About Padfoot

Hello! You seem to have reached my About Me page! My name is Padfoot and I'm a 20something Neopets & Aisha addict! I've been on Neo since y1 with a few hiatuses & purged accounts over the years. But I've been here for so long, being without it is almost like a part of me is missing. Is that sad? Oh well xD When I'm not on Neopets, I'm either binge watching Netflix, tackling the never ending task of cleaning my house & keeping my six year old entertained, adding to my comic collection or being garbage on those sweet, sweet vidya games. My favorite day of the year is Halloween and I love the first snowfall of winter. I also like to get down in throwing some dice around in DnD campaigns as well as various board games. My favorite color is purple, I'd sell my soul for a lifetime supply of tacos and sometimes I do some pretty neat stuff, like go to horror movie conventions and meet people I've idolized for forever or ride around with my bf going pokeymans hunting. Gotta catch 'em all!

On Neopets, I pretty much live in the Pound Chat. Although I'm currently not trading for anything since 1. I'm out of room and 2. I've hit the majority of my goals, the PC is home to me and I love chatting with my friends on there, offering trading advice to those who ask for it and just lurking in general. Occasionally I can be found in the Art Chat bumping my Beauty Contest boards, but I haven't been in there in some time because sadly, I've just been too busy to finish working on getting all of my pets new shinies. However, quite a few of them have been entered and won in the past! Yay! I'm also working on getting my avatar and trophy count up. I absolutely adore creating characters for my pets and giving them custom look ups. I've made it into the AG 2x now and I'm preparing myself to start submitting articles for the Neopian Times because I absolutely love those avatars!

Recently, I've also become a new addition to Sunnyneo's staff! Currently, I'm just helping with the customization preview section and finding models for those we're currently lacking, but I am super excited and honored to be a part of a site that has been in my bookmarks since it very first came out *heart*

I also host some trading guides!

Character Petpages:

UC Faerie Aisha Project:


Some Other Things I Like

  • Horror Movies
  • PC Games (master race!)
  • Pepsi
  • Star Wars
  • Procedural crime shows (ID is the best channel, fite me)
  • Pathfinder (the card game)

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to click through the tabs at the top of the page to see some other things! You like things, right? Good because I love stuff and things.



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My Lovelies

Drisit was the first pet I was ever gifted. I used to frequent gifting boards on the PC, adopting out pets and posting my converted wishes and Drisit was one of the first actual converted dream pets I ever had. She's also the first pet to inspire me to create a character for and because of her, an entire world (called Oracle) was born. She's my rebellion leader. Strong and decisive, she's reluctant about leading an entire rebellion, but she knows deep down that she must do whatever she can to free her people from their oppressors.

Symblor was a pet I didn't know I wanted until I saw her. I was, yet again, lurking through the PC when I found an UFA board. Her original owner wasn't looking for any sort of application, just post on the board why you were interested and your plans. I posted and I was chosen! Symblor is another character in the Oracle story line. She was sold into slavery at a young age and found by Drisit's father, barely alive. He was able to repair her, leaving her half human, half cyborg. Over the years, the constant repair and replacement of her failing parts, she is slowly becoming more cyborg than human and often spends time wondering how much left of her is even real? She's Drisit's right hand, the brains behind the machine so to speak.

V was another board adoption. Since I was a kid, I've loved Cybunnies (a lot of my first neopets were pretty little buns!) and I have a weakness for chocolate pets. We were instructed to post interest on the board and a day or so later I received a NM from her previous owner, Holly, that I was selected to adopt her! V is yet another character that is a part of Oracle. She runs a run down bakery that serves as a front for the rebellion. V is a notorious risk taker, out spoken and often found sticking her neck out for her loved ones.

I hand created Moony myself. Before the conversions happened, I wanted to save up and paint him Halloween so he'd look just like the Werelupe his namesake (Remus Lupin) had been. I took a brief hiatus before the conversions and came back to find that his majestic look was no longer available and I was heart broken. I spent a little time zapping him, unsure of what to do, until I decided to just buy the Halloween pb and paint him anyways. He didn't have a character for a very, very long time until Oracle was created. Moony is one half of a duo of ex-bandits that joined up with the rebellion.

