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Hello fellow traveler, and welcome to my little corner of Neopia. Here, I like to keep track of my goals, my wishlists, and my adventures on Neopets. You are welcome to have a look around yourself, and I hope that what you find here is interesting to read. Remember, if you would like to contact me about anything, feel free to send a neomail my way; I love making new friends! To navigate this site, click on the various links from the menu at left. Enjoy your stay here!


easter egg. as you meander around the portfolio, you might come across pixels of my favorite foods

about me

at a glance

  • name nebula
  • main josephinefarine
  • sides side, side, side
  • birthday october 23
  • age 19
  • country united states
  • timezone NST +0
  • hobbies drawing, musical theater, violin, singing, running, tv shows, writing, reading mysteries
  • tv shows columbo, the 100, supernatural, doctor who, sherlock, ms. fisher's, agent carter, daredevil, jessica jones, parks and rec, the office, unbreakable kimmy schmidt, house, the night manager, house of cards
  • music paloma faith, marina and the diamonds, les friction, httyd 1&2, some classical, some musical theater, things that catch my ear, really.
  • video games the sims 3, animal crossing, fantasy life, nancy drew, happy home designer
  • likes animals, DOGS, traveling, swimming, ice cream, slorgs, performing arts captain america's dorito frame
  • dislikes sea world, too many bugs in one hub, loud things, gender bias, card games
  • fun fact i am fluent in german and french

off neo

As non-existent as my real life may appear, I do indeed have a purpose outside of neopets. (What?!) I am a sophomore in college, working on a B.A. in music and a major in French.

I have a passion for performing arts, and enjoy singing and taking part in productions, like plays and musical. I have also been playing the violin for eleven years. As you might have noticed, music is a big part of my life. I'm always listening or playing it. I'm also a massive musical theater nerd.

I speak both German and French fluently, German being my first language. What I find odd, however, is that I find it easier to speak in English and French than in German. I lived in the German countryside for three years during my glory days. (When I was a toddler, without another care in the world!)

I own four cockatiels, though I hope to one day, after I make it out of college alive, own my own pets. My dreams include owning 700000000 dogs and establishing several sled teams. Actually though, I really want to have a dog one day. I've always been fond of German Shepherds and Malamutes ♥

on neo

On Neopets, I go by many nicknames. Nebula, Doctor Danny, and Danny, to name a few. I often give medical advice to those in medical dilemmas, and have a strong affinity for roleplaying. I have been dedicated to several guilds in the past, and have build a strong, lasting family of friends through my experiences with them.

My time on Neopets is dedicated to my constant hunger for expanding my neopets family with individual personalities and stories. I take great interest in inventing unique backgrounds for each of my pets. When I am not focusing on pet-related goals, I spend my time casually working towards avatar and competition goals. If I'm not working on my pets, I'm probably lurking to ac or pc.

I am quite the approachable individual and I tend to avoid any drama between friends by acting mature and thoughtful in troubling situations. Furthermore, I hold an affinity to art, and even ran an art-request site. Every now and then, I like to take on new art requests.

my neofriends

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goals and projects

my goals

Account Goals

Art Goals

  • Reach 215 avatars
  • Reach gallery size 20
  • Win a gold BC trophy☑
  • Get the Neopian Times avatar☑
  • Submit an article to the Neopian Times☑
  • Completely establish my currently developed pets☑
  • Finish all petpages (lol never going to happen)
  • Enter second NT series in NT times☑
  • Enter comic for 50 issue of NT
  • Create reference sheets for all of my established pets☑

2016 Goals

Ultimate Goals

  • Complete Mandie's entire page
  • Reach 210 avatars
  • Complete's Winnie's entire page (pick a layout finally!)
  • Reach 5 million np
  • Do some major downsizing!!☑
  • Adopt a faerie draik ♥☑
  • Get a UC Darigan Ixi
  • Make 10 million neopoints

item wishlist

Deluxe Peophin Burger

Mystery Island Coconut Rice Bowl

Coconut Fruit Cup

Coconut Juice Bowl

Mystery Island Tiki Burger

Shiver Me Shrimp

Seafood Pasta Salad

Veggie Burger

Fruity Swirl Souffle

Mystery Island Palm Sundae

Fyora's Eyeshadow

neocash wishlist

Abundant Heart Dress

Braided Candy Warrior Wig

Gothic Red Rose Necklace

Gothic Rose Shrug

Lost Desert Pyramids Background

Midnight Forest Background

Rebellious Valentine Wig

Winter Rose Foreground

Woven Straw Dress

Striped Wig

Delicate Autumn Jacket

Pink Sands Background

Belted Leaf Dress

Summer Picnic Set

Island Chef Academy Counter

Deluxe Lost Desert Tent

Starry Space Beanie and Blonde Wig

Flowery Forest Background

Heart of the Forest

Gothic Winter Wig

Lost Valentines Garden Background

MME18-S1: Gothic Rose Dress

Belted Leaf Dress

Avatar Hit List

a few avatars i'm working towards

Dream Pets Compilation

Neopian Times Submissions

  • Orlitz and the Gerpatiku Scandal - published November 22, 2013
  • Five Make-It-Yourself Recipes for Summer - published June 12, 2015
  • Homemade Recipes for the Holidays - published December 4, 2015
  • Orlitz and the Search for the Emerald Crown - July 1, 2016
  • An Old Wives' Tale (comic) - March 11, 2016

  • Snippets of art

    Below I've displayed some of my most recent and most favorite snippets of art. For my entire portfolio, refer to:

    Check here to see if requests are currently open!

    my neopets family

    Weinachtsstern Iangaa
    A young Xweetok from the Virtupet Space Station trained to join the Resitstance in the espionage field chooses a different path. Fascinated with ancient history and determined to undermine her overbearing father and brother, she transfers from the Virtupets Academy of Engineering to Coltzan University in Sahkmet. Now, she's been given the task as Archaeologist Supervisor for her team of diggers currently uncovering the secrets in the Temple of the Moon on the outskirts of Qasala.

