Updated for June!

I am back! I had a very successful Daily Dare and I hope you all did very well too! We've got a decent 50k for this month, with some easy Altador Cup games helping us out - speaking of the AC, good luck to whichever team you support! I hope everyone has a productive and enjoyable cup. :)

Guide last updated on June 2nd 2018

The first 15k

Hold down ctrl (or cmd) while clicking on a link to open it in a new tab and keep this guide open! I recommend loading a few games at once in separate tabs (and muting them, if your browser has that feature).

Games with a small 'mirror' icon underneath the game image are mirror games - they have a different NP ratio to their regular counterpart, so are more worthwhile playing. Note that you cannot play a mirror game as well as its regular equivalent on the same day - doing so is considered cheating, so be careful to only play one version each day. Mirror game ratio information is provided courtesy of AnnEstelle's Mirror Games guide, and is used with permission.

Game How to play Difficulty Rating Time (3x) NP Earned
Fashion Fever
Start game, end game, send score, restart game. Repeat 3 times. No effort required. You can also send the image to your own email address 3 times by clicking 'send card', for an extra 300 NPs! 1star 30 seconds Score 300

300 x 3
= 900 NPs
Catch the Petpet
Pay attention to which petpet you need to find on each screen, then do it as quickly as possible. Don't miss-click, or you'll lose points. You'll get quick at this game after just a few plays. 1star 30 seconds Score 700

489 x 3
= 1,467 NPs
Petpet Pair-up
Turn animations off - you will have to re-do this each time you return to the home screen, but it saves so much time when playing. Do your best to remember where each card is. Send your score as long as you get to the final round. 2star 2 mins Score 500+

510 x 3
= 1,530 NPs
Bouncy Supreme
This game takes some practice. I use the 'coins' as my measuring guide - most times you need to click on the first coin, on the second, or somewhere mid-way between - but you have to use your judgement. Type bouncebouncebounce for an extra life. 4star 5 mins Score 970+

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs
Darigan Dodgeball
Try to hold out for around 15 seconds. Stay near the middle and move between the largest gaps. Don't let go of the mouse or you'll lose. 3star 2 mins Score 1500+

660 x 3
= 1,980 NPs
Tunnel Tumble
Exactly the same as Darigan Dodgeball, but the game ratio isn't quite as good - still worth it for the few seconds it takes to play, though. Aim for around 15 seconds. A laggy computer will help... 3star 2 mins Score 2000+

540 x 3
= 1620 NPs
Shootout Showdown
This game is really quick and easy if you get the technique right. As soon as the game starts, tap the right arrow key once, then immediately after (almost simultaneously) hit space. Sometimes the game might lag a bit and you'll miss; just restart if that happens. After a few plays the lag should ease up. 2star 1 min Score 1200

491 x 3
= 1473 NPs
Maths Nightmare
Play Division mode, Potato Counter difficulty - you only need half the required score this way (805 points), and the sums are still easy.3star6 minsScore 1610+

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs

Total so far: 14,970 NPs. Time taken: 19 mins

Now invest your 15k in the stock market (if you haven't already)... and keep going!

Keep going - up to 50k!

These games take a little longer... but if you want to put the time in, you can bump your 15k all the way up to 50k, every day! If you add the average stock market return and Trudy's surprise, you're getting close to 100k a day, from just a few hours of work. Nice!
Game How to play Difficulty Rating Time (3x) NP Earned
Make Some Noise
Tap the correct keys and try to get the bonuses, though they're not worth much. Sometimes I can get up to 3000 points in 10 seconds, other times it takes the whole 30s - playing on low quality may help in these cases. You can send score before the end if you want to save time - your score can go down if you stop tapping as fast! 2star 1 min 30 s Score 3500+

350 x 3
= 1050 NPs
Kass Basher
It may not be worth 1k this month, but it's still worth playing. Wait until the wind reaches 9. Click, then click again when the Kass's nose is in line with the 'hill'. Hold down the mouse while the Kass ascends, and release when it descends. Repeat when bouncing. Unlock the bat before sending any scores. 2star 2 mins Score 900+

420 x 3
= 1,260 NPs
Smug Bug Smite
Pick whatever weapon you want, it makes no difference. You'll need to learn where the bugs might appear, as they can be quite quick. Try not to miss - better to take an extra half-second and get it right. The last round can be tricky, however. 3star 3 mins Score 500+

500 x 3
= 1,500 NPs
Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers
Use the minimap in the bottom left and ignore the main game! It's much easier! Just go in circles around the edge until the others knock themselves out. You'll have the required score after winning level 7.4star7 minsScore 350+

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs
Clara on Ice
Just finish one level while collecting lots of gems, or as quickly as possible (for the time bonus) without losing hearts and collecting any easy gems you pass. Each heart is 50 bonus points. The level never changes, so practice will help.3star8 minsScore 720+

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs
Wrath of the Snowager
Play on hard mode and just play the first level. When you've reached the necessary score, bump into the wall to lose a life before you press 'end game' - otherwise you will lose any points since your last death. 3star 7 mins Score 100,000+

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs
Nova Defender
Play on Hard (it's not worth playing otherwise!). You must collect as many gems in levels 1 and 2 as you can, to buy the 3-shot before level 3. You only have to survive until your 'shield' bar fills up, then double-click to activate a shield. You retain any earned points if you die, so you don't have to complete level 3 to get to the 100k score. 4star 8 mins Score 100k+

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs
Extreme Potato Counter
Group the potatoes into groups of 3 for the first couple of rounds, then groups of 5 after that (counting them as '3 then 2'). If nothing else, you can practise for that avatar! (Guide) 4star 4 mins Score 85+

