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Hello and welcome to Undead, a graphics site run by Taylor! Here at Undead, I strive to make my graphics awesome, sick, and rockin' for you! Go ahead and request, you won't regret it!

So take a look around and enjoy yourself. If you have any questions/suggestions, just Neomail Me and I'll respond ASAP.
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(Undead was established April 10th, 2011. It was inspired by the band Hollywood Undead; but many people took offense to the masks the band wears, so now the theme changes from one band to the next.)
(Site theme is currently A Tribute to Great Musicians V. 1)

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Wowzers, almost been a full year since I've done anything on here! Sorry, the hiatus lasted much longer
than I anticipated, but I really needed it. A lot has happened since my last update in April of last year. And with that being said, requests will remain closed. I apologize to everyone who requested and I never messaged back, and those who really want something. I will continue making graphics to update and supply Undead, but once again will not take request. However, do feel free to suggest graphics for me to make and I will possibly end up making something related to it. :)


    1. You can request up to 2 icons/banners per message. (Note: The more you request at one time, the longer you have to wait.)

    2. Please do not neomail me constantly about your request, because that will prolong the time it takes.

    3. I'd prefer it if you didn't ask for animation on icons/banners/blends. It pulls away from the image, as well as takes longer for the request to be finished.

    4. The Answer is "I Play Drooms".

    5. If you don't like something about your icon/banner/blend, please feel free to tell me and I'll fix it. I want for you to be happy with your request.

    6. Please don't use chat speak (l337 Sp34k) in request. If you'd like for whatever you're requesting to say something in chat speak, that's fine. But please spell out the rest of the words.

    7. Please credit me, and no stealing any content! I work very hard on this stuff, and appreciate it if you respect this rule.

    8. I have the right to refuse your request. Don't take it personal; I'll just ask if you mind changing the theme of your request.

    Also: due to the fact that this layout is having a few problems, when your request is finished I will neomail you the link to pick it up. If you wish to see my previous "requested" work, go here.

Agree to the rules? Alright, go and request!

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Avenged Sevenfold....Hollywood Undead

Asking Alexandria....Escape The Fate

Never Shout Never....The Ready Set

Three Days Grace....Thrice

Bring Me the Horizon....Framing Hanley

Black Veil Brides....Simple Plan

Group 1 Crew....Flyleaf

Blood on the Dance Floor

Streetlight Manifesto....Does it Offend you, Yeah?

New-Rising Bands

Fear Me Dear....Set it Off


To an End-lyrics***City-lyrics

9Lives (Band name) [V. faded lyrics]***Lost in Darkness-lyrics

Save Me-lyricsBurn It Down-lyrics

Somebody That I Used To Know-lyricsHearts A Mess-lyrics



Oliver Sykes / Jordan Witzigreuter

The Rev / M. Shadows

Hayley Wiliams / Jack Barakat

Zacky VengeanceJohnny Christ

Synyster GatesAdam Gontier

James Cassells Phillip Phillips


Newest to Oldest.


Phillip Phillips

Luke Bryan

Alex Gaskarth

Jack Barakat

Oliver Sykes

James Cassells

Ben Bruce

Danny Worsnop

Sam Bettley

The Rev [Jimmy Sullivan]

Zacky Vengeance [Zack Baker]

M. Shadows [Matt Sanders]

Johnny Christ [Jonathan Seward]

Synyster Gates [Brian Haner Jr.]

J3T [George Ragan]

Charlie Scene [Jordan Terrell]

Da Kurlzz [Matt St. Claire]

J-Dog [Jorel Decker]

Funny Man [Dillon Alvarez]

Danny [Daniel Murillo]

Jayy Von Monroe

Internet Celebs

Toby Turner (Tobuscus)

Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie)


Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

Leo (The Vow)

Peter(Red Riding Hood)// Henry (Red Riding Hood)


Ventus(Kingdom Hears)//Terra (Kingdom Hearts)

Aqua(Kingdom Hears)//Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts)




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