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Welcome to Meow Premades, where we offer simplicity and beauty all in one.



Meow Premades is officially on hiatus. I don't know how long it will stay like this, but meanwhile the layouts will still be up for you to use. The rules still apply.

If you want a longer version of the story, basically it's just that I don't have the luxury to do what I want to do any more. My classmates have surpassed me in many ways and I don't intend to let it stay like this. Therefore I am closing down any distraction that might be affecting my studies.

I will probably stay on hiatus for 6 months. I might still check my sites sometimes but don't expect new content. Sorry guys!

+ 1 Shield
+ 1 CSS petpage layout: Clarity
+ 2 Graphic user lookups: Play with Magic & Sping Has Come

YASS Spring Has Come looks really fancy. TRY IT OUT, you won't regret it! (:
I put off being lazy. Alright, maybe not. But at least I made something.

Annd I've got some, well, bad news. I'm heading for the third grade in my school, which means I will pretty much spend much less time making layouts, and on Neo, too. Exams and such. And school starts tomorrow. Geez. Wish you all good luck if school's starting soon for you too!

GUYS, I just received an extremely helpful review from the awesome Jewlz and Hayley!!
Props to the amazing site Gingersnap!

I will be making some changes to the site and will also be adding more layouts (hehe that was me being lazy), graphic layouts, too. The two lovely ladies really helped a lot- and well I'll admit I haven't been really into layout-making in the past month, and they've motivated me into making layouts again!
There are some aspects of their suggestions that can't be implemented quickly though. I'll work on them however(:
I'm working on a petpage at the moment, by the way. I'll add more layouts soon! No more procrastinating anymore (cough. cough.)

Yes, seriously, another update, again about affiliation! We have two new lovely affiliates, both sites owned by the super cool Jewlz: Element, a "My Little Pony" themed premade layouts site, and Augment, a creative graphic creation site. And by creative I mean really creative. Go check out those two fantastic sites right now!

+ 1 CSS layout "Block
No, the main point of this update isn't the new layout, I added that one days ago. It's about our new fabulous affiliate: Sakura Express! I've been a big fan Hannah's minimal layouts since I opened this site. Everyone go check Hannah's amazinggly gorgeous site NOW!
I would add more layouts right now but I've having a huge academics problem at the moment, I don't know why but I'll have to fix that first. I really hope that I can be back soon, but at the looks of my newest scores I don't think so. I'll be studying after the newest requests at Evenstar get completed, and after I'l come back when my scores look more me.

MP is officially back! A big thank-you to all my layout users for sticking with me and my affiliates for not deleting me. I will be removing some inactive affiliates however.
Well I know I said that I'll be making tons of layouts and yeah 5 user lookups aren't a lot- but I figured that it's better than nothing (cough). I'll be adding more layouts though!
I used some really fancy coding for the premades. Well maybe not that fancy, but here's how the things work: The details on the premades can be seen by hovering over the layout's title. If you're using a tablet/phone, just click on the title. I'm not sure if this works in Safari, and if it doesn't please contact me straight away. This design was originally orgcss's, I do not take credit for it.
Anyways I've added a resources section. I remember me blabbering about wanting to add resources to MP years ago but never doing it. Ha! Well it's there now.
I don't know how to make an ending to my little huge update. So uh. It'll end with this yeah!


1) use = credit.

please credit by linking back with visible image/text links.

2) edit = encouraged = credit.

you're welcome to edit my layouts to your liking. but credit must still be provided.

user lookups

1. Hover over the titles of the layouts to learn more details.
2. Copy and paste the coding into the about me box in the edit profile page.
ADDITIONAL INFO: If you want a bigger preview of a layout, right-click (computers) /hold your finger (phones) over an image and select "open image in new tab".
#HASHTAGS: Hashtags (#) will help you associate layouts with resources and let you know the themes of a layout.


TAGS #CSS layout #minimalistic #simple #clean
DISPLAY Neohome not displayed
NOTES Remember to customize the links.


TAGS #CSS layout #simple #green #soft
DISPLAY Shop, Neohome and NC Mall are not displayed
NOTES All user lookup images (except for your Neopets) are not visible. Remember to customize the links.


TAGS #CSS layout #simple #blue #clean
DISPLAY Neohome not displayed
NOTES It isn't recommended to put too many text in the textbox.


TAGS #CSS layout #minimalistic #simple
DISPLAY Neohome and NC Mall not displayed
NOTES Remember to customize the links. It is not recommended to put too much text in the textbox; the layout looks best when the links and the text are of the same height.


TAGS #CSS layout #elegant #quotes
DISPLAY Everything is displayed
NOTES You may change the quote. More quotes can be found here.

polka rain dance

TAGS #graphic layout #soft #cute #hasee #polka dots
DISPLAY Neohome not displayed
NOTES It is strongly suggested that you put this additional code in your style tags to round your Neopets images:
#userneopets img {border-radius: 8em;} *more info

play with magic

TAGS #graphic layout #dark #draik #magic
DISPLAY Neohome not displayed
NOTES This is one layout you want to put more text in in order to make it look prettier. Use those paragraphs (p tags) to help.

spring has come

TAGS #graphic layout #pink #wocky #spring #happy
DISPLAY Neohome and Shop not displayed
NOTES This layout has a fixed background, which means the wocky will stay put when you scroll down. Also there are those really cool transparent headers. Enjoy!


