4.) These may be used on any page on Neopets. Please do not use them off site.
5.) Please link back to this page when you use an adoptable, thank you!

Paintbrush Colors (40):
(No magma xweetok adoptable available at this time.)









































Customs (11):
(Information about custom adoptable trades and requests can be found HERE.)






Fox's Kliarin


Midna's Monochrome Xweetok




Adopted (9)

Look! Look! This is my adoptable collection, aren't they all so cute?


Colored Makeables

Woah, looks like Twi had some fun coloring me on various xweetok makeables created by other talented Neopians! Hey, how'd Chatial sneak into one of them?

Each makeable links either to the userlookup of the artist who drew the lines or to a page where the makeable can be found.

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Aww, do you have to leave? Perhaps you can come visit me again later. You can use one of these to link back to my page if you'd like too!

Links Out

Thank you for visiting me! If you're in the mood to continue wandering throughout Neopia perhaps you'll enjoy some of these pages! Au revoir!


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