*Updates: March 19th - It's the opening of Coloration Zappers and the Dream Pet Wishlist!!
We have an affiliate, Zapping Your Dream Pet! Zappers, check out their page to see if you can help grant a wish for them.

Zappers, do you need a lab rat? Go to The Lost and Pound for a list of WN pets.
If you see our topic on PC then help bump our board so we can grant more wishes! :D
8/1/16 -- New zappers! A wish has been granted!

Wishes Granted

...and counting!
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Your Dream Pet is

Our Mission

You are well on your way to having the pet you've always wanted, all you need to do is wish for it & have a little patience. Our Coloration Zappers try to make as many wishes come true as possible but the lab ray is very random. We keep a list of all the wishes received, once one of our zappers gets the pet you wish for then you will be contacted by neomail.

We will not take your pet and zap it for you (this is against Neopets Rules). We adopt well-named pets from the pound, zap them and find them a home. If you have a pet you've always wanted neomail paisleyday to have your name added to the list so Coloration zappers can help you!

Let others know about our zappers & support our cause with using one of the following buttons. Simply copy and paste the code below!


dream pet wishlist


WN = well named (no numbers, underscores or random letters)
[C] = this person is a guild member of Coloration

[ ❖ acara ❖ ]

elenoosh          Male Ice Acara

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[ ❖ aisha ❖ ]

dedenchu [C]          WN Alien Aisha
robertinha35          female Snow Aisha
laulau_xx         Female Brown Aisha
scribblecop          Alien Aisha
scribblecop          Halloween Aisha
a_cockatiel_a         Male Alien Aisha
the_pass_is_library          Darigan Aisha

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[ ❖ blumaroo ❖ ]

nineoneone_          Female Transparent Blumaroo
arthur1236         Very WN Robot Blumaroo
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[ ❖ bori ❖ ]

sleepyscholar          WN Maraquan Bori
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[ ❖ bruce ❖ ]

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[ ❖ buzz ❖ ]

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[ ❖ chia ❖ ]

_shakky_ [C]         Pea Chia
romantizar         Pea Chia
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[ ❖ chomby ❖ ]

samuraidawg         Maraquan Chomby
Please contact samuraidawg if you get any type of painted Chomby. Their top choices are listed above.
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[ ❖ cybunny ❖ ]

vulpesrubei [C]        Maraquan Cybunny
alisethvictoria          Male Stealthy Cybunny
blossy678901         Female Faerie Cybunny
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[ ❖ draik ❖ ]

brokenparadise         WN Faerie Draik
cherylroks         Female Grey Draik
tailo555         Mutant Draik
pluspea         Maraquan Draik
_tecnodeno_         Chocolate Draik
_tecnodeno_         Water Draik
stacie_duncan         Female Desert Draik
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[ ❖ elephante ❖ ]

taffington [C]         Desert Elephante
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[ ❖ eyrie ❖ ]

poppytina         Very WNWoodland Eyrie
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[ ❖ flotsam ❖ ]

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[ ❖ gelert ❖ ]

justanotheryugiohfan         Mutant Gelert
zixal       Water Gelert
zixal       Chocolate Gelert
simonandjace        Stealthy Gelert
vulpesrubei [C]        Maraquan Gelert
swimmything         WN Stealthy Gelert
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[ ❖ gnorbu ❖ ]

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[ ❖ grarrl ❖ ]

spyro959912000        Male Pastel Grarrl
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[ ❖ grundo ❖ ]

luvdisc_123          Mallow Grundo
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[ ❖ hissi ❖ ]

sabrinaispretty [C]         Faerie Hissi
Please contact sabrinaispretty if you get any type of unique Hissi. Her top choice is listed above.
nahoygah [C]         Darigan Hissi
swimmything         WN Island Hissi
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[ ❖ ixi ❖ ]

pinkishbloo          female Maraquan Ixi
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[ ❖ jetsam ❖ ]

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[ ❖ jubjub ❖ ]

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[ ❖ kacheek ❖ ]

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[ ❖ kau ❖ ]

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[ ❖ kiko ❖ ]

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[ ❖ koi ❖ ]

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[ ❖ korbat ❖ ]

the_pass_is_library          Darigan Korbat
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[ ❖ kougra ❖ ]

unkown_force_rm2k         Wraith Kougra
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[ ❖ krawk ❖ ]

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[ ❖ kyrii ❖ ]

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[ ❖ lenny ❖ ]

