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Welcome to Neopets, alatyr12! Good to see ya.

You've got questions about this game, and I, your friendly and squishy neighborhood Plushie Draik, am here to give you the answers. I also have many links to petpages with more in-depths answers on some topics.

You can use Ctrl + F (or Cmd + F) to search for keywords, or use the topics on the left to narrow down your search. Enjoy!

If you notice a topic or important question that we left out, please neoMail Al and let her know. We're always looking for suggestions. And should you happen to find a mistake, a missing petpage, or information that we're looking for, we'd love to hear about that, too. Also, if you know of a great petpage resource that we left out, please let Al know about that, too. Thanks!

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Here are other Guides for newbies to Neopia and for anyone with lots of questions:

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A petpage directory finds and organizes petpage guides. Directories are great places to look if you have a specific question or topic that you want to find an in-depth guide for. Here's a list of the some of the most up-to-date petpage directories around:

How do I...

How do I find out about Neopets?

What is Neopets?

Neopets is an online game and community in which you own and care for virtual pets in a place called Neopia.

Who's in charge here?

The Neopets Team (TNT) runs the site. They have monitors on the site at all times.

What are the names of the Neopets' creators?

Adam and Donna created Neopets.

Why are some things on the site spelled funny?

Adam and Donna are British. Therefore, the site uses many British spellings and words. "Colour", for example, is the British spelling of "color". "Biscuits" in England are what we call "cookies" in America (but there are also "cookie" items on the site. Sometimes they can't make up their minds which to use, so they use them all ;).

Who plays Neopets?

Neopets is a family-oriented site, so there are people of all ages. It has a world-wide community, so there are people from all over the globe. So don't be surprised if you find out someone else is a grandmother from Singapore!

See Al's own Adults on Neopets essay for some thoughts about adults playing on Neopets. (For the record, she is one, too.)

What can you do in Neopets?

Among other things, you can play games, post on the message boards, join like-minded people in a Guild, send messages through neoMail, run errands for the Faeries, and enter contests.

What's the money called?

The currency of Neopia is called Neopoints (NPs). You can earn NPs by playing games and by selling items in your own shop, among other ways.

What does Neopia look like?

You can find the map of Neopia here or by clicking the Explore button on the navigation bar. You can visit the Moon and the Space Station. Use the red arrows in the lower right corner to rotate the globe!

What time zone is Neopets in?

Neopets is in its own time zone, which is called Neopian Standard Time (NST). (NST coincides with Pacific Standard Time in the United States.) This time appears on your sidebar. You cannot change the time.

Everything in Neopia uses this clock! If something happens at midnight, then it happens at 12:00 a.m. NST. If something happens on a certain day, then it happens on that day in Neopian time.

How can I keep up with what is going on around Neopia?

Be sure to read New Features every day. The News is usually updated by 6 p.m. NST on weekdays. Do note that the News is published the day before it happens, so always look at the Date on the News.

Is there a pronunciation guide on Neopets?

Yes. You can find it here.

What's the most important thing to remember while playing Neopets?

The number one thing to remember is that Neopets is a game. While these pixels may be addicting, they are not real and your offline life does not end if things in the game don't go your way.

What kinds of things are allowed in Neopets?

Because Neopets is itself an online game, everything that you do here should be done in the spirit of the Game. Non-Neopets topics on the message boards are not allowed because those questions are not part of the Game of Neopets! (See our section about The Rules for more information.)

How do I...

How do I get Premium?

What is "Premium" Neopets?

Premium is Neopets that you pay for. You'll need a credit card or Paypal account and a referral from a current Premium member in order to sign up. Leto's petpage has a thorough FAQ about Premium. NeoMail alatyr's main account if you need a referral.

What's the Super Shop Wizard (SSW)?

The SSW is one of the benefits of Premium. The normal Shop Wizard returns results divided into sections by username. The SSW returns the lowest prices of all the sections at once.

I don't want to/can't pay for Premium. Why do Premium users get mad when I ask for lookups on the SSW?

First of all, because we pay real money for the service. Second, because the service is limited: the SSW times out a lot faster than the regular Shop Wizard. Also, the SSW cannot look up all items. It will not look up Secret Lab pieces, nerkmids, or paint brushes, for example.

If you would like the benefits of having Premium, you should pay for it yourself.

What other benefits are there to Premium? Is it worth it?

There are no Ads on the site. You also get the Portal, which organizes your shop, bank, stocks, neoMail, and any other quick links/looks you want to view. You get special "Something Has Happened" events through your Premium neoMail (which is separate from regular neoMail). And, of course, you get the SSW.

Al feels that Premium is worth it.

How can I get Premium?

You will need either a credit card or a Paypal account. You will also need a referral from a current member. NeoMail alatyr's main account if you need a referral.

How does the 15-day free trial work? It's asking for my credit card information!

You do have to enter payment information in order to start the 15-day trial. You will only be billed if you do not cancel by the end of the trial.

How do I...

How do I learn the Rules?

Why should I read the Rules?

When you signed up, you agreed that you would abide by them all the time. So it's very important to know what they say. If you break any of the Terms & Conditions, you might lose your account! (And some of them also carry legal implications in the real world--ouch!).

That little box you clicked says that you "have read and understood" the Rules. That means you can't later say that you "didn't know", because you already told them you did know.

Where can I find the Rules?

  • The Terms & Conditions - linked in the footer of every Neopets page. There are 3 versions:
  • Neo Chat Rules - linked from all Boards pages. A summary of all message board rules.
  • Wall of Shame - linked from all Boards pages. Not a list of Rules, actually, but a list of common ways that people break the Rules and try to trick you.
  • The Support Pages - linked from the "Contact Us" link on every page. Again, not a list of Rules, really, but common questions. (Some do reference the Rules, though.)
  • Neopian Times Editorial - linked from the Neopian Times every week. (The link here is actually to a petpage that archives the Rules-based Editorials.) The Editorial clears up and explains the Rules.

What are some of the most important/most overlooked Rules that I should know?

  • Do not beg. Begging (or "asking for donations") is against the Rules. See this editorial for clarification.

  • Contests are against the Rules! So are giveaways or anything similar. And they're illegal everywhere on the site, even in Guilds.

  • Pictures of yourself (or other real people) are against the Rules.

  • Scamming is against the Rules. Scamming is lying to other players or trying to trick them out of their items/ pets/ Neopoints/ log-in word/ etc.

    On that note, here are some common scams to watch out for:
    • pretending to know cheat programs (there aren't any)
    • posting chain messages ("post this message on 10 boards")
    • petsitting (Neopets never die, even if neglected)
    • begging for anything (because it belongs to someone else)

  • Charging people for your help is against the Rules. This includes making user look-ups, pet look-ups, and petpages; using the Shop Wizard when they can't; and answering questions. (Don't offer to pay, either, because that could get someone else in trouble if they accepted your posted payment!)

  • Spamming is against the Rules. Spam is repeatedly posting the same message or posting nonsense messages, such as random smilies. Spam is also any off-topic post on the message boards; all the message boards have a title and a purpose, and that's what they're meant to be used for. There is no non-Neopets board, which means non-Neopets posts are not allowed. Party boards, for any reason, are also not allowed.

  • Earn all your NPs on one account only. Don't create new accounts and new pets just to earn Neopoints. Don't use extra accounts to increase the number of times you can play certain games. You can have more than one account, but only your main account can be an active, steady source of income for you. If you need NPs on a side account, send the NPs from your main through the Trading Post.

Where can I get more information about the Rules?

Eldrakkyn keeps a page about them all. He can fill you in on anything we missed.

What are the Rules about side accounts?

  • Do not earn NPs in any way, shape, or form on a side account. This includes Games, Shops, Trades, Dailies, Referrals, Site Giveaways, etc.
  • Do use the same email address as your main account.
  • Do send any items or NPs that you need on your side account from your main account. You can use the Trading Post for this because it allows you to only select your own bid. (Put up an item on the side account; bid an item and NPs from your main account.) Do not use a Shop to transfer NPs because if someone else buys the item, then you're in trouble for making NPs on multiple account. Also, if a random event gives you an item on a side account, you can send it to your main account.
  • Do join a Guild or create a Gallery on your side account. Do adopt/abandon pets. Do collect and use the Secret Laboratory Ray.

For more information about side accounts, see Akaunts' petpage or Nalenyr's petpage.

How do I...

How do I get a pet?

I have a question about...
Species | Name | Gender | Adopting | other

Species Questions

Where do I get a pet?

You can create a pet at the Create A Neopet center. The Create A Neopets center is under "My Account" on the navigation bar.

You can also adopt a pet from the Neopian Pound. You can get to the Pound from Pet Central. Pets can now be transferred to or from other users, as well, without going through the Pound.

What do the personality traits mean when I create my pet?

Those are just for fun. They don't affect anything.

Do some pets have strange behavior?

Yes, they do. Grarrls and Skeiths can eat items out of your inventory if they're hungry! So if you have a Grarrl or Skeith, be sure to keep it well fed.

How many pet species are there?

There are currently 54 pet species in Neopia. At the Create A Pet center, you can always create all pets that are not "limited edition" or "restricted".

Why can't I see Limited Edition pets in the Create A Pet Center?

The Create A Pet Center only shows those pets that can be created at the moment you visit. So if you go to the Center, and it shows a certain Limited Edition pet, then that pet can be created!

How do I create a Limited Edition pet?

Limited Edition (LE) pets can usually be created on their Pet Day. All Pet Days are listed on the Neopian Calendar (in Pet Central).

  • Feb 21st - Tonu Day
  • Mar 22nd - Chomby Carnival (Chomby Day)
  • Apr 27th - Cybunny Carnival (Cybunny Day)
  • May 4th - Hissi Day
  • May 25th - Koi Day
  • July 17th - Kiko Day
  • Sept 19th - Poogle Parade (Poogle Day)
  • Oct 16th - Jetsam Day

LE pets are available at random times on their day in set "batches". For instance, at 9 a.m. NST, 10,000 may be available. Once those are created, you'll have to wait for the next release.

For more information about creating a Limited Edition or Restricted pet, see Chii634's petpage or Haerishi's petpage.

Are LE pets always released on their Pet Day?

No, not always. TNT decides whether or not to release them. No one knows if they'll be released until that day. (Well, until that day is over, actually; if none were released that day, then none were released for that year. That's the only way we know.)

Can I adopt a Lutari from the Pound or from a transfer?

No, you can't. If a Lutari is pounded or transferred, it will vanish forever. Lutaris cannot be found in the Pound.

Are Tonus still Limited Edition?

Yes. Look at the Neopet Popularity page and notice that Tonus are listed the same way as other LE species.

When can I create a Tonu?

Tonus are released in small groups throughout the year. So keep checking the Create A Pet center, and you might find a Tonu waiting for you!

I've heard that I can create a Tonu when the Giant Omelette runs out. Is this true?

No, it's not true. It's just a coincidence that the Omelette runs out as a small group of Tonus are regularly released. Al has checked this out many times when the Giant Omelette was gone.

How do I create a Restricted pet?

  • Grundos are always available. Visit the Space Adoption Agency on the Space Station to create one.

