This is where stories involving the Elbuort clan in general will be placed. Some will be more serious stories, some will be goofy little one-shots written just for kicks.

The Mini-Golf Incident

It was the Month of Running in Year 8, a simpler yet by no means less exciting time for Neopia. Altador had been discovered just a few months prior, and the very first Altador cup had just concluded. Lutari had introduced themselves to the rest of Neopia for the first time, Gnorbu had become available for humans to adopt, and the Neopian Plaza had been created. And in the Elbuort clan, four new members had officially been adopted by the chief himself, Tobias Elbuort, not quite a month ago.

This was not as exciting to the rest of Neopia, of course. While the clan had held almost as much sway as the faeries in the past, and still had significant connections throughout Neopia, many people had no idea who they were, and if they did, they were surprised to learn that they still existed. For the Elbuorts, however, four new members were very exciting indeed, ESPECIALLY since they had been adopted by the previously-alone chief. That not only meant a larger generation to carry on the Elbuort name, which had almost disappeared just forty years prior, Tobias's personal adoption of the children led many to believe that he was going to make one of them his heir. Of course, that prospect grew a little worrisome when they realized that the possible heirs were...well…

Weirdos," declared Wingreski, shaking his head. "I'm living with a bunch of weirdos.

The red mynci was currently in the middle of the Tyrannian Mini-Golf Course, watching as his siblings attempted to stack on top of each other to reach Jaylie's golf ball, which had somehow managed to land on top of a rocky outcrop about fifteen feet tall. Jaylie was a year younger than Rex, but about as tall as the green techo and just as heavy, which made it difficult for either to get on the other's shoulders, particularly since neither of them were terribly strong, and they would have to support Dainileai as well. Rex had opted for the job, and was clearly regretting it as he stood with his back against the outcrop, Jaylie on his shoulders and Dainileai on the human's shoulders. The trio looked, in Wingreski's opinion, like some sort of bizarre totem pole.

Dainileai turned, and latched onto the top of the rocky outcrop. The little green mynci easily pulled herself onto it, and a moment later she triumphantly held up a pink golf ball. "I got it!

Great! Now climb down, quick!" grunted Rex. Dainileai put the golf ball in her mouth, walked over to the other side of the outcrop, and slid down it easily.

That's not what I- nevermind," groaned Rex. Jaylie tried to climb off Rex's shoulders, but lost her balance and tumbled off to the side. She rolled for a minute, then shot to her feed, spitting out sand. "Okay, let's never do that again.

It was YOUR fault," Wingreski pointed out. "You could've just gotten another ball.

No I couldn't've! I already lost that one to a tar pit I can't lose another one!" Jaylie retorted.

Yeah, we're just lucky you didn't send your club flying onto that outcrop, too," said Wingreski, slowly starting to smirk. "You are REALLY bad at this, you know?

I'm just a BEGINNER, Wingreski! At least I didn't hit anybody in the HEAD when I swung!

That's okay!" piped up Dainileai, showing them her white hair, currently pulled into a ponytail, "My ponytail took the worst of it, I think! And I had way worse in Sakhmet, when the vendors would throw stuff at me whenever I stole from them!

Somehow, that's not comforting," said Rex. "Let's just keep playing. We've got four holes left, and only a little while before lunch.

Misfortune struck Jaylie at the next three holes. At the first, it took her ten tries to get the ball into the hole. At the second, she somehow lost her balance and fell when she swung. And at the third, she lost grip of her club, which flew into some sand, and when she finally pried it free, she wound up whacking herself in the face with it. Wingreski, living up to his title of "snarkiest nine-year-old alive," wouldn't stop teasing her about it. When they reached the fourth and final hole, the first thing he said was, "Better keep Jaylie well away from it, we don't want it exploding." Jaylie glowered at him.

She was last to go. As she stepped forward, Wingreski wouldn't stop picking on her. "A hush falls over the crowd as Jaylie Elbuort steps forward. There is one question on everyone's mind: how will she manage to mess this up? Will it be as simple as a missed swing, or will she somehow bring about the meepit apocalypse? Oh, she's preparing to swing, and, she misses! At least she kept her grip on her club this time. And another miss! Boy, she seems REALLY angry, for some reason! And she swings again, and-

SHUT UP!" snarled Jaylie, just as her club met the ball. The force of the blow propelled the ball up, up, and away. The children watched in disbelief as it sailed out of the mini-golf course, and towards the road, where a cloaked blue gelert was currently walking with a brunette usul. Time seemed to slow down. Rex shouted out a warning, and the gelert slowly turned, his eyes drifting towards the ball. He raised a hand as though to catch it, but it was only halfway to his face before the ball struck his forehead, sending him staggering back, clutching his head and muttering something under his breath.

