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Note from Eclipse:
Hello and welcome to my Project Page for a UC Plushie Cybunny. Recently I decided to revamp my character for this fluffy bunny since a lot of the characters in her story I no longer own. Instead, she's going to be a character who lives in a large garden, tending it and watching over people's memories. This bunny will be much of the same bunny you can read about below. The differences are her story and a few personality traits will change. I hope to make these changes soon so you can learn about this new adorable character. Keep checking back.
    Update (03/08/2019): Hello, I thought I would give you a little update about my page. It's still under contruction but as far as layout goes, that's pretty much set now as well as most of the character information. The only things left are finishing the artwork, story and information about Memorium. Hopefully I'll have time to finish those soon. Thank you for checking back.

    Update (04/01/2019): This is no joke. I have updated more of my project page, adding in the finishing touches of the section about Memorium. Hopefully soon I'll be able to work on the story. But until then, grammar corrections. Please let me know if you see any grammar or spelling mistakes. Thank you.
By plucking her petals, you do not gain the beauty of the flower. Instead sow it into the leaves of your memories to grow stronger within the branches of the tree of life.

In a realm parallel to our own, grows a garden beyond beauty. Trees grow tall and strong, their leaves and flowers glisten in the sun. Flowers as far as the eye can see, each holding a special memory within its petals. Its wealth and riches found not in anything material but instead the memories this garden holds. It's been here since the beginning of time, collecting these treasures and it will be here long after we depart from this world.
This place is called Memorium. It is here where your memories are grown from the flowers and then sown onto the leaves of a tree that represents you. And in the center of this realm lives the Mother Tree, the heart of the entire garden.
The Mother Tree protects Memorium, preserving the memories and overall health of the garden. Should evil ever enter into the garden, the growth and wealth would wither leaving us exposed to darkness and destruction. A fate much worse than death.
So as you enter this garden and your intentions are bad, just remember I am here, watching. I protect this garden and all its memories from all threats great and small.

Memorium is my home and a place where I can truly be myself.

Hello, I'm Bell - or a least until mom adopts a UC Plushie Cybunny and changes my name. I am the guardian of Memorium and the protector of the memories that grow here. Just like any bunny, I'm very timid and I must be very comfortable around you to show my true self. I like to spend my days racing through the garden, sowing memories onto the leaves and laying in the warm afternoon sun
Not a lot happens around here which is what I like. Groups of people scare me which is why I don't leave Memorium very often. When I do leave, I'm usually in my plushie bunny form so if someone ever saw me, they would only think of me as either a bunny or a toy.
Normally I'm in my pixie form, zipping through the air as I tend the trees and flowers of the garden. Zapping is one of my abilities. It's a lot like teleporting but I can only go as far as I can see. I use the electrical currents in the air to move so quickly. For you, the speed is faster than the speed of light. This ability makes my job a lot easier however I am limited to the amount of energy I have. Good thing I've been practicing so I'm able to protect this place.
I'm not Eclipse's only Project Page. Please check out her other Project Page here

Bunny Body

Cream colored body
Purple-ish hair on head and around tuff
Soft blue eyes
Purple fluffy tail
Fabric patches on front & rear paws

Pixie Person

Purple hair and around neck
Cream-colored skin
Sky-Blue Eyes
Cybunny Pink shirt and socks
Black pants and brown boots


Watching the Flowers Bloom
Racing through the Garden
Sowing Projects
Laying under the Warm Sun
Tending the plants

Meet Bloom

So this little guy has been following me around for some time. He's one of the spirit from the Mother Tree and was transformed into this little guy when a seed broke off from one of the branches. At first he was hesitant to approach me, unsure of who or what I was. I didn't mind because he never got in my way but recently his curiosity has gotten the best of him. Now this little guy is hovering over my shoulder and sticking his nose into what I'm doing. I would be upset but he's just too cute. Plus it's helpful that he's picking up on a lot of things I'm doing and tries to help out wherever he can. I can't help but giggle when he tries to carry my sowing bag. The thing is twice the size of him.