Trel here was a complete impulse. I was searching Lost and Pound for stuck pets when I came upon Trelm. I book marked him in case I wanted to come back and grab him up later on, even though I wasn't sure what I would do with him, I loved his name! A few weeks later, Stealthy Gelerts were released and I had been sitting on an FFQ for awhile, unsure what to use it on. I immediately knew Trel needed to become that Stealthy Gelert, so I snapped him up, dashed over to the Rainbow Pool and painted him to his current glory. He is the second half of the ex-bandit duo, turned rebels, in the Oracle story line.

Star here is the result of another time stalking stuck pets in lost and pound. I love aisha's. They're probably my favorite pets. And I loved her name so much. I adopted her right away and then saved up some NP to paint her transparent. It was, thankfully, a very quick process! Star is a dark magic practionier. Most of her magic was learned under the tutelege of Edna and Sophie, with some coming from Jhudora. She's part of the story line that I RP with Coral and Gromit.

Falxo is the newest member of the family! I was playing around on DTI and customized this camo lenny for fun and I knew I had to have him. I was able to snap him up from being stuck in the pound. He's going to be Stariea's right hand man. A quiet scholar, Falxo was horribly disfigured after volunteering to be experiemented on by Jhudora. Star rescued him from her clutches and he has been loyally by her side ever since.

Toci was a pound find. I was surfing the pound one night out of bordom, when I came across this strawberry adorableness. As previously stated, I have a teensy bitsey ashia addiction, so I adopted her without a second thought. When I couldn't come up with a character for her, I asked an IRL friend who hardly plays Neo anymore to hold onto her for me so I could make room for other pets. Then one day recently I was playing on DTI and ended up customizing a lovely Strawberry Aisha. As soon as I had that customization in mind, I called my friend and asked if he could transfer her back to me and he agreed. Right away I traded for the items in her customization! Toci's character is still a WIP. She's going to be some sort of druid character or an earth goddess. She'll be paired with a few other pets.

Oro was my third and final UFQA: Post apps on the board acquisition. I was inspired to find a Halloween Aisha after messing around on DTI and coming up with an amazing customization. I spent a long time trying to find a trade for the perfect Halloween Aisha and couldn't find any I jived with. So when I saw the UFQA board, I immediately threw my hat into the ring and within a few hours, Oro was home with me. Her character is similar to a crossroads demon. We're still working it out, you can see below who she will be paired with. The pet I was using to try and trade for a Halloween Aisha was then gifted to someone via a gifting board.

The lovely Lili is the result of seeing a stuck pets board on the PC and I fell in love with her name. She was originally a blue grundo. I had to have her because her name (Liliaise) is very similar to my daughter's name (Lillian). I had previously been seeking a trade for a V/WN Eventide Aisha because their coloring is so stunning. I quickly adopted her, purchased her paint brush, and her petpet's pb from the Trading Post, attached her Carmarilliar and started trading for her customziation, which we still have a few items to complete. Since she is so new, she doesn't have a character, but I would like to throw her in with Toci and Oro. The pet I was using to try and trade for an Eventide Aisha was adopted out to my sister when she decided to come back from hiatus.

I found Ryzzal stuck in the pound. As you can see (and as I may or may not have mentioned before) I am quite the Aisha addict and I loved his name. When the Dimensional Aisha was released, I went stalking through stuck pets, found Ry, made a bid on a dimensional PB and the rest is history. His customization is among my favorites and he will be a minor character in the storyline I have with Coral and Gromit. Mostly, he'll interact with Coral's pirate, Izi, since Ry is the prettiest girl that serves the food for Food Club. Although male, one couldn't tell it by a quick glance, or even a long study!

I have always loved wockies and transparent pets. When I saw someone was trading Spirit, I also fell in love with his name. I had been toying for a long time with trading or adopting my plushie xweetok because I didn't do anything with her for a long time. So I offered the xweetok on Spirit and Spirit's owner accepted! Spirit is going to be involved in the storylines with Toci, Oro, and Lili. He may also make some guest appearances in the storyline with Coral and Gromit!

