Going to be updating this from an application to a petpage when I get the time uwu

Trumpets sound in fanfare as you enter the great hall. Now announcing our honored guest, Andy!

You look down the long carpet stretched through the hall, past trumpeters and the various gathered members of the royal court, to see Luni sitting on intricately detailed and jeweled throne. His demeanor is poised and stately, befitting his position as King.

Your Majesty, you humbly greet him, bowing. A reserved, yet warm, smile breaks over his face as he motions for you stand. No need for formalities, Andy, he speaks, his voice low and pleasant, though somehow reserved, We are both equals here.

He rises from his throne and steps down from the dais, motioning for you to join him. Walk with me, he says, I'm sure there is much you wish to know.

It is a short walk to the beautiful Royal Gardens kept all around the palace. It is a beautiful view, don't you think? he asks, gesturing around.

The surrounding flowers present a myriad of colors and shapes, and delightful smells waft towards you on the cool and refreshing spring air. To the north you see the stonework building that houses the kingdom's famous library and college. To the east and the south you can make out the sun sparkling on the waves of the ocean. Westward the ground recedes to verdant swampland, beyond which you knows lies the bustling fishing towns on the coast that account for most of the nations industry.

After your eyes have had their fill, you turn back to your companion. You marvel briefly at the patience he has displayed.

You have always been a good friend, he begins. And I appreciate you coming all this way to check on my well-being. I imagine it was not an easy journey.

Indeed it was not, you reflect. After arriving in Neopia Central, you took a long, bumpy train ride to Meridell, where you planned to charter a ferry from the docks out to the small island where you now stand. Not many have reason to make the voyage, however, so the ferry only set out once a day. In an effort to have enough time, you planned a little too well, which resulted in you being several hours early for the departure.

You spent the time waiting in a local tavern with some... interesting characters, among which was a salty pirate Jetsam who insisted he tell the story of how he lost his fin. From there it was an uneventful ride to the local port, and a short walk up to the castle.

You blink suddenly, embarrassed to be lost in your thoughts so. Luni doesn't seem to notice. I'm sure there is much you wish to know, he continues, Please, ask me anything you wish!


About Illuniere

Name: Illuniere Fae Lumina
Nickname: Luni
Species: Draik (Royalgirl)
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 310 lbs.
Appearance: Purple scales and cropped black hair with aqua eyes. He is somewhat slender but still well-built. He loves jewelry and is always decked out with bands and earrings.
Origin: He is descended from a line of Brightvale Draiks, and thus treasures knowledge. His parents died when he was a child, and he grew up under the wise care of his regents. He has since grown old enough to take the throne, but has retained them as his council.
Personality: He does his best to live a controlled and logical life, so he often appears stoic and reserved. He has studied extensively, and thus believes that a keen intellect is the key to success in life. He often suppresses any emotions he sees as inappropriate, resulting in his feelings bubbling over at inopportune times. Being more intelligent than many of his peers has left him with a smug sense of superiority. Of course, he has studied decorum extensively, so he can appear polite and even charming when he needs to.

  • Mystery novels
  • Jewelry
  • Intelligence
  • Sweets

  • Sloppiness
  • Injustice
  • Being wrong
  • Seafood

His Kingdom

Luni is the ruler of the kingdom of Verastus, which is located on a small island off the coast of Meridell. Most of the land is covered by expansive wetlands, with a network of dunes to the south and plains to the north. The scattered islands to the west are covered in dense forests. The capitol is located to the south east, on the edge of the river delta. The main industry is fishing and hunting, followed by logging.

To the north lies the neighboring kingdom of Scitia. Scitia has claim to a larger portion of the island, as well as extensive plains of fertile soil, making them a successful agricultural nation. Mines in the mountains provide a wealth of rare minerals.

The imbalance of natural resources has been an area of contention, and has only worsened in recent times. In order to restore peace and unify the kingdoms, a marriage is arranged between Luni and the princess of Scitia.

About Me

Important Links

leedom111 *main*

About Me
Goals Page
Art Gallery Entries

On Neo

My name is Heather and I'm a 23 year old artist. My favorite Neopets are Draiks, Jetsams, and Boris, and my favorite Paint Brush colors are Royal and Zombie. I like to make Neopoints, draw Neopets, and hoard items in my SDB. I try to run my Habitarium as much as possible and play the easy games. I'm also trying to start getting into Key Quest, but it's quite stressful for me.

