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The Kelp Project

Welcome to the experimental guide dedicated to demystifying the secrets behind the Kelp Avatar.
Feel free to neomail me if you see any errors on this page and/or if you have ideas on how I can improve this guide!
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I have added The Healing Springs and The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity as alternative ways to have a very bloated pet. Thanks Cindy for letting me know about this!

I have added The Golden Dubloon as a way you can overfeed your pet. Thanks Seti for letting me know about this!

I decided to start advertising on the AC again.
I have received a lot of positive feedback :)
Feeding lightweight pets may help, but for now, there's insufficient data to support this claim.

Hi everyone! During my 4-year hiatus, this guide was never updated, however, neomails were still coming in.
The 50th person was recorded today, and so I'm happy to announce that I will continue to update these statistics.
Thank you so much for the support, and a big congratulations to all those who have succeeded with the help of this guide :D

The current goal is to reach 100 successful people so a full percentage report can be displayed here.
For the time being, the project is still open to all neomails.
Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who has helped out :)

Those with a star (*) are pets who have been mentioned to me more than once.


With the results I've been receiving, this is my hypothesis:
Getting leftovers is random, but the avatar is not.


How to obtain it:
The Bon App├ętit avatar is randomly awarded when you dine
at the restaurant Kelp and bring home some leftovers.

Random or not?
The initial hypothesis is that your chances of getting the avatar are higher
when you try between 12:30pm NST and 1pm NST and use Firefox as your internet browser.

This experimental guide was created in order to observe the theory mentioned above and its results,
as well as to explore other ideas.

Already have the avatar?

If you have the avatar please neomail me and let me know which pet (species and weight)
was brought to Kelp when the avatar was rewarded to you.
I am collecting information on whether or not the species and weight play a role in getting leftovers at Kelp!

IF YOU GOT THIS AVATAR AS A CLICKABLE (when it was first released)

The Method

I decided to make a board on July 16th 2009 at 12:48pm NST, after my neofriend Noileh and I both managed to get the avatar within minutes of each other. A total of 4 people on the board got it before 1pm NST.
Warning: Try this at your own risk, you will lose a minimum of 60,400 nps.


Feed your lightest pet until (s)he's VERY bloated. NOT just regular bloated. Once this happens, go on to step 2.

If (s)he's not willing to eat anymore and is simply bloated,
you can place your pet into the Neolodge, and then try feeding your pet at the Movie Central
(Thanks Nicole for the info!)

Or, you can feed your pet at The Golden Dubloon, in exchange for Dubloon Coins.
(Thanks Seti for the info!)

Your pet should be VERY bloated.

Or, you can try and get your pet very bloated by visiting The Healing Springs and
The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity
(Thanks Cindy for the info!)


Now it's time to feed your pet a full meal. I've picked the cheapest items below.


Angel Hair Salad or Tropical Fruit Bowl

MAIN COURSE: (28.4k)

Spicy Radish Salad

DESSERT: (12k)

Honeyed Horn of Plenty


Lemwart Fizz or Thornberry Brew


Once you have selected all of the dishes and clicked the eat button, you will be taken to another page. It will say one of two things. Either your pet's picture will be shown along with a comment of how delicious the food was/how full they are, or the page will say the following:

I am not sure I will be able to eat everything... Can I take something with me?!? Your pet is allowed to take some home. We have already boxed up the leftovers for you!
If you see the text above, there should also be a picture of which item you are taking home as a leftover.

It is extremely important that you DO NOT click on the word leftovers, that will bring you to your inventory.

There is NO RANDOM EVENT that says when you get the avatar. So, you must open up a new tab/window and check either your avatar count or look for the avatar under your neoboard preferences. If it does not show up, refresh on the page that informs you of your leftovers.

If you didn't get leftovers, repeat Step #2. The second time, you should get them.
If you don't, change your active pet!

Success or failure?


Please neomail your answers to these questions:
1. Did you follow the guide?
2. Which internet browser were you using?
3. If you had to refresh, how many times did you do so?
4. At what time did you get it?
5. Have you tried BEFORE you read this guide? If yes, approximately how many times?
6. Which pet did you bring to Kelp? (Please specify the species and weight)


Awww that's too bad! :( Usually it helps if you change pets after failing so many times with the same one. Also, switching internet browsers has been proven to work for some people. Remember to NEVER click on the word leftovers! Refresh instead, and check your avatar count to see if it has increased. Good luck!



1. Did you follow the guide?
  • Yes - 145/155 people
  • No - 1/155 people
  • Mostly/Sort of - 9/155 people

2. Which internet browser were you using?
  • Firefox - 75/155 people
  • Internet Explorer - 17/155 people
  • Opera - 2/155 people
  • Safari - 5/155 people
  • Netscape - 1/155 people
  • Chrome - 55/155 people
  • Other - 0/155 people

3. If you had to refresh, how many times did you do so?
  • None - 144/155 people
  • Once - 4/155 people
  • 2-3 times - 3/155 people
  • 4-5 times - 0/155 people
  • 6+ times - 0/155 people
  • Don't remember - 4/155 people
4. At what time did you get it?
  • 12:31-12:35pm - 9/139 people
  • 12:36-12:40pm - 11/155 people
  • 12:41-12:45pm - 13/155 people
  • 12:46-12:50pm - 5/155 people
  • 12:51-12:55pm - 11/155 people
  • 12:56-1:00pm - 11/155 people
  • None of the above - 89/155 people
  • Don't remember - 6/155 people

5. Have you tried BEFORE you read this guide? If yes, approximately how many times?
  • I've never tried before - 43/139 people
  • Yes, 1-5 times - 66/155 people
  • Yes, 6-10 times - 22/155 people
  • Yes, 11-15 times - 5/155 people
  • Yes, 15+ times - 8/155 people
  • Don't remember - 10/155 people

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