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Where is this place?

I saw a flash of bright light and then a dark figure falling from the sky. I was uncertain if I should help, the earth was tending for herself, for now. But it felt wrong not taking a look to see if it was something living and, in that case, to see if it was still alive. I ran to the patch of grass where it fell in and was shocked to see a human. A human in this land, no human dared to enter this land. I sat next to it and waited until it had woken…

You regained consciousness again after you were sucked into the orb, but this wasn't a land with purple tints in the land. You lay in a huge grass field, greener grass than in the parks of the big city.
When you wanted to sit up you noticed a purple lion sitting on a higher piece of land. When you saw him looking at you he stood up and walked to you.
-'Human, do not move. I am not here to hurt you or do you any harm. My name is Forest and I am the guardian of this world.
You just stared at Forest, he díd exist.
-'Forest, I am honoured to meet you, but may I ask where I am?' Forest looked at you and then around him. He was so big, but all the creatures around the city were big.
-'You are in the far end of the Thunder Fields. This is the place where the Thunder clan lives when the sky is filled with darkness and flashing light. You can still hear the roaring of the thunder from the last storm.
Forest looked at the sky and remained quiet. You wanted to ask another question but then heard a faint bass-like sound through the sky.

About Forest

Who is he?

Name: Ken_Ho
Nick: Forest
Gender: Male
Age: Almost as old as the earth
Species: Sabertooth tiger
Birthland: Somewhere in the forest
Personality: He is a caring lion, doesn't like to fight, always tries to solve things through talking and cares for other creatures.
Familly: Maya…
Love: None
Kids: Can't have them
Status: Hiding for everybody.

Main fur: Light purple
Horns and accessories: White-silver
Eyes and gemstones: Purple
Manes: Dark purple.

Forest is the guardian of the Earth and tires to fulfil his task the best he can, but he misses the will to make a harsh decision. He always tries to make both parties happy. In the end he gave up trying to solve everything and now only solves the problems of the ones who are in big need.
Forest still wears the scar of his fight with Maya, his broken saberthooth. Creatures who disrespect the world make fun of him because he doesn't look as frightening as he used to. But one group, called the Forest creatures, respect him and now try to help him with his task. They try to solve the problems of the creatures of the forest, grassland and mountains. The desert is banned land in the eyes of Forest and the Forest Creatures because they caused the world to split and so create Forest and Maya.
Nowdays Forest is roaming the Thunder fields when the storm is subsided. The Thunder clan knows he is there and keeps his presence a secret.


His looks

Forest his design is based on a cross between a lion and a sabertooth tiger with a fluffy tail. He has a strong build and appears frightening when you first see him. He has bright purple eyes and nose, which can boor into your soul if he wants you to speak the truth.
He wears a diadem with a purple gemstone on his head and two bracelets with a same purple gemstone. These stones are filled with magic which he can use, but Forest doesn't want to use the magic unless he has to. If he has to use it, it would only be for defending himself.
He has also two small horns hidden in his mane which are made of pure silver and his sabers are made of the same material.


Will we get the answers?

-'Forest, may I ask you a question?' Forest didn't respond, but you decided to ask. 'Why are you hiding for the other creatues?
-'Ignorant human! I am not hiding from the other creatures, I am hiding for her! She is the same as me, but just as different as you and I am. She rules over the Nightmaren world, well, not really ruling. She has to keep the world at balance.

Just after that Forest had said that you realised he haven't opened his mouth until he roared at you. He was speaking to you through your mind and the idea frightened you.
-'Human, sorry for that outburst. Have I frightened you?
-'Only with the idea that you are speaking to me in my head. I do not feel safe with thinking stuff which might upset you.' You stood up and looked straight into the eyes of Forest. His eyes were so intelligent and you couldn't quite grasp the thought he must be over thousand years old.
-'Fear not, I am not reading your thoughts. I could if I wanted, but you would notice that if I did. But now it is my time to ask questions: why are you here human?
-'I don't know, the last thing I remember is touching the orb you are holding, your statue I mean. The next thing I know is that I am laying here.' Forest war quiet for a long time and you began to listen to the sounds on this grass plain. You heard almost everything here, compared to the city you had the ears of a wolf.
-'You were summoned here with magic which rested in that orb. I think my intention was to let one human know that I still existed, one who deserved it to know. I think you are that human I chose a century ago.
You were quiet for a long time and listened to the faint thunder of the last storm.