  • Lutaris can only be created through the Neopets Mobile service.

  • Draiks can only be created from a Draik Egg, a Draik Transmogrification Potion, or a Draik Morphing Potion. Hatch a Draik Egg at the Draik Nest in Meridell.

  • Krawks can only be created from a Krawk petpet, a Krawk Transmogrification Potion, or a Krawk Morphing Potion. Have fewer than 4 pets, attach the petpet to one of your pets, and take the petpet to the Fungus Caves on Krawk Island. It will eat the fungus and turn into a Krawk pet.

In addition, all four species of Restricted pets can be created through the Lab Ray. For more information on creating Draiks and Krawks, see Sacha755's petpage.

Weren't Lutaris originally "Limited Edition"?

Yes, Lutaris were originally released as Limited Edition pets. Since then, however, they are only available through the Neopets Mobile Service.

How do I get Neopets Mobile?

For more information on Neopets Mobile, which is a service you can buy on your cell phone, see Maniverus' petpage.

Weren't Draiks originally "Limited Edition"?

Yes, when Draiks first came to Neopia, they were originally released in a Limited Edition set. (7,000 were released that first time.) Since then, however, they have only been available through the methods listed above. TNT just never changed the listing.

Where can I get a Draik Egg?

Draiks Eggs restock in the Merifoods Shop in Meridell. 1 or 2 appear every month.

Where can I get a Krawk petpet?

Krawk petpets restock in the Tyrannian Petpets Shop in Tyrannia. 1 or 2 appear every month.

Will any other petpet work to get a Krawk?

No, only a Krawk petpet will turn into a Krawk pet. A Krawkadon will not.

If I get a Krawk petpet from the Petpet Lab Ray, will it turn into a Krawk pet?

No, it won't. If you take it to the Fungus Caves, you'll get a message saying that something seems to be wrong with your petpet.

What's a Morphing Potion?

A Morphing Potion is a magical potion that will change the color and species of your pet when you use it** on your pet. Your pet will always turn into the color and species of the potion.

For example, if your pet is a Blue Aisha and you give it a Faerie Cybunny Morphing Potion, your pet will turn into a Faerie Cybunny.

You can get Morphing Potions from The Magic Shop and other people and from random events.

**Remember to choose "Use on (pet name)" and not "Feed to"--some pets can eat a Morphing Potion!

What's a Transmogrification Potion?

A Transmogrification Potion is a special type of morphing potion. Trans Potions are always Mutant color. When you use it**, your pet will turn into the species of the potion and will be Mutant color.

You can get Transmogrification Potions from Dr. Sloth (random event) or from other people.

See Eltalon's petpage for a list of Transmogrification Potions and their current prices.

**Remember to choose "Use on (pet name)" and not "Feed to"--some pets can eat a Transmogrification Potion!

How do I use a Magical Plushie?

A magical plushie can also give you a new pet species. Simply let your pet play with the plushie, and it will turn into the same species as the Magical Plushie.

Magical Plushies only have one dose of magic, though. Once you use it, the plushie will become just a normal plushie.

If I use a Morphing Potion, Transmogrification Potion, or Magical Plushie, will any of my pet's other stats change?

No, only the species and color will change.

Can I get a Limited or Restricted Pet from the Lab Ray?

Yes. If you save up and buy access to the Secret Laboratory Ray, it might give you a rare pet on one of your visits. All Limited Edition and Restricted Pet species are possible, though some are much rarer than others. I do know someone who got a Draik species change from the Lab Ray, but that's only one out of millions of zaps!

Where else can I find information on getting the pet I want?

See Xanjie's petpage for more information about species, potions, paint brushes, and more.

Name Questions

Why can't I find a good name for my pet?

There are over 242 million pets already, so finding the perfect name for your pet might be just a little bit difficult. Keep trying, though -- there's bound to be at least one combination of letters, numbers, and underscores that no one has thought of yet!

How can I make a pet name?

My friend Ameryne has put a lot of thought into creating pet names. If you go visit her, she can really set you up! She also lists several other pages that just have lists of non-taken pet names.

I found a pet name that I love, but it's taken. The user has been frozen, however. When will that name be available again?

The short answer: it won't. TNT very, very, very rarely obliterates pets or usernames and makes them available again. This is also true of pet/ usernames for users who have not signed in in years: they keep their names.

So while the name *might* be available again one day, your best course is to find a new name.

Gender Questions

How can I change my pet's gender?

  • Strange Potion. Use a Strange Potion on your pet to change its gender.
  • The Lab Ray. Gender change is one possible outcome of the Lab Ray.
  • The Lab Ray Scientist. You can get him as a battledome challenger after you have the Lab Ray. In the BD, he might throw a Strange Potion and change your pet's gender.

My pet was a Royal Boy. I turned him Female, but she didn't change to a Royal Girl! Is this a glitch?

Actually, it's not. Royal Boy and Royal Girl are two different colors, even though they use the same paint brush and depend on your pet's gender. When the pet's gender changes, the pet stays the same color. If you want to change the picture to match the gender, you'll have to use another Royal Paint Brush!

Adopting Questions

Where is the Neopian Pound?

The Neopian Pound can be found here. At the Pound, click on "Adopt" to search through the available pets or click on "Abandon" to get rid of one of your pets. *sniffle* You can also choose "Transfer" to send a pet directly to someone else.

What's the Quick Adopt Link (QAL)?

The QAL no longer works.

How much does it cost to adopt a certain colored pet?

Color and species have nothing to do with adoption prices. Only a pet's level and other stats (except Intelligence) affect the adoption price.

What colors/species/levels can users under 4 months adopt?

Level 1 and 2. Any non-limited/restricted pet. Basic colors and brown, checkered, glowing, invisible, orange, pink, purple, shadow, silver, skunk, speckled, split, and white. See aichinemeru's petpage for more information.

That's not fair! Why is the 4-month adopting restriction there?

A bunch of people used to create accounts for the sole purpose of trying to auto-grab pets from the Pound (especially painted, limited/restricted, Avatar pets, etc). These accounts were always only a few days old but contained rare pets. To stop these people, TNT created the 4-month rule. After waiting for 4 months, most of those people are bored and have quit playing. See Macky's petpage for more information about this, including how his owner tracked down one of these users.

I adopted a pet from the Pound, and now someone is neoMailing me and saying it's theirs. What do I do?

If you adopt a pet from the Neopian Pound, it's yours. No one who may have owned it before has any legal claim to it. So if someone tries to bully you into giving the pet up, know that you don't have to. It belongs to you now, free and clear.

Adopting pets from the Pound is not against the Rules, so you have done nothing wrong by adopting the pet. If someone is harassing you (which, by the way, is against the Rules), you can block them. Go to the NeoMail link, and then click the "Block" link (or just go right here). Enter their name and then they can't send you any more NeoMails.

There are warnings all over the Pound to remind people that once a pet goes in, it's fair game. Because of this, transferring pets through the main Pound to another account or another user is a risky venture; there's always the possibility that you'll lose your pet.

Especially with the new Pound and the Transfer option, there is no reason for someone to "lose" their pet in the Pound. If you adopt it, it's yours.

Transfer questions:

  • I typed the username incorrectly in my Transfer! What do I do?
    Check the userlookup of the name you did type. If the user is an active player, you can neoMail them and explain and ask them (nicely!) to not accept the Transfer (or to send your pet back, if they did already accept). If the user is not an active player, then don't worry about it--Transfers automatically cancel after 2 or 3 days, similar to how items that aren't accepted are returned.

  • I Transferred a pet to a new owner, but I can't adopt or create a new pet. What's going on?
    Until the Transfer is accepted, you can't create a new pet. That's because you can't end up with more than 4 pets.

For more Pound FAQs, check out the official Support Page for the Pound.

I created a board Topic and asked if anyone had a pet for adoption. Then someone told me I was begging! I'm sure they're wrong. What's the truth?

Actually, they're right. Asking if anyone is going to abandon a pet is spam and begging. See this Editorial: "Yeah, it is pretty much begging", says TNT.

You can earn NPs that will let you get any pet that you want for yourself without breaking the Rules.

Other Pet Questions

Where can I find pictures of very old pets?

See MowYaGras' petpage or Eigengrau's petpage for a pictorial history of the Neopet species. (Warning: some of these pictures are scary!)

Where can I find pictures of before/after the redraws?

See shieboo's petpage for a before-and-after comparison of the redraws. Al is sad :(

How do I...

How do I paint my pet?

I have a question about...
Colors | Paint Brushes | Customizing

Colors Questions

What are the "basic" colors?

Pets can be created in green, red, yellow, and blue. Grundos can also be created in white, purple, and brown--instant painted pet.

Where can I see all the pet colors?

Visit the Rainbow Pool in the main Shops page to find a list of all the colors for each species.

Do I have to paint my pet?

No. Having pets isn't about what color they are, what level they are, or what species they are. You can keep your pet any color or species that you want to. Find the pet that you are happy with and stick with that pet. See Fritz's petpage for more information about being proud of your pet because it's your pet and not because it fits someone else's idea of status.

The News just said there's a new color for my pet's species. Why can't I change its color at the Rainbow Pool?

When a color is listed in the News, that only means that a new color option has been added for the species. It does not mean that everyone with that pet can get a free paint job. If you go to the Rainbow Pool's All Pet Colours page, you'll be able to see the new color for that species.

How can I change my pet's color?

Color can be changed with a Paint Brush, Morphing Potion, or Transmogrification Potion.

What's a Morphing Potion?

A Morphing Potion is a magical potion that will change the color and species of your pet when you use it** on your pet. Your pet will always turn into the color and species of the potion.

For example, if your pet is a Blue Lupe and you give it a Faerie Lupe Morphing Potion, your pet will turn into a Faerie Lupe.

**Remember to choose "Use on (pet name)" and not "Feed to"--some pets can eat a Transmogrification Potion!

What's a Transmogrification Potion?

A Transmogrification Potion is a special type of morphing potion. Trans Potions are always Mutant color. When you use it**, your pet will turn into the species of the potion and will be Mutant color.

**Remember to choose "Use on (pet name)" and not "Feed to"--some pets can eat a Transmogrification Potion!

If I use a Transmogrification Potion, can I paint my pet afterward?

Yes, you can. Mutant is just another color; it isn't a permanent condition. All colors are just colors.

Which pets can I use a Morphing or Transmogrification Potion on?

You can use a Morphing or Transmogrification Potion on any pet. It will always turn in to whatever species/color is in the potion name.

If I use a Paint Brush, Morphing Potion, or Transmogrification Potion, will any of my pet's other stats change?

No, only the species and color will change.

Are there any other items that will change color?

Magical Chia Pops will change a Chia's color. (Some of the "magical" chia pops do not have the word "magical" in them. A full list is here.)

A Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water will turn your pet a random color.

If I feed my pet a lot of Glowing Jelly, will it change color to Glowing?

Possibly, but it's very rare. In addition, too much Glowing Jelly might make your pet sick.

If I feed my pet a lot of garlic items, will it change color to Garlic?

Yes! Rumor has it, though, that this will take over 300 garlic items!

