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Hey there. Yes, I spy you lurking in that corner over there; there's no hiding from eyes in these parts, though the foliage is plenty. I suppose you've heard about Jodon, and were curious. Yes, the mal'ak are real, whether or not you wish to acknowledge it. Not everything relies on belief to exist. I shall be your host this evening, as Jimmy was apparently too 'busy' to drop by. I wouldn't worry too much about him though - it's just past twilight hours, and I'm sure Jodon is with him, wherever they are.

Who's Jimmy, you ask? And what does the time got to go with anything at all? All in good time, my friend - it's no good to just drop one right into the middle of a story. Read on, and soon enough, you'll meet both Jodon and Jimmy and yes, even Raine.

Well then, let's get started! To your left is a set of tabs, arranged in the order they should be read. Feel free to jump around though; it doesn't matter how things unfold in between, as long as you get from the beginning to the end. ;)

why Jodon?

carpe diem

Or, more succinctly, how Jodon came to join me and my crazy bunch.

UC Darigan Lupes = ♥

About a year ago, when I was actively poking around the PC to trade up towards a UC plush Bruce, I noticed a board adopting out a UC Darigan Lupe named Sxxxxx. At that point, I was pretty focused on my Bruce goal, so I hadn't actually looked around at other UCs in the PC. Figuring it couldn't hurt to peek in on the board, I clicked it open in a new tab and was met with this image in the board-maker's active-pet window:

(So dashing. ♥_♥)

Now, I'll admit I'm not a Lupe fan in general - the way the converted ones are presented art-wise isn't something that really inspires me when I look at them. But when I was looking at Sxxxxx, the difference in details - the slight down-tilt of his head, the imperious flare in his eyes, the generously large wings, the intimidating stance - these came together and told me about a character who was both arrogant and powerful, sometimes overbearingly so. Also, it helped that the Lupe looked very, very handsome. ♥ Dark, broody + arrogant + powerful + intimidating = BE STILL MY BEATING HEART.

At that time, Sxxxxx's owner was looking for a certain type of character for him and I was not selected to adopt him. (His current owner clearly loves him, so cheers for that!) However, the idea of owning a UC Darigan Lupe stuck around, and after I achieved my Bruce, I began looking around to see if it were possible for me to trade for one eventually.

Then Neazin came along.

Neazin - an application process

Stumbling across Neazin was pretty serendipitous as it was - I was just about to pop off the site when I saw a board advertising both King and Jodonas Up For Adoption. I dropped in, saw Jodon, and went '...hooboy, looks like I'll be doing an app. ♥'

(Fun fact: This page was the original template for the application I made for Zin. :D)

Plenty of amazing people also applied for Zin though, and while I did make it to the final shortlist, Zin eventually was adopted out to a lovely owner, who still owns him today!

Regardless, I had gotten too close to give up; I started looking around for other UC Dari Lupes, whether they were up for adoption or trade. Then...

Leana the Awesomazing!

Leana, who had seen my app for Zin, and knew I was looking for another Dari Lupe, went on her own hunt to trade for a Darigan Lupe to gift to me. (Yes, folks, she IS that epic.)

She also allowed me to advertise her high-statted pet, Ouc on the boards, just so I could land that coveted Lupe. Leana, have I thanked you enough yet?

Eventually, Jodon's owner came across my board, and the rest, they say, was Neopian history.

about Jodon

sum quod sum sub tuum praesidium

Who is Jodon?

Jodon Aishta (real name: ג'ון) is a mal'ak - a 'reaper angel'. Prior to what would come to be known as 'The Deal', Jodon was the mal'ak dimdoomim, and reaped the souls destined to leave their mortal bodies during the twilight hours of a day. One of the most brutal and efficient of the mal'akim, Jodon mocked those who interact with those not of their kind, calling them 'weak' and 'insipid'.

Then, one day, the fortune-teller named Jimmy, needing a brief reprieve from the gaudy bustle of the carnivale he was travelling with, strolled through the nearby forest close to the hours of night. There, buried under the roots and leaves, under the dark and shadows, he stumbled across the battered form of Jodon, unconscious in the manner no mal'ak should ever be.

Who knows what had happened to Jodon? Had another mal'ak turned on him? Perhaps a soul reaping gone awry? The mal'ak himself refuses to divulge the reason to this day. Nevertheless, Jimmy, gifted with the whisper of the third eye, knew full well that this sudden stranger was no human. He also knew he had to get the stranger out of the Haunted Woods if he was to survive the night.

