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Welcome to Lacuna Directory. A directory run by me, Chris, which aims to provide the visitor with up-to-date site listings and information. Lacuna Directory lists over 2,000 sites and plays host to a number of other features. Lacuna Directory re-opened on December 26th, 2012, solely to serve the visitor. If you have any concern with or comments about the directory do not hesitate to voice them by neomailing me.

Almost any site can be listed at this directory. Only sites with stolen content or that otherwise break the Neopets Rules will not be listed here. All the recommended sites are determined impartially and the standards used to determine them are publicly available. Do you have a suggestion to improve Lacuna? Don't hesitate to let me know!


Monday, December 29th, 2014
- Several new sites have been listed. (2 added, 0 removed)
- Several new nominations have been added to the 2014 Site Awards! Be sure to nominate your favorites before it's too late!
- Jazzeh's NC Trading Guide has been renamed to Myreso and The Converted Trading Guide has move here. Be sure to change any links you have to these sites!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014
- Several new sites have been listed. (5 added, 0 removed)
- Several new nominations have been added to the 2014 Site Awards! Be sure to nominate your favorites before it's too late!
- I'll be doing some basic link sweeping soon of the popular categories like Button Requests, Adoption Agencies, Premade Layouts, etc. If you know of any closed or inactive sites either still listed or incorrectly marked, please let me know.

Sunday, December 21st, 2014
- Several new sites have been listed. (3 added, 0 removed)
- Several new nominations have been added to the 2014 Site Awards! Be sure to nominate your favorites before it's too late!

Saturday, December 20th, 2014
- Several new sites have been listed. (3 added, 0 removed)
- Lacuna Directory is back with a brand new layout! The last one was far too small and cramped. Hopefully the additional space here makes the site easier to use and is both scrollable but with constantly visible navigation.
- Another year has come to a close and that means it's time for the 2nd Annual Site Awards! Now is your chance to nominate the best new or reopened sites of 2014!
- Do you have any feedback on Lacuna v.7? I would love to hear it, it helps me improve Lacuna for you!


Adoptions & Trades


General Graphics
49 Days
Celestial Designs (Revamp)
Divine Vision
Grey's Graphics
J'adore Graphics
Madi's Graphics
Monster Mix
Pixelixel (Hiatus)
Sci-Fi Graphics
Solaris (Revamp)
The Halloween Collection
The Burrow
The Lunch Box
The Workshop

Illustrated Graphics
Charme (Hiatus)

Premades and Graphics
Gicute (Portuguese)
Krazy Kute Kreations
Perfect Insanity
The Magic of Disney

Altador Cup Graphics
AC Graphics
Altador Banners
Altador Cup Adoptables
Altador Cup Backgrounds
Altador Cup Banners
Altador Cup Emporium
Altador Cup Support Pixels
Altador Support Banners
Kreludor Support Banners
Tandrak's AC Adoptables

Anime Graphics
Hidden Stairways
Kawaii World
My Neighbor Totoro Gallery

Adoption Graphics
Alisatu's Banners
Buttons by Kandee
Fai's Buttons
The Velvet Underground
Zbryant's Banners

Image Resources
Background Bonanza
Charly's SWF Collection
Neopets Theme Images
Zel's Shopkeeper List

Editing Resources
Aroma (Hiatus)
Evgeni Malkin
Mary's Stamps
Stamps Page
The Stamps CO.

Graphics Resources
Bright Light Banners (Hiatus)
Live. Laugh. Love.
One of a Kind (Hiatus)
Web Ingredients
Wonderland Park (Revamp)

Fatal Faerie Kisses
Randomed Backgrounds
Root Backgrounds
Shop Backgrounds
Shosho Backgrounds
Sparkly's Backgrounds
Teacake Backgrounds

Everyday Quotes
You Are You

Glitters by Aleu1986
Purple Snow
The Glitter Garden

Graphics da Yayi

Fantasy Express

Icons and Banners
Impact (Hiatus)

Adoptable Requests
All of the Cupcakes
Beyond the Batter
Bisou (Hiatus)
Candy Apples