Maya is Forest twin sister, as far they are the same creature. She is the guardian of the Nightmaren world and isn't very good with her task. She lets the world die, but after the fight between Forest and Maya she is keeping the world just alive.
The Timemaren, a creature who lets the seasons change and time go on, Clockwork has raged against Maya because she's so lax with the Nightmaren world and has sworn to quit his task if she kept on doing this. Maya didn't care much and so the Nightmaren world has lost their Timemaren.
Maya is hanging out with the announcer of death, Whisper, for the elder creatures and Forest fears them both. If Maya could corrupt Whisper they could wipe out whole groups of creatures. Forest is keeping a close eye on them as far as it's possible.

Fey is the leader of the group the Forest Creatures. He tries to act like Forest, solving problems and finding solutions to fights, but he can make the decision that will hurt both parties. Forest has spoken with Fey once to explain what he should do and since then he tried to ignore the group.
Fey has only one thing that eats his heart away, the death of his mother. His half brother, Ollo, killed her when he was younger and has sworn revenge. After a few years of wondering around the land and through forests, seeing the misery of other creatures he wanted to help them.
Once Fey discovered that Ollo was the cause of most of the problems he created the Forest Creatures. Since then Fey is working together with the Nightmaren to defeat Ollo, which is ironic because Forest fears Maya, but the creatures they care for are working together…


What happened?

-'Fight with her!
-'Bring her to reason!
-'Kill her!
Creatures were closing in on Forest, shouting phrases to him about Maya, his twin sister. They were one and the same creature, but they were as different as you and I am. The creatures wanted him to reason with Maya because she was failing at her task to care for the Nightmaren world.
-'I can't kill her! If I do I will die and this whole planet will die!' Forest shouted back, panicked.
-'Well, Forest, maybe you should go to her and talk with Maya about this problem. Our world is suffering because of her!' said a black wolf with bright red markings. He was the leader of the Shadow Deserts, a wicked organisation who were causing most of the trouble on this earth.
-'I will talk to her, if that is what you wish. But, I will say one think, she won't change her mind that fast.' And then the creatures were shouting at him again.
Forest couldn't take it anymore and roared towards the crowd.
-'IF you want me to SPEAK to Maya, will you PLEASE shut up!' The crowd fell silent and looked at Forest. One wolf was laughing quietly, the black wolf called Dracko was laughing.
-'Forest,' He said, 'Maya will be reasoned if you have the guts to fight with someone. Not with talking. You have to understand that.' The crowd didn't breathe, they knew Dracko was questioning the authority of Forest.
Forest walked towards Dracko, anger welling up in him.
-'Dracko, you say I don't have the guts to do anything? The members of your pathetic group is the reason I was created. They enraged the Nightmaren, causing my original form to urge Morpheus to offer his body to create the Nightmaren dimension and now you are questioning my authority? Dracko, you brought shame on you AND your Shadow Deserts. I will show you that I can solve things with words.' Forest paused and looked in the calm face of Dracko.
-'At this moment I declare any member of the Shadow Deserts to be treated as an outcast. They are no longer welcome in the forest or the lands beyond. They will live in the desert, living up to the name they gave them themselves. They are banned from this land and will be banned until I die or the world will die.
The silent that followed was a dead silent. Nobody dared to speak before Dracko had accepted his faith or challenged Forest to a fight.
-'By the tail of the Fire lord, Forest, how DARE you to ban us from these lands. We can't feed ourselves in the desert? We can't raise our children in the desert or expect our mates to survive that horrific weather?
-'Than, my lovely outcast, I will allow everybody who wants to retreat from the Shadow Deserts to leave and have a safe haven in the forest. I will allow this to happen until the 5th sunrise from now. Then the creatures of the forest have my permission to attack any member of the Shadow Deserts.
-'How will you recognise them Forest, any creature here could be a Shadow Desert member.' Said Dracko, in a faint hope to turn this situation to the best.
Forest opened his mouth, roared towards Dracko and released the magic in his diadem and bracelets. The strength of the magic increased as he roared towards Dracko.
Dracko became surrounded with black smoke, thickening around him. The smoke ended up so thick you couldn't look through it and then it sucked into Dracko, causing his markings to lighten up in a bright red.
-'Dracko, what I gave you is called the mark of the doomed. Everybody who swears loyalty to you will get this mark. This will start at the 5th sunrise and last forever. But this mark has its side effects, what I will not tell you.
-'You filthy rat. How do you dare to give this curse to the Shadow Deserts? From this day on, I will swear my revenge on you Forest. To lift this curse from us and let us live free.' After having said that Dracko walked away without any shame.


What people made for me~


Clones etc.

Trusting in yourself and trusting in others are the same in each other.


By Vampyi

The end... it?

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