Greetings, curious reader, to Malisha's journal, the only place where everything personal is stored. You are free to browse and learn more about her, whether that is your objective or not. All is welcome to look around.

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Currently Singing: Uzu to Uzu - NICO Touches the Wall
Currently Playing: Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
Currently Watching: Overlord
Currently Writing: Once More

Guild Stats

Currently Reading: I Hunt K!llers by Barry Lyga
Next Book to Read: Sanctum by Sarah Fine
Last Book Read: Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz
Best Book This Month: Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa

Top 5 Books of the Year
1. The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle) by Maggie Stiefvater
2. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
3. The Diviners by Libba Bray
4. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz
5. The Archived by Victoria Schwab

I chose The Raven Boys because what more can I say? Maggie Stiefvater is a brilliant writer. This was the first series that made me go all the way to getting the books and a blog to rejoice with other fans and even reading fanfic. That is pretty significant on its own.

Six of Crows was also a book I had to go out and buy after I finished it. Each of the characters are fleshed out so well and I am so, so jealous of Leigh Bardugo's writing. She is a wonderful writer.

The Diviners was also written by a beautiful writer. It gave the supernatural world a spin for me in a setting I could care less about. The characters and plot made me keep going because I just have to. Both books are monsters. 600+ pages? Sign me up.

Ari and Dante is a book I never would've picked up if it weren't for the gender studies course I took in university. I am so glad I did because this book is beautiful (I say that a lot). It really is. It's romance but not really. It's self-discovery and coming-of-age. And it was written wonderfully.

Victoria Schwab is also a beautiful, wonderful, brilliant writer. I loved The Archived, The Unbound, and am waiting for The Returned to come to life. The two books connect with each other so well, the romance is light and meaningful, and man, I need more Wes in my life too.

Overall, 2015 had more paranormal and fantasy but in the second half, there was more real-life and books like Ari and Dante. Next year, I'm going to read more contemporary but include fantasy and paranormal here and there. This year was a great year because I have 72 books read and counting. Who knows if I'll surpass that next year. I really hope so.

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About Malisha

I am an unimpressive eighteen year-old human who is five feet tall and Asian. I started playing Neopets at the request of my sister and cousin and only play for my sites and guild and the Altador Cup when it comes around. I rarely do any more than update my sites and check in my guild. I answer NMs so feel free to shoot some my way.

Am I supposed to describe myself? My real name is Sara but since that name is so common, I prefer you call me Malisha just to be safe. I hate life. School. Thinking of the future. A lot of things. I'm a pessimist and I'm not afraid to admit it. I read a lot, watch a lot of anime, and write daily if I can. I can swim, perform first-aid, survive the night outside, lead kids, and sing. I'm your average human but my friends like to call me "creative" and "good at writing" when I'm...average.

Yeah, I don't think highly of myself and I'd be lying if I said I like myself, which I do, to an extent. I live on a place that tumbles, shouting flyingwargle to the masses.

My all-time favorite book series is The Raven Boys and my all-time favorite anime as to be Haikyuu!! and my all-time favorite game is Pokémon. So...feel free to send me a NM to fangirl about anything.

I first discovered the site community a few months after my guild was founded in 2012. It was an adoption agency revamped into a writing site. I lost interest rather quickly and took a break. In spring 2013, I wished to request graphics for my guild but could not find any. I decided to open a site dedicated to listing open statuses.

Unwound Clock is first of the four. Opened in March 2013, UC aims to show accurate statuses of majority of the request sites in the site community. Its name originates from Prof. Layton and the Unwound Future.

Diabolical Box is second out of the four. Opened in July 2013, DB aims to provide entertainment and resources for writing as well as story requests. I gained inspiration from my love of writing and writing opening site stories for UC. Its name originates from Prof. Layton and the Diabolical Box.

