About Moi! =]

Full Name- Inuyasha_Lupe9
Nicks- Inuyasha
Gender- Male
Owner- sailornini
- Ramen
- Warm Weather
- Helping People
- Calm Days


- Purple
- Selfish People
- Most Fruit
- Peas
- Cold Weather
- Death
- Bothering Days

My family. *huggles them*

Kirara is my closest sibling, and we've
shared a very similar past compared to the others.

Araquke Wars in the past changed him dramatically. He might be quite and a bit shy,
but his obsession for ruby's is kinda freaky...

Kiimyko is a hard one to talk about,
but if you wanna know her, you should go see her.

Fwends! *dances*

My past life.

My past was difficult. We were always fighting and in war. Fighting against anyone for our lives. Who were we fighting? Anyone who would destroy. Our times were rough. And everyone was fighting for themselves. If there was anyone to count on, it usually was only your family. Some of my siblings were in the worst battles like me, and some were occupied with other things like saving others or trying to find their way out of something they got lost in.

My job was to protect everyone completely. I had absolutely no other jobs. I have the power of elements, and a great mixture, which makes everyone believe that I should only have this job. Water, earth, and electricity. I summon each element with a whip of my tail. I know, sounds cheesy. But it is true.

All the wars that started were the same as all the others. But the last one was the biggest. Everyone got injured some way. My sister, Kirara, has a huge scar on her stomach, from being slashed by a very unusual power one neopet had had. Araquke didn't actually suffer badly. He had gotten lost in a cave, and found thousands or maybe millions of rubies. So instead of fighting he took the time to gather a lot up, and he even did surgery on himself by placing a ruby on his shoulder. And he soon realized it had it's own powerâ?¦ and Kymiikoâ?¦ She had past away. But there is more to it than that. All of my other siblings and relatives had also suffered a lot. Or at least a little.

Now I secretly work as a medic. Healing anyone injured. I don't want more things being lost in the past.


Adopties! ^________^


1. Don't take my credit off/for them, i made them and there here for your enjoyment
2. Please make sure they link back
3. You can ask for more than one adoptable, but the maximum is 4
4. Do NOT take anyone elses adpotable
5. Do not enter them in beauty contests or the art gallery
6. In your neomail fill in these questions if you don't have a proper refrence picture,
full name:
eye color:
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7. If you don't have a refrence, and use the form be specific! Don't write purple, write dark or light purple, or it will be inaccurate
8. While my adoptables are closed, please don't ask me to make you one after they're open, just wait, then ask me
9. Please be polite in your neomail. If I don't answer that's probably one of the reasons why.
10. You have to have a petpage for the lupe or I won't do a custom
11. You MUST put Inuyasha in the neomail title or your neomail will be ignored

**Remeber, the rules can be changed at any time.

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