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[ ❖ lupe ❖ ]

zixal       Male Wraith Lupe
Wraith Lupe can be Female if it has a Masculine Name back to the top

[ ❖ meerca ❖ ]

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[ ❖ moehog ❖ ]

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[ ❖ mynci ❖ ]

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[ ❖ nimmo ❖ ]

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[ ❖ ogrin ❖ ]

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[ ❖ peophin ❖ ]

iloveydoveyx3          Pastel Peophin
pixqui         WN Female Water Peophin
sarahsimms          Water Peophin
(prefers the gender to match their name)
sarahsimms          Shadow Peophin
(prefers the gender to match their name)
sarahsimms          Maractite Peophin
(prefers the gender to match their name)
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[ ❖ poogle ❖ ]

mochitea          Mutant Poogle
saphdragon18         Male Eventide Poogle

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[ ❖ pteri ❖ ]

kittycatcora1 [C]        Male Darigan Pteri
swimmything         WN Maraquan Pteri
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[ ❖ quiggle ❖ ]

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[ ❖ ruki ❖ ]

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[ ❖ scorchio ❖ ]

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[ ❖ shoyru ❖ ]

callingforcalamity2 [C]        Maraquan Shoyru
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[ ❖ skeith ❖ ]

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[ ❖ techo ❖ ]

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[ ❖ tonu ❖ ]

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[ ❖ tuskaninny ❖ ]

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[ ❖ uni ❖ ]

martania        Stealthy Uni
martania        Transparent Uni
simonandjace        Transparent Uni
spyro959912000        Female Woodland Uni
ashes2814 [C]       Transparent Uni

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[ ❖ usul ❖ ]

certifiedtherapycat          Wraith Usul
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[ ❖ vandagyre ❖ ]

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[ ❖ wocky ❖ ]

gaby_hyoga_lindo        WN Grey Wocky
certifiedtherapycat          Maraquan Wocky
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[ ❖ xweetok ❖ ]

vulpesrubei         Pink Xweetok
whitepowerup          Robot Xweetok
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[ ❖ yurble ❖ ]

justanotheryugiohfan         Mutant Yurble
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[ ❖ zafara ❖ ]

iamnotaaron         Maraquan Zafara
(Feminine Name, with no random letters, numbers or underscores in its name)
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make a wish

Neomail paisleyday with the following information:

Gender: (male/female/no preference)

Read the rules before you request your perfect pet.

adoption centre

Make sure to check out the adoption centre to see if there are any pets that you are looking for.
These pets are also in search of homes and are available now!

wishes granted

This is where the kind neopians that have fulfilled dreamlist wishes will be mentioned.
parshew has granted wishes: Halloween Kougra, Faerie Cybunny!
poppet130 has granted wishes: Faerie Poogle!
juliesanerdd has granted wishes: Chocolate Bori, Robot Aisha, Eventide Aisha, another Eventide Aisha!
Vanille has granted wishes: Maraquan Usul, Faerie Gnorbu, Woodland Aisha!
oneshygurl has granted wishes: Maraquan Ixi, Water Xweetok!
celia_1234321 has granted wishes: Faerie Chomby, Halloween Eyrie!
gothrockers has granted wishes: Jelly Poogle, Transparent Aisha, Pastel Lupe, a Robot Bruce!
gothicxnerd has granted wishes: Desert Kacheek, Halloween Kacheek, Faerie Gnorbu, Wraith Lupe, Maractite Aisha, Chocolate Xwee, Chocolate Bori, Maraquan Blumaroo, Wraith Usul, Transparent Peophin, Grey Kyrii, Darigan Xweetok, Spotted Gelert, Transparent Blumaroo!
A friendly mystery zapper granted a Desert Jubjub, a Pastel Kougra, a Halloween Uni, an Alien Aisha, a Wraith Usul, a Robot Cybunny, a Robot Buzz, a Robot Pteri, Pastel Xweetok, Jelly Kougra, Zombie Uni, Woodland Uni, Another Woodland Uni, Stealthy Techo, Robot Ogrin, Faerie Meerca, Faerie Krawk, Mutant Hissi, Spotted Gelert, Halloween Blumaroo, Another Halloween Blumaroo, Island Aisha, Transparent Aisha, Another Transparent Aisha, Another Transparent Blumaroo, Chocolate Aisha, Grey Aisha!
ksims95 has granted wishes: Silver Aisha!
blobby212 has granted wishes: Darigan Hissi!
libramaco has granted wishes: Eventide Poogle!
purpleplanets has granted wishes: Woodland Aisha!
capn_scrac has granted wishes: Mutant Wocky!

