Welcome to The Neocola Experiment! I created this page to keep track of my results and share them with all the curious players out there. Because all data suggests results are completely random, I haven't followed any particular method. I make no distinction between the blue, green or red tokens and I don't always select the exact same option (although I'll admit I tend to pick the first from each dropdown out of laziness).

Basic stats

I have used 210 neocola tokens so far. The most np I've received was around 5k.


Baby Space Fungus 0
Chomper 0
Dastardly Evil Fuzzle 0
Dented Can of Neocola 0
Fake Neocola Token on a String 0
Fake Sloth Tattoo 0
Gummy Baby Space Fungus 0
Kreludan Grundo Slippers 0
I Club Sloth T-Shirt 0
Lint-Covered Peanut 0
Non-Sticky Sticky Hand 0
Pinceron 0
Plastic Ring of Sloth 0
Screwtop 0
Shaken-up Can of Neocola 0
Sloth Gummies 0
Sponge Grundo Sponge 0
Super Energy Blast Drink 0
Random Transmogrification Potion 0
Virtupets Brand Doomsday Device 0
Wind Up Dr. Sloth Toy 0


If ever you feel like sending tokens my way, you'll be listed here :)

None :(