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Light Fading...

Silence was the only sound in the forest. Only the crunching of the leaves from your walk created noise. Like every other forest, this one was dark. Trees of all heights scattered all across the eye's view. It was as if one could not escape this forest. However, this forest had a different feeling to it; A feeling of sorrow and melancholy. The gray atmosphere of the forest was also visible in the trees it held. What was this feeling? It made the forest seem like a prison....

A single leaf descended from a tree beside you. Looking up at the light filtering down, you suddenly feel a chill in your spine. Someone's there. You quickly swerve around, just in time to be face to face with a gray krawk.

Surprised, you nearly stumbled back.
-"Ah, Hello there! I didn't mean to scare you on your walk."- The reptile spoke, holding up his two hands and giving the 'im not going to hurt you' motion.

-"You know, You could get lost in this forest if you aren't too careful."- He crossed his arms. -"How about I show you the way out? You seem lost, haha~ And maybe while we walk..."-

-"I could tell you my side of the story."-

The Lone Road

Name: Keyai
Alias: Keyai;Strawberry Lover
Gender: M
Age: 15-17 ?
Species: Forest Eared Krawk
Parents: Deceased.
Siblings: Scim(Brother) -????
Status: Not looking.
Element: Fire
Powers: ???
Other: I can swim, which is unlikely for fire-krawks :D

Theme Songs: Saltwater Room - Owl City, Magnificent Journey - Danman87, In the end - Linkin Park, Innocent Sorrow - Abingdon Boy's School

Personality: Keyai's quite a nice fellow. He's friendly, however he is haunted a bit by his past. He isn't afraid to say hello, but he hesitates a bit if the one he is confronting looks intimidating. Keyai is also quite curious and usually wants to find out how things work. He has this quality since he comes from a little village where technology isn't so familiar.

Things he loves: Strawberries!, Friends, Family, Peaceful Places, Traveling, Swimming, Nature, Anything sweet, Warmth

Things he doesn't quite like: His eldest brother, Running from battles, Being weak, No strawberries, Mean peeps, The cold


-"You see, my color is good for camouflage in forests."-

Long ago....

.... -"Ah? You wish to know more about me?... Keyai lowered his head. -"My past.... It is very....."-

-"These markings... Were caused by a demon in my village. I was very young at the time, so I couldn't defend myself or anyone... It happened a few months after my eldest brother left- the demon wrecked our village and then came to our house. It... It killed my family. My parents, my sister... My other brother ran, leaving me alone to face the demon.. But the strangest thing happened; it spared me my life, however it left a curse on me.... And these, my 'markings' are the scars; the burn marks of the curse."-

Keyai had a painful look on his face. This was too interesting, but you probably didn't want him to remember painful memories just for your sake. But before you could do anything, he continued.

-"The curse was terrible. The villagers hated me for it. The curse was a temptation to kill; so if I didn't attack anything or kill anything in a while, I go beserk, and the curse will force me to eliminate anyone around me- against my will..... That's why I imprisoned myself in this forest.. So I cannot harm others."-

Keyai raised his hand and placed it on a nearby tree. -"These gashes in the trees... were caused by the katana I wielded. I used to do this every day- just so I can avoid the temptation."- He turned to you. -"I used to be so hostile... and so paranoid of everything..... I would scare others out of the forest to avoid facing my curse."-

-"However, there was one person in a handful of the ones I couldn't scare away, who had the same problem as me.... This krawk was named Tenji. He was cursed like me, and after being familiar with eachother, we became friends. Tenji knew what the cure was. He promised we would both get cured, and then lead me towards the cure...... But something happened that broke us apart..."-

(Kai: The next part is in comic form- if you don't understand it, there's a summary at the bottom of the div)


Comic summary:

Keyaii was cursed. He met Tenji Ryuu, Another cursed krawk. They made a promise together that they will steal the cure. Many guards stand at the sacred location of the cure, Keyaii had the duty to chasing them off to the village. Tenji and Keyaii comes and they killed them on purpose. It was Tenji's idea. While Keyaii holds off the last ones, Tenji runs to the now empty sacred location, elliminating the last guards that stand there. Keyaii comes and returns back to the location expecting to escape with Tenji and the cure. Instead, Tenji betrays Keyai. He had cruelly tricked the poor krawk. The cure had only one use for one person only. Tenji tells Keyaii's poor mistake and confesses his evilness, and then takes off, with Keyaii's words that someday he shall kill Tenji.

-"And thats what happened. After that, I lingered some more in the forest, until two unusual krawks came. I attacked them due to my curse, and then woke up to find myself traveling with them. Heheh.~ They were such a rowdy two. I told them of my story, and they agreed to help me find my cure.... As we continued on the journey, 2 other krawks joined with us. Suddenly, another group of travelers challenged us to battle for the cure at its location; we fought hard and well. In the end, I was the last competitor, and I found myself loosing (well I had to take down a previous one- he got Daisuke, and I fumed when Dai was down.)... However, he spared me. And it was a surprise too, ... he was the leader of the group; a mysterious krawk with a mask. I was happy he let me get the cure, but then came the big shock. He revealed to us that he was my eldest brother."-

-"...and he was the demon that cursed me... but why?"-

-" He said... He wanted to see Innocent Sorrow."-

The Katana

-"Ah, but I'm really better now, haha! So don't worry about me ever harming you."- Keyai piped, now cheering up a little. Suddenly, there was a rush from the bushes. -"Oh? Here comes Sano."- Sano? Was that a friend of his?

