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Heya, mates! G'day and all that jazz, and welcome to Jeri's -- Jeri, that's me -- Amazing Bori Art Page! Now, despite the brilliant wording of that title, I've been press-ganged by a certain fussy Shoyru into informing you all from the start that this particular Art Page is not a Bori, nor does it only contain Bori Art, amazing or otherwise. But, since I'm the only one in this neck of the woods with the faintest interest in running this shenanigan here, I'm the one who gets to name it. Ha. I win.

Aaannd... now for an official word from our sponsors -- erm, nevermind, I'll just say it. Jeri's Amazing Bori Art Page is the work of many, many users, from the beginning of time onwards_ and without them, it wouldn't be possible. A huge thankee goes to everyone out there who's liked this Tamia_silverwing (Supposedly she's a Neopian Timeser. If she happens to have any connection at all to a certain Tanya Deanyn, I do believe fur and various limbs will fly.) person's work enough to contribute something to this page. That means all you out there. You're all seriously cool. See my serious face? That's how cool you are.

User Art!

Ooh, look at all the shiny pictures. If I had a smidgeon less shame, I might even don a pair of Heart-Shaped Sunglasses in their honour.

Anywho, this section is comprised of a whole heap of art that was drawn by users other than our Miss Tamia. It includes fanart, tradeart, requestart, friendart, foeart, buttertart, and maybe even a squashed partridge in there somewhere. I think Trick burned the pear tree.

You can't look at this pic and say you don't like the style; that's what I think. Thanks very much, _Sunset_phoenix!

8D Aqua_blue_dragonfly has captured my essence. Much love to her.

Hey, it's a Tyra smilie! I would tell you to collect the whole set, but I think that might be a little unfair to Baby_paintbrush233.

Excellent, simply stunning. *nod nod* And look, Morph, you got drawn too -- back in your Dax phase! You get some cookies for this one, Banner_font_maker.

This is one of the first pictures Betazoid_telepath ever drew of one of the Ghostchasers, let alone Kiyoshi. Lovin' the perspective, mate, but you really should comb your hair.

Okay, so this isn't really fanart -- Trick may have shown up in this "Ghostchasers" thing of Tamia's, but Trick McFinn is "Betazoid_telepath's own pet". Whatever that means....

It is said that Betazoid_telepath's words concerning this picture went along the lines of, "that was the first drawing of Tyra I ever did, and her hair looks like something that was leftover from the seventies". I like it too. =D

Aw, young Tyra! ^__^ I won't even get into the details of what Betazoid_telepath thinks of this pic now, mate, but I like it.

I approve of this one -- that's one handsome Bori sitting right there, y'know. Thanks, Betazoid_telepath!

Huh. Can't really say much about this one, except that it involves one Tyra Magena and NaKaranth, and the line, "Hey, beautiful, want to go for a ride in my spacecraft?" Aliens. There's a reason they don't live among us, you know, Betazoid_telepath.

... I have no idea who this is. *shifty eyes* But thank you all the same, Betazoid_telepath!

... It's a giant contact lens. How... mysterious. I do believe that the Neopian Times will implode when it gets a load of this one. Thanks once again, Betazoid_telepath.

Flower Power Princess. =D I think it's a good idea, anyway. Thank yous, of course, to Betazoid_telepath.

I do believe Betazoid_telepath has portrayed the Zafara Chessori here. Chessori and I had something special, you know. Very special. We both knew equally little about healing people, and she only tried to kill me once. ^_^ Thank you, Trilly. This brings back such memories.

Aww... *pinches cheeks* Sucha cwute ickle Shoyru. Thanks muchly, Flowerchick81!

I want to be there the day Kiyoshi shows this degree of malicious enthusiasm for ghostchasing. It might make a good postcard. Thanks a million, Ghostkomorichu!

*snickers* Hey, Kiyoshi, I hope you and the Swamp Ghoulie are having fun -- I know how much you two enjoy your little get-togethers. Thanks so much, Leah51293!

Just three weary Ghostchasers, relaxing together and enjoying the sunset, and -- hey, is that Mrs. Park? Just kidding, Kiyoshi, don't get too excited. Thanks, Pacmanite!

... Shiny. Jeri approves. Thank you very much, Phoenix1000!

Raelsnoopy flatters Tyra. ^__^ Aw, just kidding; you don't need a pretty picture to do that. Thanks!

Team Aisha! Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. Thanks for the uber-cute picture of Tyra and Stephanie, Raelsnoopy!

Now, don't worry, everyone -- Kiyoshi loves to give piggyback rides! Really, he does it all the time. Isn't that right Kiyoshi? Thanks, Raelsnoopy!

... Erm. I am unavailable for comment with regards to this picture at this time. In the meantime, I'm off to have a word with Raelsnoopy.

Hey, Kiyoshi! =D I think you could be this tall if you really tried! Thanks very much, Shelleyh123456789!

I have a new hero, who goes by the name of Shoyru_lover713. She has great taste! Thanks for the art!

Whaddya know, he plays sports, too. It requires a certain degree of imagination on the spectator's parts to consider hurling your body towards a living projectile with the vague intent of stopping said projectile before you break most of your ribs a sport, but I'm good with imagination. So is Silvermare200. Thanks for the picture!

