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Hopefully this petpage will clear up some misconceptions and allow users easy access to statements made by TNT (in the Neopian Times Editorial) without having to look through back issues.
Please note, this page is only to display questions that aren't easily answered by those on the help board and need TNT input or clarification. For easily answered questions, such as, how to obtain a krawk - please start a thread on the Help board - clearly stating your question in the title.
Also, I can only find the answers to questions that have been submitted and answered in the editorial. So if you can't find your answer here, can can't obtain one on the help boards, please submit your question to the editorial by clicking Here.
23/3/06 - (other updates cleared) More editorial responses added. In a few weeks this guide should be up to date.

~ Regards, Lithium

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NB: Click a numbered title to see the editorial replies

1. Questions on look-ups
  • Fake Random Events
  • Notes to TNT
  • Covering stats and images

2. Questions about the Boards
  • Use of monitoring 'bots
  • Use of agression on the neoboards
  • Harassment
  • Spamming
  • Using the boards to contact someone when their inbox is full
  • Gift Wars"
  • Permitted topics (aka Chats about the 'real world')
  • Topics which don't fit the board (sub forum) description exactly

3. Questions about Accounts
  • Accidently playing games on a side account
  • Activities permitted on a side account
  • When making another account your 'main account'
  • Moving an item obtained by RE to a main account

4. Questions about Account access / Accessing other members accounts
  • Logging on from different Computers
  • Shared computers
  • Logging on for friends
  • Obtaining game avatars for others

5. Question which do not have a catagory
  • Target Audience (aka neo is for adults too!)
  • Refreshing - the rules
  • Lending Items
  • Adoption Agencies / Applications
  • 3rd March
  • False" Inflation (Trades)

Questions on look-ups

Fake Random Events - Issue 224

Question: Hey, I wanted to know, are fake random events against the rules or not? Please let me know, I've been dying to find out!
Answer: If they are malicious in nature or meant to make someone think they received something that they have not, then yes, it is against the rules. If it is obviously not from Neopets and something amusingly benign, such as, "A dragon walks by and steals your socks" then it is fine. You have no idea how much mail we get because someone got a fake faerie paint brush Random Event in a shop and never got the item.=/ Please use your best judgment. If you have doubts whether or not it is appropriate or against the rules, simply don't use it.

Notes to TNT - Issue 222

Question:Some people put notes on their lookup saying that more than one person uses the computer, so there may be more than one account gaining NP or items from the IP. Do you actually read these notes and take them into consideration when you are thinking about freezing/suspending someone for gaining NP/doing dailies on multiple accounts?
Answer: Nope, they don't do any good. Anyone can say they have a sister/parent/friend who uses the same computer/IP address/email whether it's true or not and, unfortunately, people do lie about such things to try and get away with cheating. Because of this, the monitors have to go by the information we have on each account (which is quite extensive) rather than by the user's word.
Covering stats and images - Issue 219 & - Issue 230