Piinattsu's Adoptees

Misc. Adoptables
Adopt a Rockstar
Jepzine's Cafe
Mel's Tea Shop
Repainted and Proud
The Teahouse
Tomoya (Hiatus)
Vanilla Bean Paint Brushes

Pixel Adoptables
Gnome-aroo Adoptables
Milo's Spork Shack
Pixie's Potions
XOX Adoptables

Adoptable Directories
Cindy's Adoptables Directory
Take Flight
The Adoptables Phonebook
The Adoptable Army
Viola's Pixel Directory

Makeable Directories
Colour Me In

The Sweet Life

Multi-Pet Adoptables
Avriet's Adoptables

Aisha Adoptables
Adopt an Aisha
Anna's Aisha Adoptables
Annoying Little Aishas
Sunny's Aisha Adoptables

Bruce Adoptables
Axtar's Adoptables

Chomby Adoptables
Icysnowe's Chomby Pixels

Cybunny Adoptables
Cybunny Squishys

Draik Adoptables
Arquiro's Draik Adoptables
Zaydhen's Draik Adoptables

Eyrie Adoptables
_Alkazar_'s Eyrie Adoptables
Genvere's Eyrie Adoptables
Icey_Griffinie's Adoptables
Kamaida's Eyrie Adoptables
Raeihr's Eyrie Adoptables

Flotsam Adoptables
Flotsam Adoptables

Gelert Adoptables
Kehny's Adoptables
Zaedus' Gelert Adoptables

Gnorbu Adoptables
Faelithe's Adoptables

Grundo Adoptables
Gelatin Dream

Hissi Adoptables
PrettyPrettyCutie's Adoptables
Sefirani's Hissi Adoptables
The Talking Hissi Rainbow Pool

Ixi Adoptables
Oreelka's Healthy Site

Kacheek Adoptables
Fly's Adoptables
Kiki's Kacheek Adoptables

Kau Adoptables
Krista Kau Adoptables

Kougra Adoptables
Lalabear's Adoptables

Krawk Adoptables
Derpie's Page
Faerie Tales

Lupe Adoptables
Arrmore's Lupe Adoptables
Emsohl's Adoptables
Lupe Adopties
Micaiino's Valley
Xayam's Adoptables

Meerca Adoptables
Meerca Adoptables 1
Meerca Adoptables 2

Multiple Pet Adoptables
Alonna's Adoptables
Ariodor's Adoptables
Holyhelper's Adoptables
Simple Adoptables
Zorr's Adoptables

Poogle Adoptables
Lemon's Poogle Adoptables
Tangiara's Treasures
Tyler's Adoptables

Pteri Adoptables
Sci-Fi Pteris

Usul Adoptables
Uber Usuls

Uni Adoptables
Sealla's Uni Adoptables (Hiatus)

Wocky Adoptables
Hibernus' Adoptables

Xweetok Adoptables
X-Wee Ones Adoptables
Xwees Adoptables

Zafara Adoptables
Mickey's Zafara Adopts

Petpet Adoptables
Antzie's Meeping
Iceh's Slorg Adoptables
Kya's Ebil Kadoatery

Anna's Pixels
Cafe Du Pixel
Chessy's Pixels (Revamp)
Chez Pixel
Cloud Puff Pixels
Cream Sweet
DBZ's Pixels
El Pix
Ele's Pixels
Fishies in a Box
Hayley's Stuff
Misc. Forest
Nature's Way
Pastry Pixels
Peach Pit
Pichi-Pichi Bakery
Pixel Nation
Sara's Pixels
Say Shenkuu
Skinny Pixels
Sticky's Goodies
Suave Designs
Sundae Pixels
Sunny Pixels
Sushi Bar
Sweet Tooth
The Frosted Laboratory
The Pixel Field
Vanilla Gazebo
Vanilla Gumdrop
Art Guides
Manga Coloring for Beginners
Traditional Tutorials

Comic Guides
Ghostkomorichu's Guide
Grove's Comic Proccess
H33lix's Comic Guide

Poetry Guides
Poetry in Motion

Writing Guides
How to Write for the Web
Talia's Writing Guide

Color Charts
Doodlebop's Color Guide
Fishslipper's Color Codes
HTML Color Chart
Ichor's Color Charts