Jaylie dropped her club in shock. She started towards the gelert, but Wingreski grabbed her arm, and took off running, shouting at the top of his lungs, "ABANDON SHIP!

Rex scooped up Dainileai, and started running as well. Jaylie protested, "What about that guy?! I can't just LEAVE!

Oh yes you can! That was Kanrik!" retorted Rex.


Only the leader of the Thieves' Guild, who defeated Galem singlehandedly!" Wingreski exclaimed.

Who's Galem?!

We can show you later! Suffice it to say that it will be very, very bad if he catches us!" said Rex.

But it was an accident!" piped up Dainileai. Rex shook his head. "I don't want to find out if that matters to him!

They made it to their home, which looked like a wooden chest on the outside, but had been enchanted to be a whole lot bigger on the inside. In fact, it was currently a six-bedroom house with a two-story library. They quickly headed inside, and ran into the kitchen, where Grandpa Tobi was currently preparing lunch.

Well, you look like you just offended Fyora herself," the elderly red korbat observed as he stirred a pot full of soup.

Jaylie hit Kanrik in the face with a golf ball," Wingreski informed him.

Grandpa Tobi dropped the spoon in astonishment. He turned and stared at Jaylie in disbelief, "You hit the King of Thieves in the face with a GOLF BALL?!

Not on purpose!"

Tobi groaned, and hurried towards the stairs, only pausing to take off his flower-patterned apron. "You kids stay here, and don't come out till I come back!

Where's he going?" asked Dainileai.

Probably to beg Kanrik for mercy," said Wingreski. "I'm going to go hide.

Jaylie shouted after him, "If this doesn't end well, I'm coming back to haunt you for making me mad enough to hit the ball that hard in the first place!

At least if you're a ghost, you'll have plenty of time to become a halfway-decent golfer!" Wingreski retorted.

Melvin's Diversion

It was Year 12, a day after the Faeries had turned to stone and the wraiths had taken over Neopia. Every Neopian risked falling prey to the creatures, but Arthena had been targeted by one particular wraith, a kougra named Apollres, who had also gone after the Tobiasan Elbuorts to get to Arthena. Chrystal and Lee had been captured, and the rest had been separated into two groups. One, consisting of Melvin, Jaylie, Roxias, Wingreski, and Dainileai, was currently standing outside a cave full of wraiths, debating on how best to rescue the Meridellian villagers within.

If we can find a way to draw the majority of the wraiths away, we should be able to take down the rest and lead the villagers to safety," said Roxias. "Jaylie, Wingreski, you're the best fighters in this group, you'll go with me to help the villagers.

So, what's your plan to draw the wraiths away?" asked Melvin.

Live bait," replied Roxias, looking at the Swamp Ghoul grimly.

Oh, good idea," said Melvin cheerfully. He paused as realization struck, then glared at Roxias, "Hey!

Please, Melvin, we need SOMEONE to create a diversion, and you're the at that sort of thing," explained Roxias.

Whaddaya want me to do, dress up like an island girl and do the hula?!" demanded Melvin. He grinned, and produced a leaf skirt out of thin air. "BECAUSE I WILL GLADLY DO SO!

*Two Minutes Later*

The wraiths were rather confused when music began playing. They hurried outside the cave, and found a Swamp Ghoul with a leaf skirt and lei on over his robes strumming a ukulele.

Spotting the wraiths, Melvin grinned and screamed, "LUAU!" He strummed his ukulele intensely as he floated around Dainileai, standing there with a sign that said "Free wraith chow! Get your free wraith chow right here!

Melvin began to sing,

If you're hungry for a little piece of wraithy feed,
Take my buddy Dainy here because she is a treat!
Come on down and dine
On this mynci fine
All you have to do is get in line!
Aaaaare ya achin'?
Fooooor some bacon?
Sheeeee's a fun meal!
You can have a fun meal here, oy!

As Melvin sang, the wraiths steadily advanced on him and Dainileai. The moment that Melvin's song ended, he and Dainileai took off, screaming, and the majority of the wraiths gave chase.

Roxias opened and closed his mouth for a moment, at a loss for words. Jaylie grimaced. "Sorry. I showed him something like that a few years ago, and he's been wanting to do it ever since.

Let's...let's just go rescue the villagers, before those wraiths come back," said Roxias, shaking his head.

You think Dainy and Melvin will be okay?" asked Jaylie worriedly. Wingreski snorted. "Are you kidding? I'm more worried for those wraiths. They've got no idea what they're in for.