I enter the Art Gallery as often as possible, and always keep an eager eye out for the new features to see if my work has been accepted. I draw comics for the Neopian Times when I'm inspired. I enter my pets in the Beauty Contest to win them lots of shiny trophies. One of my dreams is to someday win first place over-all in the BC.

Many of my pets are adopted (Botak, Viserau, Wottcher, Alifra, Iztz, Buteh and Quelir) and I would never dream of giving them up. I have never been chosen to adopt a big-ticket pet like a Draik, but I like to think the way I treat my other pets would reflect well on me.

I've been playing Neopets for over 10 years on and off. For a while I thought I was done with it, until I rediscovered my love a few years ago. Since then I have taken a few hiatuses, but I always seem to come back to it. I suppose there's an aspect of reliving my childhood, but mostly I just love all the different designs and coming up with characters. I honestly expect that I'll continue to play Neopets my entire life.

Off Neo

I have four cats and live in a small cottage on the coast. I'm a college graduate with a major in Economics and a Minor in art. I'm still trying to find a direction in life but I'm considering going back to school to get a Master's in Game Design. I love video games and creating characters and concepts, so I feel like it would be a nice fit. One of my dreams is to write and illustrate my own graphic novel.

In my free time I like to watch tv, play video games, and create art. Mostly I watch crime dramas like Law & Order, but I also love a variety of cartoons, such as Phineas and Ferb and Adventure time. I have all the major console systems and a wide variety of games, although I don't play much anymore. Some of my all-time favorite games are Skies of Arcadia, Pikmin, and Pokemon. Nowadays I mostly play freemium app games on my iPhone.

I like to experiment with a wide variety of artistic mediums, although I mostly create digital art. I love to create characters and stories in my mind, and sometimes they make it to paper. I'd very much like to become a better writer, so I've started paying more attention to the styles of books I read and creating more writing-oriented apps like this one! I'd also really love to create plushies, if I can manage to get started.

I'm not a very outgoing person. I have some social anxiety, so I like to stay home most of the time. I'm very fortunate to have the support of my parents, who are helping me figure out a direction for my life.


Why Luni?

How can I possibly put into words my feelings about this gorgeous creature? Any words I could use will surely fall short but I will attempt to convey the depth of my feeling.

A royal Draik has been a big goal of mine for several years, and I've spent that time looking high and low for just the right one and planning his character. I strongly believe that Illuniere could be that character.

His name is really terrific. His character values knowledge and is somewhat msyterious, and I feel these qualities are conveyed well in his name. As a combination of 'illuminate' and 'lumiere' it captures the enlightening effect that knowledge has on one's life. The use of an 'n' instead of an 'm' makes me think of the moon (luna) which in folklore is often portrayed ad being mysterious and wise. All-in-all a thoughroughly A+ name.

I would be overjoyed and honored to adopt Luni, if you decide I am a worthy owner.

The Future

His Queen

The most important character in Luni' story is his wife, a female royalboy Draik named Ixeh for whom I am also applying. You can read about her here.

She is outgoing and cheerful, but doesn't like feeling controlled or caged. She objects to the arranged marriage and resents Luni at first. Eventually they realize they must work together and in time form a deep bond.


His loyal Kazeriu who has been his companion since childhood. He had always been perceptive, and this must have pleased the Kazeriu, for it appeared only to him. It was thought to be an invisible friend for a long while, and this suited both. When Luni grew into adolescence, the Kazeriu must have tired of the game, for it made itself seen and known to all. There was much surprise and confusion, and smug satisfaction on the part of Luni.

I always try to match the perfect petpet for each pet, and after perusing all the available petpets, the Kazeriu stood out as the most fitting. There is an attractive color coordination, which I'm sure Luni would approve, as well as a similarity in species. Kazerius are known for being clever, something Luni prides himself on.

The cheapness of the Kazeriu does bother me a little bit, so if I can find a more expensive petpet that's equally fitting I'll upgrade.

His Home

I would keep Luni on my main account, along with his Queen. That way I will be able to give him the attention he deserves, and he will be admired by everyone who views my lookup.