Question:In user.info (edit My Preferences), it says, "...all your REAL stats must be visible. Hiding or covering them (and retyping the info yourself) is not allowed." Does this just mean that users are not allowed to enter FAKE stats, OR are users also not allowed to have a big picture or object that covers everything up?
Answer:Yes on both counts. All your correct, official information must be viewable to anyone who visits your account. You can cover your shield, your sidebar, the top portion above your stats, etc. But all your text stats, your Neopets, and your trophies MUST be visible. If you don't like them taking up space, you can put them in a scrolling div somewhere out of the way. :) They just have to be legible by everyone.
Response from - Issue 230
Question:Okay, so I asked this on the Help Board, but no one seemed to have an answer for me. So straight to the source I went! I know there are specific rules for what you can and can't cover up in a userlookup or guild, but what about shops? I recently came across a shop with a full page layout. TThe navigation (retyped) & items were there, but otherwise everything else (shopkeeper, report this shop link, etc) was covered. Is this against the rules?
Answer:Erm, yes. Covering the report shop link especially is not allowed. In short, any links on the page must always be there. To clarify, here's a list of the definitive rules on the subject.
User Lookup:
You MUST have your real, official stats viewable. You cannot retype these yourself. They have to be the official, default stats that exist on every user lookup. (Your block of text info, your Neopets, your trophies, etc.) This is so that everyone visiting your lookup knows for sure that this is your true information.
You can cover your shield! It's quite nice to cover it with something that matches the theme of your lookup. And your join date is available in your text stats, so covering the shield does not hide how long you've been on the site. However, you CANNOT cover this shield with a different, official Neopian shield. If your current shield says "2 Years," you can't cover it with the 5 year shield. You should have the standard yellow bar links so that they are clickable. They don't have to be on the bar itself, so you can retype them as text links or make your own navigation bar if you like. Whatever you wish as long as those links are on the page. :)
Pet Lookups:
The correct stats of your Neopet(s) must be displayed. Again, you cannot retype them or cover them in any way.
You can replace the side navigation and header as long as ALL standard navigation links are clickable somewhere else in your shop/gallery. If you do not have these links, your shop/gallery will be cleared.
In general, all other information, such as prices, your account name, user lookup and report links, etc, must be clearly visible and clickable.
For shops specifically, you CANNOT have your font color and background colour the same, or similar enough that it is difficult to read the prices of your items. Your shop will be cleared if a monitor sees this. A user must be able to clearly see what they are buying and how much it costs.
The real guild navigation and welcome sections must be visible. You may cover everything else with graphics, but if you do, the yellow bar links MUST exist somewhere else on the page so that people can navigate away from your guild.
There may be some things we missed, but it should be quite clear from this list what is and isn't allowed. :) If you have all the real information from the specific page viewable, and the user can navigate all the links on the page that are normally found there, your code is probably good to go.

Questions about the boards

Use of Monitoring 'bots- Issue 221
Question:Some people believe that you use "bots" to monitor the board that warn/freeze, and other say that's not true as you've said many times that you don't use bots. I've seen lots of arguments on the boards about this? Is it true or not?
Answer:The site is monitored by humans, NOT bots. Every warning/freeze you receive, and every locked/deleted board is done by human hands clicking their mice. We do have several systems in place that help the monitors do their jobs. We do work with computers, after all! But anything that requries a definitive action, especially when it comes to your account, is left up to a human. We would never let a bot do something so important.
A similar question, from Issue 66
Question:Do you EVER get tired of watching the chat boards? I mean you have to watch them 24 hours, 7 days a week!
Answer:I am sure if just one person watched them they would get pretty sick of them. We have a team of people who each take it in turns to monitor the boards, so no, we don't :)

Use of agression on the neoboards - Issue 221
Question:Can you get frozen for excessive insulting a person or a group of people in an argument, even if you didn't start it and you were right?
Answer:Yes. No matter who is right or wrong, it is still inappropriate to insult and harass another player. Just be the bigger Neopian and don't get dragged down to their level.

Harassment - Issue 218 & Issue 219
Question:On the boards, when someone makes a board containing someone elses username in the title, is that harrasment? What if they aren't saying anything bad about the person? Or what if they are saying nice things about the person or whatever? I think it's annoying when on the boards, if someone has another username in the title, people start posting "reported for harrasment".
Answer:We're in the same boat as you! We find it quite annoying as well, especially since most of the harassment reports are simply the result of petty arguments and do nothing but prevent the Monitors from responding more quickly to real complaints. Simply posting someone's username is definitely not harassment.
To help those who are confused, here are some examples of what is and isn't harassment:
- NOT HARASSMENT: Someone simply disagrees with something you've said and you don't like it.
- HARASSMENT: Someone disagrees with you and begins to berate you and insult your intelligence.
- NOT HARASSMENT: Someone posts a warning that a particular user may be a scammer and to be wary.
- HARASSMENT: Someone posts that a particular user is a scammer and that everyone should report him and send him nasty Neomails until he is frozen.
- NOT HARASSMENT: You post a newbie question like "Where is the Paint Brush Shop?" and someone replies "lolz n00b."
- HARASSMENT: You post a newbie question like "Where is the Paint Brush Shop?" and someone replies "OMG U R SUCH A MORON N00B!! Go home where stoopid people belong!"
- NOT HARASSMENT: Someone Neomails you with "can u give me items i need them!"
- HARASSMENT: Someone repeatedly Neomails you asking for items, even after you've asked them to stop.
- NOT HARASSMENT: Someone calls you a n00b.
- HARASSMENT: Someone threatens you or continually insults you.
There may be extenuating circumstances to every case, of course, but you get the idea. Try to use common sense. We're not demanding that everyone has to be all happy and nice to each other. People disagree and argue all the time. But really, uncalled for insults and threats are NOT appropriate. If someone makes you angry, go take your Neopet on the Mysery Island tour and relax. No need to risk your account by doing things you know you'll regret, like responding inappropriately or falsely reporting someone out of spite.
Below is the question asked the subsequent week - Issue 219