Ambidexterity is third out of the four. Opened in January 2014, AB aims to provide untaken site names for those who wish to open a new site as well as links to resources to make the journey easier. This was going to be extra content for DB but then it became a new site entirely. Its name originates from Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward.

Route 10 is last out of the four. Opened in July 2014, R10 aims to provide quick services to help fine-tune or improve your site. I had fantasized about reviewing sites but because of my biases, I would not make a good reviewer. I chose to offer site services instead. Its name originates from Pokémon.


Here are the extra stuff that don't belong in any category. It will mostly consist of retired graphics and status request signs. Feel free to use the retired buttons. They all link back to their creators.

Malisha's Bookshelf

10 All-Time Favorite Books

1. The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle) by Maggie Stiefvater
2. Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertini
3. The Archived by Victoria Schwab
4. Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices) by Cassandra Clare
5. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
6. Legend (Legend) by Marie Lu
7. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz
8. Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa
9. The Diviners by Libba Bray
10. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I only read young adult books at the moment with little love for the classics. I enjoy reading immensely: supernatural/ paranormal, mystery, fantasy, dystopia, and real-life. I despise romance with a passion and will avoid all books tagged romance.

I also write, too. I read feverishly to see what's been done and how it's been done. I enjoy writing: supernatural/ paranormal, mystery, fantasy, and real-life. I usually forget to include a romance aspect to it unless it's intentional. My current project is called Once More and others are: Lifeline and Trio.

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UC Articles

Unwound Clock has a community portal where I will occasionally write an article about a topic. Here is where you can read all the old articles at your pleasure.

Attention: I will very much appreciate it if you could use these articles as references for anything or mention them to give them attention. Thank you!

1. Regular vs. Recommended - February 2015
2. The Story Behind Updating - July 2015
3. Balacning Life with Neopets - September 2015
4. Lessons in Rules - September 2015
5. Review the Review - September 2015
6. Dehumanizing Neopians: Copy-and-paste Messages - October 2015

Important: All of these articles were written by Malisha (malisha9) for the purpose of informing. Theft will not be tolerated in any way.

Regular vs. Recommended

If you browse through the lovely directories listed below, you will find that most of them have a site key. The key classifies which site is which: inactive, closed with content available, on hiatus, and so on. The two most common ones will be: regular and recommended.

A regular site is exactly what it sounds: regular. Maybe the layout doesn't work in common browsers, or the content quality could use improvement, or the content quantity is too less. Maybe the requesting rules are too harsh, or there aren't enough link-back buttons. Whatever the case, this site is regular and often overlooked by browsers of a directory.

A recommended site is exactly what it sounds as well: recommended! The layout could be fantastic and custom made just for the site. The content quality is incredible beyond words, and the quantity of it is vast. The requesting rules could be very easy to follow and the request speed could be impressive. A good amount of link-back buttons is available. This site should be visited first before any other one.

Let me give you a scenario now. Let's say you just opened a new site. You used a premade layout and know minimum coding so you know how to make textboxes and multiple pages. You don't have a lot of content available because of a virus on your desktop but you want to open your site anyway. There was only one button maker who could make you two buttons. Your requests are closed and you start by sending out neomails to get listed. They all list you as a regular site.

Three months later, you begin to learn more about coding. A friend of yours makes you a custom layout. Your computer virus is gone and you content much more regularly now. Requests open and close and you are known for making what you make. You even won a SOTM a few weeks ago and featured at one point. New directories now list you as a recommended site.

Where does that leave you? Will the other directories change the status of your site to recommended? Of course not. Once you're listed and given a status, you're like that. No directory owner will have the time to go through their hundreds of links and re-evaluate their sites and make another judgment. Your site is now in the middle- not spectacular enough to be recommended but not exactly a regular one either.

What I want to say is this: Don't be discouraged by not being recommended at directories. Each directory owner will see your site differently. Most sites always start off regular, and as they grow, they achieve better status at other directories. You will be recognized for your efforts if your site sticks around.