His other roommates will be my two current draiks Nakoro and Koizon (both of whom I adopted). I eventually plan to move the other three pets to different side accounts, where I keep my collection of royals and jetsams.


I love to draw my pets, and that is how I spend most of my time on Neopets. My Neopets characters are very inspiring to me and encourage me to keep working on my art. You can see my Art Gallery entries on my Art Page. I also draw comics for the Neopian Times when I think of a good idea. You can find my series under my username, leedom111. I have already drawn a few pictures of Luni, which you can see in the Gallery section.

I love to enter my pets in the BC, and am working on getting them all lots of trophies. Two of my pets with the most trophies are Lori111 and Tiberonth. I am working on getting all my permanent pets trophies, but many of them are gold-banned at the moment, so I can't enter them for four months. Draik is a difficult category with many talented artists, but I am confident I will be able to win Luni many trophies. Currently I have managed to place second with my draik Nakoro.


These are two customizations I plan to have for Luni. I wouldn't say I'm the best at customizing, but I try my best to make sure my pets get a little sprucing up. All items already purchased will be placed in my gallery.

Elegant Draik Slippers
Bamboo Forest Foreground
Usuki Dream Castle Background

Elegant Draik Earrings
Mysterious Draik Gloves
Shrouded Draik Shirt and Sash
Shrouded Draik Shoes
Stately Tree Foreground
Beautiful Desert Oasis Background - 89k

Friends and Acquaintances

These are my permanent pets.

Lori111 the Lab Rat

Lori111 is my first pet and I love her to bits. I've decided that she's kind of a perpetual lab rat, as I'm trying to get her stats. She started life as a female red Aisha. For the last several years she spent life as a male island Quiggle, which I loved. I decided to take a chance zapping her last Christmas, and when I immediately got a species change decided to continue zapping.

She's pretty level-headed and a bit cynical. She's the type to see the glass as half-empty, but she's more of a realist than a pessimist. She tends to be annoyed by the stupidity in the world, but bonds deeply by those with a similar outlook.

Tiberonth the Faerie Jetsam

Tiberonth is my second oldest pet. I found him as a blue jetsam in the pound during my initial phase of playing Neo. Originally I wanted to paint him grey, but as his personality developed, decided on faerie. Unfortunately at the time faerie Jetsams didn't exist, but several years ago when I came back I was delighted to see that faerie Jetsams had been released.

He is bubbly and cheerful, but a bit of an airhead. He loves pretty things above all else, and often dresses in dresses and skirts. He also loves wigs. His attitude annoys Lori.

Viserau the Grey Jetsam

I adopted Viserau on January 23, and she helped me discover my fierce and undying love of Jetsams.

She's rather depressed and apathetic, but she has a good heart. She likes to dress well, but avoids feminine clothes and bright colors like the plague. She's pretty much the opposite of Tiberonth, but somehow they have a close relationship. I guess opposites attract.

Wottcher the Blue (to be Plushie) Jetsam

I adopted Wottcher from a friend who was downsizing on April 2nd. It would have been the first, except for the hilarious prank which kept the pound closed :) I plan to paint him Plushie as soon as I save up.

Wottcher is a rather unique individual. A former pirate cursed to live in a body made of cloth and stuffing, he now runs a tavern on the coast. He's sort of a gruff old man, and always keeps others at arm's length with his surliness and ill manners. Although he dislikes being Plushie, he appreciates the resilience it gives him.

Quelir the Desert Jetsam

I recently adopted Quelir from a nice person advertising their pets on the BC boards.

Quelir is a desert nomad and sort of a jack-of-all-trades. Her biology makes her uniquely suited to living in the desert, so she earns her living transporting goods around the Lost Desert. She also has a small side business escorting travelers as well, if one can get used to her dark sense of humor.

Botak the Zombie Bori

I adopted Botak on January 31. It was kind of surprising to me because before I saw her, I wasn't really interested in zombies, or Boris. Now I love her to death and she has quickly become one of my favorite Neopets.

Botak is fun and quirky and all around quite lively for a zombie. She likes pretty colors and quite enjoys dressing up. She loves eating brains as much as the next zombie, but thinks hunting live prey is unseemly. She much prefers to eat her brains pre-prepared, such as the Brain Ice Cream or Brain Hot Dog.