Tyra employs the age old wisdom that dictates "Turn that frown upside-down". All the time, mates -- ya gotta know this to understand. Thanks, Tashamelia888!

Y'know, I don't think that Aley and Tyra have really gotten much time to socialize, but if they did, they'd probably find they share many similarities. They both get excited over things I don't understand. Thanks a million, Vlghltlh1!

I don't know what that is, but I wouldn't drink it if I were you. And now Tyra's trying to tell me it's grape juice. But I know better, mates. Thank you once again, Vlghltlh1!

...Show-off. Just kidding, Tyra, I respect your insane powers and am probably just lashing out to make up for my own inadequacies. Probably. Thanks for the fantastic picture, Vytalibus!

I'm afraid there is no possible way to explain this comic. It's unexplainable. But it does have cake in it, which should be good enough for most of you. Thanks so much for the present, Wicked_summer! =D

Tamia Art!

This part used to be bigger, but on one of her fabled rampages of random destruction, Tamia happened to rip down a few *coughmostcough* of the older pictures in favour of new ones that didn't resemble gravel quite so much. Oy. NT Authors -- take my advice. They're all crazy and you'd probably be better off if you avoided the whole lot of them. *wise nod*

...Oh yeah, and there's actually something here now. I knew I'd forgotten something.

This is the very first picture Tamia made for the Art Gallery that she actually put a bit of effort in, and didn't use a texture fill once for. It didn't get in, but it was the start of a learning curve. Or something.

And this is the first one that ever made it in. =D See, you don't have to draw neopets just like everyone else to get in (I mean, what is with the ears on that dude in the middle?). You just need to keep trying.

There are some days when you just sympathize, y'know?

I think this was the third to make it in. I'm just guessing blindly at this point. ^__^ Happy Shenkuu Lunar Festival all the same, though.

This picture illustrates quite well why action poses with an interesting composition tend to do better in the Art Gallery than pictures involving shiny ponies standing there looking pretty. Shiny is cool, but it doesn't guarantee a win.

Aw now doesn't this bring back memories! ^__^ What I wouldn't give to spend another day in the heart of the Land Down -- erm, why are you staring at me like that? You didn't think I got my (admittedly charming) accent from Krawk Island, did you?

If you like barrel-chested Peophins in gleaming silver armour who patrol the deep seas against evil and tyranny all the while expecting nothing in return, I guess you might like this guy. It's all the same to me, really. I already love everybody.

I swear someone photoshopped a blue Shoyru out of this picture. I mean, really.

*snerk* Hey Kiyoshi.

...Nice save.


It has been said that many eons ago, Tamia once proudly displayed every single pet drawing that was ever requested of her by another user. She stopped at about thirty, after noticing that any user unfortunate enough to try and actually load the page would experience the violent death of his or her internet connection halfway there.

Instead, I've used my elite skills to craft a list of every Neopet request Tamia ever drew. I know, my cleverness surprises even myself sometimes.

Want to request a picture of your pet? There's a few guidelines, so let me take you through them.

1.Only ask for a request if Tamia's lookup says that requests are OPEN. You know the drill... Times authors are a busy bunch who more often than not don't know how to keep their priorities straight. I respect that (in a sort of twisted, sarcastic) way. You should too.

2. Use this form. It really isn't that difficult. Answering the couple of questions it asks and giving Tamia all the information you can will inevitably result in a better picture. It's statistically proven.

Name, species, colour, etc (basic pet info):
Anthro/Non-anthro (depicted as a normal, likely four-legged animal):
If anthro, then hair colour:

Relative age (toddler, teen, adult, etc.):
Eye Colour:
Personality (this one is important! Include anything you can think of, from the pet's typical mood, to interests, to overall outlook on life. Describe your pet's character.):
Anything else:

3. By requesting a picture to be drawn by someone else, you are honour-bound to respect that artist's hard work and agree not to tamper with it, steal it, claim it as your your own work, or enter that picture in the Beauty Contest, Art Gallery, or any other competition you can think of, whether on Neopets or anywhere else. If you display the picture anywhere, you are honour-bound (there's that word again) to credit Tamia_silverwing for her work by leaving her username on the picture, and keeping it clearly readable.

Trust me, guys, an honour-bond is taken way more seriously than any threat of staff warnings or frozen accounts you can think of is. If an honour-bond is broken, that means you have sacrificed your morals, and stooped very, very low for a very, very small reward. Don't do it. It's not cool.


Aww, plushies and mini-me's! Is there anything better?

Tamia's Plushie Adoptables:


Jeri's Amazing Morphing Petpet!

So, as I was innocently wandering through the Haunted Woods oneday_ I stopped at the Deserted Fariground to snag a round at the Bagatelle before moving on. But when I opened my backpack to grab a few neopoints, what did I find there but a blinkin' Slorg, a bug-eyed little fella, leaving ooze all over my foodstuffs. I might have been upset, but at that moment he decided to up and turn into a plushie Cadro. In a blink. This amused me greatly -- if you were there, watchin' this little guy transmogrifying every which way, being a Cobrall one moment and a Candychan the next, you'd be amused too. Never stopped changing, y'know. And he's been following me around since then, for some reason -- I suppose it could be a good or a bad sign depending, I dunno.

But he's a cute little thing. ^___^ I call him Morph. I've been taking pictures of him, in all his forms. You can pet him if you'd like.

Link Back!

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