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Welcome to the official webbie of Aozora! Here, you can learn all about the guild and its rules and ranks, as well as anything you could possibly need to know about us.

First and foremost, we are a private, literate, chat-based guild with a dual theme: animanga/gaming, with an emphasis on Studio Ghibli. Interested in learning more? To navigate, just click through the links to your left. Enjoy your stay!

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about us

Simply put, we are a literate, friendly, chat-based guild focused on building interpersonal relationships between people with similar interests. Due to being chat-based, we don't limit ourselves to just talking about things that relate to our theme; every topic covered by the Neorules is okay to discuss here!

Ghibli means a hot wind blowing through the North African desert. The name was also used for Italian scouting airplanes during World War II. Hayao Miyazaki, being a huge fan of flight and airplanes, named the studio after those planes.

Aozora means blue sky. Many of Miyazaki's films contain flying scenes, so we decided to name the guild after something in the same vein, to honor the most famous director to come out of the studio.

Once upon a time...

Friends Alyson and Mari had always shared an obsession with Studio Ghibli and its films. They both grew up watching movies such as Kiki's Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away, and one day, Aly had a crazy idea: why not join a guild to find like-minded Ghibli fans?

A search around the GC turned up no results. There were anime guilds, but there didn't seem to be an active guild solely dedicated to Ghibli films. The solution? They made their own guild.

The rest is history, and for three years, Aozora was a guild dedicated to Studio Ghibli and its films. Founded by Aly, Mari, and Jess on May 16, 2012, our mission was to create a friendly, tight-knit community with a common interest: a love for Studio Ghibli.

On May 16, 2015, to celebrate our three year anniversary, we changed from a Ghibli-themed guild to an animanga/gaming-themed guild, whilst still emphasizing our original goal: being a unique guild that honors Studio Ghibli.

If you are interested in learning more about our guild's history, click here!

rules and etiquette

Be sure to familiarize yourself with these rules before posting on our guild message board! We don't ask for a lot in Aozora, so these should be pretty easy to follow.

Be familiar with all of the content listed on our introductory page. It provides general information you will need to be aware of.

Aozora is a literate guild. We understand that everyone doesn't speak English as their first language; as long as you try, we don't mind. That being said, please use proper punctuation, and please be consistent with your capitalization (or lack thereof). Occasional chatspeak is allowed, but use good judgment; if you think that someone might not understand what you mean, spell the whole word out.

Make sure your posts are at least three words in length, and do not post more than three times in a row. Do not post the same message twice, unless it's by accident. This should be extremely easy. We do not like spam on our message boards. The magic word is PK Love.

Be kind and courteous to other members, as well as any people you may speak to on the guild ad boards on the GC.

We do not take drama lightly. Aozorians are a family. If you absolutely must talk something out with another member, take it to neomail. Anyone found causing unnecessary drama in the guild will be deleted permanently.

We understand that it's difficult to keep track of everyone who is on the board sometimes, but be sure to include everyone when you are chatting in the guild. If you feel like you are being ignored, intentionally or by accident, don't hesitate to let a council member know!

If you ignore other members, and the council feels it is deliberate or happening too often, you will receive one warning before being deleted from the guild.

We have a three-strike policy in regards to minor rule breaking--such as violating our three word rule, for example. You will receive a warning for each infraction. After three strikes, you will be removed from the guild.

Finally, if the subject title on the guild message board has involves something guild-related, DO NOT change it. The council members use the subject line as a supplementary way to spread news through the guild. Often, the message board titles announce new pages, guild events, and other new features. (That being said, if the subject title is something goofy, feel free to have fun with it! We don't rule over everything with an iron fist.)

activity and member sweeps


We understand that you all lead busy lives outside of Neopets and Aozora. That being said, the point of being in a guild is to chat and make friends.

Members are required to post at least once every two weeks to remain in Aozora. Obviously, however, we would prefer a higher rate of activity than that.

New members should take the time to introduce themselves to the guild once they have joined. They must post a minimum of twenty-five messages by the end of their first week in Aozora. Members who have failed to reach twenty-five posts within seven days of their join date will be swept from the guild.

Can't be super active?
If you plan on being away from Neopets or Aozora for a long period of time, let Maddie (haiga) know so you do not get deleted in one of our sweeps. Please include how long you plan to be away in your message. Otherwise, you will have one month before you are swept for inactivity.

Member Sweeps

Aozora holds member sweeps on the first and fifteenth of each month. During the months of June, July, and August, when Aozora is at peak activity, sweeps are held every Saturday.