Thank you for all your hard work Coloration Zappers!

the Coloration zappers

Paisley (paisleyday)
Emily (parshew)
Julie (juliesanerdd)
Marina (marinasmiles)
Jess (dalmatia_chihuahua)
Shina (seitsu)
Sam (poppet130)
Rachel (clurrae_2006)
Vanille (sleepover_2_2|bananapop1025)
Tape (leopardlie)
Xanders (gothrockers)
Naka (tsukinaka)
Melissa (whoslinefan)
Ivette (oneshygurl)
Celia (celia_1234321)
Aly (alyemen)
Serah (latias42194)
Agustina (metalian)
Reed (masterpassiongreed)
Kasey (ksims95)
Jenni (chumblefuzz2|hinkyspinkle/hinkyspinkle2)
Alix (gothicxnerd)
Britt (melodramatic_night)
libramaco (Ami)
Kitsu (vulpesrubei)
Cora (kittycatcora1)
Sash (mutantism|scherwoodz)
Kairo (leafblade0|kaironess, aliaskairo, meihun, prettyitchyapricots)
Amber (purpleplanets|lilstarprinces)
Ashes (ashes2814)
Tara (oikakete, viisages)
Claire (itsclairebabes)
Alma (fuzzythebeareatspie)
Alix (alexyonceminaj)
Gems (gelertems)
Dizzie (deerestauri|dj_dizzee)
Kendra (runawayx13|runawaypenguin)
Jess (rose_of_hades)
Ducky (weirdobluedevil|pompompompauttaja)
Alyssa (skaarfy)
Mary (_cloudy_sky_pets_)
Aurelius (Shadowclan_stalker)
Zeita (ladyzeita)

become a zapper

If you would like to help Coloration and become a zapper neomail paisleyday with the following information:

Your name and/or username:
How many lab rays you have:
Which account(s) you will be zapping on:
Do you have the lab ray scientist as a challenger in the BD?
Have you done this before?
Are you a guild member of Coloration?

Put New Coloration Zapper as the subject title.

how to be a zapper

You must have at least one lab pet you are planning to zap.
Start zapping until you get a color change. Then, check the wishlist to see if your zapped pet is someone's dream pet!
If your pet isn't a dream pet, keep zapping or neomail paisleyday to put your pet UFA/UFT.
If your pet is a dream pet, neomail the person who requested it and see if they would like to adopt your pet. Give 72 hours time for them to reply an/or agree.
Sometimes, multiple people will have requested the same dream pet. If this happens, pick the name at top of the list for that certain pet. Wishlists are kept in order from first requested person to last. If you are not entirely sure who was first then neomail paisleyday.
Once that is all settled, send your pet to his/her new owner. Congratulations on helping someone achieve their dream pet! :)

Make sure to neomail paisleyday: the username of who adopted the pet and the name of the pet adopted, so YOU can get credit and then you can try to help the next person get their dream pet!

the rules

You are allowed to have three requests on the list at a time.
You have 72 hours after a zapper neomails you to accept the pet.
*If you do not answer your name will be removed from the list and the next in line will get this pet.
You can request the same pet as someone else but first come first serve.
Please respond if a zapper contacts you about your wish, even if you do not decide to adopt the pet.
Do not request colors that can't be zapped (Royal, Plushie, Baby, Pirate, Quiguki, or Usuki).
Your account must be 4+ months old.
Inactive Users will be removed from the list (accounts that have not been accessed in over 30 days).

**Once you get the pet you've always wanted then you must neomail paisleyday so the kind zapper can get credit and someone else can have a chance to get their wish.**

Being added to the list does NOT guarantee you will get the pet you wish. We try to make as many wishes come true as possible but the labray is very random. Please be patient. If you wish to be included in this list you consent for your username to be published and given out to users that may have your dream pet, this list is public domain.

Now you know all the rules, go ahead and make a wish!


Q: I am a zapper, can I also wish for a pet?
A: Absolutely! You can be both a zapper and on the wishlist.

Q: Why can't I ask for a Lutari?
A:These pets can not be traded, transferred or put up for adoption since they become "too fond of their owner".

Q: Can I request the same pet that someone else wants?
A: Yes. The person who asked first will be the one to receive the pet first but your name will also be on the list for when another of that type becomes available. Names will be listed by who would be first to get the pet to last.

