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* {{ welcome }}

It was a bright and sunny morning. You are staying at an inn just outside Meridell. After having breakfast of muffins and orange juice (served by the little old Kacheek who owned the place) you decide to take a walk in the beautiful sunlight.

Around the cottage is a wood. Its not a thick and scary forest; the sunlight shines easily through the leaves. The Kacheek that owns the inn has planted flowers all around in the grass around it. Nick-nacks like gnomes and bird feeders dot the little flower beds. There are a few dirt paths that wind through the garden. While walking along one of the trails you find that it is leading you away from the bead & breakfast and into the woods. Its such a nice day that you decide to keep following the path.

As you walk through the sunny forest you notice that the terrain ahead is starting to change. The path beneath your feet starts to disappear. You notice as you walk that the ground is on an incline. The ground around you becomes more rocky and the trees grow sparser.

You keep on walking and soon you break free from the woods. All that stands before you know is a flat, rocky plateau. On your right, the rocks continue to grow steeper. When you turn around, Meridell and Brightvale stretch out as far as you can see. While you are admiring the view, you notice something in the corner of your eye . . .

You whip around just in time to see something blue dart into a crevice in the rock. Wondering what if could possibly be, you skip over and take a peek in the cr ack. Two violet eyes are staring back at you. They blink.

Oh. Hi, a voice from inside says meekly.

Both of you look at each other for a moment in silence. Well, why don't you come on out there, little one? I won't hurt you. You step aside to let the creature out of the opening.

* {{ about me }}

Slowly, it appears from out of the rock. The creature turns out to be a very small female Ixi. She looks young, yet still very small for an Ixi; she only comes up to just above your knees. Her pelt is a very pale blue and is silver underneath. Bright, black, semi-transparent wings sparkle in the sunlight. She wears large silver bracelets on her front legs with tiny purple gems that match the one around her neck. The jewelry is the most beautiful you've ever seen. On her head the little Ixi adorns a black pointed hat that looks a bit tattered and a bit too large.

The little Ixi approaches you cautiously. W-Who are you? she says quietly.

You state your name then ask, And who are you?

I-I'm Isdari.

You walk over and sit on a rock that's near the entrance of the little cave that Isdari was hiding in. You rummage around in your knapsack and find the blueberry muffin you were saving for later. You take a piece off and hold it out and motion for the little Ixi to come over.

Her head is bowed low as she hesitantly makes her way toward you. She sniffs the muffin with her black nose and cautiously takes a bite.

Oh! That's different! she says.

You've never had a blueberry muffin? you ask astounded.

No . . . Everyone I know just eats d-dirt. You notice a slight rose color comes to her cheeks. She seems embarrassed by this fact.

Isdari, why don't you come sit over here by me? You can have some more of my muffin if you'd like.

Isdari hops up onto the rock and sits next you. She nibbles at more of the muffin that you hold out for her in your hand.

So, why don't you tell me more about yourself?

+ + {{ Basic Stats }} + +
* [Full Name] Isdari
* [Alias] Izzy
* [Gender} Female
* [Age] 10
* [Species} Ixi
* [Brush] Faerie
* [Element] Ground
* [Love] I did have a friend once.
* [Caregiver] Ani
+ + {{ Appearance Etc. }} + +
* [Pelt] Blue Topaz
* [Undercoat] Silver
* [Hooves] Black Onyx
* [Horns] Black Onyx
* [Eyes] Violet
* [Extras] Silver: bracelets; Onyx: hat; Amethyst: necklace; gems
* [Markings] Vanilla: runes on back; Onyx: dragonfly-like wings

* * *

+ + {{ Typical Outfit }} + +
* [Ixi Bandit Leather Pouch]
* [Faerie Dust Shower]
* [Air Faerie Bubble Necklace]
* [Spinacle Thought Bubble]
* [Princess Amira Collectors Arm Cuffs]
* [Spellseeker Wizard Plushie]
* [Maractite Cavern Background]
* [Cave Foreground]
* [Runes of the Obelisk]
* [Bewitching Sorcerers Bonnet]

+ + {{ In My Closet }} + +
* [Ancient Archway Foreground]
* [Ixi Deluxe Gold Collar]
* [Elegant Gear Top Hat]
* [Moon and Stars Background]
* [Green Crystal Shard]
* [Fancy Witch Hat]
* [Henna Tattoo]
* [Dark Cave Background]
* [Faerie Dust Shower]
* [Magical Quill & Book]