Usually I can be found tending the flowers and trees of my garden and sewing on the memories to the leaves of the trees. So my custom is based upon the world in which I live in.

~ Pink Willow Tree Background
~ Cherry Blossom Garland
~ Feather Flower Garden Foreground
~ Stormy Ombre Leaf Shower


Being Startled
Meeting new people
Sowing on a bad memory
Complete Darkness

About Memorium

So now that you know a little about me, it's time to learn about Memorium.
This place was created at the beginning of time with the Mother Tree being the first tree in existence. She represents the world as
a whole and protects the memories within Memorium from evil. All year long, the Mother Tree is in full bloom but every once and
awhile, a flower will fall off and turn into little flying creatures that I like to call spirits. These little guys like to float around the
garden and check out everything. They are curious little things because they are always checking out what I'm doing. It's
because of these little guys that the garden is as beautiful as it is. They help me tend and care for all of the plants and animals
that live here.
The only other tree to have been here as long as the Mother Tree is the old willow who represents Father Time. In a way, this tree kind of looks like an old sleeping man. His importance is that he keeps time moving in the garden, bringing the changing of seasons and wind. He towers over the Mother Tree, his swaying branches almost surround her in a warm embrace, protecting her from harm. Because of him, this world moves at a faster pace which is how we're able to keep up with all of the memories.
As the years pass, more and more trees began to grow within the garden. Each tree represents a person on earth and each leaf is a memory within that person's life. However, the memories aren't grown on the tree, instead they are sown on. A tree is grown bare except for one bright flower which symbolizes the birth of the tree/person. The flowers around the tree produce the memories and it's my job to sew the memories onto the tree.

Over time, our memories fade and make way for new memories. The forgotten memories will loosen from its branch and fall to the ground among the flowers at the base of the tree. Soon, the memory fades into the ground becoming the seeds of new growth. Usually the leaves grow into flowers that produce new memories for me to add to the trees around it.
However, not every memory and leaf are destined to turn into other trees or flowers. Sometimes these leaves are washed away with the soft rain only to return when the winds bring back those memories. Each color of leaf symbolizes a different kind of memory and each color phases through it's life cycle differently.

Flower Leaves

Leaves that bloom in the form of a flower are happy, memoriable moments in a person's life. Every tree begins with one flower to symbolize a person's birth. After that moment, the rest of the flowers are grown from the flowers around the base of the tree. Flowers usually represent when someone falls in love or they have a child - moments that bring great joy and happiness to a person's life.

Green Leaves

Green leaves are your every day moments that people remember. Typically these memories aren't ones that people remember down their life but there are many of these memories which is why you see trees more green than flowering or with other colors of leaves. These leaves will usually turn into grey leaves faster than flowers or red/yellow leaves as they are more so everyday events.

Red/Yellow Leaves

Everyone goes through life with some negative or bad memories. Those memories are represented by yellow and red leaves. The color is determined by whether the memory was either done to the person or it was their action. Red leaves means the person acted badly towards another usually whereas yellow leaves means something bad happened to that person.

Grey Leaves

Grey leaves are forgotten memories. Overtime, all memories turn into grey leaves so a person goes through life. If a flower or green leaf turns grey, it will usually fall to the ground and possibly be regrown into one of the flowers that help create memory leaves. Red and Yellow ones also turn grey but they usually wash away. Sometimes they return with the changing of winds but often forgotten.

Memorium is a very large place and I'm not the only one who lives here. Some creatures have been around as long as I have like the guardians of the elements and one of the last few dragons to walk this world. Creatures that have faded into myth and legend now call Memorium home as I do, each one of us having our own little section we call our own.
My place in particular is within the roots of the Mother Tree. I discovered this little burrow within her roots and knew this was where I belonged. The Mother Tree sits upon a little island in the center of a large pool, her roots long enough to reach out into the pool on most sides. The Father Time tree is the only other tree to live on the island with her but she's not as big as him. The Mother Tree stands only about five feet tall and looks like a cross between a willow and a cherry tree. Her pink blooming flowers provide the most dominate scent in the entire garden. From the pool surrounding the island, several steams branch out to deliver water to the rest of the garden. I can access the island by flying but I find it more fun to hop over using the lily pads that have grown in the water. In the distance, a towering rock wall surrounds the entire garden and only has one opening on the other side where the entrance to Memorium rests.
We don't get visits often but when we do, it's usually a pretty big deal as the visitors are typically coming to Memorium to stay. Sometimes I get visits from a little Shoyru named, Maina who just loves gardens. It was during one of Maina's visits where the unthinkable happened and almost caused the fall of Memorium.

