Welcome to Ioqh's petpage, I adopted her on the 10th day of storing 2009, Most likely the best day of my life, which makes me feel sad, but I've only had 15 years of it so far. Haha.

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Ioqh Speaking
dracotamer46 speaking

As you enter the cave a bright green glow almost blinds you, covering your eyes you look away. You hear a soft voice call "Hello, the light is gone now, you may look!" You look up to see a unusual Draik with a faint green glow, the fur on her chest bristles with a warm breeze.

Despite her unusual appearance she seems pretty and intelligent, she looks at you, her bright red eyes seem to bore into your soul, and then nods
You are indeed the one I called, your name is dracotamer46 is it not? You nod absently, confused, and she carries on My name is Ioqh, Abbreviated mind you, I am in this cave seeking something, I have heard you may be able to help me! You nod and then ask, finally recollecting yourself,
What is it you are looking for? The Draik, sighs, looks at the floor and mumbles
Some stuff my owner Toni gave me, It had all sorts about me.
You smile and say Let's find it then!

Look, I found something! You shout as you find a couple of papers in a nearby bush.
Ioqh appears out of nowhere and smiles Well done, I knew you could help. You jump slightly but she just picks up the sticky note from the first page and begins to read it.

Interesting, What does the paper say? She asks you, you shrug and hand her the first one. She looks it over and reads.

Name: Ikali Omas Quiat Holam
Pronounced: Ick-all-i Oh-mas Qui-at Hole-am
Nickname: Ioqh, Ikai or Miat
Gender: Female
Species: Glowing Draik.
Age: Unknown, her age cannot be determined because she has no wings! Looks around 18 as a human.
Quad- Long green body, human shaped front and back limbs, long green neck, large canines, purple antlers, long furry green ears with black insides and frills around neck. Fur covering her body and a lot around her chest especially, her tail is long and green but splits towards the ends, the split tail is black. The black part is like another segment or something for it is spiked at the end and these spikes hug the green part of her tail, keeping them connected, and it holds one green orb and one purple orb that always curve towards each other. On her chest there is a tattoo of her bayonet and she has a small wound on her back where her wings should be connected.
Anthro- In her human form, she is tall, always kind. Her skin is a pale ivory and she has her name tattooed on her back, Ioqh spread along the bottom of her waist. Her eyes are very like her Draik forms but they are less reptilian but still the same dark red. She used to wear a Green or Purple dress the same colours as in her Draik form but she wears jeans and plain t-shirts normally now. She will wear Purple fluffy boots when she is in the Bilat Mountains and then black boots in the Organization, as well as black gloves and a long, red coat with black lining. Finally her hair is a fiery red that touches the back of her shoulders.
Family: Mother died after giving birth to Ziara, her father was murdered by someone who worked for a demon and her brother was… killed by her.
Powers: Ioqh has many powers, most are unknown to people, but a few select creatures know that she was created by a five year old girl, she has been alive since the very start of the universe and was made way before anything started walking the planets. Other than that she is a mystery, an immortal mystery.
Personality: Ioqh lost her heart a while ago, many reports tell of a girl with a fiery passion, shy when she was unsure and stronger than the strongest hurricane. She could be hyper when around her five year old friend and would forever grow to love the girl… But something made it so that the poor Ioqh lost her friend and the pain was too much, she wiped her mind, pushing all her past to the back of her mind. Unknowing that their personalities would clash once more, in many lifetimes to come. Now after losing her heart she is quite, confused a lot, unsure of her place and beliefs and yet though she cannot feel her kindness and love still shine through the darkest nights. Thanks to Arlo she has managed to regain some memory of the power of emotion.
History: Io is an outcast, she thrives to be like others of her kind yet nothing will bring back her wings, scales or normality. She has tried to fit in but it achieved nothing and only enraged Omio and embarrassed herself in front of most of the dragon city residents, Bilatians. So she looks after herself and her father and tries to avoid her brothers mate when they visit, until one day when she answers the door and disappears from the dragons city, she is joined by two dragons in a dungeon… Both wished to win her in the mat1ng days, she managed to escape but both died in the dungeon. She regains her powers and seeks out her brother, to warn him of the danger that has befallen her, to tell him she is leaving…
But he was chained… and when she looks at him a darkness tears her heart from her… She loses her brother as well that day. But some good came from it, she meets 7 other people in her journey, friends… Friends since the start of the universes!
Other: Ioqh becomes the VIIII, 9th, member of Organization I when a Darkness spread through her heart after she got her powers back. Now she has found her Soul Best Friend, a person so close they are ultimately part of her. Together they are trying to save the Heartless.
Love: I love you Arlo, you mean so very much to me!

