Haikner and the Mystical Eyrie

Chapter I

Hot. Too hot.

The tide had dropped, and Haikner still wasn't totally awake. The sand under her body wasn't burning her skin, but in the points the sun touched, without the relief of the sea water, there was nothing but the scorching heat, that didn't match the white sand, so pure and incapable of doing harm.

Almost forceless, Haikner got up with the help of her arms, which were shaking like jelly. Parts of her arms were red and blazing. The Draik had no clue about where she was. In a beach, obviously, but in which part of Neopia? Even more important, which were the regions of Neopia? She couldn't remember any of them but Brightvale.

She rubbed her eyes, and then stopped. Why couldn't she remember the reason she was there? Why didn't she know anything about herself but her name?

After getting up, Haikner ran as fast as she could to the water: her feet were burning on that hot sand and she didn't have enough force to fly. After refreshing her feet and recover a little from the weakness, she started to evaluate the beach.

If she could go to the forest some dozens of meters ahead, she could find food and fresh water to drink. If she was lucky enough, perhaps even a village or someone to help her. But the stretch of sand was too big and - the Draik swallowed - too hot under the midday sun.

Something in her peripheral vision caught her eye. A huge rock, perhaps too shiny, and sufficiently high. It had a silver tone, and Haikner had to almost close her eyes so they wouldn't hurt. If she climbed that wall, she could soar long enough to reach the forest. After all, soaring would be much easier than flapping her wings, right?

She decided to put her plan in action. But, when she put the right foot in the rock, the slime clinged to the rock slipped, showing a smooth, shiny surface. Intrigued and scared, she recoiled, getting immersed up to the waist, and then the rock moved.

Huge wings appeared, still covered in slime and shells, and a silver head rose, coming out from underneath them. When the majestic Neopet turned his head to look at Haikner, an eye that somehow was shining more than its body itself showed up, and below it, a curved beak; It was a huge Eyrie, completely made of silver, still under the particles that made it look like a rock moments before, when it was shrunken and curved.

Before Haikner could react, the Eyrie turned its body and approached its big head really, really close to hers. It was twice her height and was probably much heavier. Her surviving instinct gave her an adrenalin outflow when the creature squawked loud.

She lifted flight, the fatigue in the muscles completely forgotten thanks to the fear frenzy, and had gone a few meters heading to the forest when she heard another scream, before being thrown in the wet sand by its heavy paw. It pinned her to the ground with its paws, immobilizing her, and looked straight into her eyes, just like examining her soul. When she thought she was going to be devoured, it got off of her and sat by the sea. The waves hit its body before recoiling.

Haikner got up and was almost flying again to escape when she heard a voice, inside her head.

It's done. You are the chosen.

She looked around, confused and even more scared, before looking again to the Eyrie, realizing the voice was coming from it. It was impassive.

I am Kestorn, the mystical Eyrie.

Chapter 2

It was just too much for Haikner. She sat down in the wet sand while trying to understand everything Kestorn explained to her. Apparently, she was supposed to become leader of the Royal Guard of Brightvale and fight against a huge enemy.

Enemy that Kestorn didn't know anything about, either.

But that wasn't the most confusing part. The Eyrie had said that she had already been a member of the Royal Guard, fought that great eney and had been captured so she could give information to them. Showing a really notable courage, she threw her own head against a stone, so she could forget everything and wouldn't be useful. Frustrated, the enemies threw her to the sea.

That all was only making it harder for her to trust the Eyrie.

-Then how am I still alive? I should be dead already. -Haikner asked.

The faeries took care of you. They're grateful for your courage. Air Faeries provided oxygen for you to breathe, Dark Faeries kept you unconscious so you wouldn't panic, and Water Faeries created ocean currents that brought you to me.

-I thought Dark Faeries were evil.

Not all of them. But the bad ones created a terrible fame for them all.
Haikner made silence for some moments.

-How do you know all of that about me? - she asked. Kestorn sighed inside her head.

There is a prophecy that said all of that would happen. It says: 'a member of the royal guard will sacrifice herself to protect the kingdom. She will later extinguish the threat, along with Kestorn, the Mystical Eyrie, descendant of Raitorn, and will be rewarded with glory and peace for all the people of Brightvale.

-And how are you so sure that's me?

Because the Mystical Eyrie can only be awakened by the chosen one.

Haikner staggered, even though she was sitting in the sand. The waves were still washing her tired legs while she stretched them in the ground.

-I barely know who I am. How could I save an entire kingdom when I can't even wield a sword?

The prophecy says everything, small one.

She made silence for some seconds, and then nudged her arm for the forth time to make sure that wasn't a dream. It really wasn't.

- I can't trust you, Kestorn. You attacked me. What if you only want to devour me? I won't do this. Get yourself another heroine. - And she turned back, almost sure of her choice. She tried to fly again, but without adrenalin, she could do nothing but lift herself some meters above the sand. Kestorn snorted, irritated.

If you don't follow the prophecy, not only Brightvale will perish, but also you. How are you willing to survive here, without knowing anything about the world or even about yourself? You won't last two days in the wild area of Krawk Island.

Haikner gasped. He was right.

- How can I be sure that you're trustworthy? - she asked, turning herself to look at him.

In answer, Kestorn lifted a heavy paw and raised his silver mane. Under it, there was a place that the silver in his body wasn't covering.

My entire body is coated and shielded with silver, but under my mane there's a place where there's only flesh and soft skin. If I ever attack you again, you can spike your claws in it. I'll die moments later.

Haikner sighed. If she didn't face her destiny, she would die in the jungle.

- Whatever, then. I will face my destiny.

Kestorn seemed satisfied.

Then it's time to recover your memories, young one.

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