CSS Guides
Chap's Code Reference
Darkest Faerie Lair
Double Standard
Fist of Clouds
Genesis CSS
Ipsum: The CSS Blog
The Resourceful CSS Guide

HTML Guides
Basic HTML Help
Kaxian's HTML
Keepsaker HTML Guide
Sebastian's HTML and CSS
Why? Whizzney

CSS and HTML Guides
Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML & CSS Tutorials
Lena's HTML and CSS Help

Filter and Coding Fixes
Filter Solutions
Filter Tips
Glitches Fixes

Blog Coding
Darkest Fairie Lair - Blogs

Guild Coding
Darkest Faerie Lair - Guilds
Full Page Guild Layout
Guild Layouts in Word

Miscellaneous Coding
How to Change your Icons
Avatars in your Lookup
Image Mapping by CSS
Making Pet Images Larger
Table Templates
Table Tutorial
Zel's Anchoring Guide

Petpage Coding
Autumn Skye's
Behind the Layout
Davin's Petpage Tutorial
How to Code Blog-Style

Shop and Gallery Coding
Uber's Shop Layout Tutorial
Viv's Shop and Gallery Tutorial

Userlookup Coding
CSS For You
Darkest Faerie Lair: Lookups
Uber's Lookup Tutorials

Site Tutorials
Apartment Nine
Happy Land
Need an Idea?

Specific Site Tutorials
How to Offer Great Service
How to Write Great Reviews

Background Tutorials
Darkest Faerie Lair: Backgrounds
Deby's Guide to Backgrounds
Seamless Backgrounds

Banner Tutorials
Banner Buddies

Button Tutorials
A Button Collection
Lucy's Button Tutorial
Impulse's Tutorial

Button/Banner Tutorials
Create Impressions

GIMP Tutorials
4 Corners
Amy's GIMP Tutorials
GIMP Sensation

Graphic Layout Tutorials
Elise's Layout Tutorial
Joy's Layout Tutorial

Graphic Tutorials
Avalon's Pattern Tutorial
Tips for Better Icons

Paint Tutorials
Jacqueline's Guide
MS Paint Guide
Yuliya's MS Paint Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorials
Destiny's Pen Tutorial
Photoshop Tutorial


Are You Looking for Games Guides?
Check out Jellyneo's Game Guide Page!

Advert Attack
Advert Attack Guide
Zelda's Advert Attack Guide

Guide to Multiplayer Games

Attack of the Gummy Dice
Attack of the Gummy Dice: The Guide

Assignment 53
Assignment 53 Guide Animations

Attack of the Marble Men
Attack of the Marble Men
Attack of the Marble Men Tips

Attack of the Revenge
Attack of the Revenge Illustrated Game Guide
Xweek's Attack of the Revenge Guide

Attack of the Slorgs
Attack of the Slorgs Game Guide
Attack of the Slorgs Guide
Obiwanpi's Guide to Attack of the Slorgs

Bilge Dice
Bilge Buddy

Biscuit Brigade: Hagan's Last Stand
Biscuit Brigade Game Guide
Biscuit Brigade: Hagan's Last Stand
Glunf's Guide to Biscuit Brigade

Black Pawkeet Slots
Black Pawkeet Slots Game Guide

Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway
Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway Guide

Bumble Beams
Bumble Beam Guide

Castle Battles
Castle Battles Guide
Castle Battles Tips

Cave Clider
TheSmalJet the Jetsam's Guide on Cave Glider

Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island
Caves and Corridors Guide

Cell Block
Cell Block Guide 1
Cell Block Guide 2
How to Succeed in Cell Block without Really Trying
Velvetmoon's Cell Block Guide

Anita's Cheat Guide

Cheeseroller Cheese Guide
Cheeseroller Guide 1
Cheeseroller Guide Two
Cheeseroller Statistics Project
LeeAcara1's Game Guides: Cheeseroller

Chemistry for Beginners
Advanced Chemistry Guide
SjakieDrakie's Chemistry for Beginners Guide

Chia Bomber 2
Corey's Chia Bomber 2 Guide

BuzziePlushie's Cliffhanger Guide
Kreative's Game Guides: Cliffhanger!