With Jimmy's uncanny foresight and common sense, both man and mal'ak made it back to Jimmy's caravan with minimal fuss. There, Jodon finally aroused to discover the situation he was in, much to his dismay. Saved - by the very mortals he condemned? Travesty! Even worse, Jimmy was no normal human - born with a touch of the Uncanny, Jodon had just been saved by someone whose bloodline demanded equal recompense for every action done.

As much as Jimmy denied the need for a reward, Jodon knew full well that a exchange equal the the saving of a mal'aks life must be given. Jimmy, inexperienced in the dealings with the mal'ak, asked for his fortune-telling abilities to be augmented, little knowing what he was asking for. And so, the Deal was struck - in the secret language of his kind, Jodon whispered a quarter of his ability to see the deaths of people into Jimmy's ear.

Still, petty from the exchange, Jodon reached in and carelessly stole a fingerswipe of emotion from tne inner recesses of Jimmy's heart before he fled the caravan, reasoning to himself that the ability he had just bestowed was worth more than the mere rescue act.

The emotion he took was compassion.

Burdened with the weight of the new emotion, Jodon was soon aware of a marked change in his work: a gentler, more compassionate touch stained his previously ruthless and clean actions. Also, Jodon was unable to forget the emotion's original owner, and eventually stole over to where Jimmy was to spy on him.

Jimmy, unable to deal with both his new ability and the lessening of his compassion all at once, had left the carnivale, trekking out on foot to an aimless location as his eyes unwillingly saw the numbered days of everyone he met. His uncanny senses suggesting that the mal'ak was nearby, Jimmy begged him to take the gift back. Jodon, as compassionately as his stolen emotion allowed him to, told him he couldn't, but gave his word that he would watch over Jimmy and spare him any trouble Jodon's gift may cause him.

So was that the once-detached mal'ak dimdoomim came to watch over a simple fortune-teller at all hours except the ones between the period of twilight, offering the advice his piece of compassion occasionally granted him to the charge who so innocently lost it.

Jodon: A Pictoral Analysis

1) Jodon's hair is a deep purple and worn in a perpetually messy style, much as if he'd just rolled out of bed (if mal'aks ever had to go to bed, that is). His eyes are carmine-red if you get close enough to look at them.

2) Every mal'ak is required to keep some sort of identification on them; the administration generally doesn't care what form it comes in as long as the mal'ak can produce it on short notice. For Jodon, he wears a blue dog-tag inscribed with his true name around his neck - hands-free, no hassle.

3) Jodon generally appears as a rangy, lean man in his twenties. While he would still be formidable in whatever form he appears in (ie. grandmother, infant), Jodon appreciates how his current appearance supports his physical abilities.

4) Jodon's wings, when completely unfurled, are the length of his body. Before he gave a quarter of his death-reading ability to Jimmy, the wings were made of incandescent feathers. These days, the feathers closest to the wing-tip have moulted to reveal leathery parchment-like flaps of skin, with an additional claw growing out of the first wing-joint. Despite the ominous warning they give to other mal'ak about dealing with the Uncanny, the flaps does not impede his ability to fly in any way.

5) Jodon does occasionally wear his suspenders properly, but more often than not, one will be carelessly dangling by his side. All the better to work as an impromptu whip/lasso.

6) For maximum manoeuvrability, Jodon keeps his outfit simple: a black, close-fitting tank top and loose cargo shorts. Occasionally, he keeps lost souls in his pockets - he has a pocket-system only he's familiar with.

7) Pffft, shoes. Who needs them? Jodon flies almost everywhere and, when needs dictate he walk, suffers no pain while barefoot.

8) Soul reapers are the mal'akims' weapons and instruments when it comes to reaping souls - the mal'ak need only touch the soul with the soul reaper to reap it. Soul reapers are incorporeal when not in use - the mal'ak can easily grab it out of thin air when necessary.

Jodon's soul-reaper is a semi-automatic handgun. Usually, soul reapers can be altered according to the will of its owner, but Jodon's one is permanently stuck in the mode it was prior to Jodon making the deal with Jimmy. It could always be worse though - it could have been stuck in the form of an umbrella.

Jodon - a Personality Point-Form Analysis

In a nutshell, Jodon is:

BLUNT - even with his piecemeal compassion, Jodon sees no reason to soften any blow. The truth is the truth, and he will tell it as it is.

ARROGANT - Jodon considers himself above all other kinds of existence - humans, Uncanny, the Things that Be, even other mal'akim. As such, he doesn't put much stock in manners and sees no reason to esteem himself to others when clearly they should be doing that to him.

