Welcome, x_id_24_x, to Izzy's Graphics, the graphics site created and maintained by id_24. All these graphics are here for you to use if you want to - hopefully you can find something you like!

There is no need to neomail me to ask if you can use one of these graphics, they are here to be used :) If you want to know how to the graphics then please see below.

Suggestions are OPEN

Okay, so for the first time in years I'm going to - tentatively - open up theme suggestions from the general Neopian population. I graduated medical school at the end of last year so I am no longer spending most of my time studying! However, I now work long hours and have limited free-time so if people get too demanding I will permanently re-close suggestions.

Some guidelines to remember;
* general theme suggestions only (no customs)
* these are suggestions only, I will only do the ones I want to ;)
* you can be specific with images but know that smaller images are hard to work with
* state if your suggestion is for a user, a pet or a gallery layout
* please be polite and don't use chatspeak

Head over to my user lookup to mail through any suggestions you have :)

How to use my Graphics

For backgrounds simply copy the code in the box underneath the background and paste it wherever you want it displayed!

To use the shields, copy the code in the box under the shield you like and then paste it into the About Me box here. If you want to be sure it doesn't mess up any other code you might be using, make sure you put it right at the end after everything else :)

Feel free to use any graphic you might like but please, I put a lot of time and effort into doing these so Don't Remove the Credit. Also I don't allow people to edit my codes to make their own layouts.

User Lookup Shields

Because I know people are going to ask...
Can you cover up your shields? Someone said you could and now I'm confused.
You can cover up your shields with original art, but you cannot cover them with another Neopets shield or anything that specifies a number of months or years that is untrue. Basically, something that says "Forever" or "Way too long" is fine, but if your account is 3 months old and you place the Neopet 36 month shield over it, or vice versa, you will have your UL cleared.
Referenced from the Neopian Times editorial #268 :) So yes, using these shields is perfectly fine!

Neopets Backgrounds

General Backgrounds


My Other Petpage

Mini FAQ

I love to hear from you all, but to save me answering the same questions over and over here are a few things that people ask often. If you ask something that I've already answered here, I won't reply - sorry! I do try to reply to everything else though :)

You said I removed the credit on one of your graphics... but I don't even know what that is!
Most of my graphics have two types of credit - one imbedded into the image and one that looks like this:

and links back to this page. Both must be left on, and you can be reported for theft if you remove them.

Can I replace the credit link with one that matches the lookup?
Erm, no. I think my credits are very unobtrusive to start with so if you don't like them then simply just don't use the lookup.

You should make a layout with *insert theme here*.
I actually find this kind of rude - requests are closed, please respect that. You may consider it 'just a suggestion' but I get a couple of those a day so, trust me, pretty much everything has been suggested already!

Can I use the code for *insert premade here* with my own images to make my own lookup? I'll still credit you!
Sorry, but no. I've said on this page so even if you neomail to ask my answer will still be no. While I did used to allow it too many people weren't crediting (even when they said they would) so now my answer won't change.

Can you make me *insert custom here*?
No. I don't have the time.

But I've seen people with custom layouts made by you!
Well yes - occasionally I'll make a board on the Charter neoboards offering customs. Thats the only place I take custom requests from, neomails asking will be ignored.

Where are the Charter boards? I can't find them...
The Charter boards are only visible to people who have had Neopets Premium for over 3 months. For more info on Premium go here.

Can you teach me HTML/CSS/to code my own lookup?
Since this question has been driving me insane for years, I have written a bunch of HTML and CSS guides here. There are also specific step-by-step tutorials for user and pet lookups, gallery layouts, etc.

What programs do you use to make your graphics?
Currently, I'm using Photoshop CS4 for the graphics, though some of my older stuff was made with Elements 3 and 6. All my coding is done by hand in TextWrangler.

Link Back


Neopets coding tips, tricks, articles from doubleSTANDARD

Affiliates are open.

I'm kinda... picky with affiliates. Please, only high quality pages with a reasonable amount of content. You must have an 88x31px linkback image. Also note that I do not affiliate with or link to directories / review sites.

Drop me a neomail with a link to your page to apply :)