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A little about an unsuspecting character

Full Name: Kiohmo Powell
Age: This page is written as though she's 18.
Gender: Female

Species: Lupe
Painted: Skunk
Love: None
Children: None
Parents: Lunuhr and Exha
Siblings: Ruexo, Lexuna, Lurenuu, Mortivern, Tanginello, Mokhee, Moravera

Physical Description

For the most part, Kiohmo's canine and human forms are about the same. Out of the triplets, Kio is the shortest, and also the heaviest, which she feels quite self-conscious about, even though her parents insist it's puppy fat and she'll grow out of it, but she's not so sure. Kiohmo is built like her aunt Lunuhris - slightly podgy and quite stocky for her height - but also inherited her mother's curvaceousness, so whilst she does have a bit of puppy fat here and there, it's balanced nicely by shapely curves. In her canine form, she's dark grey all over with a dark pink skunk stripe that runs from her nose to her tail.

In both forms, Kiohmo has big, pink eyes that - like her father's - betray her emotions very easily. She's wont to welling up at the smallest of things, which can make her seem quite babyish, too. But framing her face, Kiohmo has a full head of dark grey curls - they're not as beautiful as her sister Vera's, but Kio is proud of them nonetheless. There is one pink streak that runs through her fringe, which usually falls to the right side of her face. In her canine and anthro forms, Kio has one floppy ear at all times, which only lends to her puppyish appearance otherwise.

Thanks to her young appearance, Kio is often denied entry to clubs and is asked for ID to order drinks (even if only for her sisters or friends, not herself). Add that to the fact that she carries herself awkwardly because she's the shortest and stoutest of her sisters and friends, and that she favours pretty dresses with accessories and clutches over the fashionable items that her sisters get as castoffs from their "uncle" - Kio looks very young for her age, which makes her feel even more uncomfortable and awkward.


From a very young age, Kiohmo was the gentle soul of Lunuhr and Exha's children, preferring to back down from arguments and always putting her siblings first, even when it came to seconds at dinner. For the most part, she doesn't like rising to challenges, and is very like her father in that she doesn't like causing or being part of confrontation; nor does she like standing up to others. This led to her being bullied very easily at school (until Mokhee realised, and started to stick up for her), which perhaps made her even more fragile, in a sense.

More than anything, even though she wouldn't tell anyone this, Kiohmo wants to be like her sisters: bold, pretty, brave, talented ... the list goes on. In her mind, Vera and Mokhee are perfect, and they're everything that she strives to be. She loves spending time with them, but at the same time hates herself because she can't help but pick at their differences. She hates going to Ruefayel's workplace to try on the clothes there, preferring to shop for clothes alone - without any friends - so as to avoid embarrassment of being slightly larger than anyone else. At the same time, Kio wants to be just like her mother - again, bold, brave, pretty and talented, but with the added bonus of being a successful mother, wife and businesswoman. From an early age, though, Exha made it clear that Kio wasn't anywhere near bold enough to take up the same line of work, so she has all but given up on the idea now she's older.

Oddly enough, despite her outward timidity, Kiohmo is excellent at standing up for herself when the need arises. She usually bottles up her feelings, but every so often finds that she has to expel them, and does this in the form of yelling suddenly and loudly to get all of her feelings off her chest, quite often followed by a muffled squeak and apology. You might think this happens randomly, but no: Kio is pretty good at well-timed outbursts, just when she needs them.

In life, Kiohmo's aim is to be happy: to have a husband, two children, a nice house and a well-paid job. This probably stems from having a solid family relationship throughout her life; she would love to be in a relationship like her parents'.