Cork Gun Gallery
Cork Gun Gallery Guide

Crisis Courier
Crisis Courier Guide

CRG Game Guides: Deckswabber

Defender Training
CRG Game Guides: Defender Training
Kreative's Game Guides: Defender Training

Defenders of Neopia
Garmfay's Defenders of Neopia Guide

Dice-a-Roo Guide and Prizes

Dice Escape
Dice Escape Game Guide
Game Help and Dice Escape Guide

Dubloon Disaster II
Dubloon Disaster Game Guide
CRG Game Guides: Dubloon Disaster

Dungeon Dash
Dungeon Dash Guide 1
Dungeon Dash Guide 2

Edna's Shadow
The Shadow: A Guide to Edna's Shadow

Escape from Meridell Castle
Escape from Meridell Castle Guide 1 (Under Revamp)
Escape from Meridell Castle Guide 2

Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars Guide

Extreme Herder
Extreme Herder Guide

Extreme Potato Counter
Extreme Potato Counter Guide
Naynay's Extreme Potato Counter Guide

Faerie Bubbles
Faerie Bubbles Guide
Julf_Marieke's Faerie Bubbles Guide
Moon Beams
Princess_Alli_'s Ultimate Faerie Bubbles Avatar Guide

Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest
Bienett4's Faerie Caves II Guide
Faerie Caves II Game Guide
Fyora's Caves

Faerie Crossword
Gin's Dailies: Faerie Crossword Guide

Feed Florg II
Gofiss' Feed Florg Guide
Mytachi's Feed Florg Guide

Fodder's Guide to Fetch!

Food Club
Food Club - A Complete Guide of Definitions and Betting
Food Club Guide 1
Food Club Guide 2
Get Rich or Die Trying

Freaky Factory
Freaky Factory Guide 1
Freaky Factory Guide 2
Freaky Factory - The Easy Way
Melanie's Freaky Factory Guide
Tiffany's In-Depth Freaky Factory Guide

LeeAcara's Game Guides: Frumball

Gadgadsgame Game Guide
Gadgadsgame Guide

Guide to Multiplayer Games: Geos

Goparokko Game Guide

Mystikal_Angel99's Gormball Guide

Gourmet Club Bowls
Peo's Gourmet Club Bowls Guide

Grand Theft Ummagine
Grand Theft Ummagine: A Guide to Success
Grand Theft Ummagine Maps and Level Guides

Grarrl Keno
Grarrl Keno

Gwyl's Great Escape
Gwyl's Great Escape Trophy Guide

DiamondCloud's FAQs
Frequently Asked and Repeated Questions
Habitarium Guide
Habitarium Levels and Upgrades
Habitarium Previews
Habitarium Tips
Locked Out
Pinky's Habitarium Guide (Spanish)

Hannah and the Ice Caves
Guide to Getting a High Score in HATIC
Hannah and the Ice Caves
Hannah and the Ice Caves Guide 1
Hannah and the Ice Caves Guide 2
Hannah and the Ice Caves Walkthrough
Scarvogue's HATIC Guide

Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Hannah and the Pirate Caves Guide 1
Hannah and the Pirate Caves Guide 2
Hannah and the Pirate Caves Guide 3
Hannah and the Pirate Caves Guide 4
Hannah and the Pirate Caves Help

Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure
Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure Guide 1
Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure Guide 2

Hassee Bounce
A Guide to Hassee Bounce
Hassee Bounce

Hungry Skeith
Hungry Skeith Game Guide
Hungry Skeith Guide

Ice Cream Machine
Juliet_Capulet333's Guide to Ice Cream Machine
Sheepmad4eva's Ice Cream Machine Game Guide

Imperial Exam
Imperial Exam Guide

Invasion of Meridell
How to Win Invasion of Meridell
Invasion of Meridell Guide
RQ's Invasion of Meridell Guide

Jolly Jugglers
Jolly Jugglers Guide

Jumpin' Gem Heist
Jumpin' Gem Heist Game Guide

Kacheekers Game Guide

Kass Basher
Aerials9's Guide to Kass Basher
Kass Basher Guide

Kiko Match II
Kiko Match II Guide

Kou-Jong Game Guide

Kreludan Mining Company
Kreludan Mining Company Guide
Mrcrazy's Kreludan Mining Company Guide

