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Q: Where am I?
A: You are at my screenie page.

Q: How did I get here?
A: How am I supposed to know?!

Q: Can I be in a screenie?
A: Not unless you do something funny. Plus, asking like this is begging.

Q: 0M6 1 L0V3 VR 5CR33N135!!!1!1!!!111one
Translation: Oh My Gosh I love your Screenies!!
A: I am always flattered by fans, but if you wish to complement me, please do so in regular English, French, or German. Those are the 3 languages I speak.

Q: Huh?! I asking a question! I wasn't spamming! I only asked it once! WHY MUST YOU HURT MY FEELINGS?!?!?!
A: It was my siggy.

Q: What are the names of your characters?
A: See the Characters Section, please.

Q: Hey! You took my name out of the screenie! Put it back in!
A: I don't save an unedited copy of every screenie. Our computer has a small memory capacity even with two hard drives. Besides, I hate taking screenies down, editing them, and putting them back up. What's done is done.

Q: How do you do it?
A: Do what? My screenies?

Q: Yes.
A: See the "How I Do My Screenies" section.

Q: Can I have ________?
A: NONONONONONONONO!!!!! *takes breath* Whew. Please, begging irrritates my eyes. My pets will NEVER be up for trade, my Neopoints will STAY on this account, and my ITEMS will stay in my SDB. If you beg for any of those, I have the right to report you.

Q: Can I have a userlookup?
A: Oop! I used to make lookups, but then I realised userlookups are not my strong point. Petpages are better.

Q: Can I have a Petpage?
A: No. I can offer help, though.

Q: Can I join your guild?
A: Sure!

Q: Are Natalie, Morgan, and Allie your family in real life?
A: Yes! It is such a stupid question that I am asked actually quite often.

Q: Can I have a shop/guild layout?
A: NO. I am not good with those. If I have a good one, it probably took me a week.

Q: Why should I subscribe?
A: You don't need to. You will be alerted by neomail when I add screenies to this page though. It's a helpful feature for my biggest screenie fans.
This feature is no longer available

Q: Where is the subscriber list?
A: Due to lack of being able to neomail several peple at once, my subscriptions have been canceled. You'll just have to check on this page every once in a while.

That's about it.


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Look at the bottom of that ^ page. It has a list of winners AND I'M ON THERE!! I is happy. :)
It's a Screenie Award! Woo!
I is happy again. :)

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