+ + {{ NP Wishlist }} + +

Faerie Caverns BG

Faerie Petpet PB


+ + {{ NC Mall Wishlist }} + +

Gold Mine Background

Jewel Shower

Gem Heist Background

I'd love to be able to complete Isdari's customization that matches her character with these items! If you have a few spare NPs, please donate? Also, I can't buy NeoCash, so if you happen to have a gift box and one of these items I would forever love you. (send to this account. ;D)

+ + {{ Thank Yous }} + +
* Thank you jbyronc for the Moon and Stars Background!
* Thank you jbyronc for the Ixi Deluxe Gold Collar!
* Thank you superattackpea_57 for the Faerie Dust Shower!
* Thank you skull_kitten for the Princess Amira Collectors Arm Cuffs!
* Thank you alicebynight for the Air Faerie Bubble Necklace!
* Thank you froggysrule_98 for the Magical Quill & Book!
* Thank you lilneha11 for the Elegant Gear Top Hat!
* Thank you star_fire39 for the Fancy Witch Hat!
* Thank you yummysweetz92 for the Green Crystal Shard!

* * *

+ + {{ Likes }} + +
* [Solitude]
* [Gems]
* [Flowers]
* [Outside the Mines]
* [Reading]
* [Thessam]
+ + {{ Dislikes }} + +
* [Thunderstorms]
* [Social Situations]
* [Censorship]
* [Public Speaking]
* [Bats]
* [Loud Noises]

+ + {{ Favorites }} + +
. [Color] Blue
. [Number] One
. [Food] Dirt Pie
. [World] Meridell
. [Faerie] Grey Faerie
. [Holiday] Christmas

* {{ past }}

Hopefully, through reading the first couple of sections of this page, you got a feel for the character I created for Izzy. Here are a few other things about her and her story that I want to add.

+ + {{ Chapter I: }} + +
I was born in the arms of imaginary friends

❝Ha ha just look at her!❞

* {{ the dwarf ixi }}

As Izzy finishes telling you a bit about herself, she also eats up the last of the muffin. You smile and put the wrapper in your bag. The little Ixi seems to becoming more comfortable around you. You notice her stutter from her nervousness has gone away.

Izzy, not to be rude, but you seem a bit different. You look smaller than any Ixi I've ever seen.

Oh! That's because I'm a Dwarf Ixi!

Seeing your confusion, Izzy takes a deep breathe and starts the explanation. It sounds as though she ate a textbook:

The Dwarf Ixi are a certain type of Ixi that reside in the mountains just outside of Meridell. Deep inside the mountains lie hidden gems such as Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds. The Dwarf Ixi spend their time mining these gems and turning them into beautiful pieces of jewelry, swords, or crowns. Rarely seen my outsiders because of how deep inside the mountain they must mine, the Dwarf Ixi's creations are rare in Neopia. If you are lucky enough to have something crafted by a Dwarf Ixi you should be very honored.

The physical appearance of the Dwarf Ixi is much smaller than that of the normal Ixi. They are much stockier--they have shorter legs. Their body type is much like that of the mountain goat rather than a deer. The fur that they have is very short and sleek. This is ideal for being underground in the mud and dirt. The color of their fur is generally in the cool color range: blues, greens, and purples.

If you want to compare the two genders, a male Dwarf Ixi is slightly bigger than the female. He is typically a lot more muscular because of mining. The male Dwarf Ixi's horns are large and circular--they wrap around the Ixi's ears. The female's, on the other hand, are tall and slender. Shorter horns are found on the young Ixi, as they won't grown into their full horns until their teens. Male Dawrf Ixi will also develop a small tuft of fur or beard under their mouth.

The Dwarf Ixi are usually found wearing a pointed hat made out of cloth, much like that of a witch or wizard. They are usually adorned in jewelry that either the wearer has created himself or family heirlooms that have been passed down.

Because they rarely come to the surface, The diet of a Dwarf Ixi consist of, well, dirt. Their bodies have learned to process the nutrients found in the soil and use them to sustain them.

Every Dwarf Ixi has a natural instinct to find precious gems and metals. Their culture though has divided up the Dwarf Ixi by giving each gender a specific duty to maintain the society. The females are the ones who generally go deep into the minds and find the precious gems and metals. The males, on the other hand, are the ones that process the goods. They create the beautiful jewelry, chain mail, swords, crowns etc. that the Dwarf Ixi are known for.

* {{ i know who they are }}

Next, I want you to meet some of my already existing pets. I chose 4 of them to showcase here, but if you're curious about any of my other pets feel free to neomail me about them!