Random Factoids



Kiohmo's life in a nutshell

-coming eventually-


Parents, brothers, sisters - quite an extensive family

I love my mama, Exha, with all'a my heart - but I always kinda got this feelin' that she didn't love me back. No - that's not right - she does love me, but it's kinda like she looks at me disappointed like? I dunno. I always wanted to be like her, I couldn't help it! She's beautiful, an' successful, an' has a loving husband an' family an' a house an' - well, Mama has everything in life that I want to have, too. I just ... can't get it the same way as her.
It's almost disappointin' that I can't, 'cause - as she's told me on a few occasions - I'm just not cut out to be a party planner. It's a bit heart breaking but I guess I'll have to learn to deal with it. Instead we just sit an' read together, or sort of half-heartedly discuss fashion (after all, she's curvier than most of my sisters, so I c'n discuss that with her, it's nice). I've learned a lot from my Mama, including what I want when I'm older an' how to be a good mother, even though sometimes she worries that she hasn't done a good job - but I love her, an' I couldn't ask for a better mother.

I think my Daddy, Lunuhr, has a soft spot for all'a us girls. Ever since I was little, he was happy to take me up on his lap an' sit an' play with me an' Teddy, or show me how to cook (although I never learned anything more than scrambled eggs). He was always patient an' kind, and not just with me, but even with Vera an' Mo, who were always at each others' throats!
He was always at home with us, an' used to pick us up from school until our older siblings were happy to bring us home. Some of my school friends used to wonder why he stayed at home whilst Mama went to work all day, but I guess it's just somethin' that they ended up figuring out between themselves. As much as I love Mama, though, I think I prefer having Daddy at home all day instead of her. I always get the feelin' that Mama would be real restless! But havin' Daddy at home - well, the whole house just seems ... calmer. An' it's a real nice place to come home to as a result, whether it's from work or school or whatever.

My aunty Lunuhris is my Daddy's sister an' a bit of an oddball! She has some strange powers. I think Daddy said she's really really old an' that she'll live a lot longer than me or my siblings ever will, but it's strange, 'cause she dun't look old. He also says she can do some fancy tricks, like ... like light up rooms or somethin'? An' that she taught him how to speak the way he does. 'Cause he doesn't actually speak, he just thinks thoughts an' -
But that's not the point!
We don't get to see Lunuhris that often 'cause she lives in Shukumei, where Daddy used to live, an' doesn't like coming to New York all that much. I dunno why, it's such a lovely place, especially in the summer! But she says it gives her the - the jitters or somethin' - so when she does come around it's for a real short time. I think she's tryin' t'avoid teachin' Mo some of her tricks, too, which is kinda sneaky if you ask me!

The oldest of us all is Lurenuu. He... I dunno! Lu seems to be like a mini-Daddy. He c'n cook an' is a wiz at cleanin', he's super responsible, an' he's also pretty quiet. But he was always there for the rest of us! Especially me, I think. Whenever I had problems that I didn't wanna share with Mama or Daddy, I could go to Lu, an' he would listen an' comfort an' just be an all-round nice big brother.
I think Vera kinda takes him for granted, though. She always seemed a bit bitter that he looks after us so well! He's only seven years older'n us but he was already pickin' us up from school when we were five an' he was only twelve, an' making sure we were okay, an' tending to our cuts an' bruises when we fell over outside an' so on... but Vera in particular always felt like he was just being overbearing. It's a shame. Lurenuu really has a heart of gold an' I could never find fault in him, but Vera... well, she finds fault in everyone.

Tanginello an' I were never really that close. I guess that came from me sharin' a room with Vera an' Mo whilst she had one to herself. I think she almost resented us for that, but never really showed it. Mind you, she was always kind of distant and a bit of a loner! I guess that kinda comes from her bein' a dancer: she used to lock herself away for hours an' practice her ballet routines. It paid off. Tango has a kind of grace that I only wish I could one day have, but I know I never will.
T'be honest I always envied Tango! She was a loner but always had friends at school, an' she inherited Daddy's height and slim...ness, so she has a beautiful willowy figure. She's really naturally pretty! An' so talented. Sometimes you could catch her dancin' around the kitchen whilst Vera played the piano. She moves like a swan, I swear!
We haven't really seen Tango for a few years now... she left to join a ballet company of some sort an' went tourin' 'round Europe. I guess she's followin' her dream, but... it's weird having an empty room in the house. I wish she'd write sometimes...