Question:Last week you had a bit about harrasment and I am still left confused about harrasment in regards to screenies. My Question is. Is it harrasment to have somebodys name in a screenie if they do not want it there and have asked you not to. I have asked around the boards and have gotten many varying answers so I was wondering if you could clear that up once and for all.
Answer:Yes. For example, if someone insults you on a "screenie" page and they do not remove your username and/or any other distinguishable features in the screenshot when you ask them to, that is harassment.
We can spend every editorial going over anything that gets submitted for clarification, but we still wouldn't be able cover every possible situation. :) In the end, it's best to just use your common sense. If you *really* feel harassed or threatened, report it. Otherwise, it's best to just take a step back and ignore the people who go a little overboard for no apparent reason. ;)
Spamming - Issue 11

Question:I received a Neomail from the NeoPets team telling me my account will be frozen if I spam the message boards. What exactly is "spamming"?
Answer:"Spamming" is when you repeatedly type the same thing over and over again. Normally it is something mundane such as 'Hi, hi' etc. It is extremely frustrating for the people who are trying to have a conversation on the message boards, so is not permitted. If you continue to do so, despite having a warning, your account may be frozen!
Using the boards to contact someone when their inbox is full - Issue 2

Question:How do I contact my neofriend if his/her mailbox is full?
Answer:You need to wait for them to delete some of their neomessages. Try contacting them via the messageboards instead.
Gift Wars" - Issue 74

Question:Can you tell us if "gift wars" are against the rules? Primarily, a gift war is when you give some one a present. They then send one back a that is a little more expensive. This continues until a person surrenders
Answer:This is not against the rules, although it is not something that we particularly encourage. It can fill the message boards with updates and thank you notes which annoys people who are actually trying to have a conversation. Some people will deny ever receiving anything and it could be used as a way to scam freebies from others. There is no guarantee that you will receive an item back, or even be thanked for giving it in the first place. To be on the safe side never give anything away that you cannot afford to lose.
Permitted topics (aka Chats about the 'real world') - Issue 85 &
Issue 91

Question:I chatted about the war in Iraq half an hour and then The board was deleted. It was very interesting. Can you fix this problem? You could give a board more time if it is used so much. There were 10 messages a minute.
Answer:There is no problem. You are not allowed to talk about political or sensitive subjects on Neopets. We are an international site with players all over the world. It is not a place for people to discuss real world issues. Any such posts always end up distressing somebodyso we remove them as soon as they are posted.
Response from Issue 91
QuestionWhy can't people talk about religions? Can you (possibly) make a place where we can talk about our religions (like Christianity)?
Answer:Quite frankly religion is not what Neopets is about, if you want to go and chat about religions there are hundreds of chat sites around where you can happily debate with other people. Neopets is just NOT the place for this.
Topics which don't fit the board (sub forum) description exactly - Issue 231
Question: Ok, you guys, don't you think it's time for a new board dedicated to the pound? The Help Chat is being smothered by all the pounding, pound surfing, ect. ect. ect. boards. A lot of us would appreciate it if you could create a new board for pound topics. Thanks!
Answer:There are thousands of topics on Neopets that could stand to have their own message board, but that would just be silly. ;) If you're unsure which board to post on, just use the one that most closely matches your topic. Help seems like a perfectly logical place to look for kind people to help you when you need to find a new owner for your Neopet. Fan Clubs would probably be good for that, too! Just remember that there are currently 23 message boards that everyone has to share. Try to be understanding when a topic starter doesn't have a specific board to go to with their topic. (We're talking NEOPETS-RELATED topics, of course!) ;)