Legends of Pinball
Become a Pinball Wizard

Let it Slide
Let it Slide - The Guide

Lost in Space Fungus
Lost in Space Fungus...A Guide
Lost in Space Fungus Guide

MAGAX: Destroyer 2
Magax Destroyer
Magax Destroyer 2 Guide

Maths Nightmare 2
Maths Nightmare 2 Guide
Maths Nightmare Game and Avatar Guide

Meepit Juice Break
A Meepit Juice Break Guide for the Avatar
Get the Meepit Juice Break Avatar in 7 Levels or Less
Meepit Juice Break Game Guide

Meepit vs. Feepit
Let's Play Meepit vs. Feepit
Meepit vs. Feepit Game Guide
Your First Complete Guide to Meepit vs. Feepit

Moon Rock Rampage
Moon Rock Rampage Game Guide 1
Moon Rock Rampage Game Guide 2

Mootix Drop
Game Guide: Mootix Drop Made Easy
Mootix Drop: A Guide for Beginners

Mutant Graveyard of Doom II
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Game Guide 1
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Game Guide 2
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Game Guide 3

Mynci Beach Volleyball
Mynci Beach Volleyball Game Guide 1
Mynci Beach Volleyball Game Guide 2

Neopian Battlefield Legends
Neopian Battlefield Legends Game Guide
Neopian Battlefield Legends Perfect Score Strategy

NeoQuest 3D
NeoQuest 3D Game Guide

NeoQuest I
Guide to Neoquest
Kate's NQ1 Guide
Nathan's Neoquest Guide
NeoQuest I Game Guide
Neoquest I Guide for Beginners
The NeoQuest Encyclopedia

NeoQuest II
Dukiri's Guide to NeoQuest II
John3637881's NeoQuest II Guide
NeoQuest II: A Comprehensive Guide
NeoQuest II by Georgia
NeoQuest II Game Guide 1
NeoQuest II Game Guide 2
Shoe's NeoQuest II Guide

Neverending Boss Battle
Neverending Boss Battle Game Guide

Petpet Cannonball
Halo_Owns_GTA's Guide to Petpet Cannonball
Your Official Guide to Petpet Cannonall

Petpet Plunge
Petpet Plunge Game Guide

Petpet Rescue
A Approach to Petpet Rescue Grand Master
Petpet Rescue Game Guide
The Ultimate Petpet Rescue Guide

Ari's Petpetsitter Guide

Piper Panic
Piper Panic Guide

Plushie Tycoon
10 Step Guide to Plushie Tycoon
Plushie Tyccon Game Guide
Petpet Plunge Guide
Plushie Tycoon Reference Guide

Pterattack 2
Armyofvalhalla's Guide to Pterattack 2
Pterattack 2 Guide and Tips

Pyramids Game Guide

Raiders of Maraqua
Raiders of Maraqua Game Guide
Raiders of Maraqua Guide

Roodoku Game Guide

Ruins Rampage
Little_Benu's Ruins Rampage Walkthrough
Ruins Rampage Game Guide
Ruins Rampage Guide

Sakhmet Solitaire
Can You be a Grand Master?

Scarab 21
Scarab 21 Game Guide

Scorchy Slots
Scorchy Slots: A Statistical Study
Scorchy Slots Game Guide

Scourge of the Lab Jellies
Scourge of the Lab Jellies Game Guide

Sewage Surfer
Sewage Surfer Trophy Guide

A Guide to Shapeshifter
Advanced Shapeshifter Guide

Shenkuu River Rush
Shenkuu River Rush Game Guide
Shenkuu River Rush Guide

Shenkuu Tangram
Crayonz's Guide to Tangram
Shenkuu Tangram Game Guide

Shenkuu Warrior
Lagae's Shenkuu Warrior Game Guide

Skies Over Meridell
Skies Over Meridell Game Guide

Smug Bug Smite
Smug Bug Smite Game Guide

Snot Splatter
Beating AAA in Snot Splatter
Snot Splatter - The Guide to Spewing Snot

Mr__System's Guide to Getting the Snowmuncher Avatar
Scarvogue's Snowmuncher Guide