Story - Chapter 1

Bell's Story is under construction as some characters are not longer a part of her story. New characters and a new plot will be added shortly.

Coming Soon

Who is this User?

So I bet you're wondering just who is the creator of my adorable character. Well, meet Eclipse. She lives in the heart of the US and is presently 29 years old. Her current occupation is working at the local university as a customer support specialist. Outside of work, Eclipse enjoys spending time with family and friends and, yes, that includes her Mini Aussie named Blu. She's a very outgoing person who also loves writing, drawing and anything crafty. Her personality is pretty easy-going and it takes a lot to get her worked up. Eclipse is a very nerdy individual. She loves anything involving fictions and Sci-Fi. Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Star Wars, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, DC & Marvel are just a few of the things she's into. I swear, that list is endless and she could talk to you about them all day long. She's especially obsessed with dragons... maybe that's why she has SO many draiks.

On Neopets

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Speaking of Draiks, I'm sure your curious about the kind of person Eclipse is on Neopets. She's been with the site for roughly 20 years now, dedicated to building her accounts and designing the characters of her pets. When she first started playing, she wasn't the best at saving neopoints with how much real life took her away from the site. But during the whole time she played, Eclipse always had the dream of owning these three pets (Unconverted now): UC Plushies Cybunny, UC Faerie Draik, and UC Mara Gelert. So far she's achieved her UC Mara Gelert dream and is working on the last two dream pets. So you can find Eclipse on the PC a lot trying to trade her pets or on the NC board trading her NC items. When she's not surfing the boards, she's typically working on her petpages to make them as perfect as possible. I guess I forgot to mention that Eclipse is a little bit of perfectionist. Some of her pets have pages similar to this one with the purpose of roleplaying those characters. Others host some of her project pages which are a lot of fun to look at. Eclipse is very picky and detail orientated when it comes to a pet's page design. Feel free to learn more about Eclipse by clicking the button that will lead you to her profile page above. Otherwise check out the current UC I'm trading towards getting a UC Plushie Cybunny: hover over the image to see their names

Meet the Family

Now it's time to meet the entire family. Eclipse has a lot of amazing pets she plans on never giving up. Hover over their picture and a description of them will appear below.

Hover to view descriptions

  • Cookiea
    The Busy Baker

    Cookie is a cheerful little character who likes to spend her days in the kitchen baking delicious treats for her friends. If focused on what she's doing, Cookie will tend to hum or sing while she's working. She's also fascinated with anything that will improve her recipes and making her baked goods taste better. So if you have a secret family recipe, better not share or she'll be determined to find out what it is.

    Though she isn't a roleplaying character, Cookiea is connected to several other pets as she creates custom designs for them-blocked-a partners with Sweettz and her shop Sweet-ish Delight, Kaitsi with Coco Bean and Iczie. Make sure you check them out.

  • Cynnz
    The Noble Knight

    Cynnz is a member of one of the last remaining dragon noble families left. Over a millennia ago, several of the noble families were destroyed when a tragedy befell the dragons. He has spent that time trying to help rebuild his world and find the path back to the one dragon who means the most to him.

    Cynnz is a serious character who is known to throw in a sarcastic comment in here or there. He is conditioned as a warrior and understands the struggles of the world. Now that he's older, he takes serving the royal family seriously and hopes to one day fulfill his promise to find the lost heir to the throne and return her safety. Even when the rest of the world believes her gone. He's devoted to proving them wrong so he doesn't have to face life without her.

