Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cream Machine

Adee the Chia has been eating too much Ice Cream. Ice Cream for breakfast, Ice Cream for lunch and Ice Cream for dinner. In fact, she has eaten so much that she's starting to get some pretty strange dreams! In her latest one she is trapped within a giant Ice Cream Machine, and must dodge the killer scoops that are trying to hit her... this time the Ice Cream is out for revenge!

So, here you are, guest. Perhaps you, like me, are an obsessive avatar collector and think that that Ice Cream Machine avatar is far beyond your reach because you (let's face it) just can't get a score higher than five thousand or so! Or maybe you just want some tips to make your already good score even better to get one of those shiny trophies! ;) Here's an Ice Cream Machine guide for all players big and small, good or bad, small goals or big goals, confident or unconfident, etc., etc., etc. I'm here to tell you that your goals for this game are not impossible! :)

The Actual Guide XD

Let's start with the basics. The first thing you need to know to play the game is the general instructions, right? Well, here they are:

To play Ice Cream Machine you must control Adee with the mouse, and try and avoid the scoops. Move left, right, up and down - but if you hit the Ice Cream you lose a life.

This is you. I hope you knew that.

This is a scoop of ice cream. You'll want to avoid thems.

You'll find this at the bottom of the screen. A few points of interest here...

This space tells you how many lives you have. Once you reach zero (0), it's game over.

This tells you two things: the number to the left of the slash tells you how many scoops you've avoided to get past this level. When I took this screenshot, I didn't have any yet. lol. On the right is how many scoops you need to advance.

All right, this is your score. Pretty self-explanatory. You need 14,500† for the avatar, each scoop is worth five get the idea.

There are twelve levels. Generally, you have to beat (or at least get to and play a little bit of) every level to get the avatar. Each level will require that you dodge twenty-five (25) more scoops than the last level. For example, the first level requires that you avoid twenty-five (25) scoops. The second demands fifty, the third wants you to get past seventy-five, etc. I don't expect you to remember all of that, though, so I have constructed a table for easy reference.

Picture Level Name Scoop No. Picture Level Name Scoop No.
Strawberry 25 Peach 200
Vanilla 50 Vanilla Chocolate
Chocolate 75 Double Chocolate 250
Mint 100 Tigersquash 275
Blueberry 125 Rainbowberry 300
Vanilla Chocolate Chip 150 Garlicky Bratwurst 325
Strawberry Vanilla

Sounds pretty simple, right? It really is. However, you should probably know that there's more than just scoops flying at you while in the process of playing this game.

These are scoops with topping on them--caramel, chocolate, and strawberry are the three varieties. These scoops will give you ten (10) points each, which is double the points of a regular scoop! Yay! These are very helpful when you are trying to reach an awesome score. However, you should still avoid them, lest you meet a sticky doom.

There are a lot of other special scoops that will have various effects on various things, including you, your score, and the speed at which the scoops go. You must collect these scoops in order to get their effects, but if you don't, I have determined by study that they will still count as scoops and give you five points. Once again, I have constructed a table to provide you with easy reference to these unique scoops.

Piccy Description Basic Effect
Bright yellow with cherry 100 pt. score boost :) **
Pale pink with heart One extra life!!! **
Blue; Fish Negg head-looking 250 pt. score boost :D **
Grey with shield Temporarily protects from scoops **
Purple with little chia Makes you a bit smaller *
Blue with big chia Makes you a bit bigger *
Red with subtraction sign Slows down scoops a little *
Green with addition sign Speeds up scoops a little *
Dark orange scoop; BIG strawberry with fuse on top Clears screen of all scoops **

*NOTE: this effect intensifies with every one of the same power-up you get; effect can be reduced by opposite

**NOTE: these power-ups, in addition to the basic effects, will automatically reset the scoop speed and your size to the default speed unique to that level or the default size.

Has your brain imploded yet? Good :) That's all the basics and all you need to know. I'll leave you free to infer which of those power-ups are good and which ones you should probably avoid.


Like most games, the key to success in this game is practice, practice, practice. I can't stress enough how important it is to keep at it and try to practice several times a day--it's the only way you'll ever reach your goal. How are you ever going to ace every level if you're stuck at Vanilla Chocolate Chip with no determination? I'll tell you right now, your 1337 Ice Cream Machine skills aren't going to -poof-, just come to you, it takes practice. Yes, you'll probably get bored, and yes, you'll probably get discouraged, but a little bit of goal-setting, optimism, practice, and determination will go a long way, trust me. Think of the feeling of satisfaction you'll get when you finally get that avatar and you can just relax! I went from a failure at this game, stuck in the first few levels, to someone who gets over 10,000 points nearly every time I play it. Like I said, this game is very simple, and if you stick to it, you'll be a master in no time. :) But enough of the lecturing. Here's a few "do"s and "don't"s of Ice Cream Machine playing:

DO set goals for yourself while you practice. For example, try to master a level every day.