Ah... Mortivern. He was always kind of an odd one! He an' Vera get on better than I get on with him, but they're pretty similar, so it makes sense. He's ... into weird things. He was kind of a legend when he was at school, 'cause he was so good at chemistry! It's really weird that he got that because neither Mama or Daddy are really good at sciencey stuff, but he seems to have picked it up really naturally.
He does some weird ... experimental chemistry stuff now, an' is away from home a lot too, but at least - unlike Tango! - he writes. An' visits! He never fails to come around at least once a month for Daddy's roast dinners. Mort has such an appetite, it's real funny! He an' Mo always have to fight over the last roast 'tater or somethin', 'cause they both have stomachs that can expand to the size of... of... a small black hole or somethin'! He's a bit weird, but I love chattin' to him - Mort always has real interesting stories to tell about work, even if they can be a bit scary sometimes.

People always assume that you're gonna be super close with your twin... or in my case, twins. Moravera isn't an example of that. Since we were real little Vera's been pickin' on me 'cause I'm ... well, in her words, I'm a soft baby.
I dun think Vera ever realises just how much she's hurtin' me, an' not just when she's bein' mean. She's like Mama: beautiful, smart, successful, has a great life... an' yet she throws it all away by bein' cruel to others an' doin'... not-nice things. It hurts to see her do that. 'Cause I love my sister, an' I don't like to see her hurtin', an' I don't like to see her hurtin' others around her.
But Vera doesn't see that! She just thinks I'm bein' soft.
All I want is to go back in time, to when Vera's meanness was just her pinchin' at my arm an' tellin' me that dress didn't suit me, an' then we'd laugh an' run an' play in Central Park. When we didn't have anythin' to care about except each other an' havin' fun. I love my sister, but I feel her growin' further an' further away each day, an' it hurts so bad, an' I... well, I miss her. I miss her now an' I miss her then, too.

My other twin, Mokhee, is a little more bearable than Vera ... but only just! She has a bit of a mean streak too but not in the same way ... it's like, she'll be mean to people who hurt her family, an' not to people in her family. An' definitely not just for fun, either! Mo turned her meanness to bein' a cop.
Yep, that's right, my sister Mokhee is trainin' to be a cop for the NYPD. It's a real scary thought, actually, 'cause she's ... well, she's pretty skinny, an' looks like she's gonna break at any moment! Hah. But it's a real good job for her, I think. She's just gotta get through some community college then she can train. It'll be refreshing to have her protecting someone else other than me for a change.
Huh? Oh. Yeah, Mo used to be my protector when I got... bullied at school. She always had this strong sense of justice, an' even though she comes off real fierce, really and truly she's just a big teddybear underneath! Just like Lu, Mo is always there to go to if you need a hug or somethin', an' is always ready to try an' cheer you up. The number of times she's stopped my tears! I love Mo dearly an' I don't know what I'd do without her. She makes Vera seem bearable, because she's such a happy medium.

My other sister Lexuna is younger than me. But ... get this, she's a lot smarter! I guess that's not that hard, really, 'cause I'm not all that smart, but Lexi seems to have got all the smart genes of the family (don't tell Vera I said that!). She's just like ... so smart! She recites funny facts at the table an' can recount her day in perfect detail. As much as I love her it does get kinda wearisome to hear every tiny little detail of her day on the train home sometimes, though.
Lexi is not only super smart but she's also super energetic! It's like she never stops! She doesn't stop chatting, she doesn't stop running an' she always has a new friend to bring home for dinner an' a playdate. It's crazy! I dunno how she gets so much energy! I always used to think it was just 'cause she's a kid but now she's growin' up - I mean, she's like fifteen now! - she still hasn't got rid of that energy.
She still devotes a lotta time to playin' an' helpin' our youngest brother, Ruexo, though. So on top of bein' smart an' energetic, Lexi also has a heart of gold. She seems to be one of the most lovely people I know, an' it's been so nice watchin' her grow up... as weird as that sounds!

Finally, our youngest sibling Ruexo. He was born with somethin' wrong with his eye so he's blind in the right eye, an' he's always seemed to fall behind because of it, despite Lexi's constant help.
I guess that gives him more of a reason than any of the rest of us to be like Daddy. He, like Lurenuu, is like a mini-Daddy: he's very quiet, reserved an' he is a mean cook! Plus his sleepin' habits are kinda strange. Even so, when he's around Lexi, he is a barrel of laughs an' energy, but I'm pretty sure that's just 'cause he's still pretty much a kid at heart. (He's a kid - but he's already 12!)
Even though he has his ... eye problem, Ruexo has never fallen behind his school work, but he's kinda fallen behind with friends. He doesn't have many, but I guess that's a given. But it's okay - 'cause the whole family loves him loads an' we lavish him with gifts an' kinda spoil him a bit. I'll be the first to stand up an' say that! I mean, I'm still happy to read him a bedtime story if he wants one, but I guess that's just my maternal instincts talkin', heh...

Rauline is like our crazy aunt-but-not-aunt. I think she's our godmother or somethin' but it's always kinda confused me an' every time I try to ask she launches into some crazy explanation of how she an' Mama met, which isn't what I asked!
I think she's some sort of doctor but she - like Lunuhris - is reluctant to tell me much about it all. I think she's more open with my siblings an' maybe thinks I'm too delicate to know much about it, I suppose. I dun mind, though, 'cause I don't really talk to her too much. Like Lexi, she just talks an' talks an' talks - but about ... nothing!
Raw is a strange one. She comes around pretty regularly to see my parents 'cause she's Mama's best friend an' all, but I tend to try an' avoid talking to her. I think she's picked up how weird I get around her, an' sometimes she tries to talk to me slower, but it doesn't work. She's real nice, don't get me wrong! But ... somethin' about her weirds me out.

I think Mo an' Vera get along better with Ruefayell than I do, but that's not really a surprise. He's not really family but he's close enough to be considered some sorta strange uncle or godfather or ... somethin', I dunno what. He is an acclaimed fashion photographer, an' that's why Vera likes him so much.
Ruefayell has a habit of handin' us castoffs from photoshoots, see. Like ... he'll give Vera all these pretty black dress type thingies, an' Mo gets all sortsa stuff, an' then sometimes he'll try an' send me things ... but I'm too big for most of the things he sends. I just... don't fit into them.
I always kinda feel like Rue is regardin' me with despair or disdain or at least thinkin' I should lose some weight or somethin' 'cause I'm not super-skinny like Vera an' Mo, but I can't help it! To be honest, goin' to visit him makes me feel bad about myself, although sometimes a visit to his atticky thing turns up somethin' super nice, like a dress I wore for Hallowe'en one year.


Those that Kiohmo can rely on for just about anything

I met Ronehl one day by pure accident. It was a sunny day in the city an' I just wanted a drink, an' I happened to stumble upon his little soda shop, an' we got chatting - then he even closed the shop to go for a walk in Central Park with me! We've been great friends ever since.
T'start with he seemed real withdrawn an' stuff, but he opened up pretty quick. I guess it has somethin' to do with the fact I'm so much like him! I mean, I'm pretty shy an' not very confident either, but we can talk to each other about pretty much anything. We have film nights an' I stay over at his place sometimes, an' I also try to help him out at his shop from time to time, partly because I know he would never hire help an' partly because... well, it's fun!
I really like Ron. He's funny, smart an' a gentleman to boot - he didn't seem like he would be! But now he even has discussions with Daddy, an' I think both'a my parents are pleased that I have such a close friend now. It's weird - all through school I never had a close one but now I have Ronehl an' I can kinda see why other girls have best friends. It's so nice bein' able to trust someone so completely.