You turn it over in your head and she smiles We should find the rest.
Here is the other piece that came with it. You hand it to her and start looking for the other parts of this page, she begins to read and you just about hear her voice.


The moon


The Darkness
Mystery Draik…

As you listen she places the paper in some kind of pouch before turning to the area around her, you smile Can you tell me your story? Io looks up
Of course, It may pass the time.

Blurb: Ioqh's life is set in the mountains and city of Bilat, her life is spent getting through her days but one day things begin to go wrong!
Other: This story is long I know, But it, having written with speech marks not made for the coding of neo, May be slightly clumped, I am sorry for this and will try as hard as I can to make it look better!

Love hurts

I passed over the mountain, my long, green tail trailed behind me. I no longer needed to balance myself with a tail because I didn't have wings anymore. Flight was tireless now and yet... I wished to be like others of my kind!
Ignoring my yearning for normality I kicked it away and continued to glide along. The wind brushed past my long, green, serpentine body and I descended towards the mountinueous lake.
Reaching the lake I skimmed the surface of water with my claws, crystal drops scattered around me. They caught the sun and sparkled beautifully, I smiled entranced then dove in, away from the heat of the sun.
The sun burns and melts the caps of the mountains, my home, where the mist is thickest and the sun does not shine. I spun through the water, using my tail's as a paddle or steer and stuck my head out of the surface and the rest of my head, half my neck and some of my back followed. I watched others of my kind fly over the mountains, their wing beat, all of different colours and shapes, and they didn't bother looking at me. I smiled sadly, they were all normal...I was only like them in the fact that I had ALMOST the same appearance and anatomy but if you look at me long enough you would think I was of a different species!
I had a long, green body, two human-like front and back limbs, no wings, a long green tail that made up half my body, and at the end my tail is separated in two, long, tail-like, black things. At the end, the flesh encircled two orbs, one was purple the other green.
What many don't know is that these orbs are used for more than oriental decorations! They hold safe, my powers so I don't use it more than needed, if I did that the results would be disastrous.
As the old, wise woman in my land would say *With great power comes great responsibility* I smiled, cheesy but true... thinking of my power I dove under the water once more to cleanse my spirit and jumped out to fly once more through the mountains.
I watched the other dragons performing aerial manoeuvres, I sighed wearily, watching the males show off their wings. A female giggled as a male by the name of Omio soared above her and grinned toothily. Omio, was the worst male to get involved with, he never took a female seriously and still played around with others.
Yet the girls were infatuated by the scoundrel... All but two! I hated him with a passion... and another dragon who kept to herself. She went by the name of Masikiah and dragons said she was a demon, I reserved judgement. She was an outcast like me and never did anything to annoy, hurt, anger or embarrass me!
As I watched the males fly around, my mind wandered to one male, he had beautiful black, red and purple wings and was easily the nicest, most polite one in the group. He was a king's son and his name was Azreal, he glanced over at me and I flushed and turned away to pretend my attention had been caught.

