Hi, my name is Isiagi the Lenny. I am 67607 hours old and I have lived in Neopia all my life. My wonderful owner is joaquinside99 and this is my humble homepage...

He he, thats me!

Most people have the wrong impression that all Lennys are boring wimpy creatures that do nothing except read books all day. I would like to point out that this is not the case! I for one like a good Play Fight as much as the next pet, but I also like to do things that test my intelligence.

Imagine having a Lenny as your best friend... they spend all day thinking about the best games and puzzles so you are never bored. If you are ever stuck inside on a rainy day, don't panic, your friendly Lenny will have already thought of at least 50 different things that you could do to keep amused :) Need to think of a new way to make people buy all those old piles of dung from you shop? Never fear, your Lenny pal will help you figure out a way to have people begging to get hold of your unwanted items.

Just because we don't go around bullying others or making a loud scene *cough* unlike Skeiths *cough* it doesn't make us dull.

Anyway, thats enough ranting, what sort of things do I like?
  • Dancing - oh yeah!
  • Singing - I pride myself on my lovely voice :)
  • Solving the Lenny Conundrum each week - or at least trying to...
  • Campaigning for more Lenny items - come on guys give us something else please!
  • Eating ice cream (in particular mint - mmmmmmm)
Well thats about it from me, toodle pip! If you want to talk to my owner, why don't your drop them a Neomessage - joaquinside99!