For any owner who's considering adopting out their UC kacheek plushie, or any lurker who's just passing by to see my project... be welcome (:

Gettin' started

Why have I decided to start this project? Hi, my name is Sophia and in the following lines I'll be telling you about me and developing about my passion for kacheeks. Practically, since I started playing Neopets, I've always been interested in specifically UC plushie kacheeks. Unfortunately, they're pretty uncommon, and however difficult to get (or also see) AND in addition to this, they are more valuable than many of those pets that belong to their same tier. Do I deserve to get one? What am "I" doing to achieve this goal? I personally find it very difficult to get any pet that would be traded for it. Even though I usually train my pets, I came to the conclusion that the reason why I cannot get one is that it implies a lot of time; a thing missing in my life, because I merely have enough time to do dailies or other things, so I cannot follow anything connected to trading stuff. This is why this pet is an unreachable goal for me so, all I can do is leave this somewhere in case somebody would no longer want their UC plushie kacheek (who wouldn't, actually? Well, let's 'imagine').

A summary of my things and AAM

A brief description of myselfMy name is Sofía (Sophie in English), but people refers to me as Luján, my second name. I don't like so much the first one because it's the most common name in Argentina. I live in Buenos Aires and I'm studying technical english in order to travel around the world someday. I like everything that's connected to translating, writing, talking to people, meet new cultures and so on. I'm 20 years old and what I like to do in my age is cooking, going out, playing maaany videogames.Maybe you consider boring all that has to do with reading unending bios of people, so here's a link to my portfolio in case you want to know even more about me:

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So, what do I do in Neo? What makes me play here although I'm an adult already? I'll tell you everything!

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

First of all, I spend MILLIONS of NPs on collecting things, especially avatar items. Secondly, I also spend a lot of NPs on buying clothes and training my pets. I never sell any dubloon or codestone... everything's used for my pets!

These are my sweethearts' faces:

Many of them were gifts, too, from friends and people who are no longer here. Even though they decided to no longer play Neopets, I am still taking care of their pets.

Why I prefer Kacheeks over other species

Although I like many other species too, these creatures' personality matches perfectly with mine. They are shy but friendly (and I'm a shy person among the english community of Neo, ha). They love to meet new people and make friends and all that pretty thing. They are also peaceful; prefer to avoid fights whenever possible (except for cyber drama, that's always fun for everyone). Physically, they have big cheeks like me and sparkling eyes. Do I have beautiful eyes? NAH, Kacheeks have beautiful eyes. For all this, they suit me better than any other pet.

And why do you want an UC plushie version of a Kacheek?

We all agree that most UC versions are more cute than the current ones BUT.. UC plushie kacheeks are a mix of a baby kacheek with a plushie. They are unique, and very rare! That's why they are so special. I am not the kind of person who makes a huge amount of drawings for their pets because I'm not good at it. I love them on my own way; I like to see them and feel proud of my pets as they wear the craziest sets of clothes I imagine.

My future plans for this pet

As regards customisation? I don't know, they could wear anything. I would be capable of making a very childish combination for it, LOL. The more colorful and nonsense it is, the more cute the pet looks like.

(This is just a random set. I guarantee that the pet will dress something much better than this XD)

If I am given this pet, of course it'd be on my main account and would be trained constantly. I also swear that the day I will be given this lovely thing I'll also try to draw it. I'm not good at it, but it's a promise. I would never forget that day!

That's all, folks!

I do not pretend to write a whole novel about this. The idea was to make you have an idea of the kind of owner I am and will be if I am given this pet. Thank you for reading my project and hope you have a nice day. See you again in Neo!