Nadeane the Royal Gelert

I traded for Nadeane at the beginning of March because I loved her name, and painted her Royal myself on March 22. The custom for the trade plus the paint brush added up to around two million, but it was totally worth the effort.

Nadeane is confident and outgoing, but also pretty stuck-up. She has a hair-trigger temper and tends to fly off the handle when something upsets her. Her pet peeves are people who are obnoxious or overly flirty.

Muryele the Red (to be Royal) Grarrl

After looking through all the Royal pets to decide which ones to make, I fell in love with the attractiveness of the Royal Grarrl tunic, with the split going all the way up the side (look at that leg, wow!). I found Muryele in the Lost and Pound, and I loved her name because it's feminine, but with a spelling that makes me think of the name 'Murray'.

Mury is a strong (literally!) independent woman of supreme self-confidence. She is capable of thinking things through quickly, and always had a strong opinion on any subject. She's generally jovial, but can get loud when she's mad. She can also be a bit of a tease or a bully when she's in a bad mood.

Buteh the Faerie Grarrl

I found Buteh on a UFQA board, and was really happy when I was chosen to adopt him! I really like the idea of a matching set of Royalboy/Royalgirl or Faerie/Darigan grarrls. Now with him and Mury, I have the best of both worlds! I still need to get him his royal dress, and decide if I really want to crosspaint Mury darigan.

Buteh is fairly nervous and reserved, despite his flamboyant faerie coloring and penchant to wear dresses. He blushes easily and gets embarrassed even easier. When he wears full makeup and dress, he puts on a persona and becomes the opposite of his usual self. At that point he can snark with the best of them and is willing to take anyone on. Usually he regrets his behaviour the next day though.


Part 1

The royal messenger entered the throne room to the sound of blaring trumpets. The details have been finalized, your Majesty, he said, bowing to one knee, The marriage will proceed!

As the council of advisers gathered around the throne burst into cheers, Luni leaned forward on his throne, releasing a breath he hadn't known he had been holding. After a drawn-out negotiation process, this was good news indeed: a marriage to unite two kingdoms on the brink of war.

His kingdom was one of two that shared a small island off the coast of Meridell, as well as a history. For many decades the two kingdoms had coexisted in relative harmony, until in recent years harsh storms and droughts had caused famine and increasing conflict along the border. A strained peace had prevailed, but if things continued on the current track war was inevitable.

And so the monarchs of the two kingdoms made a plan: unification through marriage. The king of the other nation was old, but he had a young daughter who would inherit the throne after him. Then it just came down to a matter of legalistic details, although things had gotten tense once or twice.

But now that that the marriage was arranged, progress could be made. A royal marriage would lift the spirits of the people, and with the unification of the kingdoms trade could resume, easing the economic burden.

Luni rose to his feet, clapping his hands twice. This calls for a celebration! he said, Go arrange for a feast. Today is not a day for work, it is a day to celebrate!

His advisers applauded his decision and wandered off to do what they may, while the servants scurried out to make preparations. Left on his own, Luni made his way to his bedchamber. Dismissing the servants waiting there, he shut the door behind him and flopped down on his bed. After the stress of recent events, he needed time to himself, to think.

Although he was an expert at controlling his emotions, he couldn't help feeling a little resentful. From his perspective, the conflict was mostly the other kingdom's fault. They had acres of fertile farmland, and usually plentiful crops, while his nation had to rely on the fickle fortunes of the sea for sustenance. But when the rains failed to fall, they demanded a reduced price for seafood. Not only that, but the other kingdom covered a majority of the island, and poured resources into their military, while his own nation (he reflected with no small amount of pride) focused on knowledge and learning. If there was to be a battle his kingdom would surely come out the poorer, forcing him to compromise.

He sighed, rolling onto his back, carefully folding his wings underneath him.

There was also the personal aspect to consider. Marriage... He always knew he would someday be called upon to produce an heir, but that always seemed a distant possibility, considering the extensive lifespan of draiks. And he had always thought he would choose his mate, and she, him. Of course a marriage of convenience need not have a bond of love, but it was a partnership none the less. And he knew well enough that working with those of differing opinions could be... difficult. He knew little of the Princess, but what few meetings she did attend told him all he needed to know.