I would also like to encourage directory owners to use a new key: new site. Give these sites a bright bullet so visitors will see them and visit them and give them a chance to grow by requesting or sending in feedback. Check these sites whenever you can- once a week, month, year- and watch them grow. Watch, and after a period of time, make your judgment. Being regular or recommended, it means a lot to a site-owner because it tells them how much they can improve or how they can achieve better heights.

The Story Behind Updating

On most sites, you'll see a box on the front page or a page labeled Updates. What is the importance of updating and why do we do it? This article talks more about the process and pains of updating and how important it is for site owners and visitors.

The dictionary definition of updating is: To inform (someone) with the latest information. An update is as long or as short as you want it to be, as detailed or as concise as you think it should be. Did you add five icons? Say you added five icons and post which ones. Did you finish your requests and opened requests again? Say just that. Are you closing requests? Let everyone know. Updates are the second thing a visitor will see upon entering your site. For this layout of UC, the updates is right beside the introduction. For Jepzine's Cafe, there's a box beneath the introduction for updates. For Hayley's Stuff, there's another page for updates. For Line Up, there isn't a box or page but you can see when it was last updated from when the last time Cam did his rounds. So long there's a date and specified object added, it's an update.

If you're bored, updates are fun to read. Updates are also when you can advertise other sites, encourage visitors to vote for your site/graphic in competition sites, update requesters on their request status, or rant about their day, which is the same as explaining why they hadn't worked on the request yet. It's a log up to a certain time on what has been added to the site and what the owner had been up to.

What's the importance of updating? Why should you do it every time you add/remove something to your site, every time you finish a request or receive a request, etc.? For one, it's a measure of time. Sites that are "inactive" are deemed that after a certain amount of months or years. Another, is it lets requesters know if the site owner is active and online to receive requests if their status is hidden. Third, visitors should know what's been added to the site and such. They should know if anything new had happened since the last visit because what makes them continue to come back is knowing that something new would be waiting for them every time they check your site. Finally, it proves to others that your site is still active. If you aren't advertising or updating your site, chances are not very many will think you're around and won't request from you.

My last point is this: make your updates box visible. I suggest the width being the same length as your content box because it should be readable and see-able. Visitors deserve to know what's been happening lately.

Balancing Life with Neopets

I want to clarify something: I'm going to be in university come September and I only have two days worth of classes out of five. I don't have a job (I'm looking for one, okay) and frankly, not much of a life. So this article might not really help for you but I have some tips for time management when it comes to wanting to keep on top of your school work and life and Neopets at the same time. These tips aren't guaranteed to help you and I honestly don't know why I'm writing this but if it does help, I would be incredibly honored to have influenced you in some way.

Tip #1: Neopets is the last thing you do on any day. School is usually the first. Then the job (if you have one). Then friends. Then personal stuff like video games, movies, TV shows, and Neopets. You don't have to do anything on your site but log in so your status will say under a day ago instead of x days ago. This means you're alive and well. Visitors will keep coming back to see if you've added anything yet.

Tip #2: You don't have to take requests. Truly, you don't. If requests are all you have, that's fine. Find new affiliates or listers or keep your extras page updated. This proves you're still working on your site. The same goes for sites with content: you don't have to add content. It's amazing if you do but don't force yourself to take time out from studying or hanging out to draw adoptables or make banners. You already have content. Your site has something. It's fine not to have something new for a while.

Tip #3: Answer neomails as you go. This is for the sites that receive a lot of them: listing forms, suggestions, questions, etc.. If it's a listing form, you can reply to it and mass add them later on. If a suggestion, write it down for later use. Questions are always easy. Two minutes is all you need for these.

Tip #4: Requests are nice but don't break something. Accept only as many as you think you can handle. If it's one, it's one. Two, then it's two. If you're the only site accepting a certain type of request, remember that there is more than one site out there. Their requests will open eventually. Also: Offer alternate requests if you can. Instead of doing everything yourself, let the requester pick and choose what they want. Make bases and let requesters choose the one they want to personalize. Make things easier for yourself. It's your time being used to fulfill requests.