Are there random events that will change my pet's color?

There are 4 random events that will instantly change your pet's color:

  • Invisible. If you get a message that says your pet is missing or hiding, that means it turned Invisible.
  • Baby. You could be visited by Boochi, who might randomly turn your active pet Baby (*shudder*).
  • Blue. If your pet is unhappy and then you get the "Blue" random event, it will turn Blue.
  • Red. If your pet is angry and then you get the "Red" random event, it will turn Red.

(Don't worry, though; if your pets are happy, nothing will happen if you get the "Blue" or "Red" random events.)

Where else can I find information about how to change my pet's color without a paintbrush?

See Doctor_Roo's petpage.

Are there any other random events that can change colors?

If you're incredibly lucky, you might get a Quest from the Fountain Faerie. Her Quests are very, very random and very, very rare. But if you complete one, she'll let you use the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland to paint one pet almost any of its paint brush colors.

What colors does the Fountain Faerie let you get?

The Fountain Faerie lets you paint your active pet any color EXCEPT Royal, MSP, Robot, Ice, Sponge, and Usuki/Quiguki.

Where can I find out how to get the colors that I want?

Check out Wordless' petpage. It lists all the colors and tells you whether it comes from a paint brush, the Fountain Faerie, the lab ray, or some other way.

If my pet is one color and I paint it a different color, what color will it be?

Pets can only be one color at a time. This means that if you have a Blue pet and paint it Strawberry, it will be red and Strawberry--it will not be a blue strawberry! If your pet is Blue and you paint it with a Yellow Paint Brush, it will not actually turn out Green. If it is Skunk and you paint it with a Faerie Paint Brush, it will not be a Skunk with pink wings.

When you change a pet's color, it completely changes to the new color. There is no blending or overlapping of colors.

Note: The new customization/clothes lets you keep certain parts of a paint brush as new clothes for your Neopet. So when you change a pet's color, it may at first appear to be two different colors because it retains the clothing from its last color. However, your pet is still only one color and is merely wearing clothes to give it the appearance of also being a second color. So even though people refer to this as being "double-painted", in reality, the pet is still one color. For examples of "double-painted" pets, see krawkille's petpage or Rhoku's petpage.

I've heard that something called the "Secret Laboratory Map" can also paint my pet. How does that work, and how can I get it?

Collect all nine different pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map. The average cost is around 800,000 NPs for a full set. When you turn the pieces in at the Treasure Maps Game, you'll get access to the Lab Ray.

Once a day, every day, you can then visit the Lab Ray and choose a pet to zap. The Ray will randomly change one of a pet's statistics - strength, defense, movement, hit points (HP), level, or gender -- or it might change a pet's species or color.

You could get out a rare painted pet or an ordinary regular one, or another statistic could go up or even down. It's a gamble, but usually quite worth it. Do be aware, though, that the Lab Ray's primary reason for existing is to train pets to unimaginable levels. Changing color is actually a "bad" thing, as far as the Ray is generally concerned, because it means you didn't get a stat boost.

Also, the Lab Ray is not a quick and easy way to get a painted pet. People always complain that the Lab Ray is "taking too long" to turn their pet into a good color. But remember, that's not why the Lab Ray exists!

Some colors are Lab Ray only: the Lab Ray is the absolute only way to get these colors. These include Robot, Ice, and Malevolent Sentient Plushie. And the Lab Ray will not do all colors: Baby, Pirate, Plushie, Usuki, and Royal are on the "will not zap to" list.

Where can I get more information about the Lab Ray?

Check out JustToClearThingsUp's petpage for more information.

Should I get a Paint Brush or the Lab Ray?

If you want a definite color-species combination, get the Paint Brush. The Lab Ray is too random.

On the other hand, if you like randomness and don't mind some truly hideous combinations (Snot Buzz, anyone?), then go with the Lab Ray.

Paint Brush Questions:

How can I get paint brushes?

You can either find/win paint brushes or you can buy them from other people:

What Neopian Shops can I buy paint brushes from?

None, except the Hidden Tower (Baby, Darigan, and Royal).

Why are most Paint Brushes so expensive?

Paint Brushes are one of the most desired items on the site. Everyone wants them. Therefore, they will cost a lot of NPs. No one will just give you one.

How do I use a Paint Brush?

Have the Paint Brush in your inventory and then go to the Rainbow Pool in the Main Shops page. Select the Paint Brush and the pet to paint.

How many times can a Paint Brush be used?

Paint Brushes can only be used one time. They disappear after being used.

Can I "un-paint" a pet and get the Paint Brush back?

No, you can't. Once a Paint Brush is used, it is gone forever.

Where can I find a list of all the Paint Brushes?

A list of all the Paint Brushes can be found in the Brushes section of the Rainbow Pool.

Why can't I paint Species X with Paint Brush Y?

Not all pets can be painted all colors.

How do I use a paint brush plushie?

You can't. A Paint Brush Plushie is only a toy. A Plushie Paint Brush is a real Paint Brush.

When you're buying Paint Brushes, be sure you pay attention to whether is the real thing or just a plushie version! Hint: if it lists a specific color and the word "plushie", then it's the toy version.

Can "Retired" Paint Brushes still be used?

Yes, they can. Only Stone and Glass Paint Brushes cannot be used (those colors are completely retired).

What happened to Stone and Glass pets?

Stone pets became Island. Glass became Tyrannian.

What about Lutari Paint Brushes?

As far as I know, these can't be used and no one knows anything about them!

Customizing Questions

What are "double" and "triple" painted pets?

Pets that appear to be painted with more than one paint brush at a time. For examples of these pets, see krawkille's petpage or Rhoku's petpage.

The new customization/clothes lets you keep certain parts of a paint brush color as new clothes for your Neopet. So when you change a pet's color, it may at first appear to be two different colors because it retains the clothing from its last color. However, your pet is still only one color and is merely wearing clothes to give it the appearance of also being a second color. So even though people refer to this as being "double-painted", in reality, the pet is still one color.

Petpages about Customization

How do I...

How do I care for my pets?

I have a question about...
Food | Playing | Healing | PetPets | other

Food Questions

My pet's hunger level says "dying"! Can my pet die if I don't feed it?

No, your pet can't die. He's only exaggerating how hungry he is. It's the same as when you tell your mom that you're "starving". Pets don't even die if you leave them alone for years on end. They'll be hungry and unhappy when you return, but they won't be dead.

Where can I get food for my pets?

There are a number of free food options for you:

  • The Giant Omelette in Tyrannia: one free omelette once a day. Each omelette has three bites to it, so that's three meals.

  • The Soup Kitchen in the Marketplace. If you have less than 3,000 NPs (total of your on-hand, in-the-bank, and in-Shop-Till NPs), the Soup Faerie will feed your pet until it's bloated and can't eat another bite.

  • The Money Tree in Neopia Central: find food (and other items) here. You can take 5 items per day.

  • You might also find food randomly around the site

What's the NeoLodge?

The NeoLodge is in Pet Central. For only 140 NPs (at the cheapest hotel), your pet will be fed for four straight weeks. If you're ever going to be gone from Neopets and can't feed your pet, put them up in the NeoLodge. The NeoLodge is also good if you don't like to feed your pets every day.

(Psst, I'm on the 12th floor of Cockroach Towers - tell your pet to look me up when he checks in).

What's the Freebies link?

Go to www.neopets.com/freebies once a month to get 2,000 NPs and one free food item per pet. (Note: because this gives out NPs, you can only get the monthly freebies on your main account.)

Play Questions

What's the point of playing with your pet?

Playing with your pet will increase its mood, making it happier.

How many toys does my pet need?

Despite the messages your pet tell you when you play with it, your pet doesn't need lots of new toys. A few standbys will keep it entertained for hours.

What are other ways to play with my pet?

You can also entertain your pet in other ways:

What do books do?

The more books your pet reads, the higher his intelligence will be. Check out the Neopian Book Award--wow, those are some smart pets! Could your pet be this smart some day? It'll take a lot of books!

Where can I find a list of all the books?

See SerenitySmiles' petpage for a list.

Why do books disappear in a puff of smoke?

That's just a little fun thing that TNT does. (But man, it gives Cryon fits! He's always having to buy new books for his library.)

Healing Questions

Can my pet die if I don't cure it?

No, your pet can't die for any reason.

Where do I find medicine for my pet?

You can find the cure for any disease at the NeoHospital, and then you can buy the cure at the Neopian Pharmacy.

Or, for a free cure, every 30 minutes, visit the Healing Springs in Faerieland with your pet. Keep going until the Water Faerie heals your pet.

You can also try spinning the Wheel of Excitement in Faerieland or the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale. Each of these have a "healing" space on them.

The Healing Springs didn't work! Now what?

The faerie there isn't too bright. Try again in 30 minutes.

Again, you could try spinning the Wheel of Excitement in Faerieland or the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale as each of these have a "healing" space on them.

Which foods will make my pet sick?

  • Poisonous Lollipop
  • Poisonous Jelly
  • Rotten Omelette
  • ...

My pet was in the Battledome, and now it's sick! What happened?

Some weapons can give your pet a disease. Most of these have "poison" in their name (not surprising).

Is there any other information about diseases and cures?

See Ebon's petpage and Doctor_Roo's petpage for more information.


What are petpets?

Petpets are pets for your Pets.

How do I attach a petpet to my pet?

Click the petpet in your Inventory. On the pop-up page, choose the "Give to ..." that corresponds to your pet.

How do I name my petpet?

Go to the Quick Ref page. Click on the pet whose petpet you want to rename, then scroll down click on the petpet. On the next screen, enter a name for your petpet.

Where can I find a full list of petpets?

You can find a list on 100bottles' petpage.

Where can I find a list of cheap petpets?

Daemoran's petpage lists cheap petpets (and has several other good lists, too!).

What's the point of having a petpet?

You can only use the Symol's Home (note: the filters block the correct word) or wake Turmaculus if your pet has a petpet attached. Also, petpets can help you in the Battledome. The higher-leveled the petpet is, the more it can help.

Petpets can also help you win the Petpet Protection League (PPL). TNT randomly picks a color & species of petpet; if your pet has that exact petpet attached, you may win a prize. See starlite291's petpage for more PPL information.

How can I level up my petpet?

Petpets can be leveled up in the Petpet Arena in Meridell or by Turmaculus. He can only be woken up one time per day (picovamde's petpage lists the times).

The Petpet Lab Ray can also level them up.

What is the point of Petpet levels?

There isn't one that I know of. Higher levels may increase the chances that your petpet appears in the Battledome and/or the amount of damage that it does (though I don't think any of them do much damage in the first place).

Where do I go to use the Petpet Laboratory Map?

First you need all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map. You cannot use the petpet map until you have the pet map. Go to Games - Puzzles - Treasure Maps and click the Petpet link. (You will not see the Petpet link until you turn in the Secret Laboratory Map.)

For more information on the Petpet Laboratory Map, see filipino2582's petpage or PrincessaCrow's petpage.

I've turned in the Petpet Laboratory Map, but it doesn't show any of my petpets! What's wrong?