Questions on accounts

Accidently playing games on a side account - Issue 223

Question: Doing much of ANYTHING on our extra accounts could result in losing all of the things we've honestly worked so hard for. I've heard so many stories where people didn't realize they were in their side account, and played a game or something and were frozen. My suggestion is that we have another default sidebar, so that we can all easily tell our accounts apart! Please? We honest players could use another safeguard...
Answer:Don't worry; we ourselves have all done that before. If you've made a mistake and have accidentally done a daily or played a couple games in an alt account thinking it was your main, no need to freak out. Just don't do that particular daily or play those games in your main on that day. We know accidents like that can happen. Just don't turn an occasional mistake into a habit of "accidentally" playing in your alts. That's when you'll be frozen.

Activities permitted on a side account - Issue 223

Question:Is it okay to feed your pet in Soup kitchen in your side accounts? And what about underwater fishing? Are you allowed to fish in side accounts?
Answer:Yes, you may feed your Neopets at the Soup Kitchen in all your accounts, as there is no way to profit from it, and it does not give you an unfair advantage over other players. You may NOT play Underwater Fishing in your alts, as it is considered a game/daily, and you receive something from it. Just think of it this way: before you do anything in your alternate accounts, just ask yourself, "Will I receive any Neopoints/items from this activity?" If the answer is yes, then don't play. Activities such as the Soup Kitchen, and the Roo Island Merry Go Round are fine to play in alts, because no matter what, you will not receive anything from it (except maybe happier Neopets). The ONLY exception to this is the Healing Springs. We wouldn't want your pets to suffer if you couldn't afford their medication.

When making another account your 'main account' - Issue 222

Question:TNT-will i get frozen if i change to a new active account and make it obvious that i no longer use this one?
Answer:Nope! Just make sure your new account is easily identified as yours so we don't think someone stole everything from your old account. :)
Related question, from issue 216
Question:if i want to make a new account and transfer all my stuff and pets over to it, and never go on this account again, will my current account be frozen?
Answer:Nope! Your and your accounts are fine as long as you do one of the following:
Option A â€" Make the old one an alternate account. In this case, both accounts should have the same email address so concerned staff members won't be worried that you've been scammed, and will recognise that you are simply changing main accounts. :) Once you're done, you can keep the alt as long as you don't use it to earn Neopoints, so close down your shop there, if you have one.
Option B â€" Self freeze the old account if you really won't use it at all any more so it's very apparent that it's no longer in use.

Moving an item obtained by RE to a main account - Issue 220

Question: The other day, I was logged onto my spare account and I got a random event telling me I had been given a book from a traveling book shop. I was wondering, is it against the rules to send this item to my main account?
Answer:Nope. :) Anything won from a random event is yours to keep, and since you obviously can't have a shop on your alternate account, it's perfectly alright to send it to your main to sell it if you wish. (Or read it to a pet or whatever you wish.) This is quite different from doing dailies and getting freebies on alternate accounts, which isn't allowed.

Questions on account access/ Acessing others accounts

Logging on from different Computers- Issue 220 & Issue 10

Question:I'm a college student so I go between computers a lot. I use neopets from my dorm, work, and home computer on a regular basis. And I've heard that you can get frozen by using neopets on multiple computers. Is this true?
Answer:No, that isn't true. Logging onto your account from multiple places is fine. We know that even though we rarely leave the office, most people enjoy going places like "outside" and "to their Grandma's house" and such. While we find it quite strange, it's not unheard of. Feel free to play Neopets wherever you go.
Response from Issue 10
Question:I play Neopets on a public computer on which I know there are at least a few other people playing Neopets. I was wondering if playing on this computer will make my account be frozen?
Answer:As long as you personally are not doing anything wrong on the computer, then no your account will not be frozen. We understand that many players use computers in public places, so we take a lot more into account than just where a person logs on from before freezing accounts.

Shared Computers- Issue 220

Question:I play Neopets on a public computer on which I know there are at least a few other people playing Neopets. I was wondering if playing on this computer will make my account be frozen?
Answer:As long as you personally are not doing anything wrong on the computer, then no your account will not be frozen. We understand that many players use computers in public places, so we take a lot more into account than just where a person logs on from before freezing accounts.