Tip #5: Goals? Goals. If you're goal-oriented, make it your goal to add xx number of graphics or fulfill xx number of requests at the end of a time frame. If not, you can make judgments as you go. If you're free this week, open requests or add new content. If you're busy for the weekend, say so in your updates and add when you might open requests next.

Finally: Hiatuses are last resorts. School is challenging and awful but fun (for some) and rewarding (for some). If you love running your site, let it show by keeping up with it the best you can until you can't. Don't feel pressured to do anything to it but keep it updated. Two of my sites are practically in limbo for most of their existence but they're still open and content is added whenever possible. Some things take more priority than them.

There you have it. I guess they're not really tips but reminders while you're juggling school, life, job, driving, marriage, whatever, with Neopets. Don't feel pressured, don't rush, and try not to go on hiatus because people tend to never come back. We want people to come back so please help us keep the site community alive.

Thank you for reading. Good luck with school, life, job, driving, marriage, whatever, and let me know if you have suggestions for future articles!

Lessons in Rules

Rules? Rules. Rules. What rules? You know, no running on the pool deck, no loitering, no skateboarding in school hallways, no cheating on exams, so on and so on. Sites have rules too, whether it be requesting rules or rules of usage or guidelines. The bottom line is: they're still rules and they need to be followed. However, there's a distinctive line between professional rules and rude rules. This article will explain the differences between each.

Each site will have a different amount of rules. Bisou has four: credit, don't steal, permission to use on graphics, and permission to use in graphics. Pamela's Lending has nine rules, which are all pertinent to the pet lending process so be sure to read them. Pandora, however, only has one (but it's an important one): credit. The amount of rules should not deter a requester from requesting. As a requester, I will read over the rules but I will tend to skim them over if it's a long, long paragraph. Remember: requesters won't have time to read essays. Play with your italics and bold. Jewel is an excellent example of this as well as Lush.

Tip: Don't bold unless you have to! Only when you're bringing attention to something. See what I did? You read it because it was bolded, right? Now, for italics, one or two words is good because they're generally used for emphasis. Bold is for attention. Italics can be difficult to read depending on the style so use that wisely.

What do professional rules sound like? How to Offer Great Service written by Turnip did a fantastic job writing on this topic in tone and attitude. Your rules convey how you sound. In essence, write rules as you would in an English class. That means: formally, politely, and straight to the point. If you need to explain a rule further, that's fine. Route 10 has a rule that asks requesters to wait a week if they're being reviewed currently and there's an explanation for that. Do your best to keep it to as few words as possible.

Rude rules sound like normal every day language, such as: Don't rush me in getting your request finished. Some things take more priority than Neopets. Or: I won't redo your request because that's all you get. If you messed up, it's your fault. There are many ways to get your message across without sounding condescending. The way we have with words is amazing and the overall tone of your site will improve drastically upon having professional rules.

Also on the topic of rules: rule tricks! Again, I link you to that section in Turnip's HTOGS about it. I used to have this for Route 10 but took it out because I feel everyone should have an equal chance to have a review. Someone might have been in a rush and forgot to add the trick or someone doesn't understand what it means and left it out. I still have it for Diabolical Box though because that's my own writing and I need to make sure I get credited for it.

If you want to have rule tricks, make sure it makes sense. Some have double tricks, which is explained in Turnip's guide, but in summary, make sure you don't forget the tricks.

In summary, rules are rules, no matter how many or how few there are. Professional rules are those written in formal English and rude rules are those written in every day speech. Rule tricks are fun and helps squeeze out those unworthy of requesting but don't overdo them.

Thanks for reading!

Note: It is not my wish to offend anyone, if anyone did find offense. I apologize in advanced.