Rhemes is a Plushie Kau who lives in a clocktower. I havne't met him, but Ani has told me stories about him! He comes alive when the clock strikes twelve. He's in charge of the clock since the old Clock Keeper died. Which is very sad. I hope that one day Rhemes can come visit the library. I think he'd like it.

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5. Have fun!

Only custom designs please; NOT from your Ixi's customization picture! :)

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1. Wyrall
2. Ikzey
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4. Sherytanii
5. Avaiilon

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Ani drew me again! The spider webs are kinda creepy, I must have been playing in a forgotten part of the library!

I think this is a pretty good picture of me. I mean I guess

This one is me in my c-cave.

Another one of Devin. Its weird seeing myself as another Ixi!

A picture of an Ixi that used to look like me. :o Her name is Devin. She changed a bit, and Ani found me!

+ + {{ Art By Others }} + +
(newest to oldest)

Oh wow I-I'm flying!

From: Rocket
For: Request

My wings look so nice!

From: Joe
For: Trade

I-I'm standing on 2 legs!

From: Ji
For: Request

I can't see!!

From: Kouji
For: Request


From: Shilo
For: Request

Oh n-no! My hat is b-blowing away!

From: Shy Drake
For: Request

* {{ they stole the precious }}

. [Username] desert_foxy
. [Pet] WayerSea
. [Offense] Mainly, lied about being 2 separate people when Sunny and I found evidence to the contrary. Took and edited text from the "Dwarf Ixi" section on this page.
. [Also Stole From] Moss_Covered_Ixi, Suta-Raito, Poughkipsei, Myalona (Ixidex)
. [Status] reported
. [Note] Things that were stolen were minor (for the most part), and I was going to let it go, but i can't stand the complete lying to my face.

* * *

* {{ keepsakes }}

I h-have admirers?

I love Slorgs! (April Fools Day 2011)

Im not an UnConverted, but its okay! Ani loves me anyway!

* {{ music }}

+ + {{ Lyrics }} + +
Book of Days - Enya

One day, one night, one moment,
my dreams could be, tomorrow.
One step, one fall, one falter,
east or west, over earth or by ocean.
One way to be my journey,
this way could be my Book of Days.

Ó lá go lá, mo thuras,
an bealach fada romham.
Ó oíche go hoíche, mo thuras,
na scéalta nach mbeidh a choích.

No day, no night, no moment,
can hold me back from trying.
I'll fly, I'll fall, I'll falter,
I'll find my day may be, Far and Away.
Far and Away.

One day, one night, one moment,
with a dream to believe in.
One step, one fall, one falter,
and a new earth across a wide ocean.
This way became my journey,
this day ends together, Far and Away.
This day ends together, Far and Away.
Far and Away.

+ + {{ Soundtrack }} + +
1. Un Dernier Verre (Pour La Route) - Beirut
2. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) - Florence & the Machine
3. Bulletproof - La Roux
4. Book of Days - Taliesin Orchestra
5. Into the West - Howard Shore & Annie Lennox
6. The Meek Shall Inherit - Alan Menken
7. Wait It Out - Imogen Heap
8. Firework - Katy Perry
9. The Grey Havens - Howard Shore & Sir James Galway
10. My Secret Friend - IAMX (ft. Imogen Heap)
11. Heartbreak Warfare - John Mayer
12. Dancing on my Own - Robyn
13. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
14. Airplanes Pt. I - B.o.B (ft. Hayley Williams)
15. Book of Days - Enya
16. The Breaking of the Fellowship - Howard Shore

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. . . Isdari .:Mossy's Woodland Haven:. .{Sheryl}. Stroke of Midnight The most complete and up-to-date BC Guide around!

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...? Arrows fly true! Darkest melody Omoigoosh click me :D! Come to SpOngeIxi's World! .:Not.all.endings.are.happy:.. A midsummer's Puck LeTs JaZz iT Up! .hello,sugar. Follow the Dark... Poughkipsei, the Foxixi. Edelheid ashes to ashes // dust to dust Enchanted's Forest Follow the sound of the falling waters... Kyoras-Haven A drop of water changes everything... ...Does anybody feel the way I do?... .turn.around. PURPLE Can you handle it? That's Hot. ::Silence is Golden:: ::Resistance is Futile:: Lord Sloth wants you to... ^.- .:Princess of the Elements:. ::Target Acquired:: ::Fear's Illusion:: ::Positively Charged!:: Ava Aelise Prince's Liar

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Background stock image from insurrectionx @ dA. Edited by me.

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