Hi, I am Kiyoka. In case you haven't noticed, I am a Korbat. I am a night creature (man, your faces look so funny upside down). I have a strength level of 9. I am very quick because my speed is 8, and my defences are 12. Not many NeoPets can catch me in the night. I have a current maximum hit point count at 10 and my current hit point of 10. Our kind have been around for ages. And it's not luck, it's because we are smart. My intelligence level is 15. We are usually very friendly creatures. But don't make us angry. We can get very, very personal about it.


See you in the night.



korbat Photo

This is me in a party.


Korbat facts:


Korbats are night creatures. We sleep in the day and wake at dusk.
We rely on our ears for navigation. They work much better than our eyes.
Korbat wings are very strong and fast. We can flap our wings 27 times per second.
Our tail is essential to our survival. It is one of our strongest weapons.
I think you know what these do.