I had been toying with the idea of making a wraith aisha (aisha addict, remember?) when I was lazily looking through the pb colors to see if there was something else I might want and then I saw the wraith usul. Not usually a fan of usul's, but I absolutely love the wraiths vs other species as wraiths. I think it's the yellow eyes. So I started stalking stuck usuls and came across Solar. Adopted her, bought her PB and the rest is history. She will be with my others in the supernaturalish storyline ^.^

I hand created Efflie after getting my second FFQ. For awhile, I had wanted a WN Chocolate Aisha and I originally tried to create the name Effie, but unsurprinsgly, it was taken. Efflie's character is still a WIP. She wont be involved in a larger storyline like the majority of my pets, but she will be paired with Alaeri.

Alaeri was given to me after having posted AGES before I actually got her on a ZYDP board, stating my wish for a Chocolate Wocky (see, I have a Chocolate problem AND an Aisha problem!) shortly after they were released. A few months after posting, and subsequently forgetting I even requested her) I received a NM from a kind Neopian who got my name from the list and asked if I would like to adopt her. I happily accepted and she has been here ever since. She also does not have a character, although as stated above, I want her and Efflie to be together.

Niro was a trade. Out of all the Aisha colors, Alien was always one of my most sought after paints. I love their green skin and I'm a big Star Wars/Star Trek/Sci-Fi fan so I always wanted to have a bounty hunter/huntress type of pet. I can't remember what I traded for Niro, but it was worth it because I love her to pieces and I am really excited to start working on her character. Niro and Criliu share a space themed storyline!

When candy kougras were released, I knew I needed one. I spent days upon days searching stuck pets in the pound for the perfect name and fell in love with Criliu. I had recently gotten an FFQ after adopting one out and used it on Cri. It took a moment for me to come up with his customization and his character is currently under development. I'm going to pair him with Niro. He's her best friend and pilot. Cri likes to tinker with things and he's adept at hacking and controling ships, which makes him very useful as part of Niro's two man crew. I need to make a lot of development for him, however.

My queen of bones! I applied to adopt Sis when she was a baby Xweetok. I thought they were adorable! I was chosen as her owner and for a very long time, I didn't do much with her. Then we started getting the hints about the battledome and the Oblesik. I started blitz training her because I liked the idea of a baby battledome pet. Recently, I decided I didn't really like her as a baby xweetok anymore and I decided to buy a PDM and then used my green starter brush that was on my side account to paint her green. And even more recently, I decided I needed a transparent blumaroo in my life, and this she shall stay a blum. I am finally working on her character, but she will be a complete stand alone. I'm currently working on brainstorming a character and she's currently around 1200 HSD and still training!

After playing around on DTI for ages, I customized a Usukigirl with a pirate theme and fell in love with the character I was creating in my head. Since I was out of pet space, I toyed with the idea of turning my water draik into her, since I'd never done anything with the draik aside from getting her a BD trophy forever ago. But instead, I decided to try and trade my draik for a name I loved. Enter Trikil. Trik was a custom trade for Rinace, my water draik and she's here to stay. I'm currently working on her look up and character. Hopefully soon I'll get her some art as well (:

I applied for B0z a thousand years ago when he was UFA. The character I made, affectionately nicknamed Lt. Bozeman was to fight alongside Oracle's rebels, a second in command, only under Drisit, the rebel leader. Sadly, I was not chosen to be B0z's owner and I honestly don't remember if the adoption ever played out. Over the years, I'd look him up and I was happy to see that he was still active. Finally, on October 4th 2017, I mailed the owner to ask if he would ever be UFT and if so, what she would be seeking. The owner had just adopted out some pets via the PC and responded immediately that she was actually downsizing her accounts and asked if I would like to adopt B0z since she hadn't had him UFA. I honestly cannot tell you how amazing it feels to have a pet I had longed for to finally come home to me. Just. ushdsjd. I appreciate him so much. After five years of waiting, at last we meet again. ♡♡♡

Ada was a pet I'd been after for forever. I applied and applied for UCs UFA that allowed retrading in hopes that I would be chosen to adopt something that I could offer in return for Ada. After not being chosen, understandably, I had a long think about it and decided to offer my UC Grey Aisha, Sychriss, as a trade for Ada. Well aware Sy was an overoffer, I didn't care since I needed this sad little kitty more. Ada is part of my ongoing storyline with Juni_Kava and my friends, Coral and Gromit.