DO take breaks every once in a while. This game can get boring, especially in the slower levels. Not only that, but I wouldn't want any angry neomails telling me that the people who played this game through my guidance see nothing but colored ice cream scoops everywhere.

DON'T get upset if you aren't doing as well as you'd like. If this happens, take a break: go do your dailies, play some other games you are good at...don't let some silly game bother you. This happens to my siblings all the time XD

DON'T settle for anything less than your best. If you know for a fact that you can do better, don't send your score! You don't have to, you know. Try restarting and do your best to get a score closer to your average.

DO practice, for goodness' sake. lol.

That said, let's proceed with the actual tips you wanted. lol.

I'm sure most of you know of the classic code "strawberryvanillachocolate" by now. You can type this in any time during the game (I personally recommend doing it before you actually start the level. lol.) to get a free life, but you can only use it once (you'll know if you typed it right when a little chime will sound and your number of lives will go up by one). I'll usually use it only if I go into one of the higher levels with three lives or less. But that's just me.

Another well-known tip is one you should use every time you play the game. At the "Get Ready for the Next Level Screen" you come to before you start a level, wait about three minutes and a "gong" noise will sound. This little techy dude that you may recognize from other games such as Meerca Chase II and Meepit Juice Break will appear in the place of Adee.

This may sound silly at first, but if you do this before you start the game, you'll actually get more power-ups and scoops with topping on them throughout your entire playing time. If you need proof, try it first without doing it and then again using the code. I did this and saw the difference; now you'll never catch me not waiting the few minutes it takes before I play! :)

This little techie dude, "Ollie", can also appear in the game as a scoop. You have to collect it, just like a cherry or fish bonus, and it's worth an extremely helpful one thousand points!!! Yes, I have experienced the Ollie scoop, so this is confirmed (thanks to garmfay and nayr4593 for prior information :D).

This game doesn't really require a lot of skill, and there's really not a lot you can do to enhance your gaming through codes, as you can see. However, there are a few things I will share with you that I personally do while playing:

  • Try your best to collect the cherry and fish bonuses whenever they appear, especially in the lower levels when it's easier (in the higher levels, you might lose a life trying to get them, and you'll probably get more points just trying your hardest to stay alive, anyway, so don't try as hard. lol). However trivial this score difference may be, you'll find that it'll help out BIG TIME and may be the difference between oh, say, 14,250 and 14,500. Trust me, it really stinks when you find out that you could've gotten the avatar if you hadn't ignored that fish bonus in Mint.
  • Avoid the power-up that makes you bigger. Seriously. Being big when you're trying to go through little spaces between scoops is not a good thing.
  • Try to get the power-up that makes you smaller. For the same reason being big is not good, being small is very good. Don't go out of your way to get them, though, even though you can get so small that you can't even see yourself any more (this actually happened to me XD and if you know Neo, you can probably get as big as the whole screen, too).
  • Oh my goodness...if the music is bothering you THAT much, turn it off! I found that it helped me concentrate better, as it's kind of repetitive and annoying (no offence, TNT). Other sources say that turning the sound off may help with your nerves, too.
  • Through my experience, I've found that it's actually better to avoid the power-ups that slow down the scoops. It makes them all clump together, especially in the higher levels, and may eliminate the spaces you need to avoid them. In fact, I would sooner recommend getting the green ones that speed it up so you can get through the level faster, get a feel for what the next few levels' speed is going to be like, and eliminate those clumps. As with the size-downs, though, don't go out of your way to collect these bonuses.
  • However appealing the strawberry bomb's effect is, you might want to keep in mind that you don't get any points from it when the scoops all asplode, and it doesn't count towards your total scoop requirement for the level, either. You're better off just sticking it out so you won't have to make it up. In the higher levels, though, it may be a welcome break and give you another chance to get through the maze.
  • Please...I know it's hard with all those scoops and power-ups coming from the bottom to look for, but keep your eyes on Adee. It may cost you a life if you're paying attention to what's at the bottom instead of yourself.
  • Stick towards the middle. It's not going to do you any good if you're stuck at the sides with nowhere to go and a scoop is speeding towards you. Not only that, but you'll be closer to that impending extra life if you're in the middle and not on the opposite side :)
  • Do not, under any circumstances, right-click. Here's your friendly reminder that it will end your game immediately xD;; (thanks to lovemypuppy44 for reminding me of this)
  • If you're stuck and smacking into an ice cream scoop seems unavoidable, try "warping": "You can do so by dragging your cursor out of the Ice Cream Machine browser box and then back in at a different location. Adee will automatically "warp" to the new location of the cursor, it helps a bit sometimes." (thanks to weirdman172...didn't know about this, either xD)

Now that you've listened to all my rantings and ravings and learned the basics, I'll be sending you on your way...

Good Luck and HAVE FUN!!!!

Please neomail me with any comments, questions, or suggestions! :)

I recently quit playing neo, so don't be offended if you don't get a response from me for months at a time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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