Crown was established on September 21st, 2013. It is a graphics request site by me, Rey. Crown is a way for me to provide high quality graphics of many kinds to people in need of them. Though site buttons and banners are my forte, I complete all layout requests to the best of my ability. I aim for your satisfaction! Check out the rest of the site, my portfolio, or find out some fun facts about me. I hope you enjoy your time here on Crown; I'm looking forward to your requests!

❝ The next day, the king held his court and he gave out many silver crowns to all the fairies who had done good work. At the end, he brought out a gold crown. "This is for the fairy who went to the world of boys and girls and did beautiful things there. We are all very proud of him."

Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions? If so, neomail me!

After being on hiatus for over a year, I've decided to start taking requests again. A lot has happened over the last year, personal and educational, that has given me time to get back on Neopets. I am currently updating the site so it may be a bit of a mess or missing information. If you see something on here that you feel is wrong or belongs to you that isn't yet credited, let me know asap. Thank you for your patience!
  • Please do not remove any of the credit on any layouts or claim any of my work (buttons, banners, etc.) as your own. Give credit when it's due! You can have a text link or link back button of mine as your credit to my site. I usually link the request, itself, to the site that made it. That too is fine, but you must have something.
  • I make buttons for any site except about me pages; layouts for petpages only; and banners for all sites.
  • When it says "specify" in the form, be specific. I would hate to take up your time and mine with making something wrong. It can be very inconvenient. I pick the everything (i.e. images, fonts) used for the requests unless something is specified in your request form.
  • You can only request each type of graphic from me once a month. This gives others a fair chance to make a request when the spot is open. If I receive a request when requests are closed, your request will be denied and you must wait until they are open. Please be patient and understanding.
  • It would be nice of you to use what I made you. If you don't like something, let me know what was wrong with it, and I will go back and try to fix it. If you read these rules, click on the question mark for the request forms. Thank you for complying with these rules.

  • Proceed ?

    If you have any questions regarding these rules, neomail me.


    *Coming Soon / Under Construction*

  • Please fill out the form for the graphic you would like to request.
  • If requests are closed, you will have to wait until they are open.
  • Try to fill out the entire form to the best of your ability.
  • If you have any questions regarding any of the forms, neomail me prior to sending it in.
  • Specify, if you read the rules, means that you should be specific. If you would like a certain image, font, animation, etc. this is the time to let me know. Although that line is optional, the results can be more personalized and to your liking. Check the 'Extra' page for links to neo-related images.
  • Pickup

  • Your requests can be picked up here. Please use the graphics made specifically for you.
  • You requested graphic(s) will remain on this page for 2 weeks.
  • If you cannot find your request on this page, please check the portfolio.
  • Name @ Site

    Name @ Site



  • Layout design "inspired" by Nienke.
  • Base layout code from a premade at Nienke's Premades.
  • Additional & edited coding by Rey.
  • PNG Renders (Gormos, Cylara, Dr. Sloth, Ylara): Details
  • Background images: Background Bonanza
  • Textures: Swimchick, Sarytah @ dA, SublimeArtDusT @ dA
  • All graphics on this site were made by me unless stated otherwise. Work that isn't mine will be credited.
    If I use your work and there is no credit, please neomail me and I will add the proper credit.


    *Under Construction*

  • About Me (coming soon)
  • Updates (coming soon)
  • Portfolio (coming soon)
  • For images:

  • Background Bonanza
  • Neopets Backgrounds
  • Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium