Hey there! I see that you've somehow come across my junk page! So what is this exactly?

Well, it all started with me getting tired of having to remember links and things everytime I need to visit a guide, premade site or whatever, so I decided to make this page for my convenience! This is more of a private directory so I don't really take requests. However, if you know of a great site that isn't listed here(or if one of the below sites has has been taken down), please feel free to drop me a neomail! I list some of the best sites for various things, and by clicking around I'm sure you'll find some stuff you like! Thanks for visiting ♥

NOTICE: Anytime you see a 'button here' placeholder button, it means that I couldn't find that site's particular button. Those placeholders do actually lead to sites, though!

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NOTICE: I update the site regularly throughout the month but wont be posting here every time a new site is added.
~Updated as of February 2013~

Welcome Visitors!

8/5/12- Just added a fancy new feature to Junk Page..the Like button! Just click the light green banner over to left if you'd like to show your support for Junk Page. Visit this place to get your own: Clickie!

7/27/12- Buttons/Banners has been changed to 'Graphics', and Graphics will now be known as 'Layouts'. I also added a brand new section where I'll be showcasing sites that have great guides for everything!

6/27/12- Got a brand new site layout courtesy of madness! Anchors have been added to make navigating the site easier, and I will now be able to post updates/notifications here.