Logging on for friends - Issue 220

Question:A few of my friends who are not able to get on Neopets every day have asked me to get on their accounts and get their advent calendar prizes for them. I've been doing it, but I'm terrified that I'll get myself, and all my friends, frozen for "having multiple accounts". Can you assure me that you have a way to know that I'm not on multiple accounts?
Answer:Whoa whoa. Yeah, stop now. PUT THE MOUSE DOWN!
You CANNOT log into another user's account to play Neopets for them, and getting someone their dailies (including Advent) is indeed playing the site. It's not the multiple account thing you have to worry about... you're all cheating and that's definitely not allowed. They're cheating by asking you to play for them and giving you their account information, and you're cheating by playing the site for someone else. Tell your friends to stop being slackers and get their own freebies, and for Fyora's sake, stay out of their accounts so you don't get frozen.

Obtaining game avatars for others- Issue 210

Question:Is getting game avatars for other people against the rules? I know people have been frozen for it but I don't know why it would be against the rules.
Answer:When someone offers to "help" you get a game avatar, the majority of the time they are simply scammers who are trying to trick you into giving them your PW. Never EVER give anyone your PW for any reason. They will definitely be frozen if they ask for access to your account.
Aside from this, having someone else play games for you (to get avatars or otherwise) means that you are not earning these things on your own. Someone else is doing all the work for you. This is cheating and is not acceptable.

4. Questions which fit no catagory

Refreshing- Issue 219

Question:Some people say that you can get frozen from refreshing to much. For example some avatars people say you can only get from refreshing and they say that you can get frozen from refreshing to much. Is that true?
Answer:Just like many things in Neopets and life, there is a line. Let's clarify.
- Hitting refresh repeatedly for a few minutes, allowing the page to load. â€" Great
- Holding down F5 for 10-30 seconds at a time, checking for the avatar/challenger, then trying again if it has not been achieved â€" Still good.
- Holding down the F5 key for 20 minutes â€" Okay, but try to take a break for your mental sake and ours.
- Leaving your "cat" on the F5 key while you make a sandwich. â€" Not good.
- Leaving your "cat" on the F5 key all night while you sleep â€" Bad.
I am unable to include the rest of this article. The system thinks I'm using profanity. To see the rest of the response, see the editorial (click the link above)

Lending Items- Issue 218

Question:One of the most commonly asked questions about lending: If the lender, after lending the item, does not take it back, is this a reportable offense? This would be considered a sell, because it was made through the trades and used collateral, am I right? Please answer this. ^^ being a lender myself, i do not want to be ridiculed just because no one really knows the answer! lol thanks
Answer:This comes up alot and, while these situations are never black and white, let's use some examples for clarity.
Senario 1 User A has an MSPP (TCG) card in trades with a lot that says "Gets you an avatar! Will also consider lending with collateral." User B has some nice collateral and bids on it. The trade is accepted. User B then contacts User A asking to trade back. User A refuses, saying it was a trade. While this may not be nice, it isn't "scamming," as it was never clarified to User A that User B's intention was for the card to be lent to them.
Senario 2 User A has an MSPP (TCG) card in trades with a lot that says "Gets you an avatar! Will also consider lending with collateral." User B has some nice collateral, and contacts User A, asking if they will lend them the card if they offer the collateral. User A agrees to lend the card to User B. The trade is made. User B contacts User A again, requesting to trade back now. User A refuses, and calls it a "trade," even though it was clearly dictated through Neomails the intention was lending. THIS is scamming, and is reportable.
If you fail to see the difference between these two, please visit your local library and check out some books with the word "ethics" in the title.
Good ol' miscommunication like the above is the number 1 reason for loans going bad. (Others are a bit tricky and require a judgment call by the Monitoring Staff.) Just remember, whether you are borrowing or lending, it's best to make sure both of you are clear that this is a loan, not a trade, before proceeding. And don't try to be clever by wording things slyly or intentionally decieving people. That's malicious and you WILL be caught.
We should also note that, as a lender or a borrower, you'll not get your items/np back should you lose them since you knew the risks when trading. In general it's best to ONLY make such deals with your close friends so there's less risk of being scammed... but if you do venture out onto the boards, play it safe and make sure you know who you're dealing with.

