Just some notes

for my petpage applicants

Please note

The goal of this page is to provide every petpage applicant with some notes on their application. From stuff I LOVED, to stuff I think they could have done better on. I am trying my best to make sure that I give you all some positive and constructive and loving criticism so that you all can be the best applicants possible in the future. :)

If you have a problem with my view of your application, please keep your drama off of my board.

I have tried to be honest and loving at the SAME TIME to spare the feelings of all of my petpage applicants, but at the same time, I cannot pretend that people will not have issues with this. If you wish to dispute anything, my inbox is open. However, these decisions are final, so you can argue and try to prove your point all you'd like, and I'll take it with grace, but it's not going to change my mind. :)

Below are some of the things I tend to focus on:


If your accounts don't show the effort your app does, it tends to fall flat. What areas of your accounts can you improve to help your chances next time?


How do you show your love of your pets? Books? Pages? Art? Writing? PPL trophies? BC Trophies? There's tons of ways that don't require creative abilities!


How easy/hard was your app to read? Was I able to understand you? Did your layout allow me to access all the info I needed easily?

Apps for the lovely Neocash

Laura (frogie_likes_chocie)


Formatting: I enjoy the simple look of the layout, and the obvious sense of humor you have that's evident from the moment the disclaimer is read. The layout is well put together. I like that it's not so complicated that it distracts me from your content.

Accounts: Very lovely! I like not only how you have a theme for each of your accounts, but you have customizations for all of the pets on your sides. Customizing is obviously something very important to you, and I love how your creativity shines through that! I also appreciate that you link your main/sides on all accounts!

Spoiling: It's obvious that customization is the main way you spoil your pets, however you also try to give them petlookups, and a distinct personality. Although some character creators may groan and say that your characters don't have in depth pages and what-not, you obviously have great ideas for your pets, and that's shown through the brilliant fan art you collect of them. A majority of your pets have matching petpets already, or planned, and you also collect notable screenies, which is a sign that you're going after customization trophies for them! Your pets are OBVIOUSLY well loved. You may not be an artist or a coder, but your love for your pets shines through regardless.

Gabriel (volskey)


Formatting: You did very well with the premade layout you chose! It was adorable to hear Neocash's input on the application, and I really enjoyed reading it.

Accounts: I love how you show your family on your main userlookup, and how you show your love for all of your kacheeks around your accounts. :)

I'm going to be honest and say that the main reason I felt you weren't a good choice for Neocash was because of how your application seemed to focus more on the fact that she was painted white over her name. I feel like you could honestly adopt any white kacheek and be just as happy as anybody else. I felt that I'd prefer that she go to someone who ADORED her for her name and possibly her color, although there's some who are applying to repaint, and that's fine!

Spoiling: I really like how dedicated you are to kacheeks, regardless of the names they have! I also like your large angelpuss collection. Although you may not have compete in-depth characters, pages, or stuff like that, it's obvious that you love your kacheek family. Since you like cats, have a cat gif on me.

Apps for the lovely Ladyship

Caitlyn (bluecream64)


Formatting: First of all, the castle BG made the Scottish/English in me happy. Ok? Second, I love how Romah's customization looks. Sorry if I sound really random right now, but this is kinda how my brain is working. The layout was nice, even though it was a premade, which I appreciate. The links were easy to read/understand, and although you are not an artist, you broke up the text using images and adoptables, which made it easier on me. Thanks!

Accounts: I personally do wish your accounts were linked on your main's userlookup, but that's just something that makes it easier for me to stalk. I appreciate that all of your sides have lookups, and that you've credited everybody I also really like how your pets are interconnected. :)

Spoiling: It's obvious that you're not an artist, but you sure do try to make up for it! (Don't worry. I didn't get good at art for my pets until late 2011.) You have given all of your pets lookups, with a little blurb about each of them. I like how you have dates for the pets you've adopted/painted, which shows that you regard those days as important. You enjoy customizing your pets to match their characters (I was that way too, mostly...;D), and it's obvious you have big plans for a lot of them!

