Hello guest and welcome to the petpage of my very special Usuki, INSERARITY! You may have come here at random, or came specifically to visit. Either way, Sera and I wish you a lovely stay. In this here petpage we hope that you enjoy knowing more about Sera, who she is, what her story is about, and maybe some other surprises down the road as well!

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owners notes design plans lookbook

Name: Inserarity [ins-rari-tee]
Nickname: Sera
Specie: Quad Usul
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 7th day, Month of Collecting, Y8
Skills: fencing, agility, and 91% precision in slinging stones

Inserarity, more commonly known as Sera, grew up in a sleepy, idyllic town in Meridell called Straduel without any excitement in her life. She worked her days in the Mayor's Manor as cook and gardener. She's often wondered what life would be outside, but her meager wages often kept her in check. One night the Mayor hosted a fabulous dinner for the Royal Musketeer Guild of Meridell, and it was there, eavesdropping on their stories of daring, courage, and doing good that Sera decided she owed herself the chance to be courageous. She would take up the Way of the Sword.

And so she began stealing away hours of every day in a secret grove, training with a Punchbag Bob and her trusted petpet Raine for the day that she would finally be able to break free. Her chance would come soon enough, and Sera found herself an Initiate of the Gala Bier, an all female guild of knights. Read that story here.

Sera is now Knight Apprentice and is currently brushing up on her sword-dancing, acrobatics and projectile weaponry. Her Trial is fast approaching.

Sera likes swords, keeping a journal, trees with branches you could sit on, and Jumas.

owner's notes

character history etc etc

I adopted Sera from miss Wolfy on December 2, 2009 after an adoption process that took around a month. I knew very little about her except that she was a pet rotting on a sde account. Wolfy wanted to find someone who would actually do things with her, and so I decide to apply with the most effort I ever put into an application. I was uberly ecstatic to have been chosen. When I got her mail I took the time to jump around my room in glee because I wanted Sera so so much. Miss Wolfy was also very gracious in her acceptance mail, saying I had always been high in her list of applicants. It is because of Miss Wolfy that I now have my darling Sera. I am still grateful for both of them.

^Sera arrives home

update! This February 2011 I was on the NC Chat helping bump a board when a familiar user exclaimed that she used to own Sera before miss Wolfy. I asked her to tell me of their time together and this was what she said:

Thank you miss Mellie!

Sera's Design

As I've applied for another UC Musketeer months before I applied for Sera (who I sadly didn't get because my old main was frozen at around the same time), I was sorely tempted to recycle my design:

...buuuuut this little Usul named Inserarity just refused to stay male! She wanted to be Sera, and I think the decision for him to be ultimately female began with that name. And so it was: que sera sera!

She formed in my mind the perfect anti-thesis to my character Taybelle. Whereas Taybelle would be severe, Sera was to be joyful and very optimistic. I did borrow some elements of my Musk design for Sera though: more specifically, his Sword the Tulis Adarna and the white tabards. The blue and red combo of the ordinary ones aren't so special, and white naturally brings about an innocence, a certain feeling of a goodness, and an openness that is essentially at Sera's core. The emblem of the Guild was borrowed off the design of Aberthy's crown. This may change once the Guild is finalized. XD

I specifically gave her a fancy white hat to top off the whole look, as well as giving her long brown hair. I wanted her to have short hair before she left for her training, as in that village, no other female was allowed to have their hair longer than the Mayor's daughter (she even forced it into law, the little brat). Her long, flowy hair when she returns is a statement of her newfound freedom, and to empower female Usuls (and maybe even Quigukigirls) everywhere that they can be equal with the many guilds of Usukiboys. Sera, when I met her, had a very outspoken manner about her, and I think that was one of the reasons she managed to convince me to go ahead with the idea of a female Usukiboy.

^Ref sheeeeeet! Please drag and drop to address bar for full view


As I promised in my application for her, I do not plan for Sera to be just a trophy pet (although she is! :3). These are the things I want to do with her:

1. Trophies. 1 Petpet Protection League and 1 Beauty Contest Gold down! Whoooo

^Click to see Raine in the PPL!

^Sera wins 1st in species and 5th overall on 21 Jan 2011, forgot to screenie the overall winners page :s

2.Complete her petpage. As I am doing right now.
3.Host Usul adoptables. I need to recolor the current set, they're really hideous.
4.200 successful Jobs! Sera is my Faerieland job pet. My first plan for her is to reach 50 jobs by the end of Y13. We're currently at 40/200
5.Establish Gala Bier. Sera's petage will also have a directory of sorts for female Usukis and Quigukis. It's a fairly unique category so I hope I get this done.
6.Stories! My most important task. Add finishing touches to The Festival of the Wishes - Sera's heroic chapter and her recruitment into Gala, and start on Windmill Juma - anecdote telling of hers and Raine's meeting, and The Trial in the Mountains - Sera's final rites at Gala, in which she must use her skill to...I dunno. But she's gonna be doing something awesome.


In other words, a collection of my favorite customizations for her!

Look One: On the Rooftops

This is my favorite look on her. It has:

Happy New Year Clock BG - perfect for reminiscing Sera's heroic jump from Festival of the Wishes
Tutorial Certificate of Completion - The BG looked so bare without this trinket, which could be Sera's official documents for Gala! :3
Battle Thought Bubble - swords are always on her mind!

Look Two: At Gala

This look has:

Guarding the Gates Background - a little traditional and predictable for Usukiboys but nothing captures the ol' guild atmosphere like this BG!
Annoyingly Hard Tree Stump - annoyingly here because UCs can only wear so much.
Punchbag Bob Punching Bag - poor dummy. Sera stabs him with abandon. I still need this.
Sunshine Thought Bubble - I did say she was overly optimistic.

