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  Hello guest, and welcome to Evenstar. I am Meow, and I have been running this site since the 2nd of Feb., 2014.
If you have any questions or concerns about the site, feel free to neomail me!
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16th of Dec., 2015
I don't have the time to maintain a site anymore, least to say a highly demanding site like this. I will be back, but that'll not happen in, say, 6 months.

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ongoing event: feedback rush!

 Prize: one custom shield! Examples.

 HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Write an in-depth review for Evenstar, and send it to me via NM. Most helpful review wins!
 DEADLINE: 19th of Sep., 2015.
 MORE INFO: A helpful review should include both pros & cons. And remember, be creative. And it's perfectly okay if you criticize me. It helps me improve quicker!
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the rules.

Please read the following before you request.
1. Credit me.
Link back to Evenstar (/~Idaera) if you use one of our buttons.
2. No redos.
I will redo your button if I have made a mistake, but otherwise I won't.

current status.

Sorry. This will be a long hiatus.

the forms.

With fully custom, you choose the border, animation and image; with Meow's Pick, I choose for you.
examples (border & animation choices) // Neomail me // back.
Fully Custom Meow's Pick

the examples.

If you want to browse more options, please visit my portfolio.
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Note: There are two pickup pages.
For Katie:
For Calista:

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Button not here? Go to my portfolio.
For Eve:
For Stevie:

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linkback & extras.

affiliates & credits.

affiliates //
affiliation requests are OPEN/ If interested please Contact me
Aishurscript Cataclysm Chinensis Deisigns Cosmos Exquisite Jewel Someday in Ecstasy Buttoneer Colorfast Esquire Fiasco Sirens Spring Fresh Tracery

credits //
textures from backtalking, xnienke and faeriepuffs @ dA.
other widescreen border from open eyes; snow animation learned from starry sparkles; animated gif button learned from Jewlz; fireflies animation learned from Sugarpop Tutorials. inspiration from floret, Chinensis Designs and Someday in Ecstasy.
*button making learned from Impulse's Tutorial.

Counter started 15th of Mar., 2014