What can one do
when there is no light left in a world;
only the deep night remaining?
with darkness that surrounds you whole
while fear lingers in edge of your mind ...
but to scare you is the not the darkness's goal
The world of night is no enemy...
merely the creatures who prowl about this different place.
You should not fear the night;
nor are the darkest of creatures all dangerous,
but neither are they kind
perhaps you should leave this place be

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The moon seamed half full; as only a small part showed, and the night air felt misty. A lone cloud drifted over that orb in the sky, and the eerie light that spread across the world disappeared quickly. You stand there, suddenly unsure of yourself, as your eyes dart over the complete blackness that stretched out in front of your vision. How quickly it seamed the cool, warm night had turned this small little park into a curtain of dark velvet. You tumble about, unable to feel around you, your feet making racket on the ground that can be heard for miles around, echoing into the dark night. You start to panic as you take faster and shallower breaths...and you begin to realize that you're stuck here until the moon will allow itself to shine once more.
A rustle suddenly comes from your right and you nearly jump out of your skin, thinking to yourself; it's only the wind!
Yet there wasn't the slightest trace of wind in the sky, and the night is still and silent-- there it is again. A rustle and a ragged breath could be heard, and suddenly a sharp voice barks out, "Who do you think you are?"*
You stand stalk still, your feet frozen to the ground. Suddenly, the moon is free from it's cage in the clouds, and you can see a figure in front of you.
It was nothing but a eyrie, until you realize that only one of his large, black wings was held properly, the other was being dragged in the dirt, useless and broken. His coal black feathers were striped with flashes of a warm golden design, but it was dirty and the markings hard to see. His claws that rested firmly on the ground were caked and mud...and something else. He stood there, glaring at you, and you look at his face and nearly scream aloud. For one of his beady eyes was a dark crimson, and the glare seamed to scream from it alone... and his other eye was a opaque white. Blind, the eye was completely and utterly useless. The blind eye wasn't what scared you, but the blood that was running down him face and pooling on the ground was, running like a strong river with places to go, impatient.
And then the foul creature smiles-actually smiles- at you, his eyes looking hard and defiance flickered in his once good eye.