A katana with a strange symbol on it lunged out at Keyai like a boomerang. In a flash, Keyai leaped forward and caught the katana by its handle. Several flames at the katana's edge flickered in excitement. The krawk swiveled around to face you again, holding the katana. -"This is Sano, my katana. It's possessed by a fire dragon!... I don't really know too much about him; just the fact that someone sealed him into this katana. I found him in the forest stuck to a tree.- Apparently no one could pull him out because he made the handle so hot! Haha! So on that day forward we became close companions."-

-"Sano is really useful. He can do many things with his power over flame, and when we fight together during battles, we add our power together to become a great inferno."- Keyai spun Sano around. -"...We become as fast as speed demons!"-

Leaves of the tree

-"And our krawk team was made up of..."-

Kai: these dudes are not on neo, but they are on leopets(neopet's fansite) XD Maybe if you have an acc there, find them?

Daisuke, a bright krawk. He was the krawk of the two that I met in the forest. Dai was also the one who suggested to help me in curing my curse. He's a really good dude, who's pretty nice and responsible. Not only is he those, but he's a great fighter too. He wields a mighty magi axe that slays terrible monsters. He's not someone you wanna tick off! ..However he's still very nice. Dai's never spoke to me about his past... which shrouds an unsolved mystery around him. Hmm. Someday when I feel like it I'll ask him about it.

Zekero, a USB multi task krawk. Zeke was with Dai when he first met me. His origin is really mysterious. Dai said he found him wandering around with no clue of his past. Zekero has a lot of technology. He can use strange wires that come out of his back to connect with computers and stuff like that. It's quite useful, actually. Those bands on him are speakers- so he plays music a lot! Zeke's a joy to have when we're traveling. He doesn't fight though... But when he does, you can find that he turns into a different person. (and he's pretty beserk), but He usually doesn't like battles, and likes to stay back.

Yoh joined us when we came to his forest. He was a guardian of that forest; his duty was to protect it. Loggers were invading his forest though; and on our first meeting, we, as a group helped tackle them down. Then, we all made a plan to help Yoh defend his forest. We came to the headquarters of the loggers to face their boss; but he tricked us, and while we were there the forest was being burnt down.. It was too late to save it, and with no where else to go, Yoh decided to join in our travel. A cool and calm character, Yoh is based off a leaf, just like his name. Each season, like a leaf, his personality and appearance is affected. In spring he's calm, in summer he's wild, in autumn he's content, and in winter he's slow and sleepy. He's pretty interesting, I have to say.

Aku is an exorcist. He's a good one, and he isn't creepy at all! He's a professional at soul based things and even seals! We met Aku when my curse's seal was almost gone; we came to his shop and that's when we got him interested in our quest. A strong brawler, Aku is the strongest of the group when it comes to fist fights. (Or any type of fight I guess, heh) He's also tough in personality, but overall he's a pretty nice guy. Aku is a good exorcist, but there's this one demon possessing him that he cannot exorcise himself. Aku's goal is to someday become strong enough to ward it off. We haven't heard much of Aku's past or even seen the demon ourselves, but I'm sure we'll do our part to help him in the future.


-".... I heard many like to collect things like these. I don't know what they really are, but I'm sure you'd like to bring one home?"-

Kai: Adopts for now..~ Please take one home, but don't AG it, BC, claim it/steal, edit without my permission or just do something wrong with it. D:{

Trades: Depends if your design is hard
Request: Closed xD

Kai: Customs that are finished~


Phortiador (Grif's app)




Rhadamanth (Keruha's app)







..of the forest













Dragon Spirit

-"Ah? This thing? Its reserved for those who are worthy of it.-

Kai: OOHHH thats right, a new award~ kehehe~ I bet it beats Reiyn's!

Pfff you think I'm gonna give it to you that easy? Ohhhh this isn't as easy as Reiyn's award! Prove that you are worthy by presenting me a complete petpage that's so cool it burns! I wanna learn about your character, and anything else. I'll be judging on originality, creativity, art/writing, content and the heart of it. (Yes that means no mary sue, fan pets(like naruto clones), perfect pets, and godmoding pets with a bazillion powers that defy logics).

Make sure your petpage looks long enough- or I might loose my interest! To those who didn't win.. Don't worry, there's a consolation prize- just for having the guts to mail me~ it's the dragon soul award.

To apply, just mail my main: Rewriter. Mail me with an interesting introduction- anything you like! (example: YOUR MOM EATS SOCKS. hi im applying 8D) As long as its interesting enough for me to click and view! 8)

Triumphant Winners(Spirit award):



Last Leaves

Keyai stopped abruptly. He stared out at the direction of where the forest began to break up. The krawk turned his face to you. -"Well, here it is. It's the path out of the forest."- He said, smiling. -"It's been a joy talking to you, and sharing things about myself, ahah~ Maybe if you come back next time, Bring me a strawberry?"-

-"Oh- well, maybe there might not be a next time.. I must reunite with the other four soon- and there's still so many things I have to wrap up in my story. My brother, my friends.. Maybe while I'm traveling we may cross again- but until then, don't forget about our meeting.~"-

Kai: PSSST YOU THERE. -from the bushes- YEAH HERE... You should totally bombard Keyai with other guests, ahaha! 8D I'm so awesome with this prank, I wonder what he'll think with all these people coming over- Tell others to come too! Fhahah!

The next journey

Kai: GIVE MY CHARS LOVE ;v;! -flail flail-

The.Soul.Guardian.The.Moon's.Guardian. Shooting.Star.Awesomeeeness.:DFalling.Sunset.Piano-Playing-WarriorThe.Gondolier.Two.Concepts.One.Ambition.

Other paths...|| Wanna link trade? Mail Kai and persuade her!

.:Water Remembers:.Death Weapon 3009 Don't judge a book by it's cover... Lazors

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