Members who have been inactive for over two weeks without alerting Maddie or consistently disregarded our literacy policy will be swept during this time.

Occasionally, we have what we like to call Hunger Games. These are special periods where member sweeps are canceled for several weeks and members are required to meet a certain post count to remain in Aozora. These are generally held in January and June. More information will be available about the Hunger Games during those months.

Activity Allowances for Ranks

Depending on your rank, you will have a certain length of inactivity that you are entitled to before you are swept. The higher your rank is, the more time you are allowed. Here is how it works:

Dirigible: three months of unannounced inactivity
Kodama: two months of unannounced inactivity
Susuwatari: one month of unannounced inactivity
If you have not returned after your allotted allowance has passed, you will be swept from the guild during the next member sweep.


Here are the guild ranks, as well as the requirements you must meet before you can be promoted in rank. Rank in Aozora is determined solely by post count.

Ranks in Aozora

Gentle Breeze: Default rank
Falling Star: 500 posts
Susuwatari: 1500 posts
Kodama: 3000 posts
Dirigible: 4500 posts

Ranks are updated on the first and fifteenth of each month, coinciding with member sweeps.

meet the council

These are our current council members, as well as their tenures in office. The council are responsible for designing and coding layouts, hosting pages, monitoring the boards, performing member sweeps, recruiting new members, and being a constant presence on the guild message boards.

Aly (mintxstar): May 16, 2012 - present
Hello, Aozora! I'm Aly. I'm a really old twenty-three-year-old college graduate with a shiny new degree in graphic design. More often than not, you can usually find me procrastinating on my adult responsibilities. I like to pass the time experimenting with Photoshop, crying over kpop idols, forgetting I'm watching anime, and sleeping. On Neo, I spend my time trying (and failing) to improve my account, lurking the Guild Chat, and of course, maintaining Aozora!

Maddie (haiga): August 24, 2012 - present
Salutations, Aozorians! My name is Maddie. I'm a twenty-year-old university student studying English and history. I like professional wrestling (my biases are Nikki Bella, Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Candice LeRae), watching anime, trying (and ultimately failing) to sleep, writing, reading, playing video games, studying French, and, apparently, listening to kpop. On Neopets, lurking the GC, attempting to improve my account, and procrastinating on my guildly duties are my favorite things to do.

Alicia (x3_teriyaki): July 27, 2014 - present
Hi there, lovely Aozorians! I'm Alicia, also known as Rini. I'm a nineteen-year-old that doesn't know what she's doing with her life (at the moment, I'm studying business). I like to sleep, eat, and become paranoid because of how much Criminal Minds I watch. On Neopets, I like creeping on people, crying while playing Neopets' avatar games, and chatting with everyone!

Kuro (becca_sama): April 1, 2015 - present
Greetings Aozorians, it is I - Kuro - your local trashlord. I'm 22 years old, and I have nothing better to do with my life than wallow around and forget to watch anime that I've been meaning to do for 86745486960 years; also crying over my ever-growing list of husbandos. On Neopets, you can usually find me lurking the boards. Beyond that my interests are (very) casually writing, drawing, and playing videogames (talk da:i to me tbh).

Mina (everklena): April 1, 2015 - present
Ahoy there pewperinos! I'm Mina and I'm twenni-twee (SO GET LIKE ME) but my mental age is probably in the negative digits. My loyalty is with the one and only Dr. Frank Sloth and I pledge allegiance to all my independent aishas in da house. As the resident creepy meepit of Aozora, I hope that I can make your stay as uncomfortable as possible, as I will definitely overshare, whine and crei with you about all the things. May Sloth have mercy on your souls.

Former Council Members

We owe a lot to our council members, who have since moved on from Neopets or simply decided to step down. We'd like to give thanks to these individuals for helping to make the guild what it is today!

Mari (piperu): May 2012 - June 2012

Jess (ghiblies): May 2012 - April 2013

Fuu (bythisriver): May 2013 - February 2014; April 2014 - May 2014

Maria (totallyxloveable): July 2013 - February 2014

Unole (unolespirit): July 2013 - January 2015

Mona (givuss): February 2014 - July 2014

friends of aozora

If you decide Aozora isn't the guild for you, feel free to check out the guilds below! We highly recommend them. Keep in mind that these guilds may have their own sets of requirements to join; be sure to read their info carefully. Happy guild hunting!

If you would like to be affiliated with Aozora, please mail Aly. We're happy to accept all guilds!


Layout by Aly (mintxstar)
Background art by hakusai @ ZC

All content and coding is for Aozora's use only. Thieves will be turned into lumps of coal.

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