Ha! You want to hear my story? What are you expecting? You must be some sort of sick minded freak if you came out here, in the middle of the night to entertain yourself with story time. I'm surprised you're not scared in all honestly, most fear the night. But let me tell you, darkness is nothing to fear…
It's the eye, isn't it? You think because I'm half blind I'm now a harmless little teddy bear.
How wrong you have that.
You know, it was blind when I was born into this god forsaken world, clouded over as ever. I had a family, as most did, annoying parents, unhappy household; the usual. You might run over to some little creature's story about how they were different from birth, rejected from the homes forced to live on their own. Oh, what a sob story they are.
Pfft to those softies; I ran away because I couldn't stand it at all.
I was young when my blind eye began to see. I thought at first I was going to be able to see things fully for once, and not always be so cautious when it came to anything on the right side of me.
But the images, they didn't line up right. I'd be seeing one thing, something stupid, like idiots parading about in the town, and something completely different in my right eye. They ability to see came in flashes, and carried in strength; many were blurry and colorless, but some were strangely vivid. It was almost as if I was there, in two places at once. I wasn't sure what I was seeing, these people; who some I knew, and some I didn't; and places I could recall and others foreign. I wasn't sure exactly what it all was.
It was becoming hard to concentrate, seeing two things at once, though not all the time. But as the moon went through its cycles they happened more and more, and mainly during the day. It's like watching two plays at once…you can't keep track of what is happening.
I began complaining enough that someone- I forgot, and its beside the point- lead me to the village witch. Old hag, she was. With her little staff, they claimed she dwelled in the power of light. All she did was fix bandages, really.
I went in alone, the place was so far out from where we dwelled that it was a trip inside of itself. All I remember is walking and he hand holding my face tightly as she gazed into my eyes.
*"No, you're not imagining things. You're not going mad…you are seeing. Visions. But what are they of? Only you yourself can figure out."*
So…the witch was rather useless in the end. Told me what I already knew, or could have figured out. But, she lived deep in the woods, right? Where the sun doesn't shine. When I left that place and walked back into the light, the sun beat down on me…and it hurt. Why? It had never happened before. And no matter how much you swear at the sun; nothing fixes burning, apparently. I didn't even look back as I ran off into the forest from which I had only been a few minutes before. I wasn't going to miss my old life, I had never enjoyed it. It was torture every minute I was there, how I despised them all. Everything was either pointless or stupid. Where was the real fun? Now, I would be able to create that. Oh, they would see. Every last one of them.
You- you could never understand what it's like. All your kind worries about is the petty world they live in, about things and people that only are there for a short amount of time. Rituals that have no meanings, traditional and ways of living that trap you into being something you are not. Even when you are free, you confine yourself to that small shape you've molded for yourself to squeeze into. But what if you are free?
Free to live in the night, dwell where you please and do what you wish…
I went south, traveling only by cover of darkness now, moving through the trees. The sites, or visions, stopped right away, and I was pleased. Free. I came upon this busy kingdom nearly straight away, crowded and teaming with people. But on the outside, it was perfect. No one goes through these trees, or at least not anymore, that it. The once did of course, but I fixed that easily enough. Oh, what it is like to be create fear, to destroy, to kill. It was paradise. Anything that crossed my path was not to be safe, and my forest was avoided. But idiots still came, like you, searching for an adventure, a thrill, excitement.
How they all suffered, its amazing what people will do in their last few minutes of life; their screams are music to my ears. And so I lived in this land for years; obviously, for the legend goes back years.
But, it wasn't all my own actions who write those stories.
There came a time when there was another, another who loomed in these parts, inflicting fear into
What was it? I'm not sure I'll ever be able to describe it completely. I was able to slip among the throngs of people on the streets easily, none of them would know who I was, having never seen me; and I kept to the shadows. I first heard of it in the northern reaches of the town; a mere rumor that I myself had changed locations. I had at first scoffed at the idea, but later realized for what it was; I was no longer alone.
I was indifferent at first, not really caring…they were plenty of humans in these parts. But rumors turned into story and gossip, the humans soon started to take a move of the forest beast as ligament. Either way, I got more of an annoying inflow of traffic through my parts, but I handled it easily. They grew so confused…
I was pacing the rafters of an old church building, impatient for some off reason. It was still early night, I swore I would never look at the sun again, and I was oddly anxious. I never felt these pathetic emotions, and they annoyed me greatly. But something I had heard from a wench down an alleyway say had me worked up.
*"There's been another attack, you hear'? Outside the eastern gate, houses burned, smoldering, all the crops and trees destroyed nothing was distinguishable…a path of udder destruction. They've named it ya' know? They say 'Ivaneh, he's come; he's finally come to get us all'. The creature from the Hallow woods they've called Ivaneh! What a terrible name! I've heard ol' Sam say he don' think it was the Hallow woods creature, its too powerful…"*
Destroying an entire section of the kingdom? It must have been enjoyable to do so, but reckless. It was dangerous to whoever was out there; unless they did have a reason to fear anything. I had sat there, looking down at the streets below now, resembling a gargoyle. Then it happened. It was only a blurry, dark, faded image, but my right eye, my blind eye saw.
Over the following days they grew more persistent and sharper, but I still couldn't make anything out. It was the most annoying thing ever; and they wouldn't go away. I left and traveled away for a few days and tried every way possible to end them, but they wouldn't end; these visions.
And as was inevitable, instead of trying to ignore them; that I watched. What I saw I didn't like…it was some sort of scene of the beast in north, destroying everything. It was the dead of night; it was quite all around…
It didn't even look real, it form was indistinguishable, a black form indented in the air moving silently through the night. It was swift, whatever it was, and strong. Large as a tree…but that was all I was ever able to see. After the first vision, I watched this dark shadow as it moved through the area, taking a small area at a time. The humans tried to attack it, but they were nothing compared to this beast and were taken apart within minutes…
I had no idea what to do. This was my land, after all; but I was unsettled. There would be nothing left soon, and I wasn't sure how the shadow would treat me when we would eventually meet.
Defiantly not with a kind face.
I stayed in the cave for a week straight- its hard to believe I acted as wimpy as I did, waiting for the visions to come again, for they had ended abruptly. I hardly dared that it had ended, for the shadow had been in the towns' heart last seen, and was easily moving on through.
I, of course, didn't mind the lack of vision, until the beast let something slip, and I saw what it was hiding. I doubt it knew I was there, but I now had seen what it was made up off.
I will never know what it actually was, but I knew one thing- it had a heart. Beating and out in the open, gushing out…darkness. It hid it cleverly, canceling it within its own form. I now had a way to attack it; to bring it down. But why should I? I was no hero. I am no hero. Nor will I ever be.
This is my life though, and this creature had intruded far into my land, passing its welcome stay. It had to go, or I would be forced to move on, and I liked where I dwelled.
I left silently that following night, walking out in the open. None of the people would fear me when they were all trying to leave something much...worse. The Hallow Woods creature was a soft wind next to a hurricane. It was easy enough to find, the fires lit the night sky brightly. And although the scene was bright from destruction and flame, the shadow creature was still hidden, a mere shadow to the eye. I was forced to search for it, for I was unsure of where its heart would lay now…
I had one hope.
I closed my left eye, thinking if I did so…
The images blasted into my mind, vivid from being so utterly close, I could the heart beating silently, pumping black streams into the cool air.
I watched it hover oddly in the air as I approached, my good eye closed. I was yards away when I allowed myself to crouch, and leapt into the air, charging with all the power I posed.
It had expected me.
It took its…claws? And ripped at my wing, and I felt it break, but I ignored the pain. My blind eye was beginning to hurt as I reached for the beating heart, twisting around its grip as I grabbed for it. My good eye, for some reason, couldn't see it, still. I sand my claws in, and pulled…and tore it in two. I took beak to it to as well, shredding it into bits, and I fell to the suddenly. It was dead now.
Black liquid now ran across my face and claws…and the shadow had fallen to ground, leaving an indent in the stony road…and more black, bottomless liquid seeped to the center…
A cloud surrounded the area as I turned to leave, limping as I did so, and the thing was hid from site I supposed. It was gone now, but the sticky liquid between my claws still beat slightly…
And here I find you, creeping around my home like some lost fawn.
So, I have told you the story of Ivaneh, the Hallow Forest creature. Though it is a secret, isn't it? For I fear nothing, and you have learned something quite the opposite…thought it is nice to talk to someone everyone once in a while.
Now come here, dear, and let me see you scream…
You'll taste mighty fine…

