The Lost Desert. Midnight.

It's been a long night. You've been out in Sakhmet, spinning the Fruit Machine, playing Brucey B Slots, and generally having a blast, but now it's over. All you want is to get back to your home in Qasala. As you wander through the night, the glint of steel catches your eye. You jump back, terrified as the gleaming point comes closer...

A Hissi girl turns to look at you, laughing. Obviously, she thinks what she did to you is absolutely hilarious. However, the first thing your eyes jump to is her weaponry. Two daggers glisten in her hands, and a third lies on the tail of a snake, found around her neck. The reptile is sleeping peacefully, but you back away in fear.

Before your eyes, widened with terror, the girl transforms. As her body lengthens and her legs fade, clothing seems to materialize instantaneously. A mask formed from the skull of some unfortunate Krawk and a gleaming armored chestplate form, replacing the hood and jacket of the girl. The Hissi smiles, fangs glistening.

Ah, you should have seen the look on your face! You had goosebumps and everything!" The Hissi continues to laugh a serpentine laugh, immensely pleased with herself. She turns to look at you. "Oh, hi. Kasandaria. Nice to find someone else out at this time of night." The snake around her neck is awake now, and is mirroring Kasandaria's curious flicks of a forked tongue. "If you'll just step this way...


By Alli

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Link back?

Look at this. It's a jewel I found while I was out. You can have it if you want, to remind you of me.


Here are some other people I found while wandering...maybe visit them next?