Snow Roller
A Guide to Snow Roller
Snow Roller Game Guide

Snow Wars II
Snow Wars II Game Guide
Snow Wars II: No Longer Insurmountable

Spell-Or-Starve Tips
Tame the Word Game

A New Spin on Spinacles

Stowaway Sting
The No-Sweat Guide to Earning the Deckswabber Avatar

Sutek's Tomb
Sueyr's Guide to Sutek's Tomb
Sutek's Tomb Game Guide 1
Sutek's Tomb Game Guide 2

Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back
Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back Game Guide
The Guide to Getting a Trophy in Swarm
Terror Mountain Tilt
Terror Mountain Tilt Guide
Tilting Terror Mountain
The Buzzer Game
The Buzzer Game Guide

The Castle of Eliv Thade
Eliv Thade Game Help
The Castle of Eliv Thade Game Guide

The Great Desert Race
The Desert Race Game Guide

The Great Qasalan Caper
The Great Qasalan Caper Game Guide

The Search for Princess Lunara
The Search for Princess Lunara Game Guide
Tori's Guide to The Search for Princess Lunara

The Usul Suspects
The Usul Suspects Game Guide

The Wheel of Excitement
The Wheel of Ecitement Guide

Time Tunnel
Time Tunnel Game Guide

TNT Staff Smasher
Smasher Guide
TNT Staff Smasher Game Guide

Top Chop
A Guide to Becoming Your Best Chopper
Top Chop Game Guide
Are You Looking for General Guides?
Check out Jellyneo's General Guide Page!

Account Security
Animefreak869's Scam Help Page
Avoid Being Scammed or Frozen
Brayca's Guide to Scams
CarpeDeum's Guide to Scams
Eyrie's Against Chain Mailing
Helpful Account Compromization Knowledge
Info About Cookie Grabbers
Keen Cipher Account Security
Keys to a Long Neo Life
Kittyxneo's No-Worries Guide (Under Construction)
Lanivia's Scammed Help
No You Were Not Hacked
Punchback Bob

Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar
Fizzy's Advent Archives
Loveywovey's Advent Calendar List
Shelby's Advent Calendar Item List

Almost Abandoned Attic
Attic Times
Le Grenier: Your Guide to the Attic

Altador Plot
Altaodr Plot Guide
Darkest Faerie Plot Guide
FerrariHorse360's Altador Plot Guide

Apple Bobbing
Trick or Treat

Battledome and Battledome Avatars
Snakanat's Avatar Opponent Guide

Beauty Contest
Beauty Contest Basics
Beauty Contest Guide
Help! It's the BC...
Sketch Guide to True BC Definitions

Azzy's 5k or Less Booklist
Cyrill's Cheap Book Guide
Frosty's Cheap Book Guide
Jerishes Booklist
Orofane's Cheap Book Guides

Brain Tree Quests
Cleopatra's Quest Help: Brain Tree

Calendars and Schedules
The Expanded Calendar

Collectibles and Stamps
Collectable Sea Shells
Dragona5's Stamp Help Page
HerRoyalHighness' Guide to Stamps
Narazok's Guide to Stamps
TheIronElephante's Guide to Stamps

Coltzan's Shrine
Coltzan's Shrine Stats Page

Concert Avatars
Concert Mania
Concert Schedule

Cooking Pot
Cooking Pot Recipes
Neopian's Cooking Pot Information Center

Cures and Diseases
Alternative Cures
Cool's Meds Chart
Guide to Neopian Diseases and Cures
Pet Cures, Diseases and More

Beneath the Lights
Gameoson's Customization Guide

Dailies Guides
Click'Er Away
Dailies & 1mill a Month
Daily Destinations
Daily Neopet Clicks
Daily Quick Links
Do Your Dailies
Gin's Dailies and Helpful Links
JubbyJubJack's Guide
Lacey's Dailies Page
Pyje's 50k a Day and Dailies Page
Rowlier's Guide to Neopia
Syd's Dailies Page
That Dailies Page
Your Neopet Dailies

Daily Dare
Esgrim's Guide to Daily Dare
Soleie's Guide to Daily Dare

CD: Chatspeak Dictionary
ChiZzab3L Acronym Guide
Crio3mo's Acroynym Page
Katfun's Word Help
The Chat Speak Dictionary

