Welcome to Back to You, a premade userlookup site made by Sandy. If you're looking for a layout that'll give your userlookup a unique look, then you've come to the right site! You can find a variety of userlookups, whether they be graphic based or the simplest CSS! There's a lot to offer here at Back to You, so have a look around. Thank you, and have a great day!


September 6th, 2014.
It's been so long! I got around to fixing up some of the coding (though I may need to be doing that a few times more, since I need to check for other browsers, resolutions, etc.) Hopefully most of the problems are fixed!


Do not claim anything found on this site as your own.
Do not remove the credit. It must link back to Back to You.
If I see you stealing something, you'll be reported without warning.
Feel free to edit the colors and backgrounds of these layouts.
You are not allowed to use these codings as a template!
You are welcome to change the links in the navigation. However, the link back to Back to You may not be changed or removed.
Most of my layouts have not been designed and tested for those with 5 pets.


Drag and drop the layout preview into your address bar for a full sized preview!
* Some layouts require you to change the style tags from parentheses to carrot brackets.

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Layout (vector) made and coded by cyndikins.
some css styles used with permission from Cameron
Buttons are linked to their appropriate maker (if not made by me.)
Textures used on layouts from Details, Swimchick, and deviantart.
Bullets from Bedazzled.

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