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Welcome to my screenie page, guest. Don't mind the layout -it's just there for decoration.

Hey, you! guest! No stealing. :P

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Since I'm running out of boring, mindless things to screenie (besides the random funny n00b/event), if I so deem your post witty/funny/snarky, I may ask randomly to screenie you.
Gotta have permission, of course.
Or you could just send me random Neomails -please no spam.

K? Thanks. Enjoy the Screenies.


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Any fan mail (or screenied posts/ratings) that contains a user's name has been done with the permission of that user.

Once again, please don't mind the layout. It's horrible, and I don't have time to make a better one. D:

My Wins(?)

You know that when I start to win these, they've begun to go downhill. :/


Both of these were screenied upon request. XD

-looks down- Yes, it is similar to my next screenies. -.-

My Conversation(s) with NPv2:

I was thrilled when I discovered this.

Apparently if you say 'why,' he says 'why what.' -rolls eyes-

What IS Kau Korral?

This really shows how desperate I am for new screenie material. :/ Sorry about this.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day:

TNT apparently changed the filters.

I was really confused at first. XD

Actually, may of users' siggies were so funny with the filter changes.

I wish TNT would do this more often. :(

n00b Screenies:

This whole experience gave me a good laugh.

Then they decided to Neomail me.

My first thought was that I could have a good screenie opportunity here.

My first impression turned out to be right.

I really do like FF.

They really seemed genuinely interested in trying to annoy me. XD

If they had any good comebacks, I never saw them.

I think this is where they were beginning to get worked up.

I don't know what they thought would happen after they sent me this.

Ahh...sweet victory -in my opinion at least. Hopefully you were mildly entertained.

Oh, one more thing, if you want the username, to report for me (greatly appreciated) it's 52665566. XD

And...a few days later, I was pleasantly surprised to find these in my inbox:

I replied and blocked. Sorry, you don't get to see my witty replies. D:

I thought they were a bit repetitive this time.

Avatar Screenies:

I regret not saving some of these moments. -sniff-

I just waited until I got all ten from RE's. :P

I was so happy when I got this! XD

I PWNED Snargan.

Wasn't hard...or expensive, but I like this one anyway.



Plot Screenies:

I just felt like doing this one. Took too long, though. =P

If you actually get this one, please let me know...

Board Screenies:

I found this one quite disturbing, actually.

I like to call this one 'pwning.'

I was on a side account when I took this one.

I loved this conversation!

User's name left in with permission. XD

They had the All Hail Shadow lyrics on their lookup. ^^

It was a perfect screenie opportunity.

I think the board was originally about all those Weight Watchers adds on Neopets. 0_0 (they were referring to someone else's screenies/post in this one)

Event Screenies:

I literally have no use for the petpet lab.

I hate it how TNT makes the pant devil steal the rod of supernova every year. I mean, it's just corny now.

By the way, I love plots.

According to the Mystery Island Mystic's Guide to Surviving...I'm doomed..

I'm still waiting for my luck. I'm beginning to think these fortune things are a fraud.

Very scary...

I acidentally submitted my answer before I was done.

Steaks are usually very good. I find the Kreludor ones to be a bit tough.

Obviously the meteor didn't feel like giving me a steak this time.

The meteor has been a constant source of screenies for me.

Random tidbit #1: The Blobagus's name is Michael.

I LOVE stuffed frogs...

I also just LOVE those RE's that do nothing at all.

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

I put the cookie in the gallery on my side. XD

This was just after TNT released all those rare jellies.

This is the most I've ever found on the floor.

Well, I'm not complaining.

They fixed it after a while. XD

Qasalan Expellibox:

I've racked up 300 NC so far.

I still have the sandwich.


Yay! My first fan mail!

=D -is still happy-

Thank you so much!

Aww...thank you!

-dies of happiness-

-dies again-


I'm overjoyed!

Yay! I rock!


Thank you SO much!


Yay! Thank you!



Aw, I'm flattered!

Illustration done on request. Thank you! ^^

Oh, so happy!

-jumps for joy-

Oh, thank you so much!


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