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Hi!! I'm Chiara and this is the page where I keep track of my goals, accomplishments, and wishes. Feel free to browse it and know something more about me!
If you have any questions or would like to chat, please don't hesitate to neomail me! I'm forgetful, which means that you may have to remind me to reply to your mail if I didn't; I generally try to reply as soon as I see the mail, but sometimes I get distracted and completely forget to do it. I'm sorry in advance!!




March 11th 2019 2018 Amaylia surprisingly won the third place at the Customisation Spotlight!!!
january 12th 2019 I traded for a VWN Quiguki Boy Quiggle. I'm getting a little closer to my dream pet!
january 4th 2019 I adopted Lorho!
september 10th 2018 Dammann won the Pet Spotlight!! Too bad that it wasn't announced in the news. :(

meet Chiara!

You found the right place if you'd like to know me a bit better!

You could ask me, Where is Amy?, if you have already seen me around Neopia. Heh. During September 2017, I came back after a 3-year-hiatus, and I slowly realised that I grew tired of her. I achieved so much with her that I felt bad at first, and kept her for some months... At the end I decided to trade her, though. I still don't know what I am aiming for, precisely. In the meantime, I'm proud to introduce Jole, the last add to my pet family!

Another thing you can notice is that I radically changed my portfolio! My previous one didn't reflect me anymore, and I associated it to Amy, anyway. I recently realised that my favourite colours are yellow, orange and green, so I changed the original pic and shades of this premade layout with the current ones!

Chiara meeting Neopets: my very first contact with this site was during June 2007, when I used to play Destruct-O-Match II a lot while studying for boring exam. I was a n00b and I didn't know how many things I could do in Neopia, so I played that game a lot because my pet used to say "Destruct-O-Match sounds like fun right about now" and I believed him.

what I like doing on Neo: I don't have much spare time anymore, unfortunately. But, when I'm online_ I still love customising my pets, collecting avatars and trophies, and playing at Ultimate Bullseye II. You can often find me bumping my board on the PC, atm.

Chiara's offsite life

Name: Chiara (to be pronounced: kiʌ:rʌ:)
Job: Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician, currently working with young people.
World time zone: Rome (NST +9)
Country: Italy
RL pet: an eight years-old lovely black kitty, Nana. I'm really proud of her because I grew her up by myself and she means very much to me.
Likes: Sweet food, tea, sushi, sunshine, summer, seaside, rainbows, honesty, animals
Dislikes: Snow, hypocrisy, dishonesty, cold weather, wrist watches, copycats
Current obsession: Trollbeads!!! The more beads I have, the more I want!!

meet my family!

I have a lot of permanent pets and I like them to rotate between my main and my side accounts, so that I can give them the attention they deserve, and I don't get bored of them easily (which has always been an issue of mine...)
I created my personal customisation portfolio so I can have memory of all the past outfits of my pets!
Pets here ordered by name!

Coding for every pet is under construction!

my goals

general goals

Current Goals
  • Start 11th row of trophies
    add at least 1 new game trophy
  • Complete "My family" page
    add some specifics for every pet
  • Get All Stars at the Altador Cup
  • Earn the Rubbish Dump avatar
    visit the rubbish dump daily
  • Start a new gallery
    choose a new gallery theme
  • Goals for 2019
  • Train Lorho to 2150 HSD
    remember to train her on a daily basis + FQC
  • Get an UC Plushie Techo
  • Complete Sea Shells album page
    buy the Golden Shell
  • Earn 600 stamps
    add 49 stamps
  • Complete new gallery
    buy all the available items, once I choose the theme.

  • avatar goals

    trophy goals

    New Trophies
  • Brucey B Slots | Got bronze!
  • Black Pawkeet Slots
  • Eye of the Storm | Got bronze!
  • Aaa's Revenge
  • Grand Theft Ummagine | Got bronze!
  • Trophy Upgrades
  • Slots Big Losers
  • Meepit Vs Feepit
  • Wrath of the Snowager
  • Techo Says
  • Imperial Exam

  • Reset scores here; easy trophies to get here.


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    my wishes

    neopoint wishlist

    Hove over the images to see item names!

    Stamps I still need can be found on the following page: items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/martia_elior/163248/

    granted wishes

    neocash wishlist

    My current wishlist is on Dress To Impress: /user/1677-martia/closet

    Art gifts and requests for me


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