Be sure you've named each of your petpets. Go to the Quick Ref page and click on the petpet to rename.

What are petpetpets?

Petpetpets are pets for your pet's petpet. (Got that?)

How do I get petpetpets?

You can find petpetpets in random events. You can also buy them from other users.

How do I attach a petpetpet to a petpet?

  1. Be sure the target petpet is attached to your Active pet. (Go here to change your active pet. Click on the arrow by the pet and choose "Make Active.")
  2. Have the petpetpet in your inventory.
  3. Refresh your inventory until the petpetpet attaches. This usually takes several hours!

Is there any way to remove a petpetpet from a petpet?

There is no way to remove a petpetpet so that you can still keep the petpetpet. If you remove the petpet from your pet, the petpetpet will run away and disappear forever.

Where can I find a list of petpetpet?

See daizan's petpage for an in-depth look at petpetpets.

Other Care Questions

My pet won't play with his toys and won't read his books and won't eat his food! Why is he so spoiled?

If an item has the same number of letters as your pet's name (or a multiple of those letters) then your pet won't like it. For example, I have nine letters in my name, Kalenteth. I don't like books or toys or food with 9, 18, or 27 letters in their titles. Vyksa, Al's first pet, only has five letters in her name; she's really picky! That's why, for instance, pets on the Neopian Book Award usually have such long names.

Now, you can get around this bizarre finicky behavior. On the Neopets sidebar, change the language that you play in. Playing in another language usually changes the length of item names. And since the item name length changes, your picky pet will decide to be an angel and will accept the item. Muy bien!

My pet has been unhappy for a long time. How can I cheer him up?

Pets get unhappy when they've been sick or hungry for a long time or have had 0 HP or when lots of negative random events target them. Once their health is normal, you can cheer them up by playing with them. You can also take them on the Merry-Go-Round, which will make them happier. Also, make a happy pet your active pet and let the unhappy one sit out for a while; Al says this helps, but that might just be her...

What are all the levels for pets (levels, mood, hunger, etc.)?

Go to Adralise's petpage, The Information Station, and scroll down to the "Pet Status Levels" section.

How do I...

How do I train my pet?

I have a question about...
Training | The Battledome

Training Questions

How can I make my pet stronger?

Train your pet at The Mystery Island Training School on Mystery Island or Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island.

Does fighting the Battledome increase my pet's stats?

No, fighting in the Battledome does not increase your pet's stats. You can only increase your pet's stats by training them.

How do I train at the Mystery Island Training School?

You need codestones to use the Mystery Island Training School. Select the pet and the course. On the Status page, click "Pay" if you have the correct codestone in your inventory.

You cannot withdraw from the Mystery Island school.

How do I train at Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy?

You need dubloons to use Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy. Select the pet and the course. On the Status page, click "Pay" if you have the correct dubloon in your inventory.

You can withdraw from the Swashbuckling Academy school.

What do the courses mean?

The school course name compared to your pet's stats:

  • Strength = strength
  • Defense = defense
  • Agility = movement
  • Endurance = max HP
  • Level = level

Which codestone is for which course?

The Master asks for a random codestone each time. Be sure you get him the exact one that he wants, or else he won't let you in.

How do I get codestones?

You can get codestones from the Tombola or Deserted Tomb on Mystery Island or in random events. You can also buy them from other players.

How do I get dubloons?

You can get dubloons from Coltzan's Shrine, from the Buried Treasure game, and from the Black Pawkeet Slots game*. You can also buy them from other players.

*Play on Max Bet and get three treasure chests. You then get to play a mini game in which you can find dubloons.

If I have a higher-value dubloon, will the Swashbuckling Academy give me change?

No, it won't. Be sure you have the exact dubloon that Cap'n Threelegs wants.

I'm trying to sign my pet up for a course, but I'm getting an error message about no stat being more than twice anything else. What does that mean?

Your pet's stats have to be balanced. This means that no statistic can be more than twice as large as any other. So if your pet is Level 1, none of his other stats can be above 2. Of course, your pet started at Level 1 and with higher stats elsewhere. So the first thing you have to train in is Level.

When you get that error message, read the end of it. It will tell you which statistic needs to be boosted first.

How do I get free training?

On your pet's species' "day" (see the Neopian Calendar), Cap'n Threelegs on Krawk Island will give free training to all pets of that species! Aw, he's such a softie...

To get your free training, sign up for a course like normal. When you go to the Status page, though, you'll see that the timer has already started.

(Note: your pet still has to be within Cap'n Threelegs training guidelines. That is, he still won't take pets over Level 40.)

How else can I train my pets?

Your pet can also get training if you complete a random Faerie Quest and, sometimes, a Kitchen Quest. Each faerie will boost a random pet's statistics, depending on which faerie it is; the Chef boosts a random statistic. Often, the Quests are cheaper than the training schools.

Coltzan's Shrine will also sometimes give a random stat boost to a pet.

How do I train at the Secret Ninja Training School?

The Secret Ninja Training School is on Mystery Island. Your pet first has to be level 250 or higher. You need red codestones to pay. Other than that, it works like the Mystery Island Training School. See SilverCyanide's petpage for a sneak peek inside the Secret Ninja Training School.

How do I train my pet with the Lab Ray?

The Lab Ray's real purpose is to train your pet. Once you have all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, take your pet there every day. The advantage of the Lab Ray is that it can increase a stat by more than one at a time. (For example, you can get +5 max HP with one zap.)

The only downside to this method, however, is that the Lab Ray can also take away stats. (And if your pet is below Level 20, the Lab Ray might send it all the way back down to Level 1!) But all told, the Lab Ray trend is to give you a stronger pet.

(Want to see the strongest pet in Neopia? Isn't he amazing?)

Battledome Questions

Where can I find information about the Battledome?

Try these petpage:

Does fighting the Battledome increase my pet's stats?

No, fighting in the Battledome does not increase your pet's stats. You can only increase your pet's stats by training them. See our training section for more information.

Can I earn NPs by fighting in the Battledome?

No. You can win trophies and avatars, however.

What's a 1-Player fight?

In a 1-Player fight, you face a Neopets character.

What's a 2-Player fight?

In a 2-Player fight, you face another player and their pet. To find someone to fight, ask on the Battledome Board.

Where can I find a list of Battledome Challengers?

Visit Nangauta's petpage for a list of all the BD challengers.

Can I withdraw from a Battle?

Yes. Go to the Status page in the Battledome. Your pet is now withdrawn.

Why isn't my pet doing any damage in the Battledome?

You need a weapon equipped to do any good amount of damage. Your pet also needs to be well-trained. See my previous section, Training Questions.

What weapons should I get?

See spitez1718's petpage, SpinSparks' petpage, and SSAMSSAM_2004's petpage for a recommended battle set for every skill and commitment level. Also, see bubbaraybee's petpage for a growing list of battledome item prices.

I can't understand the Battledome Board! Where can I find the meaning of Battledome acronyms?

Find a list of BD (that's "Battledome";) acronyms on juxtacrypt's petpage.

I get a message that says my pet is in a Battle, but it's not! How do I fix this?

Go to the Status page in the Battledome. If that doesn't work, try un-equipping and re-equipping a weapon from your pet. (Go to the Equipment page to unequip a weapon.)

How do I...

How do I earn NPs?

I have a question about...
The Bank & Safety Deposit Box
Games | Restocking | Freebies | other

The Bank & Safety Deposit Box Questions

When I try to sign up for a bank account, it asks me what my job is. How do I get a job?

Don't worry about that. Those job choices are just for fun and don't mean anything. Pick whichever one sounds fun.

How do I get my interest?

Every day, go to the bank and click the "Collect X NPs of interest" button. The interest will be added to your bank account.

Can't I just get my yearly interest all at once?

No, you have to collect it every day. The Yearly Interest line tells you how much you would earn in a year if you didn't add or subtract from your total. (That includes earning interest, though! So every time you collect your interest, the "Yearly Interest" changes.)

What are all the back account levels, their minimum deposit, and their interest levels?

Bank Account Level Minimum Amount Interest Rate (%)
Junior Saver 0 NPs 4.5
Neopian Student 1,000 NPs 5.0
Bronze Saver 2,500 NPs 5.5
Silver Saver 5,000 NPs 6.0
Super Gold Plus 10,000 NPs 6.5
Silver Saver 5,000 NPs 7.0
Platinum Extra 25,000 NPs 7.5
Double Platinum 50,000 NPs 8.0
Triple Platinum 75,000 NPs 8.5
Diamond Deposit 100,000 NPs 9.0
Diamond Deposit Plus 250,000 NPs 9.5
Diamond Deposit Gold 500,000 NPs 10.0
Millionaire Platinum 1,000,000 NPs 10.5
Millionaire Double Platinum 2,000,000 NPs 11.0
Millionaire Mega-Platinum 5,000,000 NPs 11.5
Neopian Mega-Riches 7,500,000 NPs 12.0
Ultimate Riches! 10,000,000 NPs 12.5

Can random events steal NPs that are in the Bank?

Nope. All NPs in the Bank are safe.

What's a Safety Deposit Box?

The Safety Deposit Box (SDB) is part of the bank. You can store items in the SDB.

How many items can I keep in my Safety Deposit Box?


For the Packrat Avatar, how many items do I need in my SDB?

You need 1,000 different types of items (that is, different item names). The actual number of each item that you have doesn't matter.

Can random events steal items that are in the SDB?

Nope. As with your NPs, your items are safe.

How do I take an item out of my SDB?

To remove a single item, click the "Remove One" link to the right of the item.

To remove multiples of an item or multiple items, enter the number to be removed in the text box to the right of the item. Then click "Move selected items" at the bottom of the page.

(Note: if you have a PIN number set on your SDB, then you cannot use the "Remove One" option.)

Games Questions

What's the easiest way to earn NPs?

Play games. The Games Room is chock-full of NP-giving games.

I don't have Flash or Shockwave on my computer. Can I still play games?

Yes, you can. There are several games that load on a normal text webpage and don't require a plug-in.

I'm no good at these games/These games are boring. Now what?

Most of the games do take some practice. But you can still play them, and they do still give out NPs. As for being boring, the games don't care about your opinion. They'll give you NPs anyway when you play them. Check out neo__bori's petpage for harder-to-find (and usually easier to play) games.

Where can I find a guide to the games?

My_First_Little_Pony's petpage has a directory of games guides. Check it out!

Restocking Questions

What's Restocking?

Restocking is buying from the Main Neopian Shops - and, sometimes, other users' Shops, Trades, and Auctions - and then reselling the items in your own Shop for more NPs than you paid.

What's Half Price Day?

Half Price Day happens the 3rd of every month. On this day, all the main Neopian Shops sell their items at half the normal price. It's a great day to restock.

The Hidden Tower does not participate in Half Price Day.

What items do I buy?

Buy items that cost more on the Shop Wizard than they do in the main Shops. To figure out which items these are, you'll have to watch the Shop for a while and check the prices of the items.

I know everyone just wants me to *splat* down a list so they can run off and buy those. But that's not how restocking works, really. You need to know what's selling now, what will sell in two months, and what's not selling anymore.