A voice was suddenly behind me, speaking, the sickly sweet voice ringing with amusement. *Hello Ikali, I didn't know I would see you here!*
I turned to glare at Omio *Well it's not surprising you thought that! After all... Not everyone can be beautiful and talented!*
Omio smiled and touched my face with the tip of his tail and whispered in my ear *Ah my darling... But you are the most beautiful here.*
I growled *Chase rats Omio! I wouldn't choose you even if you were the last Draik on Opana!*
Omio shrugged *You will come to me soon enough.*
I grinned *Not until h3ll freezes over, wait... Not even then!*
He laughed and flew off, I sighed and wrapped my tail around myself.
I hadn't realised I had begun to cry until a soft, sweet and warm voice whispered *Are you OK Ikali?* I looked up though a haze of tears and saw Azreal. My heart made an excited but embarrassed jump in my chest and I wiped tears from my ears to say
*Fine, Omio was just passing.*
Azreal's smile turned to a frown *You shouldn't listen to him, he is a liar!*
I shuddered, on the verge of more tears, and mumbled *He was the one saying I was beautiful…*
Azreal tilted his head, then understood at once *Oh Ikali, Do not bring yourself down!*
*It doesn't matter, I am not participating." I stressed the not part while glaring at Omio who was snowing off again.
Azreal smiled to try and lift my spirits but couldn't and whispered *I must go... Father expected someone 'worthy'.* He laughed then turned to the group of females.
I watched Azreal's progress broodingly, happily at first for he couldn't find the 'worthy' one... Yet I couldn't help but wish that I could fly into the group and try... Although I knew I'd be disappointed! However I found myself entering the group of females, being a usual solitary dragon they recoiled at first. The males shocked and confused.
But as soon as they saw I was serious they carried on flying above their chosen female, Omio of course left his chosen female and began making a show above me. I ignored him, much to the disdain of the ones around me, and looked at the frozen Azreal. He flew over without thinking and asked *What are you doing?*
*Trying to see what it's like to be chosen by someone you like!* I smiled, Azreal laughed
*Well someone's picked you!*
I snorted *I don't want him!*
Azreal smiled and put his paw out to me *Join me?* I ignored the glares and gasps and took his paw to follow him, past the annoyed Omio, through the clouds. He whispered to me *Who do you want?*
*Someone who cares, Some who wants me!"*
Azreal asked *Who's that?*
I let go of his paw to fly up and shouted from the clouds *Catch me to find out.* I zipped past him and dived down past the group into the lake area, Azreal hot on my trail, but he needed balance, I did not. I dived into the lake, Azreal followed me and grabbed the purple orb ended tail part, I turned to look at him.
He grinned and we swam to the surface, as soon as our heads were out of the water he quizzed *Who is it then?* I shook my head sarcastically
*Are you seriously asking? Didn't that give away ANYTHING?*
He froze *Oh…*
I stopped laughing and recoiled, his face was so frozen it would have chilled an inferno. I backed away from him and muttered *I am sorry Prince, I must be going. Beg your pardon.* And flew off before he could reply or stop me.

Death at the doorstep

I woke feeling groggy and miserable, my head spun as I got out of the hot, stony bed I lay upon. My cottage-like home was empty apart from me, my family lived close to the citadel. Getting up, I made myself go to my watering hole and clean up, it was the celebration day... I would need to visit my father and brother. But... that meant going into the city... OH NO! I would see Azreal! Shaking my head wearily I walked out of my home and pushed myself off the floor with my tail, without wings starting and landing were incredibly hard!
As I soared through the sky my mind replayed these last few days, I had acted like a mindless zombie! Just doing what I needed to do to live, not feeling, not thinking... Oh how I had embarrassed and hurt myself! I felt useless and pathetic, now I was feeling anxious... I can't believe it hurts so much! It wasn't good for me to feel so bad about him! It would be the death of me...
Turning over my thoughts and feelings I laughed at how far I had flown, I flew towards my father's house and lowered myself so I could land carefully and gracefully. My father came out and smiled at me, I hugged him at once and asked *Where is Ziara?*
My father laughed *Sierat... He is with his mat3!*
I jumped with joy as my father, Biransh, used the ancient word for dear one but frowned *He has a mat3?* It didn't need and answer but my father nodded anyway, I sighed *Aiaiai... Dear Fatash, am I the only one not meant to mat3?*
Bira smiled *Of course not Sierat, you will find a loved one soon.*
I smiled at my Fatash, loved father, and asked *Shall we make our way to the city?*
*Let's!* My Fatash flapped his small, intricate, patterned wings and he was already airborne. I pushed myself off the ground and shot forward after my father, he asked *Something is bothering you Sierat, what is it?* I smiled, Fatash missed nothing and there was NEVER any hiding from him.
*I am scared about going to the city. * I admitted, he nodded
*It is scary but it's something else that is making you as jumpy as a frog on a trampoline!*
I looked away *I told a male I felt for him, but he did not feel the same way and I wish not to meet him.*
Father nodded in understanding *Yes that could be quiet awkward... Who was it?* I contemplated lying but knew he would not fall for it so whimpered
*Azreal, the kings son!*
Bira was quiet for a while, then *And you like him?* I nodded *You care about him not his status?* I nodded again and he finished *Then you should fight, no one deserves you but if he makes you happy... I say go for it.*