EFFICIENT - Jodon is good at what he does - reaping and collecting souls for judgement - and, despite his character flaws, has never condone torture and its like. If he puts his mind to something, he will ensure it it is done to the best of his ability.

CLUELESS (sometimes) - As ancient as Jodon is, his previous stance on not bothering much with humans means that he doesn't always understand the reasoning for human actions. Unfortunately for Raine, this means that he sees no reason to help her out in her quest to find Jimmy.

COMPASSIONATE (a little) - Thanks to Jimmy's compassion, Jodon is occasionally able to empathize with the souls he reaps, to the shock of some of his fellow mal'akim. It also allows him to act impulsively at times.

about Axtar

age quod agis

*waves* I'm Axtar, the one who's been guiding you around all this time. Hai?

Who is the strange being called Axtar?

First and foremostly, no, my parents didn't actually name me Axtar - it's just a convenient moniker I use online that's close enough to my actual name. :D I'm a Malaysian and will be 24 this year. Off-site, I enjoy reading a variety of fiction, surfing the web for news bites and writing both short fiction and the occasional poem or two. I also mess around with the tablet I got last year, doodling random art sketches of my Neopets characters and other misc. subjects.

For me, the characters I create on Neopets aren't limited to the site - I'd like to think of them as independent entities who can appear in stories not necessarily connected to Neopia. Apparently, I can be a bit quirky and overly loud at times, but don't take my word for it - my friends could probably attest to that. C;

Axtar vs, er, I mean 'and' Neopets

I've been on Neopets for 8 and a half years now - my main, Alagfalaswen is the very first account I created on this site (I'm really pretty proud of it.) I have 311 avatars currently, but am not much of an avatar collector - I don't actively seek out new ones these days. I am an avid participant in the Altador Cup - I've supported the Lost Desert team for 3 years now, and have made All-Star (and beyond!) each time.

My favorite Neopet species is the Bruce, and I think my three boys (troika!) is the perfect number of Bruces to own. I do a fair bit of Neopets art - I'll link you to them in the PAGES section just below. I also run (rather infrequently now) two set of comics in the Neopian Times - The Hardships of Habitarium P3s and M3. Just go here, and search for 'alagfalaswen'.

I can be found on the Pound Chat most of the time, bugging friends and generally lurking around. C: I'm not much of a pet trader - I tend to get rather attached to my pets, and when I do trade them, I try to find them a permanent home as well.

Axtar's Accounts

I have five accounts:

Alagfalaswen - This is my main account, also known as the main house - a fictional household that all my characters can gather at if necessary. The Neopets here are never going to be shifted to any other accounts, and are the various 'heads' of the household. Fun fact: With the exception of Chubs, the other 3 pets are amongst the first pets I adopted/created years ago.

Lyserilia - The playroom, where the younger, more energetic characters congregate. Raine will likely be shifted over to cassiopeia to join Jimmy (and hopefully Jodon once I get a box to move her NC stuff over, and Adora is currently up for trade for a UC Faerie Kyrii to join the others.

Tangibilia - The Caves, where some of my more intriguing characters hide from the eyes of the world. All the pets here not likely to move to any other accounts and generally interact with each other more than they do with the characters on the other accounts.

Cassiopeia - Still in progress; likely to become the Outwoods. Jimmy and Jodon are permanent pets here and Raine will shifted over once I have a box to move her NC stuff as well.

Callibria - Still in progress - the most haphazard account of the lot as this is the account I caught purge names on. Layton and Tomohisa are permanent pets, and I'm still figuring out what to do with the other two.

Axtar's Pages

Most of my pets' pages have misc. stuff all over it, but here are the actually organized ones:

Draw a Doodle, Do is my art page. It's a wee bit outdated though, whoops - I'm looking to change the page format to something more accessible. More recent doodles can be found at Snowgnats' page.

Axtar's Adoptables is where I host my collection of Bruce adoptables. I don't have all the colors yet, but hope to someday!

Origins is where I keep track of my pets' histories as well as their characters. Like my art page, it's due for an update, which I'll probably do once I get my newer accounts settled.

about the others

memento mori

Being the being he is, Jodon meets and knows all the people he has reaped. The two he actually knows more intimately than a peripheral knowledge though are Jimmy and Raine.

(click + drag image into address bar to view larger version)


(note: I wanted to link Jimmy directly, but a glitch in his name makes him almost completely unlinkable. Tricky fella. As it is, he's over here.)

Jimmy is, at a careless glance, a gypsy fortune-teller, decked out in the flamboyant fashion most of his kind tend to favor. With tousled blonde hair, an easy smile and an almost-flippant attitude, most generally dismiss him as a fake, especially with the kind of outrageous fortunes he tends to tell.