1. Hover over the titles of the layouts to learn more details.
2. Copy the coding. Visit the Edit Homepage page and select the pet whose petpage you wish to edit. Clear the pet template and paste the coding. Each layout has different instructions. The instructions can be found within the codes provided.
ADDITIONAL INFO: If you want a bigger preview of a layout, right-click (computers) /hold your finger (phones) over an image and select "open image in new tab".
#HASHTAGS: Hashtags (#) will help you associate layouts with resources and let you know the themes of a layout.

Clarity - anchored

TAGS #CSS layout #simple #tidy #clean #minimalistic
NOTES This is an anchored layout. Information about how to use this layout is included in the coding. Simply click "Preview Changes" once you have pasted the coding into your homepage box and you will see all the instructions.


TO USE: Please read the notes under each separate section.
ADDITIONAL INFO: If you want a bigger preview of a graphic, right-click (computers) /hold your finger (phones) over the graphic and select "open image in new tab".
coding shop
TAGS: #cute #minimalistic #soft
ABOUT: Here are some "code additions" that you can add to your user lookup.

TO USE: Copy the coding and paste it into your user lookup coding style tags. No credit is required, but it is appreciated.

TAGS: #literature #knowledge
TO USE: Copy and paste.
You may use these quotes wherever you want and obviously no credit back here is required. However, you should credit the authors.
You will usually find these 3 types of information in the credit behind the quote: fictional character, name of written work, author.
You should at least leave the author's name intact.The other two aren't as important.

You only love once in a lifetime, even if you aren't always aware of it.
- Antonio Fortuny, the Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Fools talk, cowards are silent, wise men listen.
- Gustavo Barceló, the Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Only way I can do something this frightening is to tell myself I'm not doing it!
- Howell Jenkins, Howl's Moving Castle, Diana Wynne Jones
All that is gold does not glitter.
- Bilbo Baggins, the Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien
Short cuts make long delays.
- Peregrin Took, the Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien
It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.
- William Shakespeare
ABOUT: Shields are the graphics on your user lookups that display your account's age.
TO USE: Copy the image url of the shield you like. Then replace the url in the code with your image url. Then, copy the new code and paste it into the about me box in the edit profile page. Credit is required. The credit is included inside the shield code.


Here you can find our site events, site history, and collaborations with other awesome site-makers. Explore and get to know MP by heart!
a story that is still going on...

I was first introduced to the concept of site-making when I stumbled across Nienke's amazing site, Nienke's Premades. At first I was fevered by ambition, and I strove to create a huge empire in a short amount of time. I didn't know that my layouts weren't of quality. I thought I simply needed to let more people know about my site. I went through the site community, browsed through "smaller" sites and sent out tons of affiliation requests just to advertise.

After a while with MP still not "rising in popularity" as I'd hoped, I saw Turnip's awesome sites, The Lunch Box, Open Eyes and the others. I'm sure you agree with me that TLB offers just about everything and is still "one site", somehow, without needing to divide to separate sites.I read Turnip's beautiful guides and I began to drive towards quality. Quantity went down, though, and as you can see I still haven't recovered that part yet (laughs).

The third site that gave me a vast amount of inspiration, arguably the one that gave me the most encouragement of my three major inspirations, was Monky's incredible site, Bedazzled. I thought GIMP wasn't capable of making "the best" graphics, but Monky overthrew that foolish belief, and with ease. I began to have more faith in me and my image manipulation programme, which definitely helped me a lot.

I want to thank the above three people in particular, with whom I had almost no interaction with: Nienke for her exceptional tutorial, Lore which was the tutorial that helped me the most, Turnip for her bits of precious scattered throughout her amazing sites, and Monky for showing me how to make the impossible possible.

i want to say, thank you
These are the awesome friends that have encouraged me in site making or given me precious advice:
+ Jewlz. Totally brilliant person who's always friendly and tries to think the best of people. She has the superhuman ability to point out flaws without offending people in the least. Much love to Jewlz!
+ Hayley. She's so kind and she is very encouraging. Quite my opposite, really (laughs).



Bedazzled, Details; 99mockingbirds; Swimchick; alien-dreams, Evey-V, instantrock, Monxcheri, Moonchilde-Stock, pareeerica, sarytah, Sirius-sdz @ dA, my own.
Details; 99mockingbirds; Here You Get All Editing Effects; coby1, Dreamon72 @ dA.
Aroma, Details, my own.
Subtle Patterns, 芳之坊, my own.
Site inspired by Nienke's Premades, Bedazzled and The Lunch Box; Resources inspired by Bedazzled; Current layout inspired by OrgCSS, Whitespace and Satellite; Rules section inspired by Mellie's CSS.
+ Gingersnap (recommended)
Coding Help
+ CSS|Guide + Darkest Faerie Lair + Double Standard + Neopets Code Reference
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