After a few more moments he sat up, straightening his wrinkled clothes. That was enough self-pity for one day, he decided. His subjects needed their ruler to put on a brave front, and there was nothing to be gained by letting one's emotions take the reins.

He stood, adjusting his impressive jewelry in a mirror before moving to the door. Putting a pleasant smile on his face, he stepped out into the corridor. A time for celebration, indeed.

Part 2

It had taken a long time, perhaps longer than expected, for the arrangement of the wedding. Plans had to be made, food cooked, and guests invited. But finally, the long awaited date had arrived. It was a fine spring day, as if the move for peace had also brought milder weather in its wake. With the threat of war lifted, the kingdom was out in full force, celebrating the arrival of their future queen.

Luni was taking everything in stride. The excitement surrounding him was mirrored back in his visage, but inside he felt calm, as if in the eye of a storm, with perhaps a bit of trepidation in the pit of his stomach.

He had only met his bride-to-be a few times over the previous months, but each time his opinion of her solidified. She was so unlike him, so obsessed with flight and freedom, that they could never really connect, let alone be soul mates. He would do his duty by her, no more, no less.

The events of that day passed with surprising speed and order. His attendants ushered him to the chapel, which was decorated beautifully with white lilies and filled with supporters from both kingdoms. He stood at the alter while the priest began the ceremony, and everything blurred until the bride arrived.

There was a collective gasp as all eyes turned in her direction. Even Luni has to admit she was exceedingly beautiful, dressed in her best formal attired, decorated with green and gold regalia. If only her personality were equally beautiful... he thought briefly.

The ceremony proceeded smoothly, vows were exchanged, and the bride crowned as Queen Consort. (Until her father's death she was to act as emissary between the halves of the kingdom, at which point she would assume her duties as ruling partner)

Once the wedding was over, the new couple and their guests moved to the next stage of the festivities in the castle. Few words were exchanged between the newly-weds, mostly because neither knew quite what to say. Fortunately not many words were required, as a grand feast was waiting for the celebrants. The King and Queen sat in places of honor at opposite ends of the table, only taking slight glances at one another and keeping eye contact brief. Food and drink and pleasant conversation with their guests provided a welcome distraction.

The celebration stretched on into the night, but eventually heads began to nod and eyelids waver. As the festivities drew to a close, Luni and his queen chose to retire to their separate bedchambers.

There would doubtless be certain... marital obligations, but those could wait.

Part 3

-In the months that follow Luni and Judelyn spend less and less time together. She is often away helping her father manage affairs, and their short visits are always tense. Luni resents that she does not seem to be taking her obligations to rule seriously. She withdraws further.

Judelyn's father takes ill and dies? Maybe.

-Luni discovers that Judelyn has been going off on her own, abandoning the castle for weeks at a time. They begin to have fights, starting with simple disagreements that quickly escalate to shouting matches. Luni believes her behaviour to be irrational. This causes further conflict.

-Luni finally confronts her about her motivations. He is not prepared for the emotional outpouring that follows. She has been running away because she feels trapped by her obligations as monarch as well as Luni himself. Luni had not considered that her perspective on ruling might be different from his own.

-Luni takes a gentler approach in dealing with Judelyn. He listens to her opinions and asks for her advice. He begins to appreciate her spirit and point of view, as different as it is from his own. He matures a little.

To be continued


Art Work

Drag pictures to the URL bar to view full size!




Toy Box

A bunch of Royal Draiks! Aren't they pretty?

How delightful! Look at me, pa! I'm FLYIN' :'D






And that brings us to the end of my application. :)

I hope you've gotten a good sense for who I am, as well as my plans and dreams for Luni. Luni will be given a design and character that I will continue to work on and flesh out. I will continue to draw him, and work on finishing his story. If you choose me to be his new owner I can assure you that Luni will have a loving home and a spot in my heart.


Disclaimer: I was not required to make this petpage. I made it of my own volition to show my love and commitment to Luni.

My Love

Coming Soon

Note: I plan to make a page for Luni's betrothed, a male RG Draik, but haven't had time yet. This will then link to his app.

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