(A/N: Yes, I went there. No, I am not at all sorry for it).

The Peculiar Petpet

August, Year 16

Dainileai, Wingreski, Lee, Avvie, Chrystal, Babbles, Rex, June, Jiopuyd, and McNabb were currently gathered around Jaylie's bed, staring down at the creature curled up on it.

What is it?" whispered Avvie.

Some sort of thing Jaylie brought here from Earth. A petpet, I think," Rex whispered back.

They all exchanged a look of disbelief, then looked back at the creature. It most closely resembled a kadoatie, but its body was longer, as was its fur, which was black on top but white on the sides, stomach, legs, and the bottom half of its face (save for a spot below its nose than made it look like it had half of a mustache). It quietly meowed in its sleep.

Why did she get that thing?" whispered Lee. June shrugged, "She said that a friend of hers was giving it up, and she felt bad for it.

Lee shook his head. "I'm just saying, if she's going to be living with us full-time now, maybe she should ask us before she brings in bizarre Earth creatures.

Her name's Mimi, actually," said Jaylie, walking in. They all jumped. Jaylie continued, "She's a little temperamental, but she should adjust. I'm sure she and the petpets will get along just fine, once they really know each other.

Mimi slowly raised her head, and looked around irritably, as though she were telling them all off for waking her from her nap.

Sorry, Mimi," whispered Avvie. Mimi stretched, then climbed up on top of one of Jaylie's bookshelves and sat down there.

She's not very social, is she?" asked Rex. Jaylie shook her head. "She's a cat. They're a lot like kadoaties, they're VERY fickle over who they like.

So they're a lot like wockies, too," said Wingreski, looking at Lee, who rolled his eyes.

You sure this is okay? A petpet's a lot of responsibility, and in between school and the Library..." began June.

I can handle it. I know I can. Really, she's one cat, what's the worst that could happen?" asked Jaylie. Just then Arthena floated in. Mimi, spotting the ghost, let out a loud hiss, and bolted out of the room. A moment later they heard a loud crash.

Okay, I brought that on myself," muttered Jaylie as she walked off to see what had happened.

Well, looks like it's time to find some books on...what'd she call them again?" asked Dainileai.

Cats," said Rex.

Then it looks like it's time to read up on cats!" cried Dainileai. She dashed off, pointing dramatically. "To the library!

Everyone followed, not sure what to expect from the latest addition to the family, but sure that they were in for an...interesting time.

Wait and Work

Year 16

Avvie fluttered in front of a high-up shelf in the Library, scanning the books before her with a frown. "'Magical Mayhem: 101 Pranks To Use On Your Non-Magical Friends and Family.' No, that's not it. 'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Dark Magic But Was Too Afraid To Ask.' That's not it either. Ooh, 'Hidden Potential', wait, that's for invisibility spells. Ugh, there's got to be SOMETHING here!

Depends on what you're looking for," said Gran-Gran Peri, walking up with a stack of books. Avvie stared. "How are you holding all those? You're so old, and that pile's as tall as you!

And you've as much tact as you do years of life," replied the elderly Desert korbat with a smile. "Now, what seems to be the problem?

I'm looking for a book on how to figure out what my element is," replied Avvie. "Every wizard has one type of elemental magic they naturally possess.

Yes, but it's not exactly something that can be learned, to my understanding," replied Gran-Gran Peri. "It's something that shows up on its own, once you're advanced enough.

But Grandpa Tobi says I'm SUPER advanced, especially for an eight-year-old! So why hasn't it shown up yet?" demanded the little shoyru, folding her wings as she landed on the floor. Gran-Gran Peri chuckled. "If I had to guess, you'll be a Fire wizard, you're so impatient. Magic's a peculiar thing, and many aspects remain a mystery, but we do know that you can't rush it. It'll come sooner or later.

But I want it NOW!" grumbled Avvie, pouting. Gran-Gran Peri shook her head, and handed her some books. "Well, while you're waiting, could you go give these to Rex? I'd take them myself, but Jaylie's supposed to be getting back with those old clay tablets anytime now.

Avvie sighed. "Sure, Gran-Gran.


It didn't take long for the books to get heavy, so Avvie pulled out her wand and levitated them in front of her as she walked to Rex's room. She smiled at the floating books, and remarked, "Maybe I'm an Air wizard. That'd be pretty cool. I mean, I can already fly, and I can run pretty quick, it'd make sense.