We landed in a crowd of people and I heard someone exclaim *Ratara, NO?!* I turned to see my father rushing through the crowd to reach someone lying down unconscious, with a jolt I realised my fathers best friend, Ratara, was dead.
Biransh shouted *How could Saynria claim him so soon... Saynria comes to those who I can tell will die!!! HE SHOULD HAVE LIVED, SOMEONE HAS KILLED HIM!!* He breathed in and said in a calmer voice *This was murder!
I know you wouldn't want to believe someone you know could kill one of their own but it is true, someone who lives here has killed him.* A gasp resounded through the crowd and as I pushed my way to my grief stricken father.
Picking him up, I helped him through the crowd and way from his life long companion, it was hard but I pushed and hissed to help him out of there!

Why do I have to suffer the Embarrassment?!

I stopped when Azreal appeared beside me, my Fatash was at his home and I was running errands. The blue and black dragon frowned as I tried to walk around him, he mumbled *Ikali… Ikali… Please listen to me!*
I smiled as best I could without showing my pain. *I'm sort of busy!* Other dragons ran around us, Azreal sighed
*I'm sorry Ikali! Please… I didn't want to hurt you…*
I snarled and turned away from him *I told you I loved you but… You didn't even reply!* People turned and I realised I was talking a BIT too loud… Azreal sighed, he looked away and I mumbled *Tell me what you want… I need to go!*
He looked at me with tears in his eyes and pleaded. *I couldn't answer… It took me by surprise! I thought… You… I mean you never joined the group! I thought all males were not to your liking!* I hissed
*Well now you know… But it no longer matters!* I turned again and jumped into the sky.
Azreal shouted *But Ikali… I… I…* I roared in sorrow stopping everyone in their tracks and sped off.

Biransh smiled *Welcome back Sierat!* His smile wasn't right, mind you... it hadn't been right since the death of Ratara! His smile was hurt and angry but he tried to be cheerful for me, when he saw my stormy face he asked *What did he do Sierat?*
I sighed and slumped against the wall and moaned *He started to apologize for his actions and I shouted and embarrassed myself, then... then…*
*You flew off angrily?* He cut in, I sighed
*It was like you were there.*
My Fatash nodded *It feels that way but I just know you very well.* I smiled, yet again Biransh knew what went on inside my head, and mumbled
*I got your stuff father!* He nodded, took the bag from me, and placed it on the kitchen worktop.
Then we sat down near the TV and Bira asked *What should we watch?* We both started to flick through the channels and drowned out our sorrows with laughter.