Review the Review

If you ask a layout maker and a reviewer how long it would take them to complete a request, their answer will most likely be: it depends. There are many factors that may hinder their speed such as real life and its many demands. A layout maker could be having a difficult time editing an image or runs into multiple coding problems. A reviewer could have difficulties forming thoughts into constructive criticism. This article will be talking about reviews, as layouts have been touched on previously. What is a review and how often should you request a review? Do reviews help? How can I make the most out of a review? All of these will be answered in this article.

Here is the dictionary definition of review (that is applicable to the site community): a critical article or report, as in a periodical, on a book, play, recital, or the like; critique; evaluation. There are different types of rubrics most review sites having, common ones being: in-depth, pros/cons, Q&As, first impressions, and so on.

Each one of them varies in detail, in-depth being the most detailed one, of course. This review takes the longest since it looks at everything you have in your site- the layout, content, rules, organization, spelling and grammar, professionalism, credits, sitely, link-back buttons, affiliates, and anything else. Generally, you should request an in-depth review once a year because of its content and how time-consuming it is for the reviewer. If you continuously request this every few months, you will begin to notice you won't be receiving as much feedback as before. Wait a year to truly see how much you've improved.

The pro/con review is different since it briefly touches on the best and lacking points of your site. It is meant to be brief but more specific to certain aspects. A con can look like this: "The layout may not work for the site because the organization is confusing and makes it difficult for visitors to navigate." A pro: "Your content is beautiful and plentiful. I especially like xx icon because of the textures and focal point. Nicely done!" This review should be requested once every few months so you can see whether or not you are on the right track.

Q&As and first impressions are short and very brief. A Q&A is an exchange between requester and reviewer, where the requester asks very specific questions in exchange for a specific answer. An example is: "Is my layout's navigation confusing? Is there anything to improve it?" The answer can be: "The navigation is visible and catches visitors' eyes. However, the naming of the links is misleading. For example, 'Exit' can be renamed to 'Sitely' since 'Exit' usually refers to linking to the main Neopets page...." And so on. First impressions is usually a brief skim over the site to point out outstanding errors or focal points. Despite these reviews being quick, you should not request one every so often. Do try for once a month or so.

To truly maximize your review, do try to request only if you need it. If your last review was over a year ago when you were just starting out, you can request an in-depth review to make sure your site is improving in quality and status. If your last review was nine months ago, you can request a pro/con review to ensure your site is on the right track. If your last review was a week ago, wait a bit. A month or two. Then you can request.

Now, do reviews help? Of course, depending on the timing of it. You will find that a site with more content will have a longer review than a site with less content because there is more to evaluate and browse there. Don't worry about that. No matter what your site is, it will still be reviewed to the best of the reviewer's abilities. Please keep in mind that the length of it is influenced by the last time your site was reviewed. If you would like new feedback, wait. Reviewers would rather not repeat advice given by a previous reviewer because it means we aren't doing our job properly.

Thank you for reading! An article in the future will talk about tips to improve your site without a review pointing them out. Keep an eye out!

Thank you to reviewers of the present for keeping our sites sharp and updated and thank you to reviewers of the past for designing the popular rubrics we use today! The reviewing world would not be as it is without any of you!

UC Community Portal: Dehumanizing Neopians: Copy-and-paste Messages

When you want to send in a request or listing or ask a question or send in a comment, you'll do so in the form of a neomail. No questions asked here. Chances are you'll be polite, perhaps saying Hi, my name is blah and I was wondering... If you want to be more polite, you would add something like thank you for your consideration! or just a simple thank you! to show your gratitude. You click SEND and wait and wait and wait...and then you're hit with an automated message.

Your site has been listed at blah. Be sure to pick up a link-back button in our sitely section.

Signed by the site owner's name

I'm not against copy-and-paste messages. I know, for example, avatar lenders will need to send out dozens of NMs and do not have the time to hand type it every time. For everyone else though, unless your schedule renders you unable to, should hand type NMs whenever possible.