When do the Shops restock?

They restock randomly. Entirely, completely, maddeningly randomly.

The Shops haven't restocked in ages, but the Shops say they restock every 8 minutes. What's going on?

That "8 minute" line is only an average. Shops can restock faster or slower than every 8 minutes.

What's a "restock ban"?

If you refresh the Shops too quickly, you might be restock banned. When you're RS banned, you can't get ANY items from the Shops. Check out the Tiki Tack Shop on Mystery Island. If it doesn't have any items, then you've been banned.

Restock bans can last for several hours up to several days. The purpose of the ban is to stop cheaters. Being banned doesn't mean that TNT thinks you're cheating necessarily, though.

How long do restock bans last?

Restock bans can last for several hours up to several days. The length is random.

Can I restock on a side account when my main has a restock ban?

No, that's against the Rules.

Where can I find more information on restocking?

Try these restocking guides:

Freebies Questions

What's the Freebies link?

Visit www.neopets.com/freebies once a month to get 2,000 NPs and a free food item for each of your pets.

What are the "dailies"?

Dailies are places around Neopia that you visit usually once a day. This list is all free:

Any more?

The next set of dailies cost some NPs to do. Sometimes it's worth it:

Earning NPs FAQs

How do I...

How do I find special items?

Item Rarity & Estimated Value Questions

What is item rarity?

Item rarity (r) is a rating made up by TNT that tells you how likely it is that you can find a certain item in the Neopian shops. The higher the number, the less likely that you'll find the item. Items of or under r100 can be obtained from regular Neopian shops. Items over r100, however, are obtained outside of the regular shops; omelettes, for example, are r101 because they come from the Giant Omelette and not a Neopian shop.

So does higher rarity mean more expensive?

Not necessarily. It all depends on how valuable the item to users. Note the key words in our defintion of item rarity: made up by TNT. Not made up by users. What TNT calls a "rare" item might be useless to the players.

For example, omelettes are r101 but usually cost less than 100 NPs, while Draik Eggs are r95 but cost 8-10 million NPs right now. Another example is Advent Calendar items; they are r180 (retired) but are usually cheap because millions are given out each year.

Can I still use Retired items?

Yes, you can.

Can you still get items that are Retired?

In general, no. Retired means that there are no more ways to get it. However, some random events can still give out Retired items; the Faerie Paint Brush, for example, is Retired but can still be found in random events. (So it's not really Retired then, is it?...)

What is the "Estimated Value" (Est. Value)?

Estimated Value is a number made up by TNT that tells you approximately how much an item would cost in the main Neopian shops. (Estimated Value also appears on items that cannot be bought from the Shops, though.)

Estimated Value does NOT usually correspond to the actual selling price in users' Shops. As with rarity, Estimated Value is made up by TNT.

For example, Draik Eggs are listed with an Estimated Value of 60,000 NP; however, they currently sell for 8-10 million NPs. Other items with a higher Estimated Value will sell for less than the listed value.

Codestone Questions

Where do I get codestones?

You can get codestones from the Tombola or Deserted Tomb on Mystery Island, in random events, or as a prize in Key Quest. You can also buy them from other players.

What are codestones for?

Codestones are for paying for training at the Mystery Island Training School. You need the exact codestone that the Master wants.

How many regular codestones are there?

There are 10 regular codestones: Zei, Orn, Mau, Tai-Kai, Lu, Vo, Eo, Bri, Har, and Main. If you have all 10 in your inventory, you get an avatar.

How can I get a red codestone?

Take 1 of each regular codestone to Techo Mountain on Mystery Island. However, most of the red codestones are not worth as much as the ten codestones.

How many red codestones are there?

There are 5 red codestones: Sho, Cui, Mag, Kew, and Vux.

What are red codestones for?

Red codestones are for training at the Secret Ninja Training School on Mystery Island. Your pet has to be at least level 250.

Dubloon Questions

Where do I get dubloons?

You can get dubloons from Coltzan's Shrine, from the Buried Treasure game, and from the Black Pawkeet Slots game*. You can also buy them from other players.

*Play on Max Bet and get three treasure chests. You then get to play a mini game in which you can find dubloons.

What are dubloons for?

Dubloons are for training at Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy. They are also currency for Little Nippers, The Golden Dubloon restaurant, and Smuggler's Cove.

What does the Dubloon-O-Matic do?

The Dubloon-O-Matic on Krawk Island will take many low-level dubloons and give you an equal-value high-level dubloon. (For example, give it one One Dubloon Coins and two Two Dubloon Coins, and it would give you one Five Dubloon Coin in return.)

It does not work in reverse.

Does Smugglers' Cove require exact change?

No. The Smugglers will leave behind any change. (Quite nice of them, considering they make their living from illegal activities.)

Nerkmid Questions

What are Nerkmids?

Nerkmids are special tokens dropped by Alien Aishas. Nerkmids can be used at the Alien Aisha Vending Machine in the Neopian Plaza. You can win food, paint brushes, or even another Nerkmid!

Where can I get Nerkmids?

You can find Nermids in random events.

What are the names of all the Nerkmids?

Basic Golden Nerkmid, Normal Golden Nerkmid, Magical Golden Nerkmid, Ultra Golden Nerkmid, Golden Nerkmid X, Golden Nerkmid XX, Lesser Nerkmid, Average Nerkmid, Good Nerkmid, Super Nerkmid, Ultra Nerkmid, Ultimate Nerkmid, Ultra Platinum Nerkmid, Normal Platinum Nerkmid, Basic Platinum Nerkmid, Platinum Nerkmid XX, Platinum Nerkmid X, and Magical Platinum Nerkmid.

Where I can find a prize list or other information about Nerkmids?

Check out Fruzia's petpage for more information.

Bottled Faerie Questions

What are bottled faeries for?

Bottled Faeries will grant your pet an ability, based on your pet's level and the faerie's type, when they are released.

Where can I get a bottled faerie?

You can find bottled faeries in random events or buy them from The Magic Shop. You can also win them from Tombola or Deserted Tomb on Mystery Island or from the Scorchy Slots game.

What happens if my pet doesn't have a high enough level?

If your pet doesn't have the necessary level for the next ability, the faerie will fly away.

If my pet is a higher level, do I skip the lower-level abilities?

No. When you use a bottled faerie, she'll give you the next-highest ability that your pet doesn't have. Even if your pet is Level 200 and you use a faerie for the first time, she'll give you the very first ability.

What are the abilities for?

Abilities are used in the Battledome.

How can I find out which abilities my pet has?

Go to the Abilities page. (The link can be found in Pet Central. Click on the drop-down arrow next to your pet and choose "View Abilities.")

Where can I get a list of all the abilities?

Click the List of all Abilities link from the Abilities page. Note that the page first shows only one faerie type's ability list; click the faerie type to show that faerie type's abilities.

Or look on garmfry's petpage for a comparative list of abilities. This petpage also lists an additional 10 abilities that are not on the main Abilities page.

I blessed my pet with a couple of faeries, but I don't see any abilities in the Battledome! What's wrong?

Go to the Quick Ref page and click on the "Abilities" link for your pet. That page will show you which abilities your pet has. Click an ability to turn it on. When the ability is on, it will be brightly colored and animated.

Job Coupon Questions

What are job coupons for?

Job coupons are used for getting a Super Job at the Faerieland Employment Agency.

Where can I get a job coupon?

There are two kinds: Job Coupons and Brightvale Job Coupons. Job Coupons are from an old promotion that TNT had; the only way to get them now is to buy them from other users. You can win Brightvale Job Coupons from the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale.

What Job Coupons are there?

  1. Gold Brightvale Coupon

  2. Silver Brightvale Coupon

  3. Bronze Brightvale Coupon

  4. Green Brightvale Coupon

  5. Pink Job Coupon

  6. Purple Job Coupon

  7. Gold Job Coupon

  8. Silver Job Coupon

  9. Bronze Job Coupon

  10. Red Job Coupon

  11. Blue Job Coupon

  12. Green Job Coupon

What happens when I use a Job Coupon?

When you use a certain color Job Coupon to get a Job in Faerieland, the coupon will downgrade to the next color. For example, a Gold Brightvale Coupon will become a Silver Brightvale Coupon, and a Green Brightvale Coupon will become a Pink Job Coupon. See the list above for the ranking of coupons.

If I use a Green Job Coupon, will it disappear?

Yes, it will. Green Job Coupons are the lowest coupon. When you use them, they disappear.

Is buying a job coupon worth it?

Usually, no. Most of the jobs do not pay out very well.

Ice Cream Coupon Questions

What are ice cream coupons?

Ice cream coupons let you get ice cream from Mr. Chipper's Happy Valley Ice Cream cart.

How can I get an ice cream coupon?

You can get ice cream coupons by doing quests for the Snow Faerie on top of Terror Mountain.

What kind of ice cream can I get?

Oh, um, well, that's a very good question there. I'll have to get back to you on that...

NeoCola Token Questions

What are NeoCola Tokens?

NeoCola Tokens can be used at the NeoCola Machine on the moon.

Where can I get NeoCola Tokens?

You can buy NeoCola Tokens from the Space Weapons Shop.

What can I get from the NeoCola Machine?

Also a good question! You're so smart =D (P.S., if anyone knows the answer to these question, um, could you let me know? Thanks!)

Negg Token Questions

Where can I get Negg Tokens?

You get Negg Tokens by giving Neggs to the Negg Faerie at the Neggery. Find a Negg that says "Worth XX points at the Neggery" and give it to the Negg Faerie. She will keep track of all your points.

How can I use Negg Tokens?

Click the link in the Neggery to see what is for sale (here). Trade your Negg Tokens for the Negg that you want.

Negg Questions

What are Neggs?

Neggs are a special type of food. Some of them do things to your pets if your pet eats them. See _totoro_'s petpage for information about each specific type.

Where can I get Neggs?

You can buy Neggs from the Neopian Fresh Foods shop. You can also find them in random events.

Where can I get more information about each Negg?

Check out a page like Negg_o_pedia's petpage for information about every Negg.


Where do I get Scratchcards?

You can buy Scratchcards from the Ice Caves Scratchcard Kiosk (IC), the Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk (LD), or the Deserted Fairground Scratchcard Kiosk (DF). You can only scratch a card from the same Kiosk that sold it.

Which scratchcards are sold in which Kiosk?

  • Ice Caves
    • Race to Riches Scratchcard
    • Terror Trove Scratchcard
    • Faeries Fortune Scratchcard
    • Peak O Plenty Scratchcard
    • Icetravaganza Scratchcard
  • Lost Desert
    • Scorched Treasure Scratchcard
    • Coltzans Cash Scratchcard
    • Suteks Riches Scratchcard
    • Geb Gajillionaire Scratchcard
    • Bagguss Bonanza Scratchcard
    • Sandtravaganza Scratchcard
  • Deserted Fairground
    • Crypt of Chance Scratchcard
    • Undead Jackpot of Doom Scratchcard
    • Festering Fortune Scratchcard
    • Mutating Millions Scratchcard
    • Pustravaganza Scratchcard
    • Rotting Riches Scratchcard

Which scratchcards can you win the jackpot on?