I jumped, someone was knocking the door, Bira walked over and answered it. After a while, and some hushed conversation, a familiar dragon walked in, the dragons green, yellow and blue wings folded against his side and his blue body glittered slightly.
He grinned at me and I screamed *ZIARA!!!* and embraced him, he laughed
*Missed me sis?* I nodded vigorously and then gave him another squeeze.
Then answered with a grin, letting go *Of course brother! How could I not?*
Ziara grinned *Come Anito.* He walked towards the kitchen and I followed, suddenly cheered as he used 'loved sibling'. At the door stood a beautiful female with pink wings and a grey body, she smiled and my brother laughed then announced *This is Gwefa Dritan, my mat3.*
A stabbing pain ripped through me yet I hid it and smiled, without showing said pain, *Hello, I am Ziara's sister Ikali.*
Dritan smiled *Hello Ikali, It's great to meet you. Ziara has told me all about you. He says you are a brilliant sister!*
Ziara blushed slightly and walked into the kitchen, he shouted *Come on Fatash, Let's make dinner.* Father nodded and followed his son to the kitchen, when they were out of sight Dritan gave me a spiteful smile, then whispered, so quiet I wasn't sure she had said it,
*Shame you're a freak, you definitely scared off Omio and Azreal!* I stood shocked as she walked off after Ziara and Biransh.

As I walked into the kitchen I immediately hid away from the others, they looked at me with a confused face... Dritan with a smug one that turned concerned when Ziara looked at her.

As I opened the door there was a slam, a familiar blue dragon flew through the door and smacked me, only to zip back around to land near me. *Hello Ikali, Want to do this the easy way or the hard way?* I stepped away, my head pounding as I rubbed it.
*What do you mean?* I asked.
She raised her head, red eyes glaring, and snapped *You're coming with me, argue if you want but you WILL come with me.*
I was ready to argue and hit her with a blast when a tail collided with my head and knocked my flat.
My eyes fluttered shut as a name came to me.


Trapped, With nothing to make it feel better!

Oww, my head was pounding. My horns felt broken but at least on touching them they only ached, Phew, I thought, At least one things not too bad.
I looked around, I was in a dingy cave-like dungeon, Great, I may have spoke too soon. I began to grumble to myself when a voice cleared my head instantly.
*Ikali? Oh thank God, You are alive!* I turned, my worst nightmare and someone I couldn't face were there.
I stuttered *A-A-Azreal? O-O-Omio?* They were tied up, chains holding them down, wings bent at irregular angles. Omio's back was to me, his wings looked broken, I was confused…
What had Masikiah done to such a confident creature to make him so quiet?
Azreal reached out and frowned *Ikali? Are you OK?*
I prepared a smart reply but the yearning for his paw was too much, I stepped forward, dragging my tail, and took it.
The instant we touch a thread of gold attached our minds and electricity ripped through me, Azreal cried out in surprise while I watched the thread's dance.
A word hit me 'Soulmates.'
Azreal smiled, the pain disappeared, and he whispered *I am sorry about before Ikali, I should have told you straight. I was surprised, but only because I didn't see how someone so… AMAZING could like me. I do love you Ikali, Very much!"
The grin that tugged at the corner of my mouth was stopped at a sweet chuckle. That ice cold voice that sent chills down my spine, as if I was a melting iceberg, sounded *Aww, How sweet. Shame you won't live to take it further.* Masikiah stepped forward, her ice wings flapping *I brought a friend to see you. Ikali, meet Gwefa.* A grey eyrie with wondrous grey wings glided forward. Pink swirls danced on her wings, they even made shapes now and then. Am I going mad?
Gwefa stepped forward again, she had a dark glint to her eyes, they seemed to bore into my soul. Omio finally turned around, he didn't look in my eyes but stared at Azreal as if they knew something I didn't.
Nothing had prepared me for the pain… She raised her tail, a sort of dream eater on the end of it, then the world stopped turning.

My powers, Give them me back.

