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this page is dedicated to assist you with the creation of gorgeous yet inexpensive customizing with neopoints.

backdrop, self explanatory, will give you a background look to work with so you can further explore with your creation. play with your wigs, dresses, shoes and glasses and adventure through the world of customization.

this page was made before the SW price cap was increased, so 'buyable' refers to the previous 99,999NP cap.

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customization bases

  • Garden Gazebo

    Perfect Gazebo Background
    White Picket Garden Gate Foreground
    Blushing Birch Tree

    approx. 18,300 NPs

  • Icy Mountaintop

    Scenic Mountain Top Background
    Snowy Brook Foreground
    Frozen White Tree

    approx. 11,600 NPs

  • Dazzling Forest

    Mysterious Forest Clearing Background
    Tranquil Stream Foreground

    approx. 14,200 NPs

  • Tropical Paradise

    Tropical Island Paradise Background
    Island Leaves and Flowers Foreground

    approx. 3,500 NPs

  • Rockside

    Rocky Ocean Background
    Cave Foreground

    approx. 5 NPs

  • Beautiful Courtyard

    Secluded Bench Background
    Lovely Heart Bushes

    approx. 8,400 NPs

  • Autumn Road

    Autumn Country Road Background
    Autumn Shrubbery
    Autumn Harvest Foreground

    approx. 15,000 NPs

  • Spooky Scary Skeletons

    Spooky Forest Path Background
    Haunted Wood Foreground

    approx. 32,000 NPs

  • Relaxing Kiko

    Relaxing Kiko Lake Background
    Stately Tree Foreground

    approx. 6,000 NPs

  • The Giving Tree

    Holiday Decorated Money Tree
    Birthday Streamers

    approx. 9,000 NPs

  • Town Snow Fight

    Snowy Cottage Background
    Snowball Fortress Foreground

    approx. 3,600 NPs

  • Murky Water

    Underwater Net Background
    Hanging Vines
    Strange Green Mist Foreground

    approx. 4,700 NPs

  • Orange Poppies

    Neogarden Background
    Orange Poppies Foreground
    Yooyuball Stuck in a Tree

    approx. 5,000 NPs

  • Eyy, Tyrannia

    Scenic Tyrannian Background
    Tyrannian Flora Foreground

    approx. 9,000 NPs

  • Rainforest

    Mysterious Forest Clearing Background
    Scenic Fallen Tree
    Soaked by Gormball
    Hanging Vines

    approx. 11,000 NPs

  • Inside a Festive Home

    Holiday Home Background
    Frosted Window Foreground

    approx. 64,300 NPs

  • Farm House

    Ye Olde Petpets Stall Background
    Baby Haystack
    Peaceful Branches

    approx. 24,450 NPs

  • Walk Through the Maractite Caverns

    Maractite Cavern Background
    Cobbled Maractite Path

    approx. 10,900 NPs

  • Dip into Cocoa

    Chocolate Ballroom Background
    Hot Mug of Cocoa
    Chocolate Frame

    approx. 10,500 NPs

  • Courtside Garden

    Meridell Countryside Background
    Blushing Birch Tree
    Rope Fence

    approx. 47,000 NPs

  • Rainy Day

    Gormball Field Background
    Soaked by Gormball
    Gormball Splat Foreground

    approx. 4,000 NPs

  • Head in the Clouds

    Dreamy Pink Hearts Background
    Hanging Hearts Tree Garland

    approx. 32,900 NPs

  • Deadlands

    Crumbling Ancient Castle Background
    Dreary Foreground

    approx. 7,000 NPs

  • Painter

    Artist Studio Background
    Finger Painting Foreground

    approx. 18,000 NPs

  • Underground Society

    Moltara City Background

    Rocky Ground

    Old Fashioned Rocking Chair

    Lantern of Holiday Cheer
    approx. 3,970 NPs

  • Deep in the Jungle

    Stuck in the Lost Isle Background
    Hanging Fronds

    approx. 9,900 NPs

  • Look into the Mansion

    Altador Mansion Background
    Altador Cup Colosseum Archway

    approx. 35,050 NPs

  • Sunset Beach

    Romantic Sunrise Background
    Dark Green Shrubbery

    approx. 8,085 NPs

  • Spooky Tower

    Spooky Tower Entrance
    Undead Apple Tree Foreground

    approx. 900 NPs

  • Lon Lon Ranch

    Kau Kau Farms Background
    Apple Tree

    approx. 7,500 NPs

  • Southern Swamp

    Lily Pad Background
    Bamboo Forest Foreground

    approx. 3,300 NPs

  • Path to Flora

    Grassy Meadow Background
    Orange Poppies Foreground
    Peaceful Branches
    Cobbled Path

    approx. 25,000 NPs

  • Frozen Forest

    Snowfall in the Night Background
    Snowy Brook Foreground

    approx. 5,800 NPs

  • The Cave is Watching

    Creepy Cave Background
    Rocky Ground
    Dark Green Shrubbery

    approx. 14,500 NPs

  • Abandoned Library

    Brightvale Mansion Background
    Research Desk Foreground
    Old Cobwebs Foreground

    approx. 15,000 NPs

  • Path to the Portal

    Mystery Swirl Background
    Cobbled Maractite Path

    approx. 14,000 NPs

  • Look a Cauldron

    Sophies Hut Background
    Old Cobwebs Foreground
    Pile of Logs Foreground

    approx. 71,000NPs

  • House by the Willow Tree

    Mystical Little House Background
    Willow Tree Foreground
    Scenic Fallen Tree

    approx. 18,300 NPs

  • Deep into Geraptiku

    Road to the Deserted Tomb Background
    Geraptiku Bushes
    Hanging Fronds

    approx. 12,000 NPs

  • Oops went to jail

    Brightvale Prison Cell Background
    Prison Cage Foreground

    approx. 3,000 NPs

  • Atop Shenkuu

    Misty Shenkuu Background
    Mists of Shenkuu
    Shenkuu Cloud

    approx. 34,500 NPs

  • Training School

    Shenkuu Training School Background
    Pagoda Gate

    approx. 4,850 NPs

  • Snowy Mansion

    Snowy Mansion Background
    Snow Laden Foreground

    approx. 12,000 NPs

  • Oil on Canvas

    Soft Rain Background
    Painted Flowers Foreground

    approx. 25,500 NPs

  • Closet Must-Haves

    these are items that are diverse - in my opinion, great things to have available for use. Note - only buyables are listed.

    Forest Glade Background
    Mysterious Forest Clearing Background
    Neogarden Background
    Spring Topiary Garden Background
    Spooky Forest Path Background
    Spring Courtyard Background
    Visiting the Advent Calendar Background

    Peaceful Branches
    Round Paper Lantern String Lights

    Undead Apple Tree Foreground
    Scenic Fallen Tree
    Snow Laden Foreground

    Black and White Trendy Dress
    Hannahs Red Undershirt
    Dapper Yellow Shirt and Green Jacket
    Hardy Blue Trousers
    Long Silver Wig
    Suave Dark Wig
    Elegant Gear Boots

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    last updated : 13th of Jan, '19.