Icetravaganza Scratchcard (IC), Pustravaganza Scratchcard (DF), and Sandtravaganza Scratchcard (LD).

Is the jackpot guaranteed on those 'cards?

No, it's not.

Where can I find more information about scratchcards, including prizes for each?

See sparklyeyesneo's petpage and MeMeTheGreatNeoPet's petpage for more information.

Collectible Questions

Where is my Stamp album?


Where can I find a Stamp/Collectible album list?

Visit TheIronElephante's petpage or RiverPeacock's petpage for a complete list of Stamps, Shells, Coconuts, Coins, and Charms. See HerRoyalHighness' petpage for a complete stamp list.

Can I take Collectibles out of my Stamp Album?

No, sorry, you can't.


What is the point of the NeoDeck cards?

Just to collect them. (And some of them have very cool artwork!)

Where do I store my NeoDeck collection?

View your album here.

Where can I find a list of all the cards?

You can find a list here.

Where can I find more information about the NeoDeck?

Check out PEAWYE's petpage for more information.


What does "TCG" stand for?

TCG stands for Trading Card Game. The Neopets TCG is a real-life game. Most of the cards are also available in virtual form on the site. See The Wizard's Shop for more information about the TCG.

What can I do with TCG cards?

You can collect them and add them to your TCG album.

Concert Tickets

Where can I get Concert Tickets?

You can buy concert tickets at the Ticket Booth in Tyrannia. You can also buy tickets from other users through the Shop Wizard. (If you buy a ticket from another user, yes, it will let you in to see the concert.)

Where can I get a list of concert dates?

Check out WillWright's petpage for concert dates and the number of available tickets.

Other Item Questions

What does a Bag of Infitite Neggs do?

A Bag of Infinite Neggs is a battledome item. When you use it in the BD, you'll get a Negg to use in the Battledome only.

What is a Lifetime Membership Card for?

The Lifetime Membership Card used to get you in to Grundo's Gym. But the gym has been removed from the site, so the card is worthless now.

What do Wish Sticks do?


What do Pant Devil Attractors do?

If the Pant Devil or other item-stealing random event strikes, they're much more likely to go for the Attractor than your expensive items. The PDAs do not, however, attract the Pant Devil to your inventory.

What does a Flask of Rainbow Water do?

A Flask of Rainbow Water will randomly change your pet's color. See a log of changes and available colors here.

How do I open an Unlabeled Tin Can?

You can't. It's just junk.

How can I put stuff in a gift box?

You can't. Gift boxes are their own item.

What do Faerie Portraits do?


What is a Krawk Apple?

A Krawk Apple is just like a normal Green Apple. They were originally sold for a lot of dubloons at The Smugglers' Cove to thwart cheaters at the Cove.

How do I...

How do I get random events?

What is a Random Event?

A Random Event (RE) is something that occasionally happens when you're browsing the pages of Neopia. When you load a page, you may find an extra image on the top, above everything else. It will have a heading like "Something has happened!", a picture, and an explanation of what has occurred.

So where can I get REs?

You can find random events anywhere on the site. I've gotten them on the Boards, on the "Report" page, in my Guilds, and on the Shop Wizard.

Are some random events more rare than others?

Yes! For instance, Al has never been visited by Jacko the Phantom Painter. But nearly every day, a Red Poogle hops by and says "Hi!".

Can I increase my chances of getting a specific RE?

No, you can't.

Does donating to the Money Tree/Tombola increase my chances of a RE?

No, it doesn't.

Can I do anything to increase my chances of getting any RE?

Yes, actually. You get random events while reloading pages around Neopia. So, reload more pages to get more chances at random events. (Note: using anything besides your own attached finger to refresh a page is against the Rules.)

Also, adding green Lutari beads to your Lutari Talisman can increase your random events. (Find a guide to Lutari beads on trebormailliw's petpage.)

Are there any "good" REs?

Yes! Jacko the Phantom Painter gives you a paint brush. Dr. Sloth gives you a Draik Transmogrification Potion. Finding pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map.

Are there any "bad" REs?

Yes! A crying Kadoatie takes 5,000 NPs. The Tax Beast and Angry Tax Beast take a percentage of your out-of-bank NPs. The Pant Devil and Grundo Commander steal items. Boochi turns your pet to Baby.

Hey, I think Boochi is a good RE! Why is he on your bad list?

Ack, evil. He nearly zapped Atablicryon once (thankfully he missed!), but Al still sends Vyksa into the Battledome to beat him up. Visit Phaeddra's petpage for more Boochiness.

What does "random" mean?

Uncontrollable. Unpredictable. Can't tell you when or where it will happen.

I got a RE that said I'd found a [insert expensive item] on the floor, but it wasn't in my inventory. Where did it go?

You must have found a fake random event on someone's petpage, lookup, shop, gallery, or guild. Fake random events that lie to you about finding Neopets items/etc. are against the Rules.

I got a RE that said my pet was hungry and wanted [insert food]. Do I have to go buy it?

No, you don't. Nothing special happens if you feed that specific food to your pet. (And usually the food they want is rather expensive!)

Which random event annoys you the most?

The Draik flying by on its way to Mystery Island. We're not supposed to go to Mystery Island without permission, but TNT always alerts Al when we sneak out!

What are some of the random events, and what do they do?

  • Illusen appears in a puff of smoke... If you have less than 5k on hand, she'll bring your on-hand total up to 5k. If you have more than 5k on hand, she'll say you have too many NPs and leave.
  • The Golden Pteri flies overhead... If you have a Pteri, he gives you 2-5k NPs. If you don't have a Pteri, he leaves.
  • Motes of light surround you. You have been summoned to Faerieland by Queen Fyora! Your page reloads in Faerieland. This used to be the only way to get to Faerieland. Now, it's just annoying.

How do I...

How do I do quests & jobs?

I have a question about...
Random Faeries | Timed Quests | Jobs | other

Random Faerie Quest Questions

How do I get a quest from a Faerie?

The Faeries give quests in Random Events. That means that there is nothing you can do to get a quest faster.

Is there a time limit on random Faerie quests?

No, there's not. You can take days, weeks, or even years to finish the Quest - the faerie will still be there waiting.

The Faerie won't let me use the Shop Wizard. How can I find the item?

  1. Post a New Topic on the Quests Board. Ask for someone to use the Shop Wizard and find you a shop that has the item.

  2. Be patient while someone looks up the item. Someone will post a response to your request. This response will list several usernames. These users all have the item in their Shop.

  3. Type the name into the "Search Neopets" box in the left sidebar and click "Go." This takes you to a User Look-up. Find and click on the Shop link. In the shop, click on the Item that you wish to buy.

How do I give the item to the Faerie?

Go to "Pet Central" on the top navigation bar, then 'Faerie Quests' from the bottom bar (or just zip straight to the Faerie Quests page). Or try to use the Shop Wizard and click the link the faerie gives you. On the Quests page, there will be a button there for you to turn in the item.

There is also a button there if you should decide to cancel the Quest, which you will occasionally need to do. If the Helpers on the Quests Board tell you to cancel it, they're probably right.

Will the Faeries ever neoMail a quest to you?

No, they won't. That's a scam.

What do the Faeries give you?

For most of the faeries, that information is listed on the Quest Help page:

  • Fire - +2 strength
  • Light - +1 level
  • Earth - heal HP, bloat, +1 pound
  • Water - +2 defense
  • Dark - +2 max HP
  • Air - +2 movement
  • Queen - +1 level, +3 strength, and +3 max HP
  • Space - +4 level
  • Fountain - paint 1 pet at the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland

What colors will the Fountain Faerie let me get?

You can get any color from the Fountain Faerie except Royal, Robot, Ice, Sponge, and Usuki/Quiguki. Colored_Buzz's petpage has a complete FAQ about the Fountain Faerie.

Timed Quest Questions

Can I use the Shop Wizard on Timed Quests?

Yes, you can.

What are all the Timed Quests, and what are their rewards?

Edna500 NPs~100 NPs and a spooky food item (usually cheap)
Brain Tree2,000 NPs~1,000 NPs and an item (usually ~1,000 NPs)
Esophagor2,000 NPsItem (~1-2,000 NPs)
Snow Faerie3,000 NPs~1,500 NPs, snowball, and an item (usually ~1-3,000 NPs)
Kitchen2,000 NPsNPs (~1-2,000 NPs) OR item (~1-3,000 NPs), OR stat boost

(Yes, this list is from Marchegai. She's so much better at these than me, so I just acted cute and she let me borrow it!)

I've got all the items for the Snow Faerie, but she's telling me to go start the Quest! What do I do?

Taelia just gets brain freeze sometimes. Refresh on her page until she unthaws. (Or leave her igloo, refresh on the mountain, and go back in.)

What about Illusen and Jhudora?

There are two special timed Quests (and by Faeries, no less!): Illusens Glade and Jhudoras Cloud. Those two are special: you spend huge amounts of NPs for them in hopes of getting a good prize at a higher level. Not many people can make it, because they ask for very expensive items and only give you 16 minutes to find them!

For a list of prizes from these two, check out Marchegai's list.

How do I answer the Brain Tree?

  1. Accept a quest from the Esophagor. Bring him the item(s), and he'll tell you the first answer.
  2. Accept a second quest from the Esophagor and complete it, and he'll tell you the second answer.

Is there anywhere to get the list of Brain Tree answers?

Sorry, but that game doesn't work like that. The Brain Tree is set up so that you must feed the Esophagor. If you don't, then no matter what you enter to the Brain Tree will be wrong. Even if you guessed the real answer, it will still be considered "wrong".

How much should I spend on the Brain Tree quest?

I only spend 2,000 total on both quests combined. The Brain Tree's reward (see the table) isn't very good.

I fed the Esophagor, but the Brain Tree says I'm wrong! Help!

You have to enter the answers exactly as the Esophagor said them, including capitalization and spelling. If he said "The" in his answer (e.g., The Haunted Woods), then you have to include it in yours.

What happens if I don't want to or can't finish a Timed Quest?

There is no penalty if you fail a Timed Quest, either because you run out of time or because the items are too expensive. Absolutely nothing will happen to your pet: whoever you took the Quest from will not get mad at you, will not mutate your pet, will not take all your NeoPoints and items, will not decrease any of your pet's statistics, and will not do anything else horrific and far-fetched.

The slight exception is on Illusen's and Jhudora's Quests: if you fail, you will be sent back to Level 1 (which, admittedly, can be pretty horrific if you were so close to getting a good prize).

Jobs Questions

Do I have to get a job?

No, you don't. Jobs are just something else to do around the site.

Where can I get a job?

You can get a Basic Job from the The Employment Agency in Faerieland.

When do jobs refresh?

Jobs refresh on the hour (:00:00) and every 10 minutes after that. The jobs are hard to get, however, because everyone is watching for them.

I got a job! Um, now what?

You can use the Shop Wizard to find the items. Be sure to search for the items singularly, not as written. For example, if it says "Three Sun Hats", search for "Sun Hat" and buy 3 of them. The faster you turn the items back in, the better your reward!