What most don't notice though, is the too-cold glint in his eyes when he foretells death, the chill imprint his fingers leaves on an upturned wrist when he drops the occasional nugget of truth. For Jimmy is slightly Uncanny, the diluted bloodline running within his veins allowing him glimpses of the future through the cobwebs of mortal eyes. The ability to read Death though is a secret even he doesn't divulge, though rumor has it that it was bartered for, on a still night. Some said he traded his compassion away, others said he sold his soul.

Jimmy never stays in one spot, prefering to roam around Neopia. It makes him hard to pin down. Due to serendipitious luck (or perhaps something else altogether), he has never run into any major trouble, despite the nightmares and ghosts rumored to haunt the jaunts he prefers to pick his way through.

He and Ridy are acquainted, the other too familiar with brushes with death in his line of work. Raine adores him, much to his chagrin, and he ensures he's always a step ahead to avoid running into her. Jodon is, in his own words, his 'compassion' - neither friend nor foe, yet companion and protector and sometimes, the reminder that he is still human.


Once, in a secluded village just a little off the map of Shenkuu, Raine was a God. Her Third Eye was revered as the Gate, enabling her to tell when the storms would come and when the sun will ravage. Through her, the villagers had harvest after good harvest, and the village was content.

If Raine saw other...non-people along with the future weather, she never mentioned it - it was, after all, a God's privilege to be able to acknowledge such beings. And if the villagers who revered her occasionally glanced at her with something like fear in their eyes, it was only her due. After all, she knew the secrets and shame they've buried in their pasts, read them easily as if they were books from start to current point in time.

It was only when Jimmy first walked into the village that Raine discovered that perhaps, she wasn't the only God out there. Where Raine could read the past, Jimmy could see the future, albeit not as steadily as Raine could. As Jimmy told his fortunes, Raine saw what the villagers could not - the moments when Jimmy spoke deadly truths, and the spectre that hovered around him at all hours except during twilight.

They were Uncanny, Jimmy told her when she confronted him, laughing at the look on her face. Not gods, just humans with a little something extra, so don't go fancying yourself bigger than who you are, ey? He was unruffled and unreadable, and he treated her without the respect the villagers accorded her with, telling her about the world outside. Slowly (though not too reluctantly), Raine fell in love.

Then, just as easily as he had waltzed into the village, Jimmy waltzed right back out. Raine lasted a month before she went after him, running off just before dawn, when the village was still fast asleep. She's still chasing Jimmy, just a few steps behind, unrelenting in her pursuit.

Raine favors lacy gothic dresses, and uses her umbrella (which she took with her when she left) as a weapon when necessary. She communicates with spirits and ghosts quite nonchalantly and tends to think herself better than everyone else. If other people glance at her with revulsion and fear, they're all really just jealous they don't have her abilities. She's run into Jodon before while he's on reaping duty, and badgers him to tell her where Jimmy is. Jodon doesn't understand her motivation though, and as such, usually ignore her demands.

plans and art

ars gratia artis

Ooh, look - plans!


With the Neovia Shop Silhouette Background and the Sloth Shadow Background item. (Thanks, Enchanty!♥)


This would be my ideal customization for Jodon, with the Sleuthing Background and the Sloth Shadow Background Item. (One day!...)

As Jodon is the mal'ak dimdoomim, it wouldn't be strange to find him along a busy sidewalk when the day is no longer day and not yet night, watching and reaping those who come under his watch. That is, if you possessed the Third Eye necessary to see him.


I was initially going to go for either a Ghost Lyins or a Ghostkerchief to mirror his character. Then, I stumbled across the Maraquan Albat.


I'd like to think Jodon faced the same dilemma I did, and caved. Now, Kedar tests his patience on good days, and his bit of compassion on worse days.

here there be art

(note: please click+drag into the address bar for the full-size view.)


Neopets version:

The Trio:

Art by others

Done by Callie (recordscratch)

farewell and credits

ave atque vale

Why, you've reached the end! Come, let me shake your hand for making it all the way to where you are now. *shakes hand*

I hope you've enjoyed reading through the various sections and meeting Jodon...somewhat. Through my eyes anyway; who knows if anyone's ever fully met him?

Brrr, the wind's picking up. It's high time we high-tailed it back to Neopia, don't you think? C'mon, Jodon deigned to mention that Jimmy had left us a way out somewhere...should be somewhere near...oh, you've got to be kidding me. A symolhole??? In the ground???

Well, looks like there's no help for it. So, feet first-


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