To Hate & Hate More

¤- Night
¤- The Moon
¤- Peace
¤- Fear
¤- Screams
¤- Lice

¤- Daylight
¤- Love
¤- the Cold
¤- Being outdone
¤- Weakness


The dark shadow, as Ivaneh begins to call it, attacked the young Alkenore one night and left it to die. Quick as a shadow the eyrie raced over and barely saved the thing, naming it Lice- because it had a lot of lice- it seamed to understand what Ivaneh had in mind for the great shadow, and seamed to want to help. If it really knew what it was up against, only it could know.

True Ivaneh has a family, though he rarely sees them at all...


The oldest, but not the wisest of the family, but, most certainly the friendliest. A very outgoing spirited Kougra that also has a deep side. He is often found staring upon the stars to search for answers that only they hold...
As often in sipirits, Flaries is friendly with Zarinte. Yet the life in water keeps the relationship seperated; which is most likely for the best. Flaries can be quite the nasuence.


Also know as the traveler; Aviael was born apart of a royal family, but quickly grew restless. So she set out to see the world, determined to see every last kingdom and learn of all the different ways of life. Friendly and free, she often spends time traveling in the woods and playing her flute.


Aiyaake is homeless, but makes his life out by living off of what he finds. Until the day comes where he buys an amulet that had caught his eye, but the moment he put it on he was cursed, cursed to be two beings. By night he is something Aiyaake isn't even sure of himself. So he locks himself away...until a young Miss Sioa comes across him.


Born into a family where she was judged by her looks, loved for her pelt, and made an outcaste by her wings --
Icecreasts never really learned what it was like to love. Ice's parents had kept her only for her magnificent
pelt and flying abilities, until the day came where day she
fell of their cloud that acted as an island, and pelted towards the churning sea below...
As she gasped
for breath, she felt her body change, mutating into a form unknown to her...a creature of the sea.


Iaz is the elemental of light, runaway from the life of properness, she finds she can control the
sun's rays, after a nasty thunderstorm that helps her focus her powers... always carrying a wooden staff, she'll
fight with it easily. Stubborn and strong, she'll willing to fight, even for a lost cause.


Floresta, also known as Zakirrianua, is the element of earth, and guardian of the first forest - the
first forest of magic. Growing up was not easy for him, born into a poor family and being an outcast made him
all the more shy. But once he gets lost in the forest of Toroee, he finds strength where he never knew he had.


Elemental of fire...
Narrowly, Sioa, a young Maraquan Uni, escaped the disaster that ruined Maraqua. In a fright, she left her
home and fled into the waters of eternal darkness. Somehow she finds she can light her way, with
the fire of the sea...or is from within herself?


In the open fields of grain a silent figure dwells,
always watching...
protective over anything but herself, for Zarinte cannnot die.
What would a being then bring to an endless world?

Ivaneh is a dark character and is... quite unpleasant to come across. He is stealthy and silent, although his wings have always made him a noisy flier. He lives by night, and when he runs across someone...they usually are not seen again. His heart is cold and he is alone in what he dose, his life slippery with bloody. He has one blind eye, though sometimes he can see things out of it; but they usually are completely different scenes than what his working eye is registering. Are they of the future? He can't tell.
But his eye has always been talked about, which is one of the reasons he lives by the night, and the "visions" disappear once he starts to live his nocturnal life. Either way, he is a rough character, who loves to terrorize.
But can the feared be scared? Ivaneh dose get beaten, by something else, something worse...that takes over his dark world. A shadow that flits across the dark night...and his blind eye starts to see things again....

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Ivaneh's design is simple, with dark sooty black feathers, with the odd gold feather here and there. His tail is slightly odd in shape, and ends in more gold feathers. His right eye is blind and clouded, and has been since his early days of life. I have no plan on creating him anthro or human, so you're stuck with a quad who has a rather dark mind. Good luck with that.

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So, I ate you, and you're still here? (Read his story if you haven't) A ghost, huh? Well let me be, and never return, I'm already pestered by the forest squirrels!
Begone, and never return to this place.