Q: May name is on the wishlist but I don't want that pet anymore, what do I do?
A: No problem! Just neomail me (paisleyday), let me know that you no longer want the pet and would like to be removed off the list.

Q: Will you take my pet and zap it for me?
A: No, this is against Neopets rules.

Q: I've already had wishes in the past. Can I do more?
A: Definitely! The rule is you can have three pets on the dreamlist at a time. So, you can have as many wishes as you'd like as long as it isn't more than 3 at the same time.

Q: I'm a zapper and got a really cool pet but it is not on the wishlist, what should I do?
A:Completely up to you! You can announce the pet on the guild message board as UFA/UFT, you can have it added to the adoption centre or you can continue on zapping.

lab ray statistics

Lose Strength 5.1%
Lose Levels 5.5%
Lose Movement 4.9%
Lose Defence 4.9%
Back to Level 1 7.4%
Gain Levels 5%
Gain Movement 10.6%
Gain Defence 6.1%
Gain Hit Points 14.2%
Gain Strength 9.2%
Colour Change 9%
Species Change 5.4%
Gender Change 7.6%
No Change At All 5.1%

lab ray only colors

The Lab Ray exclusive colours are: Clay, Garlic, Ice, MSP, Robot, Sponge.
Alien, Chocolate, Coconut, Custard, Mallow, Snot,
and Jelly.
Finally, the fruit and vegetable Chia colours are available through FFQs and Magical Chia Pops, but could be considered primarily Lab Ray colours due to the rarity of these alternate means. The Mutant colour is also available from the Lab Ray, even though you can obtain it from Transmogrification Potions and Fountain Faerie Quests."

Information From JellyNeo

who to contact

If you have any questions:
paisleyday - lab ray coordinator & dreamlist manager.
Neomail if you have any questions, want to make a wish or want to become a zapper.

parshew - Coloration s fearless guild leader.
Neomail if you have questions on the rules or about the guild.


If you happened to stumble across this page and are not a member than you are missing out!
Come be a part of an amazing guild:


ZYDP is another wish list to check for gifting pets you might have zapped and are not on Coloration's DPW.

Need a lab rat? Go to The Lost and Pound, it is a list of Neopets that are stuck in the pound & do not show up through regular pound-surfing.


*Updates: March 19th - It's Colorations 6 Month Anniversary!!
March 19th - It's the opening of Coloration

