My name is KeiKiao. I am a Kougra. Kougra's originally come from Mystery Island. Occasionally I go for picnics there with my owner war_of_the_world_06. It is great fun, they have a tour where you can see the best places on the island, a gift shop, the Training School, and best of all the Island Cooking Pot.

A kind faerie called Jhuidah watches over this great big cooking pot. It is supposed to be magical although I haven't made anything special there yet. It sure smells good though :)

He he, this is me! This is a picture of me, as you can see I am a rather attractive Kougra, and I have been entered in the Beauty Contest many times. What makes me so special you may ask... well its my beautiful paws, ears and sparkling white teeth.

I take great care of my teeth, first I rinse with Mouthwash (ooh minty!), then I floss between my sharp teeth (Grackle Bugs are the worst, you get little bits of blue shell stuck in your gums - yuck!). Finally I give my teeth a good brush with my Deluxe Blue Toothbrush. Then voila, prize winning gnashers :)

Anyway, enough of me, if you want to chat to my owner, challenge me in a battle, or just say hi, feel free to neomail war_of_the_world_06.