Not quite friends, but perhaps one day

I first met Leon when Mama introduced him to us as her business partner. He seemed nice enough then, an' was always perfectly courteous towards us, but what we didn't know was that he was... seein Vera on the sly.
Even though I tried to avoid him after I found 'em on my bed on our birthday... ugh. He still ended up offerin' me a job a short while ago. I tried to say no, but he insisted. Somethin' about... Vera suggesting it an' that it'd be good for me to do some of my own work... I guess Vera kinda does have a bit of a heart, but I'm still not sure about workin' for Leon... Mr. Walters. I can't ever figure out whether he's still a gentleman, or whether he's complete filth, like Mama an' Mo seem to think he is.

I don't think I've ever met Reilly face-to-face but I've heard so much about him from Ron, Vera an' Mo that it feels like I've met him. An'... I don't think I like him! I think it's not right of me to judge like that but ... he doesn't seem that nice from what they say.
Sometimes Vera comes home smellin' of a weird kinda smoke. Not normal smoke, 'cause I know what that smells like! But some weird kind. One time I asked her what it was, an' she just shrugged, laughed an' told me that "Reilly was just rubbin' off on her". An' then Mo got real angry an' threatened to hit him again ... I don't really know what all'a that means, but... I don't think I want to know. I'll leave Reilly t' Vera an' Mo to figure out, he doesn't seem like a nice guy.

When I was about eleven, Mama left me in Shukumei for a while to play, an' whilst I was playin', I was approached by someone called Repior. He seemed nice enough at first - kept wantin' t' play - but eventually he just turned creepy... an' led me off into the forest an' started shoutin' an' in the end, Daddy had to come and rescue me. I never told my siblings about it, although I did sleep with Lurenuu for a few nights after that.
I haven't seen him since then but I still have nightmares sometimes. He must have made a huge impression on me, I think, 'cause sometimes I think I see him around New York, but that can't be right! 'Cause he - well - he was in Shukumei, not in New York... it'd be real strange if he turned up around here sometime.

One of my newest acquaintences is Maivei. I'm still not sure what to make of her! She seems ... nice enough, I guess.
I met her when I was on my way to a dinner party an' she convinced me to go inside a club instead. I d'no how she managed to convince me but there was just somethin' about her! Perhaps it was just 'cause she told me I was pretty. Not a lotta people tell me that.
Throughout our meetin' I kinda got the feeling that she had an ... ulterior motive or somethin' like that. But she made sure we had a fun night, even though I think she wanted to go clubbin' or somethin' an' I just ... refused! I feel kinda bad about that, but we still had a good time together. I don't think I'd mind meetin' up with her again sometime, but ... in the daytime, rather than at night, I think.


Kiohmo's little sidekick

When we were only little babies, Mama and Daddy decided that we should each have little pets. I mean, Daddy has his little Droolik (which I don't really like, its eyes freak me out!), an' Mama has Imogen, so they thought it was only fair that we each got our own pet!

After doin' a bit of research, they started to buy pets for each of us. Vera got hers first - I remember! It was a Garfir, an' by gosh it scared me! It looks all cuddly 'n' stuff but then you get too close to it an' it unravels this - scorpion tail! It seemed to like Vera though, an' only growled at the rest of us. Vera was so taken by her pet - she called it Lady - that Mama and Daddy were loathe to separate them on our behalf, though.

Mokhee got a beautiful little Gallion for her pet. It's a really fierce little thing, but I can't say I like it much either - it's almost like a little dragon with horns an' when it gets angry it huffs smoke out of its nostrils. Our other siblings used to wind it up just to see that, but I didn't, I kept well away.

To start with, they got me a Gruslen. Oh, it was so cute! But ... it just wasn't my thing. The teeth - ahh! After narrowly missing being bitten, my parents had to sell the poor thing on, which made me feel awful because they'd paid a fair bit for it. Then one day, I came home from school an' they had got me a surprise ...

A little Faerie Tasu! It was perfect! As soon as it set eyes on me, it leapt towards me, purring. Of course it was a bit scary seeing this little ball of fluff jumping up at me, but it was just so warm and affectionate that I couldn't stay scared for too long. It climbed up my arm and curled up on my shoulder, much to Mama's amusement. (There are some awful photos of that which she insisted on showing Ronehl when I first invited him to the house...)