500 x 3
= 1,500 NPs
200m Peanut Dash
Always use the LRLRU or RLRLU jump combo. Start tapping the LRLR as soon as you're up in the air from the previous jump, then simply tap up when you reach the next obstacle. Speed up and slow down with left/right. Most importantly, don't miss the peanut - if you catch all 3 with some jump bonuses, your score should be high enough.3star7-8 minsScore 1050+

827 x 3
= 2,481 NPs
I like to play with a mouse in 3:1 formation. On kick-off, wait just behind the ball and tackle your opponent when they grab it. Weave a bit towards the goal, switch direction last minute, and shoot behind the goalie. TDN has a good guide (use a search engine to find it). The AC is on, so you should be playing this anyway! 5star 8 mins Score 8-0(?) or higher

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs
Play on Hard mode. You'll learn the locations the Kookiths can come out of, fairly quickly. Press space to slow down time for a bit. A laggy computer won't help, so play on low quality if you need. Level 2 is the hardest, after that it's plain sailing.2star10 minsScore 100,000+

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs
Ready to Roll
You can use your lives strategically to collect more coins (you don't lose coins when you die). It can take a while to get used to the 'circular' mouse movement. It's a bit harder to get the score you need this month, but with practice it can be done.4star8 minsScore 780+

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs
Shenkuu Tangram
Play on normal. Here's a guide if you can't figure out where the shapes go: Guide. With practice you can get each shape in 20 seconds. You should have enough points by level 5 of stage 2.3star12 minsScore 1889+

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs
At this score, the game gets hard. After a few levels the game just repeats itself, but with much less time. Perfect cuts are almost worthless, so try to use as little metal as possible. Avoid rotating shapes wherever you can, as this is slow, and smelting wastes 2 seconds which you often can't afford in the late game. This score is possible, but a little tricky.4star11 minsScore 3233

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs

Total so far: 49,761 NPs. Time taken: 116 minutes

Maximizing your potential

You really, really want to put your 15k in the stock market every day. Go to the bargain list and pick stocks at 15NP (if there are none, pick 16 or 17 NP stocks). Buy 1000 of them.

Check your portfolio every day. Pick a number for the amount of profit you want to make - for 'double your money', sell when the 'Change' column says 100% (in green). You could hold out for more. I find the ideal strategy is to sell past 100%, but if you have more than 1,000 stocks, only sell half. Sell the remainder either at 150%, or when the value begins to drop (but is still above 100%).

There are, of course, other ways to earn NPs quickly. Doing Trudy's Surprise every day is the most important, as well as always doing your dailies. If you have Ghoul Catchers (phone app), play level 1 for 1,000 NPs per play until you reach the 50k cap. Fighting in the battledome gives you a few high-priced items to sell every day, so I would recommend battling a low-HP opponent on hard mode until you reach the item limit. I usually make 20k-30k once I've sold the codestones I earn.

Finally, restocking is known to be the absolute best way to earn NPs. However, you have to be quick, you need a good base of knowledge about what items to get, and you need a reasonable pot of NPs to start off with.

Additional games

Hmm, what's that? You're still here? You want even more games to earn you NPs quickly? *sigh* Alright, you'd better come with me, then...
Note: Some of these games it won't be possible to get the score needed for 1,000 NPs, but just do your best - these are just for additional NPs, after all. You can also use these to top up if some of the previous games were too hard! You should be able to get 300-500NPs per play for all of these.

Game How to play Difficulty Rating NP Earned
NC Shopping Race
Restart until you get a 2500 NC card to start with. Find it in the maze, and then find the stuff on your shopping list as quickly as possible. If you pick up a wrong item, go up to a cashier to drop it off. The layout is always the same, but items are in different places.3starScore 3000+ for 600 NPs
Neopian Battlefield Legends
Play on hard mode as Darigan with the default weapons, and follow this guide precisely until you get the desired score. There's no fast forward on the mirror game unfortunately, but the score is a lot lower than the regular version, so it's worth the time taken.2starScore 1000+

1000 x 3
= 3,000 NPs


Q. What's this guide for? How is it different from other guides?
A. The aim of this guide is to collect all the best games for each month - including the elusive mirror games, which can often yield better returns! Games will be ranked in order of speed, ease, and NPs gained. I've seen many game guides over the years, but I haven't yet found one that combines mirror games with regular games for the best possible result - and thus, Jakcpot's guide was born!

Q. Why do the difficulty ratings change each month?
A. Some games are 'easy' because the required score is low. Others may require a higher score so are higher difficulty that month. I'll try to change these accordingly, but some months I may forget, or they may just drift off course (e.g. if the score only increases a little bit each month, I may think, "It's not much harder than last month; I won't change the difficulty rating!" - but lots of little changes might add up. Similar things might occur with the 'time taken' column.)

Q. Why isn't the guide updated yet for this month?
A. My aim each month is to update within a week of the month changing (normally I need a weekend!), but you can see the date last updated at the top of the page if you're not sure. If it goes much beyond this, chances are I may have forgotten or stopped updating the guide - but feel free to poke me a neomail just to check!

Q. Something's wrong with the rating / description / ratios / something else!
A. Difficulty ratings are, of course, subjective - however, I want my ratings to be representative of more than just my own views, so feel free to drop me a neomail if you disagree with a rating I've given! Also, if you find anything else that you think needs correcting, let me know! I want this guide to be the best it can be. :)

Q. I have a question that's not answered here!
A. Neomail me!


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