    His story is connected to Fyugi, Ruewings and one day, an UC Faerie Draik

  • Drizzlen
    The Water Guardian

    Myth and legends surround this water creature. Many have claimed to have seen her in her dragon form but very few have seen her in human form. Because of her conflict with Humans, Drizzlen will typically spend her days at the bottom of the ocean floor - a place secluded and yet close enough to her sister's domain.

    Drizzlen herself is a carefree and flexible being who likes to go with the flow as you will. She adaptable and ok with change as long as it's in her favor. Her disliking of humans stem from a feud that happened years ago when they forced her to turn on her twin sister, the Guardian of Fire.

    Her story connects to Afire who is owned by Ukraine.

  • Feressia
    Moon Spirit

    It was said that years ago, the sun and moon would walk the earth together, basking in each other's company. But for each passing day they spent together, Feressia got weaker and the influences she had on earth became inbalanced. So to protect the world, Feressia decide to spend the nights alone while the sun enjoyed the days.

    Calming and gentle, Feressia watches over the world at night, providing the security at night. She's patient and understanding like a mother watching her young figure out life. It takes a lot to get her outside her normal emotions but if you do, you can see those feelings reflecting upon the moon.

  • Fygui
    The Water Priestess

    Her entire life, Fyugi has lived in the safety and security of the Easter Water Temple, protected from the outside world. One day she hope to travel the world but that dream became a reality sooner than she thought for being a Dreamwalker mean her life is in grave danger.

    Being young and spirit, Fyugi doesn't always think through her actions. She can be pretty impulsive and is very innocent in the experiences of the world. But despite being young, Fyugi has a very calm personality and seems wiser beyond her years at times, like an old soul.

    Fyugi's story connects with Cynnz, Ruewing and one day, an UC Faerie Draik.

  • Iczie
    The Frozen Heart

    Created by the Space Faerie, Iczie was born with ice abilities and hates anything to do with the heat. Typically she spends her days on Terror Mountain making the most beautiful icicle scultpures. She would like to share them with the world but is worried she might hurt someone with her powers.

    Iczie is reserved and constantly worries about hurting people. If she ever gets passed her worry, Iczie is a pretty fun character. She enjoys laughing and getting into snowball fights with her friends.

    Iczie is connected to Kaitsi and runs Eclipse's Profile.

  • Jazqa
    A Toddler on the Move

    If you've ever tried to keep up with a toddler who has discovered walking/running, then you have an idea of who Jazqa is. Just add the ability to talk and a curious mind, then that's him perfectly. Jazqa finds the world baffling and questions everything while never stopping long enough to hear the answer. The best part is everything that comes out of his mouth makes you giggle as he shares his view point of the world.

    He's a little troublemaker with wings and constantly gets into things he shouldn't. He gets himself into the most stick situations but hey, a kid's got to learn, right?

    This project page is currently host on Jazqa's page but in the future he will host the Character Guide with his own commentary.

  • Jynxzi
    Cupid's Bad Luck Charm

    Hit's hard living in the shadow of the great Cupid especially when he's your older brother and you're nothing like him. Jynxzi got her name from all of the mess-ups she's caused over the year. She tries desperately to live up to her brother's success but it's a difficult task when you're not as gifted.

    Jynxzi is a fairy in training and wants to bring love and happiness to the world. The problem, she's the ultimate klutz. It's a good thing that she can laugh at her mistakes and a lot of the time, her failures do turn out in the end.

    Jynxzi's story doesn't connect with anyone... maybe they are concerned about her bad luck.

  • Kaitsi
    Coco Crazy

    Running a successful shop is hard but Kaitsi does it with ease. Every day she makes delicious chocolates and treats to share with the world at her shop: the Coco Bean. She also shares information about the pets that Eclipse owns.

    Kaitsi is a very outgoing draik. She likes talking with people despite only being three inches in height. Despite being social, Kaitsi is very much a home body. She doesn't travel and doesn't care to unless it's to do a chocolate adventure and as long as it's not some place cold.

    Kaisti is connected to Iczie but doesn't roleplay.