I called her Topaz, an' she became my best childhood companion. When I couldn't make real friends at school, I'd come home and there Topaz would be, waiting to curl up on my lap while I did my homework an' just keep me company. I don't think I could have asked for a better companion. I know I'll take Topaz with me wherever I go in life, we're the best of friends!

The Flute

To make music come alive...

Another crazy idea of Mama's was to make us all learn to play an instrument. She and Daddy took us all to a musical instrument shop when we were barely old enough to go to school and asked each of us to pick out an instrument. Well, they kinda left us to our own devices, to pick up whichever instruments we wanted and to figure out what we liked.

Vera went straight to the piano and almost had to be dragged away from it when we were ready to leave. Mo was a bit more hesitant - she was never into music really, even when she got older. Eventually she picked up a saxophone, but I think that was just 'cause it made a lot of noise. Mo loves to make a lot of noise.

Tango had already chosen the clarinet a few years before us, an' Mortivern had picked the double bass, an' Lurenuu had a cello - which, thinkin' about it now, doesn't surprise me! He is the sort of guy who would pick a cello. An' my sisters had picked theirs, an' now it was my turn, but I didn't really know...

I knew I wanted somethin' that sounded pretty, an' that wasn't all that big. I mean, try carryin' a cello around with you! Or a double bass, that's even bigger! But I liked the sound of Tango's clarinet (when she played it well), even at such a young age, so I went over to see the instruments that looked the same. Sorta.

As though I was being pulled to it, I was immediately attracted to the flute. There were loads on display! Some were gold, an' some were silver, an' some were a funny brass colour. They all looked so long! I tried to grab for one, but couldn't reach, so Daddy had to lift me up to get one. Oh, it felt wonderful to hold.

Like I said - I liked Tango's clarinet so I tried to play it like that to start with. Now I look back on it I laugh 'cause that's just silly! But both parents could tell I really liked this flute thing so they got it for me - a full-sized one, even when I was so young! - an' at the same time as my two sisters, I started taking lessons to learn to play it.

An' let me tell you, I think those lessons paid off - I totally sound a lot better than I did when I first started playin' it, that's for sure. Sometimes I play for Ronehl. I don't take lessons anymore - I reached the highest grade a few years ago - but it's still nice to play it sometimes. Especially when the rest of the family is there an' we can all play together.


Huggable, squeezable softness!

I don't know what it is - I really couldn't tell you ... but all'a my life I've been an avid collector of plushies! From the very first Shoyru plushie I had when I was little to the ones that I save up for and buy now 'cause they're so rare an' hard to find, I just love plushies. Vera often scoffs at me 'cause I sleep with loads of 'em in my bed, an' teases me 'cause no-one'll ever want to share it with me if I don't grow up an -

But Ronehl says I shouldn't listen to her, an' that my plushies are just fine. He thinks they're sweet an' has even bought me a couple, which was really lovely of him! Mo sometimes hides them, thinkin' I've got so many that I won't notice one or two goin' missing, but they've each got their own place an' I know when one disappears! Oh boy, do I! Oh! Here, I can show you some of my favourites! C'mon, this way!

This one is my absolute favourite! Mama and Daddy bought it for me when I was born, just as they bought Vera her Kadoatie plushie an' Mo her Gelert plushie. Neither of them really played with theirs an awful lot but as I grew older, I couldn't help but get more an' more attached to Teddy (hey, I was only little!), especially when Vera an' other kids at school started to pick on me. 'Cause Teddy was always there to cuddle an' listen to me when I was upset, see? Sometimes, I couldn't even go to Lurenu, an' Teddy was there for me.