Dupe Day
ErinJade86's Dupe Day Guide

Faerieland Employment Agency
Boxstercraz's Guide to Job Coupons and Basic Jobs
Juniper's Guide to the Faerieland Employment Agency

Galleries and Collecting
Destiny's Guide to Collecting

General Avatars
Katharine's Packrat Guide
SpottyPuppyDog's Avatar Guide
The Prestigious Millionaires Club

Guild Related
Awakened Advertising

Illusen and Jhudora Quests
Faerie Files
Illusen's Glade

2cents on Kad Feeding
Andy's Kadoatery Guide
Carmen's Kadoatery Guide
Guia de Kados (Portuguese)
Jaeilic's Kad Guide
Kadoatie Tips
Kali's Kad Guide
The Tooseas Kadoatery Guide

Lenny Conundrum
Lenny Conundrum Tips and Tricks

Long Term Neopoint Guides
For Those Who Can't
Pamela's Neopoints Guide
Smiles Neopoint Making Tips
The Wealth Runs Deep
Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Who Wants to be a Neo-Mill.
Zen's Neopoint Guide

Lunar Temple
Lunar Calendar Guide
Lunar Temple Guide
The Original Lunar Temple Guide

Magma Pool
Magma For You

Mirror Games
Mirror Games

Morphing and Transmogrification
Morphing and Transmogrification Potion Guide

Multi Guides
Unofficial Neopets Guide

Neopian Times Guide

Paint Brushes
Emroza's PB Guide
Laonei's Paint Brush Guide
Painting Your Pets
The Reverse Rainbow Pool
The Neopian Paint Brush Inflation Rate
The Paintorium

Kougra Paradise

Petpets: A Pictionary & History

The Petpetpet Guide

My Scratching Technique
Scratchcard Guide

Screenie Help

Secret Laboratory Map
The Zapped Meepit

Short Term Neopoint Guides
100k a Day from Habitarium
10k in 10 Minutes
50k a Day
Buzzie's Neopoint Game Guide
Calibre's 40k Game Guide
Echiko's Game Guide
Free Neopoints!
Guide to Millions of Neopoints
How to Make Oodles
Kim's 40k a Day Guide
Kissmoto's 100k a Day
Leo's 75k a Day Guide
Lobster's Guide to Neopoints

Shop and Mall Ownership
Bugsy's Guide to Effective Shopkeeping and Malling
Frisky Business: Shop Guide
Sabrina's Ultimate Shop Promotion Guide
The Maller League Guide to Successful Shopkeeping
What to Sell in Your Shop

Amy's Auction Sniping Guide
Kat's Sniping Guide
Moonie's Guide to Successful Sniping
The Wizing Hour Sniping Guide

Tarla's Treasures
Tarla Tracking

The Coincidence
None Yet

Guide to Transmogrification

Project Wheel
The Wheel of Extravagance

World Challenge

Nickt666's Guide to World Challenges
Snape's World Challenge Guide
Wolfie's World Challenge Guide
World Challenge 101
World Challenges
World Challenge Tips

Ye Olde Fishing Vortex
Fishing Made Easy
Underwater Fishing Item Rarity and Value

Link Directories

Link Directories
Against All Odds*
Alliecat's Directory (Hiatus)
Angel's Directory
Boinkberry Listings
Chocolate Pages*
City Lights*
Clockwork Directory* (Revamp)
Diamond Directory
Dignified Directory
Dragon's Lair*
Gentle Touch
Hunters of the Links*
Lightning Directory
Links Brilhantes (Portuguese)
Luminescent (Hiatus)
Prism Directory*
The Sea Floor*
The Shelf Directory*
The Den
Smiley Central*
The Bouquet
Wishing Well

Gaming Directories
Daxo's Game Guides
Game Central
Little Black Box
Neoquest Links
The Games Room

Screenie Directories
Find a Laugh
The Picky Neopians

Status Directories
Centre Point
Line Up
Scheduled (Indefinite Hiatus)
Unwound Clock

AC Directories
Altador Cup Directory

Guide Directories
Ancient Hieroglyphs
Artemis' Link Guide
ChaiBunneh's Directory
Chandra's Collection of Guides
Hweimei's Haunts
Lilybell26's Helpful Links
Little Black Dress
Mahip's Helpful Links
My Little Corner
Okie's Help Page
Peace's Hot Spots
Pet Guides
So You Need a Guide
The Page to Links
The Petpage Puddle
Where in Neopia?