She finally reached Rex's door, a sturdy oak with several signs nailed to it that said things like "Caution: Do Not Enter Without Knocking" and "Dangerous Scientific Exploration In Progress." Just then a bright flash of green light shone beneath the door, and a triumphant voice cried from the other side, "Yes! It's finally ready! YES!

Avvie cleared her throat, and knocked. "Uh, Rex? It's Avvie. I've got your books.

Just a moment!" called Rex. A few seconds later, a tall green techo clad in a heavy apron, heavier gloves, and goggles opened the door. He pushed the goggles onto his forehead, revealing big bags under his eyes. Avvie frowned. "Are you okay? You look exhausted.

Well, break-throughs in anything often require one to give up some sleep," replied Rex. "I haven't slept in eight days, but, the good news is, I think I just discovered how to transform rocks into apples using only alchemy!

...Yay?" replied Avvie uncertainly.

I know that may sound trivial, but trust me, it could lead to some major break-throughs," replied Rex. He took the books. "Thank you. These are some books on Earth alchemy Jaylie got me a couple years back, but I've only skimmed them before now. The other day an experiment made me realize that they might have more potential than I previously thought, so I've been meaning to read them more in-depth.

You sure talk a lot when it's about alchemy," observed Avvie. Rex flushed. "O-oh, I apologize.

Don't! I think it's cool that you want to share what you like with everyone. Hey, can I see the apple rock?" asked Avvie eagerly. Rex hesitated, then nodded. "Sure. Just...just don't touch anything without permission.

Avvie followed the techo into his room, which he'd made into a workshop filled with all sorts of strange books and equipment, plus the potions he made for a living, though his true passion was alchemy. In the center of the room, Rex had used caution tape to make a large square, in which he drew his alchemy circles. There were several small ones there now with rocks atop them. Some emitted a faint green glow, indicating they'd been used unsuccessfully, but one glowed gold, and atop that was a perfectly-shaped apple.

So, you made that only using the magical energy from ley lines?" asked Avvie. Rex nodded. "It took me a while to come up with the right equation to get the ley energy to transform an inanimate object into a living thing, even something as simple as a plant.

But you still worked on it?" asked Avvie.

Of course! Just imagine what this information could do for people in the midst of a famine. With a little tweaking, this equation should be able to transform the rocks into any sort of food, or at least fruits and vegetables. And who knows? Maybe it'll help other magic-users devise new ways to achieve the same result," said Rex. Avvie tilted her head. "How can alchemy help wizards?

Well, wizards usually rely on their own magic for spells, but they can pull from other sources as well, including the ley lines. Try as we might to pretend otherwise, the different magics aren't totally separate, nor are they meant to be. I believe that if we learned from each other rather than argued over whose magic is strongest, alchemists, wizards, warlocks, all of us could mutually benefit," replied Rex.

Oh," said Avvie. She gazed at all of the green circles. "But alchemy's not like wizardry. You have to work so hard for little results.

I know it seems that way, but you have to keep in mind, wizards developing new spells have to work just as hard. It's only quicker for them because there's so many of them, and so many years of research to back it up. Alchemy isn't a new field by any means, but it's a tiny one. People don't want to take the time to learn the math when there are wizards you could hire, or new technology you could make," explained Rex. "But I believe that alchemy has just as much potential as any other form of magic or science, especially since it's a combination of both. I think there's a lot to be gained from studying it, so I'm willing to endure a thousand failures if it means one inch of progress.

He shined the apple on his apron, and handed it to Avvie. She turned it over in her hands, studying it with a frown. "It does look good. But what if it hadn't just taken eight days? What if it'd taken two weeks, or two YEARS?

It would still be worth it. I'd just need to wait for it, and work for it," replied Rex. Avvie tilted her head curiously. "I thought people only did one of the two.

Well, I see no reason you can't do both. It's growing up. When I was a kid, I felt like it would take forever, but intellectually, I knew that it was bound to happen eventually. So I waited for it to happen, but while I waited, I did my best to learn responsibility, so I'd be the best grown-up I could be. Just because you're waiting doesn't mean you have to be idle in the meantime.

Ohhh. I think I get it now," declared Avvie. She took a bite of the apple, and grinned. "This is great!

See? Some things are worth waiting AND working for," said Rex.

Then that's what I'm gonna do, too!" declared Avvie. "I'm gonna wait for my element to show up, AND work to be my best at ALL the elemental magics so that when it does show up, I'll already be great at it!

She hugged Rex, then scurried off.

Wait, Avvie, I still need to run some tests on that apple!" called Rex. When she didn't come back, he sighed, and, kneeling down, drew a new circle. "Okay, I guess I'll just make a new one.

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