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I'm Kleine Giraffe, for short "little". I decided to help my sister Verdocas, known as Candy, with her wounderful gallery called "The Candy Shop".

On my page you can find all candy and sweet things which aren't listed on The Candy Shop. You can see here, where you can buy sweets, which interessting pet- and petpetcolores exist and many other nice information...

I hope you will enjoy my page!

~ Little ♥


If you want to contact me, please write a neomail. You only have to press the little mail-cupcake. :)

... critique, reviews and questions are always welcome!


Food Shop

For example:
The main food shop neopias. You can buy ice cream, cookies, and many more.

Chocolate factory

A wonderful shop if you like chocolate, jelly, lollipops, ...
For example:

The bakery

Lovely cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, cookies, ...
For example:

Health food

Caramal coated apples, chocolate coated onions and many other coated healthy food...
For example:

Hubertus Hot Dogs

Different tasty sweet Hot Dogs...
For example:

Fresh smoothies

Thristy? Here you can find many great drinks...
For example:

Magical Bookshop

You love to read? There are some great cooking books...
For example:

Faerie Food

Many cute sweets in faerie style...
For example:

Kiko Lake Treats

Many different wunderful candies like drinks, lollies, popcorn and so on...
For example:

The Crumpetmonger

A big range of cream puffs, tarts, pies, ...
For example:

Spooky Food

Boring? Have a look at the spooky candies...
For example:

Qasalan Delights

Candy made in the desert... tasty! You don't believe? Taste it.
For example:

Tropical Food Shop

Tropical sundaes, cupcakes and drinks... *yum*
For example:

Exquisite Ambrosia

Godlike sweets like cookies, ice cream and cakes...
For example:

Cafe Kreludor

Unique but exquisite...
For example:

Grundos Cafe

spacey great food and drinks...
For example:

Slushie Shop

You can't buy greater slushies than here...
For example:

Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop

You like ice cream? I think that will be your favourite shop. Ice and snow food everywhere...
For example:

Exotic Foods

Just exotic... Crackers, drinks and many more...
For example:

Molten Morsels

Be careful! It's very hot... but i love Borovan and pancakes.
For example:

The Coffee Cave

A wide range of tea and pie... Wonderful different cups :)
For example:


Have a look, if you want to open your own Candy Shop. Maybe you find here your next sweet shopkeeper...

...with sweets

... with fruits

... with drinks








All about Borovan

Dec 20th - Borovan Day - Everybody likes to drink a hot cup of borovan on this day!

...of course, but not only on Borovan day! There are many delicious cakes, brownies and cups of tea...

Have a look...






... you need one to get wonderful cupcakes.

lunch boxes

There are so many cute and usefull lunchboxes, have a look...

Lunch Box Collector Book



... head

... wand / staff

... dress

.. wings

... food

... other


Here you can find delicious Buddy Icons.

AIM-Buddy Icons

MSN/LJ-Buddy Icons

Tiled Backgrounds

Here is the LINK where you can find the tiled backgrounds.


Here is the LINK to many awesome backgrounds for your desktop.


Here is the LINK to many cute images for you. But only a few because there are to many... ^^

Updates (dd.mm.yyyy)

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*add new NC things
(Peppermint Queen Superpack)
*add some names

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*add new NC things
*add some names

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*New added
Pet colors:
Biscuit: Cybunny, Zafara
Chocolate: Jetsam, Jubjub, Kiko, Lutari, Uni
Custard: Blumaroo
Jelly: Draik, Grarrl, Korbat, Meerca
Petpet colors
Candychan: Königliches Candychan/Royal Candychan
Tasse mit gefrorenem Borovan, Kaltes Borovan mit gefrorenem Spargel, Tasse von Gruseligem Borovan
NC things:
food: Herzförmiges Fruchttörtchen
other: Lecker aussehendes rosa Kuche-Geschenkpapier, Zuckerbonbon-Fliege

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*add weapons
*begin to add the names
E = englisch
D = german / deutsch

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*update links

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*new category

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*Page got a new Theme and style and... everything is new =D