    Story: 40% complete. (Most of her story is not written down.)
    Reference: 100% complete.
    Pet Page: 65% complete. WIP
    Customization: 75% complete.
    Paint Job: 100% complete.

    Other Goals
    Win silver+ in Beauty Contest ☑
    Complete petpage ☐
    Create a reference ☑
    Paint desert ☑

    Lady Amanda Mandrogore Mulhaire
    Amanda Mulhaire is a wealthy and powerful Neovian aristocrat with a dark and sad history that she is desperately trying to forget. Her story is filled with wealth and tragedy: upon returning home after studying five years abroad, the young aristocrat discovered her family had vanished without a trace. She desperately wishes to discover what happened to the Mulhaire lineage, but she is terrified of what she may find.

    Story: 65% complete. (Most of her story is written down)
    Reference: 100% complete.
    Pet Page: 90% complete. WIP
    Customization: 0% complete. (Nothing is planned at the moment.)
    Paint Job: 100% complete.

    Other Goals
    Win silver+ in Beauty Contest ☑
    Paint her Quetsal, Issassa, Darigan. (500k) ☐
    Find and edit an appropriate pet lookup for Mandie. ☑

    Iskeen Mirand
    Iskeen is a fun-loving, daredevil local Mystery Islander who often goes on wild escapades with her best friend and housemate, Orlitz. Aside from leading an active lifestyle, Iskeen is a waitress at one of the Island's most popular restaurant destinations: Poppi's Grill. Still, the ixi wants more in life than just waiting tables. In fact, she aspires to be a chef despite her lack of confidence in the kitchen.

    Story: 20% complete.
    Reference: 100% complete.
    Pet Page: 5% complete.
    Customization: 100% complete.
    Paint Job: 100% complete.

    Other Goals
    Win bronze+ in Beauty Contest ☐
    Write a short story/series Iskeen can appear in ☐
    Complete reference ☑

    Millanaise Fontaine
    Milla is an opera star and a Prima donna.

    Story: 0% complete. (Most of her story is not written down.)
    Reference: 50% complete.
    Pet Page: 2% complete.
    Customization: 90% complete.
    Paint Job: 100% complete.

    Other Goals
    Begin brainstorming some background for Milla ☐
    Win bronze+ in Beauty Contest ☐
    Find a suitable petpet for Milla ☑

    Orlitz Livia
    Anyone who watches Neovision, or has merely glimpsed at a TV set, knows about this particular field reporter. Orlitz is the name of the Scottish-accented, microphone wielding, trench coat trending Cybunny who has covered dozens upon dozens of world events in front of the camera, ranging from covering the Altador Cup to stopping the notorious petpet smugglers in Mystery Island.

    Story: 70% complete.
    Reference: 100% complete.
    Pet Page: 90% complete.
    Customization: 0% complete. (Most of Orlitz's customization need to be transferred to the account she resides on.)
    Paint Job: 100% complete.

    Other Goals
    Win bronze+ in Beauty Contest ☐
    Complete Neopian Times story that Orlitz appears in. ☑

    Maggie Sun Torris
    Armed only with her ears and a dusty white baby grand piano, Maggie was destined for great musical ability. At a young age, the Usul was already eager to study every piece of music and theory she could get her hands on. Despite others finding her taste in music odd, Maggie continued to prefer The Classics over more popular musical genres. She quickly learned to master piano along with many other instruments.

    Reference: 50% complete.
    Customization: 0% complete.
    Paint Job: 100% complete.

    Other Goals
    Win bronze+ in Beauty Contest ☐

    Colette Laurent
    Ms. Colette Laurent is a timid thing who prefers to remain within her winter cabin, on the outskirts of Happy Valley. She makes a living repairing damaged or unloved plushies. Pets and their owners from everywhere visit her quaint dwelling to have her fix up their plushies.

    Petpage: 15% complete.
    Reference: 0% complete.
    Customization: 0% complete.
    Paint Job: 100% complete.

    Other Goals
    Win bronze+ in Beauty Contest ☐
    Finish adoptables for her petpage ☐

    Selaey Nerice
    Selaey is the counsul general stationed on terror mountain. That is to say, she administers diplomatic exchanges between the mountain range and the underwater sovereign city. She frequently journeys between the two nations to relay valuable information on their international relations.

    Petpage: 15% complete.
    Reference: 75% complete.
    Customization: 100% complete.
    Paint Job: 100% complete.

    Other Goals
    Win bronze+ in Beauty Contest ☑
    Begin work on her petpage ☐

    Pets with little to no plans: Jenyny, Istadie, Ritzok, Ilannie, Yeodi, and Claida.


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