  • Muse
    The Silent Performer

    Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

  • Mythoriumn
    The Legend, the Myth

    Myth had it all: a thriving pack, a mate with pups on the way. Nothing could go wrong and then it did. The worst thing to happen did and Myth was left to die in the woods. His mate, gone. And is pack taken over so there was no reason to carry on and yet he does. Since that day, Myth has walked this world blind and broken. He relies upon he newly discovered powers to help him navigate.

    Myth is nothing but a walking time bomb, waiting to unleash his rage and sorrow. He prefers solitude because having a companion means he would need to trust them and Myth is no where close to trusting anyone. Especially when the one who betrayed him was his brother.

    Myth's story is a stand alone story and doesn't connect to another other of Eclipse's pets.

  • Patchworc
    The Gentle Giant

    Just think Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh and you have Patchworc, though not as depressed. Patchworc likes to spend his days sleeping in the sun on top of his little cloud. He's refered to as a giant because when people see his shadow on the ground, they think he's a lot bigger than he actually is.

    When he's not lounging around, Patchworc is updating his page and helping neopians put together their applications for other pets. At one time, he was the Guardian of Dreams but being too lazy disqualified him for the position. He would spend too much time sleeping on his cloud and the times he would come down it would be to visit me, Bell, in my garden.

    Patchworc connects to the future UC Plushie Cybunny character but isn't a roleplaying character.

  • Ruewing
    The Silent Assassin

    Since a young agoe, Ruewing has been loyal to the God of Death. She practiced and trained so she could be the best assassin this world has ever seen but for some reason her masters keep holding her back. Keep preventing her from getting better. Maybe this hesitation is because of what she am, not who she am.

    Ruewing is a Dragon-Hybrid so that means her senses are sharper than the average human. Never once did she wonder about who she was or where she was from until she discovered that she might be one of the last of her kind.

    Ruewing's story connects with Fyugi, Cynnz and, someday, the UC Faerie Draik.

  • Ryesling
    The Sweet Draik

    Combine draiks, wine and traveling and you just described Ryesling's perfect trip. Named after her favorite bottle of Wine, Ryesling can help but enjoy the finer things in life. She likes to spend her time meeting new draiks and drinking wine as she travels this wide world.

    Ryesling's current project to keep A Draik Life updated. Every draik she meets, she records their information on the page to share with others who also has her draik passion. If you have draiks, make sure to visit.

    Ryesling's story sometimes connects to Taelliy's when the travel together.

  • Sweettz
    If you are what you eat, I must be Sweet!

    Sweettz's character came from Eclipse's love for the move Wreck-It Ralph and the wonderful little character named Vonellope Van Schweetz. Like any little kid, Sweettz loves to run around an play among the Candy Cane trees. She's always getting into misficf but always looks cute doing it.

    Should also warn you, Sweettz is attrached to shiny things. So if you have a necklace or a bag of neopoint, I would keep those hidden as she's more likely to snatch those to use towards her car racing addiction. When she's not racing, Sweettz is managing her cute adoptables shop called Sweet-ish Delight.

    Sweettz's story doesn't connect to any other Eclipse's other characters.

  • Taelliy
    The Plushie Collector

    Taelliy is a cute little plushie draik who is curious about the world. But more of in a safe observation way than getting into trouble. Her biggest curiosity is plushies which is why she tended to collect them. Which is why she runs A Plushie Paradise, a plushie directory.

    Taelliy likes to travel throughout Neopia and write down every plushie she sees from the pets and petpets to the actual plushie toys. She's all about plushies. Make sure to check out her directory and add your plushies too if you have any.

    Taelliy's story sometimes connects to Ryeling's when they travel.

  • Toimu
    Title Here

    Toimu is a very reserved character who specializes in creating artwork for Eclipse. She runs the Art Gallery for Eclipse as RL tends to pull her away a lot. Toimu actually works for a gaming company as a concept designing and is very involved with the development of the games she helps creates.

    Something cool about this draik is that she has a photographic memory so she remembers ever detail of things she sees. She also is a little telekinetic and sees visions when she touches a person. Maybe that's why she prefers solitude.