This is how I think of it. You want to be able to interact with the site owner, get to know them better, or become friendly with them. The only time you will ever be able to connect with them for a good reason is through requesting or contributing. To receive a non-human response back can be disheartening. You might think: do they just not want to interact with me? If they complimented your work or thank you for listing their site, acknowledge it. Praise does not come easily and if you are doing a service, thank-yous may seem like empty words but they motivate you, no matter what you may think.

You can have messages that may sound like a copy-and-paste message, such as a NM telling you your request is ready for pick-up. You can easily turn it into a personal message by adding the requester's name or commenting why you chose a certain image over another. Simply sounding casual instead of formal is another way to personalize messages as well. You don't have to sound uptight on Neopets. Yes, it's polite, and yes, you are talking to another human being, but Neopets is still a kids' site. We're allowed to act like who we are and talk like how we should.

Copy-and-paste messages are useful for sites who need to send out massive amounts of neomails on a regular basis. Do try to remember the site community is fragmented and that the only interaction we will have with one another is by sending a neomail. Most of them time we won't send one without a good reason. Remember that we're all human. We want to be acknowledged too.

October Event: Site Appreciation Month

The event is now over! Thank you so much to everyone for participating! This event wouldn't have been successful without you and I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to express your words. Thank you for everything!

If you missed the chance to send in a thank-you, challenge yourself to thank the site owner themselves. A single thank-you can brighten anyone's day so step up to the challenge and say thank you!

Ashe wants to thank...

Turnip / Frequent Flyer
Turnip and her site, Frequent Flyer were always there back then when I needed help with my sites. I was new to the site community back then and had so many questions. Whether I had a casual question about coding or needed an amazing in-depth site review, Turnip was always there to help.

Always Connected
I will always remember this site. Turnip updated the community with daily site news and everyone visited/participated. I didn't always have time to browse every site out there so Always Connected made things simple for me to see what new content was being made, what new sites are popping up, what going on in the community, etc. Will always miss this site ;-;

Nienke / Nienke's Premades
Nienke was one of the BEST graphic makers ever in neopets. (seriously, this girl did every type of graphic) She created buttons, layouts (of every type), created her own resources, pngs, etc, etc. And everything she made was flawless and completely her own style. Her site was one of the first graphic sites I ever saw (wayyyyyy back in the day, before I owned sites) and wow her work still inspires me today.

Cam / Line Up / Scheme
Cam's work will probably always be remembered by the site community. He made amazing minimalistic layouts and everyone wanted one made by him. He also made wonderful buttons and his site Line Up was a community site that everyone visited.

Mexxy / Whitespace
Whitespace is one of the few active sites I get squee and get excited over when she released new premades LOL I love her minimal layouts and Mexxy is so super kind and such an amazing person. I can't thank her enough for helping me with Bisou's layout. ;-;

Aroha, Roo & The Teahouse
These 3 sites pretty much inspired me to create my own adoptable site. All 3 of them taught me something different and without them, I probably wouldn't own any sites right now. My first ever site was a neopet adoptable site called Felicity which was inspired by Aroha. Since it was my first site ever I learned so much during those days xD! My 2nd adoptable site was inspired by Roo and The Teahouse because of how they both offered such high quality content and they weren't "actual neopet" adoptables. That's how I came up with the idea to create a site no one had adoptables for yet; chibi gijinkas! (or at least there wasn't many of them) I always looked up to them because of their quality of work and kindness they showed to everyone who visited. I'll never forget them ;-;

Malisha / Unwound Clock
Unwound Clock is probably the only site I check daily now. I may not request all the time but I love to stalk sites and UC helps me do that LOL It's the only site where I can find out who's open/closed so I check all the time (even if I'm not requesting). UC also just helps me see who's still active in the community and without UC I'd probably never visit as much sites as I do right now.