Story Index:
festival of the wishes /
the trial (tentative title)

The Festival of the Wishes

The Festival of the Wishes was written as Sera' introductory story during my application. The version that follows has been mildly edited, but essentially remains the same. Enjoy. :)

CHAPLETTE ONE: good news from a bad trunk

The Meridell sun hung high over the valley where the village of Straduel lay cradled in forests evergreen and streams everflowing. The settlement's wood cottages and early morning bakeries, and the occasional sightings of Illusen by the town's fountain make Straduel an ideal place to live a quiet life. But today, everyone was working for the big day tomorrow, and one Usul was particularly feeling more pressured than usual.

Sera exploded from out of the bush and ran up the cobblestone road. She almost tripped the ladders of some Kyriis who were putting up streamers and string decor. She didn't even pause to observe the installation of a Negg statue in the town fountain, which, on normal days, she would've found very very interesting. Neggs were one of her favorite objects in Neopia, and she loved it especially when they were incorporated into architecture.

Hey, watch it, kid!

Sera had bumped into another Usul, whose hood was lowered by their contact.

I'm sorry, sir, she murmured half-heartedly, and sped on by.

Coming in late for work at this hour, Madame will certainly fulfill her promise of strangling her with a Meercat's tail.

Sera arrived at the gates of the town mayor's home and let herself in. She made a stop to the maiden's quarters and deposited her large and heavy bag, (Not now, Raine!" she snapped at her Juma, who had begun to playfully pounce on her) and went to the parlor and prepared herself for the wrath of her boss.

Sera had been working at the Mayor's house ever since she was just a child. Her errands included cooking at first - they found out she could cook no better than a Rock so they transferred her over to housekeeping - and now her daily errands included picking and making sure the Manor had fresh vasefuls of flowers everyday (the best ones they used for special occasions were grown by Sera herself, who also loved to garden and talk to her plants), feeding the Unis, and sometimes, embroidering the town seal on official clothing. More often than not, she often did her errands with an unwelcome serving of yelling on the side, like how she was being yelled at right now.

Inserarity, you irresponsible squirrel! Madame Madame puffed her Elephante cheeks angrily. She looked like an overblown balloon.

I'm really really sorry! Sera bowed her head to seem polite. She had worked long enough under her that she knew how to act in situations like this.

You've been to the forest again, haven't you! Madame trumpeted her frustration. The other maidens in the room were all making hasty actions just to leave the room. Sera wished they wouldn't. I swear, one of these days I'm going to discover what you do there.I'm sure you're not just looking for new seeds to plant! I would fire you right now if the Festival of the Wishes weren't tomorrow!

Sera breathed a sigh: she wasn't fired. Yet.

Madame dumped a stack of unsorted wild flowers onto Sera suddenly that she almost disappeared under all of it. It looked like they uprooted her whole garden just for this, Sera though sadly.Sort those and arrange them into the vases in the hall leading into the Mayor's Banquet Hall."

Yes, ma'am! Sera agreed in a second. She was back to her old bossy self as head of the Mayor's maids, and Sera preferred bossy over angry. Much less stressful.

Oh and be sure to do a good job on them, those flowers were specifically requested by the Mayor. He hopes to make the Sukilon Guild feel most welcome for tomorrow!

Sera's mouth gaped open and swallowed a few fallen petals. Through the heap in her hands she managed to ask, Oh my gosh, is it true, Madame? The Guild is coming to the Festival tomorrow?

It doesn't concern you, child. Move along.

Sera obeyed, wanting to incur no more wrath, but her heart was excited. It raced in anticipation throughout her flower-arranging duties.

By the time she had finished, the sky had dyed the Meridell sky a bright orange. Her feet and hands were tired and she had leaves in her hair.

Oh Raiine! I am soo happy! she said, taking her beloved fox in her arms. Raine took it all in stride and acted like she didn't care. Sera set her down and opened the bag she had hidden under the bed. In it was a sheathed sword. She laid it out on her bed and stared at it lovingly. She had bought this common sword off a weapon's dealer when they she had the fortune of having been brought on an errand to the Castle. 3489 neopoints doesn't seem so expensive now. The weapon cost her her whole measly savings working in the Mayor's house, but it was worth it. Madame was wrong. Tomorrow didn't just concern her. Tomorrow was the most important day of her life.

Sera Gallery!

These are pictures of Sera that I've drawn since the time I applied for her.Pictures include a description and they are arranged from most recent to least.

Please drag and drop to the address bar for the full view!

^ Sera & Raine hanging out with their pet Glyme, 2011

^ Sera and Raine's headshot for the userlookup rollover, 2011

^ Sera's first BC entry, 2010, entered Jan 2011

^ Sera posing in front of Straduel's Golden Negg monument, also used as my application's banner, 2010

^ Battle between Sera and her archenemy Taybelle at the summit of Terror Mountain, imagined as a video game titles 'I Will Rise Up and Crush You: Usul Violence', 2010

^ My first picture of Sera, used in the 'Why I Deserve Sera' section of the app, 2010


Thank you so much for everyone who has graced Sera with their talents!

^ Sera by Lee, 2011

^ Thank you Emma (silly_emo_kid)! It's nice to see her drawn in your trademark style!

The Inserarity Potion made by lilacpuppy92!
Adds +100 coolness points
Side effects include: unstoppable blurtings, drinker may embarrass themselves but would still look cool

Sera drawn superbly by hardxcorps! *squeeiluffarttrades*
Sera chibi by the talented Leiv! :D

^ Thank you mylittleponysb!

Thank you wolftotems!!

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