    Toimu's story connects with Peri who is owned by Xander.

  • Why a UC Plushie Cybunny?

    I'm guessing you're wanting to know why mom wants a UC Plushie Cybunny so much?

    1. Plushie Cybunnies are very cute but there is something about the design of an Unconverted one that grabs the attention and gives those little heart strings a little tug.

    2. Connected to the design, the design of a UC Plushie Cybunny is so unique. When comparing to other UC Plushies, no other pet has a design anywhere close to the design of the Plushie Cybunny. So it always catches mom's attention above all the other plushies and pets out there.

    3. UC Plushie Cybunnies have held mom's attention since they were introduced to Neopets - yes she's that old. Their design is so inspiring to her that whenever she look at one, she come up with the most interesting story ideas.

    Fan Art

    Hover over the image to see who drew the fan art.

    What are your Plans?

    Keep in mind, my design has been in development for the past 15 years and mom is finally close to finalizing it. There's still a lot she needs to do yet - getting me, an UC Plushie Cybunny, is one of them. So once mom brings me home, that's it right? Just edit this page and place it on my petpage and done?
    Heavens no. Mom's plans for me actually increase once I come home. Check them out


    I think Eclipse might be obsessed with customization because she seems to have many different outfit selections for all of her pets. She tended to come up with a winter and summer customization for each pet and works towards getting those items once the custom design is finalized. I would not be excluded from this in the least. In fact, since DTI was accepted by Neo, Eclipse has used that site to help her come up with customs that either fit her pet's personality or fits their story. Here are some of the other designs Eclipse has come up with for my custom. Eclipse has had lot of time with my customization...
  • Hover to view custom

    Like I said, I think Eclipse enjoys customizing her pets... too much.


    I mentioned this little guy above and Eclipse is in the process of getting him for me. Currently she's saving up to be able to purchase a Drugle and a Faerie Petpet Paint Brush and plans on taking him to the petpet puddle to get him painted just for me. That way when I'm brought home, I'll be able to have him added as my little pet!

    [] []


    Since the age of five, art has been a part of Eclipse's life in as many ways as she can manage it. She enjoys creating new characters and improving upon old ones that the designs of her pets are constantly changing. It wasn't too long ago that my image changed either. Needless to say, I would be getting artwork a lot from Eclipse, or Toimu if mom is too busy. Between the two of them, they create some amazing pieces of art and hope to have at least three Beauty Contest trophies on each pet. Preferably gold but we're not going to get too picky.

    Eclipse even designed an exclusive Beauty Contest piece for my first time entering. She hopes to enter the Friday after she brings me home so be sure to vote!


    Another thing Eclipse enjoys doing is writing. Whether she's any good, you will have to determine that for yourself. Either way, I doubt she'll stop any time soon. Anyways, as I was saying Eclipse loves to write and she has so many adventures she wants to share. Some of her pets host their own little projects but the cool thing about me is that I will join her list of character pets. This means that Eclipse is setting me up to be part of her roleplaying neopets so she can create the most amazing stories with other Neopains. Her goals is to finish all of her petpages and achieve all of her pet goals before she plans to start doing this. It's exciting to see what adventures she'll write about next!


    So what is else is there possibly to do beside writing, drawing and customizing. Well Eclipse would also like to work on getting more trophies on her pets. Once her dream pets are achieved, Eclipse has decided to try and get some spotlight and customization awards as well as word towards getting a booktastic trophy. Eclipse also wants to work on her pet description pages as well as help other neopians achieve their goals as well. Whatever Eclipse puts her mind to, she will follow through.


    I know it might be hard to believe since we're pixels but Eclipse really does love and care for her pets. Why else would she put forth all of this effort to making sure their designs and petpages are just right? Eclipse is a little bit of a perfectionist and wants to make sure that every pet has the perfect page, custom, etc to fit them.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my project page and taking the time to read it.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.
    If you were brought here by my application, please click here to return.
    Don't forget to check out Eclipse's other Project Page: here


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