How can I get a Super Job?

To get a Super Job, you need a Job Coupon (retired) or a Brightvale Job Coupon. Personally, I say not to bother with the Super Jobs. Most Super Jobs don't pay you as much as you could make from selling the coupon itself!

Where do I get coupons?

You can win Brightvale Job Coupons from the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale. Job Coupons were part of an old promotion and can only be obtained from other users.

See our section on Job Coupons for more information.

How do I...

How do I use maps?

What maps are there?

There are several: Original, Underwater, Space, Spooky, Secret Laboratory, Petpet Laboratory, and World Challenge.

What are maps for?

When you complete a map and turn it in at the Treasure Maps game, you get a prize. Akikel lists prizes for the first six, and _knight_dog_ lists prizes for the World Challenge maps.

Where can I get map pieces?

You can find map pieces in random events or you can buy them from other users.

Which maps are worth completing?

In my opinion, only the Secret Laboratory Map is worth it. The prizes for most of the others have become so common that selling the map is worth more than the prizes.

I have all 9 pieces of the Petpet Laboratory Map, but I can't turn it in!

To use the Petpet Lab Ray, you first need all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map. You must have the Secret Lab Map before you can use the Petpet Lab Map. The Secret Lab Map costs about 1 million NPs. (Check the Trading Post for the current price on full maps.)

Then go to Games - Puzzles - Treasure Maps - Petpet. The "Petpet" link will only appear once you've turned in the Secret Lab Map.

What can the Secret Lab Map do?

The Lab Map can change your pet's stats, color, or species. An in-depth FAQ can be found on JustToClearThingsUp's petpage.

When you turn in the Secret Lab Map and Petpet Lab Map, do you get NPs?

Yes, you do. The amount can vary.

Can you use the Secret Lab Map and Petpet Lab Map on side accounts?

Yes, you can. Be sure to send the pieces over from your main account.

How do I...

How do I find secret places

What is the secret purpose of some places around Neopia?

These places are all labeled on the Explore map:

  • The Beach. On Mystery Island. Part of the Secret of the Volcano plot. Random letters will appear here. Bring your Kacheek here to get an avatar.
  • The Island Mystic. On Mystery Island. He'll spout random nonsense. None of it ever comes true. If he gives you a fortune with "Kyrii" in it, you get an avatar.
  • The Haiku Generator. On Mystery Island. Another random saying. It doesn't mean anything. Refresh here to get an avatar.
  • The Cooking Pot. On Mystery Island. See this petpage for a list of recipes.
  • Kreludan Mining Corporation. On the moon, Kreludor. There is no code. (You could briefly access the mine during the Lost Desert Plot for one of the puzzles.)
  • Lutari Island. You can only get onto Lutari Island if you have Neopets Mobile on your cell phone. (Guide here.)
  • Lever of DOOM. On the Space Station. Pull this lever to lose 100 NPs. You might also randomly get an avatar.
  • The Rainbow Fountain. In Faerieland. You need a Fountain Faerie quest in order to use this.
  • The Wishing Well. In the Plaza. Make wishes here for items. The amount you donate does not affect getting the item.
  • The Kadoatery. In the Plaza. This is a game; you cannot add your Kadoatie, and you can't get one of these. Feed them the food they want. (food guide, feeding guide)
  • A Mysterious Statue. In the Maraquan Ruins. This is The Darkest Faerie, sealed with Jerdana's Orb. Find out more about The Darkest Faerie by completing the Altador Plot.
  • The Beast. On the Tyrannian Plateau. Also a prize from the Wheel of Monotony. It screams and annoys you (especially if you have the WoM minimized!) and also takes away some HP from your pets. Gah.
  • Count von Roo. On Roo Island. The Count is awake from midnight to 1 a.m., NST. Play a dice game against him. If you win, your pet gains a level or more. If you lose, you pet loses a level or more.
  • Culinary Concoctions. In Shenkuu. No one knows any recipes, as far as I know.
  • Toy Repair Shop. On the top of Terror Mountain. Take a broken toy to Donny and he'll try to repair it. You can get an avatar if he fixes a toy.

What are some of the secret places in Neopia?

What about other secret places?

  • The Evil Computer. Part of the Neopets v2 plot.
  • Guildmaster's Dinner. An abandonded plot.
  • Missing Space Faerie. Part of an old plot, when Grundos were released.
  • Trapdoor. In Peopatra's petpet shop. Part of the Discovery and Invasion of the Lost Desert (I think). Refresh here to get the Meerca Brothers as a battledome challenger.
  • Jester's Court. Part of the Meridell vs. Darigan plot, I think.
  • Temple of 1,000 Tombs. Part of the Lost Desert Plot. Go in any door to get Eyrieki as a battledome challenger.
  • Gift Shop of 1,000 Rewards. Part of the Lost Desert Plot. Redeem plot prizes here.
  • The Parrot on the Hill. Part of the Usurpers (?) plot.
  • Grundo's Gym. No longer part of the site. The "Lifetime Membership Card" item was used to get in. The item has no purpose now.
  • Mountain Ski Lodge. Part of the Ski Lodge Competition. Used to be on top of Terror Mountain.
  • Tazzalor. A pirate who's a bit into his cups. Might have been part of a plot? Or is just there for fun.
  • Neoschool. Has been cancelled and will not be revived. That link has been there since before Al started playing Neopets, nearly 4 years ago. (There must be a Help site that claims it's coming back, because I see a lot of people asking about it. But it's not. It's gone for good.)

Where else can I find out about old plots?

Check out Thur_ilin's History of Conflict petpage for more information on old plots.

Where is "Uni Meadows"?

Uni Meadows is a Guild Neighborhood. If the Island Mystic mentioned it, remember: he lies.

Where is "Marshmellow World"?

Marshmellow World was created on a user's petpage. It was a joke and was not real.

How do I...

How do I use the Boards?

Chat Board Questions

Where can I meet other people?

The best place to meet other people is on the Message Boards. Find a topic you're interested in, and see what's going on.

What should I talk about?

Start with the title of the Board. For example, let's use the Battledome Board. On this Board, you can talk about anything that has to do with the Battledome: challengers, weapons, and training. Remember that each Board has a topic, and only talk about that topic.

Later, if you find people you enjoy talking to, you can join their Guild.

Why can't I talk about other games or real life or other non-Neopets topics on the Boards?

Neopets is an online game that has message boards so that you can interact with other players. Neopets is not a place to come ask about other games or other non-Neopets topics. Neopets is its own game! That's why off-topic boards are not allowed, because they're not part of the game.

What happened to the General Chat?

The GC was blown up by Dr. Sloth. (Really, it was.) The posts on that board were disgusting, non-Neopets-releated, and Rule-breaking. So Dr. Sloth was a hero for one day when he blew it up.

What is "spam"?

Spam is any off-topic or non-Neopets post or topic. Spam is also any post that is repeated multiple times. Slinginator's petpage has more information about spam.

What is a chain message?

Anything that says "Post this 10 times and..." is a chain message. Chain messages do not work and are against the Rules.

What does "bump" mean?

Whenever a new post is added to a topic, that topic moves up to the top of the list. So people post "bump" to "bump" their topic to the top of the list.

Most people who post "bump", however, never give anyone a chance to reply. They just mindlessly "bump" until someone answers. So, if you don't want to appear rude, impatient, and self-centered, then consider waiting patiently while people type their replies.

What do I do if no one is answering me?

First, be patient. Maybe someone is answering, but they type slow. Click the "Refresh" button to refresh your post, or post a "bump" every few minutes to move it up again. (Note: that's minutes, not seconds.) If your topic is one that someone knows anything about, chances are they'll respond.

Second, be polite. Even when it looks like people aren't helping you, be polite. If you get mad and post things like "Stop ignoring me!" or "No one ever helps!", then you'll only get people laughing at your temper tantrum. (And they still won't help!). If you can't seem to find help, then come back later and try again. Maybe everyone who can help you is out to lunch.

I've tried to get help lots of times, but no one ever comes! I think I really am being ignored =(

Look at what you're asking for and ask yourself these questions:

  • Did I ask my question? So many people just post "Help!" But no one can read your mind!
  • Is it Neopets related? If it's not, that's why no one's coming. Your homework is not Neo-related.
  • Is it against the Rules? Be sure you've read the Rules!
  • Is it appropriate for the board I'm posting on? If it's not on the right board, then most likely no one knows the answer.
  • Will it take a lot of time or skill to answer? Some questions require lengthy responses, and most people don't want to sit and type the answer out.
  • Is it a graphics, layout, screenie, or similar question? Most of these are very complicated to answer, and many can't be answered through the boards at all.
  • Am I asking for someone else to do me a huge favor? Most people on Neopets don't have the time or skill to make Lookups, Backgrounds, Guild layouts, Shop layouts, Pet lookups, Pet Pages, Applications, Blogs, or Music or to write HTML for anything.

What other message board etiquette should I know?

  • Turn off "caps lock". Leaving the caps lock button on is considered SHOUTING, and it's quite rude to shout at everyone. It gives the impression that you're a very impatient and angry person, and it annoys everyone. (It also makes you look less intelligent because you can't figure out how to turn it off!)

  • Write normally. Chat speak is quite annoying. People have to translate every post, and that makes their heads hurt, and that makes them less likely to want to answer. Chat speak also makes you look less intelligent and less mature than you might be.

  • Spell correctly. Sure, you'll make typos every once in a while; everyone does. But in general, use the spelling and grammar your teachers have been pounding in to you since first grade, especially if you really need help. It would make everyone's lives so much easier.

  • Have a legible font. Customizing your font can be fun, but if you want people to respond to your post, you should use a color, font, and size that are legible. I ignore very light (nearly invisible) text posts and I don't usually bother with texts that require me to copy and paste the post in order to read it. I figure that if it was important enough, you would have posted it so I could read it.

  • State your question. If you have a question, post your question! So many boards just say "Help." Help with what? Just say it! Don't wait until people come and post, because they'll leave quickly when they find you don't have a question.

Can I have a private conversation on the Boards?

No, the Message Boards are not private. Anything you post becomes public knowledge, and anyone can (and will!) comment on what you post.

If you want to have a private conversation with someone on Neopets, you can either NeoMail them or use an outside messaging service.

What does "LDP", "TPOSG", "ZDAP", and "BGC" mean on the Boards?

Oo, Neopets chat acronyms. See acro's petpage for a list of common Neopets acronyms.

Avatar & neoSignature Questions

What's an avatar?

An avatar is the little picture next to your name when you post. To change your avatar, click Preferences and then choose from the drop down list.

Visit Avvy's petpage for information about finding all the Secret Avatars.

What is a siggy?

A siggy is a signature. Siggies are found at the bottom of your post.

Where can I get a font?

Check out Jemeni_none's petpage or neofontguide's petpage to learn how to make your own. There are also many petpages that have pre-made fonts. Use one of the guides in so_you_need_a_guide's font section.

How do I get symbols?

You need to use either Wingdings or Webdings as your font and enter the correct letter for the symbol, or you need to find the HTML code for the symbol. To find the Wingding/Webding, I use Microsoft Word and choose that font. Then enter letters (include Capitals!) to find the symbol. To find the HTML code, ask your friend Mr. Google.