3/19/16 -- We have a new Zapper! Julie juliesanerdd will be helping us grant dream pets!
3/21/16 -- We have a new Zapper! Marina will be helping us grant dream pets!
3/24/16 -- We have a new Zapper! Jess will be helping us grant dream pets!
3/25/16 -- New zappers! seitsu and adamsasparagus will be helping us grant dream pets!
3/27/16 -- We have new pets added! Chocolate Aisha, Faerie Gnorbu, Desert Elephante, Garlic Jubjub, Halloween Eyrie, Faerie Bori, Chocolate Usual and Faerie Kyrii!
3/28/16 -- New pet added!! Eventide Aisha.
3/29/16 -- New pets added!! Robot Pteri, Desert Jubjub, Pastel Peophin, Maraquan Zafara, Water Xweetok, Pastel Koi and Faerie Xweetok.
3/30/16 -- We have new pets added, Maraquan Usul, Maraquan Ixi,! We had a wish granted! We have a new zapper! Rachel will be helping us grant dream pets!
3/31/16 -- We have new pets added, Faerie Hissi and any type of painted Hissi. A wish was granted! We have a new zapper! Vanille will be helping grant dream pets!
We have an affiliate, Zap Your Dream Pets (ZYDP)!
-- APRIL --
4/1/16 -- New pet added, Mallow Grundo!
4/3/16 -- We have a new Zappers! leopardlie and tsukinaka will be helping us grant dream pets! A wish was granted! We have new pets added to the list, Pastel Kougra, Spotted Gelert, Alien Aisha.
4/4/16 -- New pets have been added, Wraith Usul, Alien Aisha, Water Peophin, Desert Kacheek! We have a new zapper, xx_happy_girlz_xx will be helping us grant wishes!
4/5/16 -- New pets added, Chocolate Lupe, Wraith Kougra!
4/6/16 -- New pets added, Maraquan Cybunny, Faerie Ixi, Woodland Uni, Pea Chia! We have new zappers! Melissa, Caya and Celia will be helping to grant dream pets!!
4/7/16 --New pets were added, Faerie Chomby, Maraquan Chomby! A wish was granted!
4/8/16 -- New pets added, Water Cybunny, Faerie Cybunny, Faerie Gnorbu, Eventide Aisha, Maractite Aisha! A wish was granted! We have new zappers, Aly & Serah!
4/9/16 -- New pets were added! A wish was granted! We have a new zapper, metalian (Agustina)!
4/10/16 -- masterpassiongreed (Reed) will be helping us grant dream pets! A wish was granted!
4/11/16 -- New pet added, Ice Acara! We have a new zapper,
ksims95 (Kasey) will be helping us grant wishes!
4/12/16 -- New pet added, Stealthy Buzz!
4/14/16-- New pets added, Mutant Poogle, Mutant Hissi, Jelly Poogle!
4/17/16 -- New pets added, Robot Techo, Eventide Poogle, Woodland Cybunny! A wish was granted! We have a new zapper, Jenni!
4/18/16 -- New pets added, Robot Buzz, Mutant Wocky!
4/20/16 -- New pets added, Mallow Grundo, Mutant Poogle!
4/21/16 -- New pets added, Mutant Yurble, Mutant Ixi, Mutant Gelert! A wish was granted!
4/22/16 -- New pet added, Robot Tonu!
4/25/16 -- New zappers, Britt & Ami! Two wishes granted!
4/26/16 -- New zapper, Nikki will be helping to grant wishes! New pet added, Water Hissi!
4/29/16 & 4/30/16 -- New zapper, Tracy will be helping to grant wishes! A wish was granted! New pet added, Alien Aisha, Brown Aisha, Transparent Blumaroo, Chocolate Xweetok, Robot Ixi, Robot Techo, Pastel Lupe, Transparent Aisha, another Transparent Blumaroo!
-- MAY --
5/1/16 -- A wish was granted!
5/2/16 -- New pets have been added, Darigan Eyrie, Desert Hissi, Maraquan Shoyru!
5/3/16 -- New pets have been added, Water Gelert, Chocolate Gelert, Wraith Lupe, Chocolate Bori, Maraquan Bori, Robot Ogrin!
5/4/16 -- New pets were added, Stealthy Techo!
5/5/16 -- New pets were added, Stealthy Uni, Woodland Uni, Transparent Uni!
5/6/16 -- New pets were added, Maraquan Shoyru, Polka dot Vandagyre! A wish has been granted!
5/7/16 -- New pets were added, Pea Chia, White Kacheek, Halloween Kacheek, Wraith Ixi! A wish was granted, Maraquan Cybunny!
5/8/16 -- New pets were added, Spotted Gelert, Maraquan Blumaroo, Darigan Pteri.
5/9/16 -- New pets have been added, Stealthy Gelert, Transparent Uni!
5/10/16 -- We have new zappers! Kitsu, Cora and Sash will be helping us granted wishes! New pets have been added, Pastel Grarrl, Woodland Uni, Darigan Hissi, Island Hissi, Maraquan Gelert, Maraquan Cybunny, Pink Xweetok, Darigan Hissi, Island Hissi, Woodland Aisha, Silver Aisha, Elderly Xweetok!
5/12/16 -- New pets were added, Transparent Uni, Zombie Uni, Stealthy Cybunny, Robot Cybunny!
5/14/16 -- We have a new zapper, Kairo will be helping us grant wishes!New pets added, Transparent Blumaroo, Transparent Aisha, Transparent Peophin! A wish was granted!
5/15/16 -- Due to a very generous large donation we are now able to offer Draiks and Krawks as wishes we can grant! Thanks to an anonymous donor for making this possible! New pets added, Transparent Aisha, Grey Kyrii, Chokato Kiko! New zapper, Amber will be helping us grant wishes!
5/16/16 -- New pets added, Alien Aisha, Halloween Ruki, Woodland Aisha, Robot Xwee, Eventide Poogle! A wish was granted!
5/19/16 --New pets added, Faerie Lenny, Darigan Lenny! A wish has been granted! New zappers, Ashes (ashes2814) will be helping us grant wishes!
5/20/16 - 5/29/16 I will be getting married then going to Mexico on my honeymoon!! Updates will be sloow this week, I will be back in full force when I get back though!
5/30/16 -- Zappers have been added! A wish was granted! New pet added, Maraquan Draik, Faerie Draik, Island Kiko!
6/1/16 -- New pets added, Faerie Cybunny, Grey Draik!
6/2/16 -- New pets added, Maraquan Blumaroo! Ducky will be helping us zap!

*This is the page to come to see what additions have been made and when the list was updated last. Stay tuned for more!