The power ebbed away from the orbs of my tail, the things that had kept the essence of my difference was gone, drained from me by the she devil's friend. Judgement that I had not passed flowed from my tongue, the grey eyrie with dangerous eyes and the soul encasing wings laughed and left.
Before going she yelled *Seeyah Sis!* I froze, What had she called me?
Masikiah smirked *Good bye prophecy girl, let me know how you feel tomorrow.* Then she laughed and turned to follow the power eater.
Azreal snarled angrily, *Who does that demon think she is, taking from you?* I sighed wearily, Omio was still quiet. Both the males were tied up and I was not.
Was Masikiah so sure I was so weak that I could do nothing without my powers? I sighed again But she is right, I cannot help without my powers. I am- That was when I saw it, the key to mine and the males escape.
It glittered brightly, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, though that would be a similar reaction to someone thirsty in a desert and their eyes fell upon a oasis.
Omio followed my gaze and his sickly sweet voice flowed again. *Get it down Ikali, only you can do it.* I wanted to protest, I wanted to scream!
Then I thought to myself It's too easy, much too easy. Plus I need my powers and what about their chains? Was there no way to win? She shook her head "NO!" Then reached for it, she hissed, Of course, they have placed it out of my reach!
Azreal's voice filled her, since that one touch he had been able to speak to her through her mind, this time he said You can do it Ikali, I lend you my heart and soul. At least free yourself and regain your powers. I nodded, I WOULD get that key and it WOULD free them. So I stretched up, using the tips of my claws for balance and stretched higher than ever before. All my muscles ached but obeyed me.


I gripped the key, then the room shook, I fell backwards but luckily Omio caught the key in his tail.
A faded image floated into the room, I looked at it transfixed Is that a Ghost Hissi? Another figure broke into the cave, it's hooves flared with fire and he snorted *And I am a fire uni ma'am, the name Phyrain and the leader here is Bayeut. We are the rescue party.* I kept my questions to myself as the one called Bayeut was no longer a flicker but a solid shape. Her body long and white with bones encasing a sort of soul body. Her wings were big and had a single spike at the top. She carried a bow and arrow pouch on her back.
Phyrain was black, the only other colours were red, orange and yellow in the shape of wicked flames. No wings or horns yet he stood majestically. It made me feel poor and weak.
Omio had finished with his own chains and was helping Azreal when another figure swooped in.
Bayeut cried out *IOQH! DUCK!* I turned as the creature dived at me and then ducked just in time. The creature was just a shadow creation, an arrow flew through it's breast and it withered away to nothing. Bayeut snapped *Phyre, get the males out.* Azreal and Omio ran towards Phyrain, not before Az kissed me and whispered
*Live through this and let's meet again.*
*I will, be safe.* Then a shot was heard, everyone stopped, looking around. Except Omio, he was staring at the wound in his chest, I cried out and he laughed without humour and slumped lifelessly to the floor.
I went to him and sighed *What did this?*
Bayeut shrugged *First guess is Masikiah, Second is Gwefa. Now, go unless you want to end up like him, or worse."
I knew there was nothing I could do so stood up and tugged Azreal away, then an explosion and we were up in the air looking at the destroyed ruins.
As we sped away I turned and cried *Phyrain is not here!*

Yay, Mizambia is in this!

About Mizambia: Mizambia is a two headed dragon, he and she are both opposites. While Miz is the male side and is very aggressive, Ambia is the female side and is very kind.
Name: Mizambia Orath, Miz-am-bia O-rath
Species: Hydruplet
Gender: Female and Male
Family: Their family are unknown, they are thought to be just experiments that went wrong.
Personality: Miz is the cold, uncaring and quick to the point side of the two. He will always say what he thinks and doesn't care if he hurts peoples feelings. Ambia is the gentle one who can't hurt others, she has to keep Miz in check and is thought to be the guardian.
History: Mizambia was lost one day when they found the city Bilat, hungry and lost the two saw Ioqh and asked for food (Well, Ambia asked, Miz ordered!) Io took them in and they have been together ever since!

You seem to have a nice family. You comment absently, Io bounces around
I know, It's amazing. I'm so excited about the thought of living with them! You laugh and she becomes engaged in the writing again.