Unconverted Faerie Wockies have long been a favorite of mine. I love their happy little faces and their color scheme. Though they weren't an actively sought after goal, (my main UC goal is an UC RG Lupe) I had an UC Grey Eyrie and I had two friends applying for an UFA UC Grey Eyrie. One friend was chosen as the eyries new owner, my other friend was not. So I contacted her and asked if she wanted to work together to find a trade we both liked. When she was able to trade for Juni, I knew I'd be keeping Juni. So two people were made happy (myself and Sere) when Juni came into our lives. Juni is the Princess of Shenkuu who instead of becoming queen, ends up becoming the Guardian of Shenkuu. I RP her and several other characters with my friends :3

Ave was my biggest, long time goal. It took me five years from start to finish to achieve Ave and it was worth every moment. I never thought I would achieve her and I'm so glad she's home with me. Currently, she's vacationing with my friend Coral on her account though. Ave is part of the Oracle storyline and I'd like to give a huge thank you to all of the traders (and my friends) who worked with me on the five year journey it took to get her. ;-;

Each one of these pets I worked very hard for, whether it was saving up for their paintbrushes, applying and adopting or trading. They will never be UFT/UFA and while I may have a lot of them, I love these pixels and couldn't imagine not having them around!

I had a bunch of art up here, including adoptables for aishas and lupes, but unfortunately, my coding after the Meet the Family section just randomly poofed one day so I only have access to what I had uploaded onto hosting sites. Sad face.

My pets

Art for friends

Coming soon. I no longer have any of these drawings D:

Misc art

Coming soon. I no longer have any of these drawings D:
Custom Lookups for:

NC Info!

I also have the following:


Currently I am seeking:
I'm always seeking my wishes casually and FQCs. But these are priority right now:

Characters pairings:
Oracle Story Line
  • Drisit
  • Symblor
  • V5S
  • messr_m00ny
  • Trelm
  • B0z
  • CountessAvenge

  • Characters with Coral and Gromit
  • Juni_Kava
  • AdaWong
  • Stariea
  • Falxo
  • Ryzzal
  • Trikil
  • UC Fae Aisha

  • Diff RP Group Storyline
  • Morovo
  • Spiritox
  • tocanini
  • Solariase
  • Liliaise

  • Space Explorers
  • Nirohean
  • Criliu

  • Together but no character
  • Efflie
  • Alaeri

  • Battledome pet
  • Amethystira
  • Sis is also going for the Booktastic Book Award!
    You can view the progress here!
    WL For Booktastic Books:

    Petpet Pairings:
    Hover over the image to see who the petpet is for!

    Petpet PB Wishlist:

    My all time favorite neopets are aishas. I'm always excited to see the new colors when they come out and one day I hope that TNT gives us more than enough side accounts so I can have as many aishas as I want! Until that time, I have two final pet goals. An UC Faerie aisha and a Halloween Usul.

    The road so far:
    I came up with the character for Faire (stand in name for the time being) with my friend Coral, who is mentioned several times throughout this page, one evening while we were discussing GoT. With Coral and Gromit, I was able to flesh out a character I have come to love!

    I tried to apply for Epejuid, the UC Fae Aisha, when she was UFA but sadly her owner never returned. After Epe, lilmztrouble was being adopted out and unfortunately her owner liked another's character better. I tried applying for some UCs that were UFA where retrading was allowed, but I never hold much water in getting a pet when I'm applying to retrade. However, it doesn't hurt!

    So in the meantime, I'm currently working on a project to help me attain my final unconverted goal! If you'd like to peep the page, be warned it is a giant WIP, but you can click the button below to do so!

    After messing around on DTI the other night, I came up with this customization, so now I'm on the search for the perfect name so I can bring this creepy little demon home! Haven't decided on petpet yet.

    Thank you for visiting my profile page! I hope you enjoyed what you saw/read!

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