Even when I was growin' up s'more, an' I was goin' to friends' houses an' birthday parties an' stuff - all the way up to middle school! - I carried Teddy around with me, although I did eventually start puttin' him in my backpack instead of carrying him. More than once, Daddy had to patch him up an' resew him, 'cause he just got so worn an' torn! He's on his third set of eyes 'cause the buttons kept falling off, an' his arm fell off completely once when I was down at the park - oh, I cried for hours until Daddy had finished patchin' him up! - an' just .... oh, I love my Teddy, he's the only one that I have on the pillow next to me at night time, y'know? He's a comfort to me, a real comfort, even though I'm old enough to go to college now. I don't think I'll ever give him up, even when I'm in my own house.

Oh, I really like this one. It was a gift from Mokhee! She got me two - this one an' the next one I'm gonna show you. I think she picked this one out 'cause it's such a pretty colour! An' the wings are made of super-soft felt, even though they look stiff. All'a the colours go together real lovely, an' it always smelled fruity, I think that was a special feature they put into the toy.

Unlike this one! This was also from Mo - she said somethin' about how I can't "just love the pretty one" an' that I've gotta "give some love to the ugly one too". I can't say this one's real ugly! But it's certainly not as pretty as my other plushies. I still love it just as much as the others though - she's right, it's only fair! - but I hafta admit, it does sit at the back of the shelf behind the others...

I can never decide if I like this one or not. It was a gift from Vera, I think for my fifteenth birthday, an' ... well, Vera has a habit of getting me presents that have a double meaning, an' this is a Baby Korbat plushie an'... well, it's real sweet! I like to think she picked it 'cause it's so cute, look at those little ears! They really are sweet aren't they? But I always feel a little sad when I look at it 'cause ... well, double meanings an' everything... but it was a gift, an' that's what counts!

Aww, this one's so sweet... I guess it embarrasses me to admit this but this was actually a Valentine's gift from, uh, from Ronehl! I saw a little fish in a shop an' thought it'd make a nice gift for him, so in return he bought me this little plushie. I kinda get the feelin' that the fish I bought him isn't quite what he wanted, but it has inspired him to get a few more fish in his tank now, so this was a real nice gesture in return! (An' it was for Valentine's... but that doesn't mean anything!!)

I dunno - I really really like Kacheek plushies! They're so cute! I eventually want to have one of all of 'em! Even the ones that aren't the "classic" Kacheek design - like the Samrin Doglefox Plushie - they're just too cute to resist, I think! An' they've got real nice soft little tails. I have a few of them lined up all in a row on my shelf, hehe!

An' then there's this one. This is one of the less rare ones that I want. I just think it's so cute, an' floppy an' the spots are a really nice colour - an' it looks like a seal! Who can resist seals, really? This'll be one of the first ones I buy when I save up enough, I think. I've gotta start at the bottom an' work my way up with my plushie collection, right? That's what Mama always says!

I'm a real sucker for plushie plushies! Aw, they're just so cute, an' 'cause they're plushies of plushies, they're also extra soft an' huggable. I've already got a Plushie Kau plushie, but I want to expand on my collection! I think the Plushie Gnorbu one is my favourite - the colours are so pretty, an' it's got hair, that I can play with an' stuff! Not that I'd play with it an awful lot - I'm a - I'm an adult! I don't play with my plushies anymore...

You can see s'more of the plushies I'd like if you visit my wishlist - or, if y'want to see all'a the ones I've got already, then you can take a closer look.


By Tawreh, by others - little caricatures of a pretty little girl

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By Tawreh

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A little something for you to take with you

Well hello there, it looks like you've found some of my Lupe adoptables. Before we begin I'd like to lay down a few ground rules. I'm sure you're already familiar with them, but there's no harm in going through them again.

  1. Always link back to this page. I'm not providing a code, so I'm trusting you.
  2. Never remove my username/claim as your own.
  3. Do not edit the adoptables - if you want a custom, just mail me. (Although customs are closed right now.)
  4. Do not enter these into competitions such as the Beauty Contest or the Art Gallery.
  5. Since they were made for LUPES on NEOPETS, I would rather they stayed on Neopets. Use them on lookups or petpages but nowhere else!

NB: All adoptables are PNGs with semitransparent parts, so they're suited to any background. :)

Thanks! Now, on with the show!

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