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Welcome, guest, to this little place I like to call Loveberry. Loveberry became a simple, cute pixel site by me, Reanna on January 8th, 2011. Enjoy your time here, and feel free to neomail me if you have any questions or comments on the site!

Daily Updates

Thursday, 8th March 2012 - 12:49am NST
I listened to your suggestions, and decided to add new content based on what you want today! I will upload it gradually throughout the day. Check it out here.
Please, continue sending in those pixel suggestions. I love reading them!

Wednesday, 7th March 2012 - 11:55pm NST
Thank you guys ssooo much for all the positive neomails! I'm so happy you guys are glad Loveberry's back. I know I am. :3
I received some awesome pixel suggestions, and I think I'll get to them this weekend! Check back then. :)
My other site, Desires, is doing well too. I think I've gotten my mojo back, haha.
Please, continue sending in those pixel suggestions. I love reading them!

Monday, 5th March 2012 - 10:24pm NST
Fixed a broken pixel, everything should be okay now. :3
Posted some sitely news at Soroptimist Directory, maybe we'll be seeing a few new visitors!
I also started updating Desires (my button request site) again. Requests are open for anyone who wants to know!
Please neomail me with any suggestions for pixels, resources etc. because I would love to hear your ideas!

Friday, 2nd March 2012 - 4:00am NST
I'm alive!! Happy New Year everyone, although it's a bit late, haha. Loveberry is back!
I've added a few new pixels, and more are definitely on the way.
Since this layout is in season at the moment (Easter's coming up soon!) I think I'll just leave it for a bit and work on a new one in a month or two.
Please neomail me with any suggestions for pixels, resources etc. because I would love to hear your ideas!

Important Rules

Link back all pixels to this page directly or with text.

For resources, a simple text or button link in your credits is fine.

Do not edit or redistribute my content in any way.

Please don't become "over inspired" by my work.

Don't use anything I made in your layouts without permission!

I read the rules! I agree. ~ I disagree.

Content Menu

So here's the main part of any site; the content! Enjoy it, but just remember to link back to this site.


Scribbles / Vectors

Resources / Sozai

Site Names

Pixel Tutorial


Feel free to copy and paste the codes wherever you like! Just make sure you leave credit for my work.

Food and Drink

Cakes and Treats

Icey Delights



Bubble Tea


Fun Stuff

Hot Air Balloon

Unazukin Dolls

Have a suggestion for a pixel? neomail me!

Scribbles / Vectors

Newest in front of their section. Just copy and paste the codes wherever you like!

Food and Drink


Have a suggestion for a scribble or vector? neomail me!

Resources / Sozai

Because these are all so small, I have not provided the code for these resources (except for the "larger" ones). Just change the image URL where it says so in this code:


Counter Bases

To use these counter bases, go to a site like Boingdragon (Google it), create a counter and copy+paste one of the codes below. If you're still having trouble, feel free to neomail me!

Site Names

If you use a name, please tell me so I can cross it off the list!

The Names

Letters A - M

Around the World
Candy Cane
Can't Hold Back
Dream Come True
Fire in the Rain
Forget You
Golden Bell
Hardest Goodbye
Kawaii Kluster
Lolly Fridge
Love the Fall
Make a Wish
Mocking You

Letters N - Z

Not Naming Names
No Tomorrow
Only the Best
Opening Doors
Peridot Clover
Quick to Begin
Remember Me
Sand to Wind
Taking Control
The Treatise
Under Everything
X Marks the Spot
You're Mine

Wanna suggest a site name? neomail me!

Pixel Tutorial

So, you wanna learn how to pixel well? I made a little tutorial for people who would like to improve their skills or their sites. Enjoy!

First Things First

The Base

Once you've got an idea of what you'd like to pixel, the first thing to do is make a pixel base. A pixel base is a black-and-white image of what you'd like your pixel to look like before it's shaded in. Here's what mine looks like...

See how I haven't added any details yet? That's because I want to plan it out before I start.

Colouring your Pixel

Once you've made a pixel base that you're completely happy with, it's time to move on to some basic colouring. You don't need to shade your pixel as of yet; just get an idea of what you want it to look like once it's been completed.

When I coloured in my pixel, I didn't pay attention to the shading or anything like that. If you look closely, you'd see that it's only a plain little thing, with no depth or interest. If that's what yours looks like, then great! Let's move on to the next step.

Effects and Shading

Okay, this could essentially be the most important part of your pixel. You could either leave the colour plain (like above) or give it a little energy boost and signs of life.

All I've done is add a lighter shade around the border of my pixel, and in case you haven't noticed, I also added droplets of colour around her cute little face. On top of that, I added little rosy cheeks!

Decorating your Pixel

Now that you've done all the effects, shading, colouring and everything else you need to get done first, it's time to decorate your pixel. Add some polka dots, a love heart or anything you like! It's entirely up to you. This is my final product:

Thanks for Reading

I hope you learned something from my tutorial, and you go on to make some nice pixels yourself! Check back any time for something new to read about.

Have a suggestion for a new tutorial? neomail me!