How do I get words before my post?

Write the words before your neoHTML font. Check out neofontguide's petpage for a pictorial guide.

How do I get borders or animals?

Borders and siggy animals are just clever uses of symbols and spacing. Check out any of the guides I've mentioned in this section or experiment on your own.

How do I get rid of the siggy line?

Both Jemeni_none's petpage or neofontguide's petpage have very good instructions on how to do this.


What are sidebars?

Look to the left on any normal Neopets page. That yellow box with all the links in it is your sidebar.

What are sidebar themes?

Sidebar themes are special sidebars that you can get as prizes around the site. See c0ntaminat3d's petpage for a full list of sidebars and how to get them.

How do I change my sidebar?

On the top sidebar, go to "My Account" then "Preferences" (or just go here). The very last drop down box is for Sidebar Themes. Any sidebar themes you have will be displayed here. Choose the one you want and click "Change your details".

How do I get the Valentine's sidebar?

On Valentine's Day, February 14th, have a Mysterious Valentines Card in your inventory. Click on the card and choose "Give to NeoFriend". Choose or enter someone's name and click "Send". You will get a "Something has happened!" event that says you can use the sidebar. The person you send the item to will also get a message that they can use the sidebar. Both of you get the sidebar. The MVC disappears, however.


If off-topic/non-Neopets boards aren't allowed, then how can I talk to people I meet?

Neopets created NeoMail, an internal mail service. You can send messages directly to other users, and they'll get an icon on their own screen telling them that you sent a message. See CompleteNewbieGuide's petpage for a guide to using Neomail.

How can I become someone's NeoFriend?

Visit the person's lookup. Near the bottom is a smiley-face button title "Make Neofriend". Click the button to send them a NeoFriend request. When they accept, you'll be added to each other's list of NeoFriends, which serves as a sort of address book in NeoMail. See CompleteNewbieGuide's petpage for a guide to NeoFriends.

Why did someone turn down my NeoFriend request?

If you send a Neofriend request to total strangers, they'll most likely turn you down. Why? Maybe they don't want random NeoFriends. Just because someone helped you on the Boards doesn't mean they're looking for more NeoFriends (or you, in particular). Just because someone has more trophies and painted pets that you thought possible doesn't mean they also collect NeoFriends.

Why did someone remove me from their NeoFriend list?

Any number of reasons, really. Maybe they couldn't remember why they'd accepted your request. Maybe they were removing people they don't talk to a lot. Maybe you neoMailed them too much and drove them crazy.

Someone won't stop neoMailing me. How can I make them go away?

There's what I affectionately call the "anti-NeoFriend" list. Under NeoMail, there's a link called Block. If someone's bothering or harassing you, you can add them to your Blocked list. A Blocked user can't send you NF requests, NeoMails, or items.

(Al actually puts quite a number of people on her Block list, especially ones who send her begging, rude, or threatening NeoMails! At last count, she has over 100 blocked on her alatyr12 account and over 300 on her alatyr13 account.)

Guild Questions

What is a Guild?

A Guild is a group of people who share similar interests. Some Guilds, for instance, revolve around a certain Neopet, the Battledome, or becoming a NeoMillionaire; others focus on real-world interests, such as sports or favorite animals. Whatever you like best - about Neopets or the real world - there's probably a Guild for you.

Do I have to join a Guild?

Not at all. There is no requirement anywhere that says you have to join one.

How do I join a Guild?

Visit the Guild home page and click "Join Guild".

How do I leave a Guild?

Visit the Guild home page and click "Leave Guild". (Once you join, the "Join" link becomes the "Leave" link.)

What is a "public" Guild?

Public Guilds are open to anyone to join. Everyone can see the front page of the Guild.

What is a "private" Guild?

Private Guilds require an invitation to join. Only members or invitees can see the front page of the Guild.

Other Friends questions

Do any celebrities play Neopets?

No. Anyone claiming to be a celebrity is lying. They think it makes them cooler if you think they're a celebrity.

On the small chance that a celebrity has 10 free seconds a day to play an online game, I seriously doubt they would ever tell anyone their real name. Why? Because people flip out, send them neoMails, want to be their friend, etc. Their lives are hectic enough without another fan base.

But I saw this picture on someone's lookup and [insert celebrity name]'s picture was on it and they had a sign saying that was their account!

A doctored photograph. It's easy to do. And even if that did happen to really be the celebrity, having your picture on your lookup is against the Rules. Even celebrities have to follow the Rules here.

How do I...


How do I make screenies?
How do I make a lookup?
How do I make a Guild?
How do I roleplay?
Who's the guy in the orange shirt who randomly pops up in games?
What do I need to know about my account in case I ever self-freeze but change my mind? How do I leave Neopets?

How do I make screenies

See ScreenieHelp's petpage for an in-depth walkthrough for making screenies.

How do I make a lookup?

See l00kuphelp's petpage for help.

Who's the guy in the orange shirt who randomly pops up in games?

That's The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy (TPOSG). He's a games programmer for Neopets. See bibosan's petpage for a tribute to everyone's favorite Neopets programmer.

What do I need to know about my account in case I ever self-freeze but change my mind?

Check out ShimmeringBliss' petpage for a run-down of all the information you'll need.

How do I leave Neopets?

Read howtoleave's petpage.

Who is Tarla?

Tarla runs the Shop of Mystery on top of Terror Mountain. She also is the Neopets' character associated with the Neopets Toolbar. See Meerca_1216CL_1216CL's petpage for more information about Tarla.

How do I...

Other Tips

I have a question about...
Begging | Avoiding Scams | Spam | other

I have a question about begging

What is "begging"?

Begging is asking people to give you things for free. Begging includes asking for donations, asking to adopt pets, asking for free items or NPs, or asking for anything else that does not belong to you. Begging is against the Rules.

Just asking" "to see" "if anyone is nice enough" "if they want to" is begging. Despite opinion, yes, "asking" = "begging".

I don't see the word "beg" in the Rules. So how can you claim it's against the Rules?

See this editorial. The question on begging also contains one of the many Princess Bride references on Neopets. Also, see Locked_Topic's petpage. There is a screenshot of a TNT response that says that begging is against the Rules.

Begging can be reported as either "spam" or a "scam".

How is begging a scam?

Beggars try to say that they don't have the time/ energy/ computer/ programs/ skills/ ability to play Neopets for themselves and earn their own items or NPs. Begging is really scamming because everyone on Neopets starts from the same place and has exactly the same opportunities as everyone else. How you take advantage of those opportunities is up to you.

The "elite" and "rich" players started with the same Newbie pack that you and I did; they did not get an extra "boost" on their way. They got to where they are now through their own hard work and determination, and you can, too.

But I've got a good reason...

There are no "good reasons" to beg on Neopets. Sick pets, scammed users, personal funds/goals, friends'/family's/own birthdays, user in the hospital/having an operation, or any other reason for wanting donations are not good enough reasons to ask for those things. If you want anything on Neopets, you can earn it.

I have a question about scams

What is a scam?

A scam is anything that tries to take your NPs, pets, or items. Some will even try to steal your entire account!

How can I recognize a scam?

There are many types of scams. Scams claim they'll give you free items or NPs if you do what they say, which is always something rather easy.

If it's too good to be true... it is. See the Wall of Shame for a quick run-down of some of the most common scams.

But what if it might really work...?

Repeat after me: Anything That Sounds Too Good To Be True, Is!

There is no secret code or program to make millions of NPs or get rare items.

What are some common scams?

Raffles and contests that require you to buy junk items at ridiculous prices are scams (besides not being allowed in the first place).

Neositting, or pet sitting, is also a scam. The other person asks for your account information to be sure you are a "trustworthy person".

Offering to make a custom look-up/petpage/etc. but requiring access to your account is a scam.

Telling you "bid on this junk item and I'll send you a really rare item" is a scam.

Claiming that the Trading Post/Auctions doesn't work for them and asking you to send the item directly is another scam.

Advertisements for off-site pages that promise quick ways to earn NPs or items are always scams. The only website that can give you NPs or items is www.neopets.com.

I found this great deal on an item...

When you're buying items, be sure you're buying the right one. A lot of items look similar, but one is a rare and expensive item and the other is an ordinary and cheap one.

Paint brush plushies are not paint brushes, only toys.

Never believe someone when they say that an item will transform into a petpet or is a rare Hidden Tower Artifact, and they're selling it for only 10,000 NPs.

How can I tell if an item is the right one?

Always, always, always double-check. If you're unsure about a NeoMail or e-mail you've received, a post you saw, or a Trading Post lot, ask someone. Your best bet for help will be on the Help Board.

How else can I recognize a scam?

If it asks for your account information, it's a scam.

One of the most important things to remember on Neopets is that no member of The Neopets Team (TNT) will ever ask for your secret log-in word nor will they ever ask you to change your e-mail address. Anyone who tells you that you have to do these things is lying to you.

And e-mail addresses can be faked. If you get an e-mail that looks like it's from TNT, but something just doesn't sound right (it's asking for your secret word or tells you that something terrible will happen to your pets if you don't comply, etc.), then it's not really from TNT; it's another scammer.

What about off-site links?

There are many helpful pages that are not found on Neopets. But there are many more that appear to be helpful, but are actually scam sites. Some of these scam sites can steal your account information even if you don't enter it on their site!

You probably shouldn't visit any off-site links while you're logged in to Neopets.

Any site that claims it can give you NPs or rare items is lying. Only Neopets can give you anything in this game. And any outside site that asks you to input any of your account information is also trying to scam you.

So be very careful.

I have a question about Spam

What is Spam?

Spam is any off-topic post. Off-topic can be off-topic for the board (for example, Shop Ads on the Quests Board) or off-topic for Neopets (for example, personal life questions). Spam is any useless post such as random smilies for no reason or "I'm bored - entertain me!" posts. Spam is also unsoliticed neoMailed ads, such as Shop Ads or Beauty Contest Ads.

Chain messages ("copy & paste this on 10 boards and...") are spam. They also do not work and are against the Rules.

Why is spam bad?

Two reasons: (1) People who are using the boards correctly for Neopets-related tasks have to waste their time reading through spam posts to find what they really need. (2) Computers can only move so much information at a time; if the boards are full of lots of spam, then the site moves slower.

Where can I find more information about spam?

Read Slinginator's petpage for more information about Spam. Slingy also keeps some very cool banners you can use to spread the word about Chain Messages.

How do I...

The neoDictionary

After a lot of thought, Al has decided to move the neoDictionary to Ladekahn's petpage. Kahn's page will be dedicated solely to the dictionary, which Al has promised she'll work on before too long. She tells me that she'll add more to my page, too, now that all those words have moved on.

How do I...

About Me

So, has this Guide been helpful for you? I sure hope so. If you'd like to let my owner know what you thought, I'm sure she'd appreciate it, especially if you're a Newbie to Neopets. If you've got any suggestions, corrections, or helpful links, she'd love to hear about them, too! And be sure to read Al's FAQ!

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