Io's Design is pretty old, I started drawing it when I was starting off my drawing thing. I love her design so much that I want to get a draik, a brilliant dragon, to play her character. So I hope it looks good to you!

This is the Quad design.

Yeah, I have now done Ioqh's second design, I am revamping them all, it is really similar with just a few changes. However these changes represent everything that Ioqh is now, now that she has had her heart ripped from her by the darkness.

These are her wing stages, use this to determine what wings she had at the stages in her life!

WAIT! You shout, Io stops talking and walks over. You point at something drawn on a stone and say Is that you? Io nods as she stares at the drawing.

The rock glows and the picture changed, you stare in amazement and then look at the picture of the solar system.

The universe Cretin, being redone so you can see it.


My world. Io reads aloud, you tilt your head.
It's like our world. Ioqh nods, so engaged it's only a quick jerk of her head.
It's older and more exotically named. She points to a planet like Neptune, the planet grows till it is the only thing on the rock. My planet, Io says happily.

Most of Io's life is based in Bilat, the great dragon city. But the world she lives in is just next door to Myrnin, the God's resting place, and is called Opana.

Opana is in the universe of Cretin and lies around where Neptune is to our sun, this planet never rotates so one side, where Bilat is, always faces darkness.

This means that the dragon residents, or other animals, are forever in cold weather but lately their homes are being touched by the sun.

The planet, the north area with frost, is ruled by Azreal's father and the Gods. Azreal is thought to be a seraphim like Siesta.

But in the south area the ruler is Asaael, he goes back to his world every month to make sure his kingdom is OK. He is also an escaped angel.

Io's kind used to go to the southern borders for mat3ing season, that was before the great defrost.

The great defrost is where their world is becoming water and the mist is disappearing. Most dragons stay at home to find an answer or somehow help.

The rock glows and pictures move across the screen, all of Io and most by Toni.

This is my art for Ioqh! More is added gradually! Drag and Drop like the rest of the pictures :)

She picks up the final two letters and then opens the one labelled.

Mist is my home!

Soft whispers in the night,
Cold hands on my face,
Cool fingers brush my cheek,
Frozen wings around my body,
Gentle caress on my back...

The cool night,
The soft touch,
My loving home,
My heart is rust…

By Toni (Dracotamer46!)


When the moon cast a glow,
Upon thy beauty,
His eyes did open,
To gaze upon my body.

For never has their been,
A Draik of more beauty,
Than that of Ioqh,
And her soul!

By Toni (Dracotamer46!)


The sun does cast a shadow,
A shadow upon my being,
The shadow does not leave me,
But places it's self on my back.

My being does darken,
Under it's powerful touch,
As I am not used,
To the heat and the glow.

I am a friend of the mist,
The cool and the moisture,
As under said touch,
I feel calm and loved!

So, as you see,
I am a mist dweller,
The warmth is my enemy,
But it is also the enemy...

Of a cold, cruel demon,
Her body is of Ice,
And she changes her shape,
To that of a dragon...

To fight me,
and kill the ones close,
She has the soul of a monster,

And the mind of a cunning fox!

By Toni (Dracotamer46!)

Dance to the world

The mist is my home,
The mist is my friend,
Come along one and all,
Let us dance the night away.

Let us sing to the sea,
Let us dance for the sky,
Let the magic take control,
Let's hope it does not end.

As the waves crash,
And the wind whistles,
We find hope in the world,
Hope that cannot be destroyed.

By Toni (Dracotamer46!)

She smiles and goes through the second letter, this one was labelled.

To know you are there and forever mine,
Is knowledge worth millions,
My heart yearns for someone to be mind,
Someone to want me.

A heart is easily broken,
A soul even more so.
I want to have you love me,
But I make myself trust!

I walk through the cold,
Trying to see you,
I don't know why I'm so obsessed,
You're not mine and you never will be!

A heart is easily broken,
A soul even more so.
I want to have you love me,
But I make myself trust!

You're whispering softly to me,
I want to listen and hear.
But my ears won't try and you're just not close,
though I want you here with me!