Adoption Agencies / Applications- Issue 217
Question:Hello=D I own an adoption adgency, and i have asked around on the boards if it is against the terms and conditions, and i have gotten a couple yeahs and no's. So i was just hoping you could clear this up for me. Thankz
Answer:Hi there! Adoption agencies themselves are fine. Helping abandoned Neopets find caring homes is quite a good thing. :) However, often times people accept tips or payment for this service, which is not allowed. Other times, people are unaware of the fact that a pet transfer is not guaranteed and are quite upset when they put work into an application and do not get the pet. So, as long you don't ask for payment of any sort, and make it quite clear that the winning applicant is not guaranteed to get the pet once it's released into the pound, you can continue your charitable work without fear!

Targe Audience - Issue 50 & Issue 63& Issue 13
Question:If this is a little kid's site, then why did you add such a horrible thing to a neocard? (The new, not so nice neogreeting)
Answer:Well actually Neopets isn't a kids site. When we originally thought of the idea we were aiming for 17-25 year olds. Just because a lot of younger people like to play as well, doesn't make it a kids site. Anyway if everything was fluffy and cute it just wouldn't be right, I mean could you imagine a Neopia with no Dr Sloth, no mutants and no Jhudora?!!?
Response from Issue 63
Question:I was wondering, I know neopets is a "kid's site" cos it's suitable for kids, but is it JUST for kids?
Answer:It wasn't designed for particularly young people, there is no age limit and we have a large player base who are adults with real jobs and all those fun things like paying bills etc. So no, its not a "kids site" it just happens we have a lot of young players.
Response from Issue 13
Question: What is the difference between 9-12, 13-17, and 18-21? What happens if you REALLY love neopets (like me:P) and you become older than 21? Do you boot us out of the game?
Answer:The different age groups are 8 and under, 9-12, 13-17 and 18 plus. We have to ask your age group when you sign up due to COPPA regulations. These are laws designed to protect young internet users and they affect what you can and can't do on NeoPets. If you are under 13, you need your parents to give their permission for you to chat with other users, or take part in any sponsor activities.
Lol, no we do not stop people playing when they turn 21, we have many adult players (even a number of grandmothers and grandfathers) who enjoy playing NeoPets, and can continue to do so for as long as they wish.
3rd March - Issue 231
Question:What happened to the 13th March news? The 14th March news came out on that day, but no news for Monday! Did Dr. Sloth steal it? Was it cancelled due to lack of interest, too? Please tell us!
Answer:Not to worry. :) As we stated in New Features a few weeks back, we've changed the news schedule slightly. In order to make sure that everyone around the world gets their Neopets news in a timely manner, we've decided to update each day's news the previous night and also do an update just before the weekend. So what was once Monday's news is now Saturday and Sunday's news. For example, if you go to New Features for the week of 6th March you'll notice there's an entry for 11th & 12th March. Normally, that would have been news for the 13th, but since we don't work on the weekends, we want to update for you before we leave on Friday. :) It's still the same amount of news you're used to seeing... it's just dated a bit differently now! (Hopefully all that didn't just confuse you even more!)
False" Inflation (Trades) - Issue 231
Question: Someone told me that a Molten Borovan Rod is worth 11.5 mil nps so I went to double check on the trades and most of them said they want 11 mill nps but one of the trades said that it's a scam and that on the shop wizard Molten Borovan Rod was less than 100k? is that true? I'm confuzzled
Answer:Ahh, this is what is known as "false inflation." Multiple people (or sometimes a single person on multiple accounts) will place an item on the Trading Post at an absolutely ridiculous price. Others often see this price and post the item with the crazy price themselves. While this is not truly scamming, per se, it can be used to scam. Often people will bid, or Neomail you about an item you have for sale, offering the item that is falsely inflated on the Trading Post. It seems a fair or even an amazing trade for you at the time, and you accept, only to find out that the item is worth only a pathetic fraction of what you were led to believe it was worth. This is where it really crosses the line into scamming. Before accepting an item you are not familiar with, be sure to thoroughly explore its worth, checking the Shop Wizard, Auction House, and all instances of the item on the Trading Post. If you are old enough to access the chat boards, consider checking with fellow players. Better safe than sorry! Always remember the key rule of trading: If it sounds too good to be true... it probably is!



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