Extra Sections

These are all actually just sections I felt just didnt fit in anywhere else... so I just put them here. Nothing special, really! Enjoy nonetheless.

About Me

Frequently Asked Questions

My Pixel Toybox

About Me

I'm just a normal girl named Reanna. I live in Australia with my Mum, Dad, brother, sister and my pet parrot.

I am currently obsessed with One Direction, the hottest and best boy band ever. I love the colour purple, Italian food, my friends & family, and just about anybody who shares my love for 1D. I adore rabbits. I hope to get one some day! (: If I could go anywhere in the world, I would either choose the US or Paris.

That's all you should care to know about me, so just neomail me to chat. Talk about One Direction or dessert food, and I'll love you forever. Talk about Twilight or JB, and I'll block you. -_-

Frequently Asked Questions

What program do you use to make your pixels?
I use the legendary MS Paint to create my pixels (which other?), and then I transfer it over to GIMP (a free program) to make it transparent and/or add any animations.

What made you want to start pixelling?
Well... I actually opened my first pixel site on January 25, 2010 (yes, I STILL remember the date after all this time!). It was my second-ever site (my first was a terribly low-quality dailies site!) offering pixels, scribbles and resources. Back then, I used to save them all as .JPG because of some terrible advice, therefore making my site terrible. The site was called Ragdoll Pixels at first, but I shortened it down to just Ragdoll around a month before closing. Loveberry is my second attempt at pixelling and is (hopefully) much higher quality!

Can you please make me a _______?
Sorry, I just do not have enough time on my hands to make custom pixels. If you are a close Neofriend, I will; but seriously, there are some great pixel sites out there already taking requests.

Have a different question? send it in!

My Pixel Toybox

I DID NOT make ANY of these pixels. This page is just a compilation of content from my favourite sites, and I do not claim any of these as my own. Click to visit!


I find it a little annoying to have one big page full of buttons... so I separated it all to make it neater. Here you go...

Link Back Buttons

Sister Sites / Affiliates

Listed at

Awards / Achievements

My Sitemaking History

Link Back to Loveberry?

Spread the word about Loveberry! Take one of these buttons and put them wherever you like. They are all linked for credit. ^^

Affiliates / Link Exchange

Loveberry's Sister Sites

Pearl is a wonderful new pixel site, run by Remy. Remy makes the cutest and most amazing pixels, and definitely doesn't substitue quality for quantity. If you don't visit Pearl soon, you'll know that you're missing out!

Pixel Affiliates | Apply?

Non-Pixel Affiliates | Apply?

Listed At

Loveberry is listed at these directories below!

Awards and Achievements

This page is just a little place where I like to store nice things people have said about Loveberry. Drag them into the address bar to view them in full size!

Loveberry History

Wanna find out a little more about the site? This is the place to be! Make sure you neomail me if you have any questions or comments.

How it all began...

My sitemaking life started late December, 2009, when I opened up my first ever site, CheekiNeo. It was a dailies/tutorial site, with an old premade from Catie's CSS. I only ever had one tutorial (the Moltara worms one) and it was basically copy+pasted off someone elses with minor alterations. I was terrible back then! I only had, like... 5 dailies links? :3

I got a review from a review site who was *apparently* the oldest review site in Neopia at the time. I am desperately trying to remember the name, but I can't. Anyway, it's closed now.

CheekiNeo lasted around a month before I gave up.

My first pixel site

On January 25th, 2010 I debuted my first ever pixel site, Ragdoll Pixels. It gained a nickname of Ragdoll, so I soon changed it.

The pixels at first were terrible; I used to save them as .JPG because someone told me that was how I was meant to do it. I soon picked up my mistake though. After that, my pixels weren't all that bad.

I closed Ragdoll after a little while, because I had just stopped updating and just had no time.

Sitemaking history

I have owned a whole collection of different sites over the years, including reviews, graphics, a directory, pet trading, and, more than anything, button requests. I've had so many, it's hard to count. My most popular ones were Hidden Secrets and Desires. Buttoning has always been something I adore, and I hope to start another button request site very soon.

My pet trading site, Whirlpool's End, was probably my most successful site (with Desires). W.E was ranked at many different directories and I was highly committed to it in the 6 months or so I was in a major trading phase. I don't think I will ever own one again, but you never know!

I had a review site (Peridot Clover) in the mix for a little while. I love reviewing sites, and I was quite good at it (I think). Peridot Clover closed after around 4 months because I was too overwhelmed with schoolwork to complete reviews. Maybe I will try again one day.

And now...

Right now the only sites I have are Loveberry and my button request site Desires. They've both been around for over a year!! How awesome is that?

Best wishes,

Site Credits

Loveberry | V.2: Easter Surprise is © miz_cheeki. Theft will not be tolerated and will be reported. [?]

Extra special thanks to my sister, Sara, for supporting me and telling me when my pixels and content was horrible. :3 Love you sis!

This site name was actually from Pirouette.

I'd also like to give a shoutout to Kate at Picnic-Crunch for giving me some tips on pixelling and scribbling! I really appreciate it. :D