A heart is easily broken,
A soul even more so.
I want to have you love me,
But I make myself trust!

I've told you the sun burns,
You've told me the moon is your world.
I hoped you would say that,
and yet I hoped you would say different...

A heart is easily broken,
A soul even more so.
I want to have you love me,
But I make myself trust!

Oh, why is it so cruel of me to wish this,
I, oh, so want you to care but...
I know you never will!

A heart is easily broken,
A soul even more so.
I want to have you love me,
But I make myself trust!

A heart is easily broken,
A soul even more so.
But no longer do I care...
I want you here!

By Toni (Dracotamer46!)

Small present-like things are stacked beside you now they all start to unwrap themselves and small, ribbon covered dragons are sitting looking at you.

Welcome to Toni's Adoptable Draiks, These adopties are open for customs, colour request (So I can get popular ones done first) and Trades!


1. Do not use them in the BC!
2. Do not claim them as your own or remove my name
3. Do not alter them in any way
4. Do not take anyone else's custom!
5. When requesting a custom or trade us this form;

Subject: Draik Adoptie Trade/Request
Your name: (So I can put it as the img url)
Draik name:
Reference: (Must be an image, if you choose to give me a description I can't help it if I get it wrong!)
Anything else?:
And include in your mail, 'Ioqh wants your cookies!' Just so I know you read this. ;)

6. When requesting a colour, that already exists, make sure you put the subject title 'Draik Adoptie Colours', that way I know what mails are for what. I get easily confused. *smirks*

Customs: Open
Trades: Open

To use the colours shown just use change the code from COLOUR to the colour or drag the picture and paste the link instead of the one shown! ((They are shrunk!))

If I did you a custom then you need to change the USER, to the name I put beside the image (Yours not the pets!)

Draik Adopties

Basic Colours





Painted colours













Ioqh, Toni

Ioqh, Ocean, (Yep, we both applied *huggles Ocean*)

Puck, Toni

Drike, Toni

Eoqh, Toni

You then realise you are no longer near the cave, Io exclaims
What magic is this? She looks at you for an explanation but you just shrug and look at the floor, Many mini draiks are running under your feet.


You know you want them...

Ioqh looks up, she seems to know that your journey is almost over. She looks around and you are back at the cave, a piece of parchment is lying in the middle of the floor. Ioqh walks to it and picks it up, she frowns and reads aloud what seems to be the end.

These are Ioqh's buttons, the first is by Stormcolt and the second was by o_pirate_o and the third is by Jubbiechan! Thank you!

Visit one of these guys?


Credit for this petpage, that was once an app, goes to
1. StormColt, The button you made is fabulous!! I can now proudly call it Io's!
2. o_pirate_o, Thank you for the other button that Ioqh now has. It is epic!
2. Jubbiechan, Amazing button, thank you very much!
3. 8T8J (Lizzie), Thank you for helping me all the way, you did whatever you could! And look! It didn't go to waste!
4. The maker of this INCREDIBLE layout, sadinei, Your layout you made me is absolutely brilliant! Io says thankies :D

Some thanks must go to these people because when this was once an app they helped so much!
Vounchers, Thank you all, you know who you are. Your kind words meant so much!
Artists who drew fanart for me, wow… Can I even say anything other than the fact you are amazing. Thank you all! It means a lot!
Friends, For helping me out when I needed it :D

And also thanks for the fabulous person who let me adopt the pet of my dreams, Io is now with me because of you and I don't know how to thank you Char (Anooci). You are fantastic, Thank you! I hope you think Io got a good home, I love her VERY, VERY much!

You smile Well that was fun. You say happily, Io nods
Thank you dracotamer46, You saved me, I thought I would never get my information back! The jigsaw is complete. She mumbled quietly, as you say good bye once more a small badge appears in your palm, it's labelled 'Mist Dweller'. You touch it and it glows, then you turn, wave goodbye at Ioqh and leave.

Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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