EternaL would like to thank...

I'd like to thank Ashe today for her wonderful site. She's been open for like forever, and it's been such a wonderful experience to see her art change over time! Her site inspired me to open my own drawing request site, and she was kind enough to help me along the way. Her art inspires me immensely and I love using it as much as possible. Her chibi maker is such a unique and beautiful thing, and her work is so recognizable as her own! She is so very kind and helpful, too! I applaud her in all her different sites, and am positive that she will continue to create beautiful art!

Jill would like to thank...

Ashe from Bisou. I've really enjoyed seeing you experiment with different art styles over the years; as someone who can't make two eyes the same size, watching you change and evolve your style into something almost completely different has been really cool to watch. You seem like such a positive and creative person. And industrious honestly, I don't understand how you can get so much done in the time you do, with requests and raffles and premades and everything else. Playing with your chibi-maker and cooing over your finished request-art is one of the main reasons I still visit Neo - that chibi-maker has stolen so many hours of my life, it is almost ridiculous. I'm so happy you are still around, and continue to create such amazing art. Your site never fails to make me smile.

Sarah would like to thank...

My biggest inspiration to get into the graphics making world on Neopets has too be, Open Eyes run by the amazing Turnip! I was always so amazed by Turnips buttons, they were always so high quality, so mesmerizing! I attribute Turnip to my inspiration to Floret, and really keeping Floret going for nearly 4 years. So in summary I'd like to give a huge Thank-you to Turnip! Thank-you for giving me the motivation to run a button site, and even more so the motivation to become as good as you in making them!

And another huge Thank-you to Cam at Scheme! Without you Cam and your stunning Layout you made for Floret! Without your kindness and your extremely beautiful layout I don't think Floret would have made it! You gave Floret a new face, a new life!

Hannah would like to thanks...

The site community.. it has a special place in my heart. Neo's site community has given me so much more than I could imagine - without it, I wouldn't be able to code, I wouldn't be able to make digital art, I never would have become a reviewer, but most importantly, I wouldn't have met some really amazing people. Neo's site community celebrates every person, every site, and I love that - we have all helped each other to build our sites to be the best they can be. Though sometimes we must say goodbye to a beloved site owner, we know that they have made amazing, long-lasting contributions to our little corner of Neopets, and we'll always remember them for the things they've done. Running a site can be stressful. It can even feel like a chore. But in the end, you'll have tried something new, maybe taken a few steps out of your comfort zone, and I'm sure you'll have made a few new friends. The site community really is amazing and has truly changed me as a person. I am eternally grateful for what the site community has given me, and I hope you are grateful for what it has given you, too.

vaporeon2007 would like to thanks...

I would like to thanks, Ashe of Bisou for everything she have done for me as well as other users (especially answering my random emails). The way she is able to achieve so many things on a weekly basis will always astonish me (e.g. requests, adoptables, and keeping everyone up to date with her work)!

Jewlz would like to thanks...

I want to say thank you to MANY sites that are out there for inspiring me in the past and even now. It starts with Impulse's Tutorial. She got me into button making and animation as well as Hayley at Hayley's stuff. I cannot thank Hayley enough for all the support and help over the years. When I first started out it was a different time, there were tons of sites and they were all active. I owe thanks to them too, but some I cannot remember the names of.

Silent Serenity was also a huge inspiration. Simple and Fly were ahead of their time and set the standards for any layout maker while making it easier for user to manipulate their work in into beautiful outcomes.

Bedazzled and Lore are of course also extremely helpful and I still look to them for inspiration. I'd also like to thank Cam, Nina, Kiwi and Yooshi for all the inspiration and beautiful works from their various sites. They are the top of the top and it makes fellow site makers strive to meet their excellence. Many people still look up to you, including myself.

