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~Mushi's Plushie Zaffy Quest~

Uh... hey there! Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
This one's gonna be all about how I really want a UC Plushie Zafara.

I mean, who doesn't want one? But, I don't want one as trading fodder up to a higher tier, I want a permie to keep forever and ever!

As of right now, I have a chain I am working on getting up to Tier 7, so that I can be considered for offers.

But, hey, if you have a Plush Zaf and you want what I am offering right now, I would be stoked. In fact I would probably die of happiness and then worship you for the rest of my life.... ;o;

I guess you could say that I have a nostalgia problem.

You see, I have been on this site since 2003. I have a preference towards UC pets simply because of the nostalgic imagery of the old site art. I love that early/mid 2000s art style and I am not a *huge* customizer, although I do like the background and trinkets quite a bit!

Which places me within a group of people who are forever cursed to want ridiculously difficult to get, rare and obscure pixellated images!! xD

Having a UC Plushie Zaf would fulfill my childhood desire to have a Plushie Neopet of my favorite neopet species!!

Thanks for viewing my project page!

Up for Trade

As a disclaimer, I really don't want to trade Mixiat or Jhelpi, because I love them, but I WOULD trade them for a Plushie Zaf. Normally I would consider them permies, but I want a Plush Zaf so badly, that I would consider trading them for one!!

Jhelpi is a childhood pet of mine, and I don't want to trade him for ANYTHING except a Plushie Zaf. He is a UC Faerie Xweetok.


the UC Faerie Ixi

UFT for vwn t6+

- Battledome Stats -

Level: 30
Health: 13 / 13
Strength:AWESOME (60)
Defence:GREAT (32)
Intelligence:ULTIMATE GENIUS (161)


the UC Faerie Aisha

UFT for wn/dn/bn T5+

- Battledome Stats -

Hit Points: 16 / 16
Strength: GREAT (24)
Defence: demi-godly
Movement: lightning
Intelligence: brilliant

Trading Chain

So, I started off at a high tier!

Unfortunately, this is because I traded one of my childhood pets, Zuragnos the UC Grey Kougra. I traded her for a vwn/wn UC Faerie Yurble 2/10/2019

I decided to put Zuragnos up for trade back in December of 2018, because I realized that I wanted a Plushie Zafara more than her. o-o; Poor Zuragnos.

Traded a vwn/wn UC Faerie Yurble for a bn Uc Faerie Tonu on 3/7/2019

I made it to Tier 7! But there's still so much work cut out for me!

Update: I became really frustrated and sad with trying to UC trade... So I traded my Faerie Tonu for a vvwn Faerie Ixi named Mixiat.

Art & Stuffs

Here's some art I drew of Plushie Zaf! All of my other Neopets art is over at this page. It's a little difficult for me to create a character for a Neopet without knowing their name, but for my Plushie Zaf, I imagine that he would be a boy! I know that a lot of UCs are female, but for some reason I see my future zaf being a Plushie Prince. xD He would wear a little crown and believe he was royalty.

He would have an army of Plushies that he called is Kingdom, with unblinking button eyes.

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