Adoption and Trade Directories
Cubbun's Adoption Directory
Pet Wishlist Directory

Coding Directories
Trudial's Coding Help

Customization Directories

Fun Directories
The Fun Places Directory
The Procrastinatorium

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A Lullaby
The Baby Crib

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Club Chocolate

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The Darigan Directory

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Desert Royalty

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Disco Dollies

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Faerie Fountain
The Faerie Sanctuary

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Brittany's Exquisite Greys
The Gloomy Grey Neopets

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This is Halloween

Color: Maraquan
Aquatic Life
Maraquan Madness
The Reef
The Tide Pool

Color: MSPP

Color: Mutant
Enaxe's Mutant Directory
Mutant Militia
The Freak Show

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Plushie Pets of Neopia
The Toy Box

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Bucket of Bolts
The Factory

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Neopian Royalty
Royal Revolution

Color: Transparent
Vitreous (Indefinite Hiatus)

Color: Water
Tidal Wave

Color: Usuki
Species: Aisha
Aisha Frenzy
Fashionable Aishas
Simply Aisha

Species: Blumaroo
The Blumaroo Page

Species: Bori
Bori Proud
Undead's Bori Database

Species: Bruce
The Little Page of Bruce

Species: Chia
No Lupes Allowed

Species: Chomby
Cirque Du Chomby

Species: Cybunny
Cybunny Castle
The Cybunny Circus
The Warren

Species: Draik
Draik Day Draiks
The Draik Center

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Gorgeous Gelerts

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Neopia's Grundo Directory

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Honorable Hissi

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The Ixi Registry
The Ixi Runway

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Brittany's Kacheek Directory

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Kau Pastures

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Colorful Kikos

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Kougra Kindred
Kougras of Neopia
Kougra's Paws

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Krawk Island Directory

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Kyrii Sweet Kyrii

Species: Jubjub
Fuzz and Feet

Species: Lenny
The Lenny Lounge

Species: Lupe
A Pack of Lupes
Forever Lupe Directory

Species: Lutari
Lutari Island

Species: Ogrin
Original Ogrin

Species: Peophin
Phenomenal Peophins
Pretty Peophins

Species: Poogle
Poogle Palace

Species: Pteri
Wild Pteri Feathers

Species: Quiggle
The Quiggle Query

Species: Scorchio
Proud to be Scorchio

Species: Shoyru
Splendor of Shoyrus
The Shoyru Spot

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Lazy Skeiths

Species: Techo
The Techo Terrace

Species: Tonu
The Tonu Directory

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Sparkle's Uni Directory
Unique Unis

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Usul Pride Club

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The Wocky Directory
Wocky Paradise

Species: Xweetok
Painted Xweetok Land
Xweetoks are Us
Xweetok Forest

Species: Yurble
Kirbi's Yurble Directory

Species: Zafara
Zafaras Unlimited


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You're Addicted to Neopets

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Save the Money Tree
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Who are We?

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Cardboard Petpets
Down the Symol Hole
Mass Collection
Names from Earth
Neopets References Guide
Save the Grundos
Standard Height and Weight
Tenshi's Colorized Images
The AC Wall
The Angry Meerca
Verren's Ac Commentary

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How to Knit a Kiko
Kingdom Hearts Realm
Neopian Pastries
The Cookie Compendium
The Phantom of the Opera
The Twilight Saga
What's Cookin' Good Lookin

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Shout to the Pillow
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Simply Random
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What Carrot are You?

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Tempest in a Teacup

Ever Wonder

JGS HP Comics
Kali's Comics
The Faeries Ruin Parody

Neostars Magazine

Little Words
Love, Alice

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Diabolical Box
Quill and Unk

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Manga Coloring for Beginners
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The Font Barista
The Star Factory
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Yumegokochi (Portuguese)

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Hex Codes for Avatars

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Boardpaint Picture Guide
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Love to Make
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Ding's in Firefox
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