Some sites that people use all the time but never think about how much they help you out: Aroma, Details, Background Bonanza, SWF Files, Neopets Theme Images, Crater, Lithe: Thank you so much for having content that graphics makers use to create their masterpieces. Its hard to do them without the paint.

And I cannot forget some current sites that I love at the moment for various reasons, so just thank you for staying open and active: Whitespace, Bisou, Unwound Clock, Satellite, Chinensis Designs, Floret, Asura, Dragon's Lair, Route 10 ++ Please never close. I will cry. Basically just a huge shout out to all sitemakers out there that have a site and it still offers something for visitors to experience. That is all we ask for and we look up to all for inspiration.

Ryan would to thank...

Flaunt is a great site where you can advertise your site and get it liked by others. You can also answer polls or even create your own. Flaunt would never have gotten to where it was today, if it wasn't for the inspiration of Asura and A Small List.

Asura is what started this site. It gave me the idea to list sites with a description. Later, I wanted to do something close to Asura's comment and rating service without opening another Asura. This is how my like service came to be.

Flaunt's polls was a inspiration of A Small List's polls feature. I too had additions I wanted to add to Flaunt but wasn't sure if people would like the ideas. The polls page would be too empty with just my polls so I decided to let others submit polls so they can better improve their sites.

Thank you so much Kayla, owner of Asura, and Sasha, owner of A Small List, for inspiring Flaunt and making it what it is today.

Monkey would to thank...

I would like to thank Lily of Sirens. Back when I met her she owned Cosmic, her old graphic request site. I didn't know much about graphics yet (and couldn't code at all) back then. I was so impressed by her work. She inspired me a lot. I talked to her & eventually we became friends & even cousin sites! Even though she isn't very active anymore and she isn't a site maker legend either, she is still inspires me to keep coming back & improve my site & become better & better at my graphics & coding!

Mika would to thank...

Thank you very much to Yoosshi, Nina, Cam, James, and Rico for inspiring me and many others to try and make our own buttons. Their styles can still be clearly seen in the buttons around the site community. Their buttons give me something to strive toward in my own button-making.

Grace would to thank...

I would like to thank Marshall at Satellite, Mexxy at Whitespace, Brian at Opulence, Alle at Impsum: The CSS Blog, and Arie at Double Standard for inspiring me with their beautiful layouts and for sharing their CSS knowledge with everyone else on Neopets.

Malisha would like to thank...

Borealis, Birdie for always chatting with me on the Site Ad Board from so long ago and for guiding my first steps as a site owner. Thank you so much to Justine at Starry Sparkles for creating UC's most iconic button and gift banner for the site.

Thank you to Kaylee, Mia, Nina, and Sarah for the banners when UC used a banner-style layout. I still have them all and marvel at their brilliance and wish for your graphic prowess. You are all wonderful!

Thank you to Echelon for your rankings and having UC ranked as second/third, Always Connected for being our affiliate and primary source of inspiration for events like these, The Shelf and Simba for always, always coming back no matter what. Thank you to Masked Directory for being the very first directory I have encountered. Although the site is long closed, the page is still up and I am grateful to remember you.

Ashe, Pamela, and Emma deserve special mentions because of all the chats we've had. Ashe, Felicity and Bisou were the first few sites to be listed at UC and I'm so grateful to be able to communicate with you as a friend and site owner. Pamela, you gave me a new perspective on the site community and kept me updated on the avatar community. I still remember the messages we exchanged about life. Emma, thank you so much for being an engaging site owner, a legendary button maker, and a revolutionary. I'm extremely grateful to have been there when The Button Club was around and caught you the other times you were lurking the Help Chat. Thank you, thank you.

Finally, thank you to everyone for making sites, closing sites, revamping and moving, going on hiatus and coming back, and simply leaving your mark on the community. Not all sites will ever be forgotten- a button, graphic, or ads will remember you. I've been blessed to be part of something that will help me in the future and I'm honored to have met you all. You have my love and my good wishes!


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I want to stay on Neopets,
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