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Welcome to my adoption agency^^

Hello! I see you've stumbled upon KlamKrusher's petpage, or maybe you're looking to adopt a pet! Either way, I am Ookami, a foster parent from the guild The Neopian Orphanage. TNO's mission is to adopt unwanted pets from the pound, zap them, and then adopt them out to new owners^^

Counter started on April 5th, 2011

Update Log

5 December 2013

Forgive me for not updating in forever? College work has been keeping me busy. :(

But crockla is still up for adoption, and I have set his deadline for Christmas Eve, with him going to his new home Christmas morning. 4 July 2013

crockla's body starts to feel tingly as they turn into a Camouflage Krawk!

That's right, folks! crockla is now UFA as a Camo Krawk. ;D 7 April 2013

I haven't gone on hiatus or anything, although my lack of updates may make it look like that. I've just been having terrible luck with the lab, so no one is ready to be adopted out yet.

Also, crockla has come back, and is being zapped again. 13 January 2013

Lupeytar has gone to his new home!

Also, updates have been cleared for the new year.

Do you want to apply for a pet?

The Rules

(1) Only neomail my main account, Comet55525. The pet will be on one of my sides, and I like to keep everything organized and easy to find.

(2) If chosen, please have a transfer spot open. I don't want to risk going though the pound.

(3) You must have the questionnaire (found below) included somewhere in your application.

(4) Neomail and petpage applications are both fine with me, as long as you have the questionnaire include. If you wish to make a neomail application and just slap it on a blank petpage, that's fine as well.

(5) If you don't want your username posted on this page, please provide another name for me to call you.

(6) Please include the Pledge of Good Ownership somewhere in your application:
If I am chosen, I, (your name) , pledge to be the best owner I can be for my new Neopet, (pet's name) . I understand all the sadness that (he/she) has already been through, and so I will provide everything (he/she) needs to be happy. I promise to be a friend to my new Neopet and never ever ever put (him/her) through the pain of neglect or abandonment again.

(7) If you choose to make a petpage application, please add a disclaimer stating that I didn't force you to do so.

(8) Absolutely no chat speak. Smilies are fine (seeing as I love them), but don't over-do it. =)

(9) Please use proper grammar and spelling. I am a writer, so easily fixed mistakes get under my skin. This especially applies to correct capitalization and using the right words (there, their, and they're; your and you're), but I understand that typos happen. Try your best to find all of them before submitting your application. =3

(10) Your account must be over 4 months old. This is one of Neo's rules for painted and LE pets.

(11) If you ever feel that you aren't as attached to the pet after you adopt him/her, let me know and I'll be glad to take the pet back. ^-^


(I) Which pet are you looking to adopt?

(II) What are all of your accounts?

(III) Which account would the pet be living on?

(IV) Have any of your accounts ever been frozen or received a warning? If so, why?

(V) What do you plan to do with the pet? Role-playing, BC, customization, art, stories, ect.

(VI) What are your views on pet trading?

(VII) Pick a pet that will be an example for how you will treat my foster and tell me a bit about that pet.

(VIII) Why do you feel that you are the best owner for my pet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay for our application to be solely the questionnaire?
Of course! I don't require a long, drawn out application process. The answers to those questions are all I need.

Can I add more art/writing/content after I turn my application in?
You can add anything you want between now and the deadline. Only things added after the deadline will be ignored, since I will probably already have the new owner picked.

Can I morph/paint/whatever?
Theoretically, you can do whatever you want if you adopt the pet. However, please tell me that in you plans.

Can I retrade?
No. NO. Absolutely NO. Do not apply for one of my pets if you even have the slightest plan of trading him/her away again. I am looking to find a forever home, and I will be very unhappy if I find pets being traded left and right.

Are premade layouts okay?
Definitely! I use premades and skeletons for all of my layouts, personally, and I understand that not everyone is able to code.

Can I reuse art/stories/characters/part of old applications?
This one's a but trickier to answer. To me, it really depends on what exactly it is that you're reusing. Don't reuse all of another application. I'm a bit leery of the recycling of characters as well. Old art is fine, since I know how hard it is to spend hours over art of a pet you were not able to adopt. If you aren't sure if you should reuse something or not, don't hesitate to send me a neomail^^

Real life suddenly came up and I don't think I can get my application finished before the deadline!
Just send me a quick neomail informing me of the situation, but makes sure it's before the deadline. I will gladly give you an extension if you give me a reason^^
Meet the Fosters.

Up For Adoption

Received: 2
Rejected: 0
Accepted: Kota, Laehlani

Deadline: 24th December

Received: 0
Rejected: 0
Accepted: 0

Deadline: TBD

Visiting the Lab

Please note: If there is a pet who is listed under this section that you would be interested in adopting, please neomail me. I will stop zapping the pet, and I will give you more information as to deadlines and the like^^

***Lutari cannot be pounded or transferred.

None. ^-^

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