Apps for the lovely Miss V

Christa (purpledragonfruit)


Formatting: Please forgive my coding snobbishness, I'm going to warn you in advance. Now, I'm all for taking premades and using them for purposes they were never intended for, (it's one of my many hobbies), but some premades are just so formatted for another purpose that attempting to put an application on there just makes it hard for the foster to read everything. Sadly, yours was one such case.

A good summary of my initial reaction.

Don't feel bad, as this is a common mistake a lot of people can tend to make. But a lot of fosters will not care how great a layout is if they can't read your application easily. I had no idea that you could hover over the little plus signs at first, so I was like "What sections are these" then add the fact that I had scrollbars within scrollbars, the pet section formatting was odd, images weren't centered, etc, it just was really distracting. If you really really really want an in depth overview of the coding, please do neomail me and I will happily help you know what not to do in the future so you can please horrible elitist coding snobs like myself. ;)

Accounts: Hopefully these coming two sections will be less picky/painful for you. :) First of all, love that you have your accounts linked on your lookup! Second of all, went to your sides and was kinda disappointed to see some sad pets. Could be that you haven't been on them in a couple of days and the neolodge timed out, but still, you might want to make sure they're fed.

Um, one of the other things is that sometimes I'm not sure what images around your accounts are yours or not. I mean, I know the premades are not yours, but some images in your app and around your accounts aren't linked anywhere, but I'm not sure if they're yours, particularly the art in your app. It would have been nice to see some section in your app mentioning if all of the images were yours or not.

Spoiling: I like that you have petlookups for your pets and matching petpets, and some customization. Seems to me you have some lofty goals for some of your pets, which is a good thing, as it'll keep you here longer. Let's see, um, as far as your plans for Miss V go, I did like that you had a story and such for her. I'm not 100% partial to fanfiction, but if that's your thing, gurl, you go for it!

Melissa (Kittensandangels)


Formatting: While I appreciate you taking the time to find a nice premade layout, I will admit that the formatting wasn't exactly wonderful. If coding isn't your strength, it might be best in the future to try to keep your apps simple and try not to mess too much with coding.The images were very awkwardly placed, even cutting off the text at some points, making it very hard to read. While I appreciate you going outside your comfort zone to make this application, perhaps you should have kept it simple, or asked someone for help to make sure it was easy to read.

I do want to note that if you're interested in learning more about coding, you can always go to your local library or bookstore and search for some books on HTML/CSS. That's how I learned to code myself!

Accounts: I appreciate that you list your accounts on your userlookup, and that all of your sides have lookups as well. I also like that you have galleries on each of your sides as well!

Spoiling: I like that you try to give your pets petlookups, and have a little blurb about them, even though you may not be much of a character creator. I adore the fact that you have one account that has three draiks born on a holiday! I also like that you have a love for Transparent Aisha, which is nice because Miss V is who you're applying for. :)

I will admit though, since Transparent Aisha are SO hard to trade for/adopt sometimes, I kinda feel like if I adopted out Miss V to you, it wouldn't seem as fair since you have TWO other Transparent Aisha already. I understand loving a certain type of pet, but there's quite a few other applicants who might have a difficult time getting a transparent aisha.

Apps for the lovely Humor

Sarah (rhino_loupe)


Formatting: I like the layout. Did you code it yourself? You had some really nice sections, and although it was a retrading app, you also made sure that an image of Humor was included! Overall your app was easy to read and well formatted!

Accounts: I love that you have all of your accounts linked and connected on your userlookups, and that each account has a similar lookup with a personal touch! Your pets all look very well cared for on your accounts, and the rules of sides are followed. Nice job!

Spoiling: It's obvious that you not only spoil your own pets, but your foster pets as well! Customizations for pets, even on your sides, petlookups, art, and petpets too! Also, your coding abilities are amazing, and gurl, you really should think about opening a premades site!

Moon (mooonbear)


Formatting: I appreciate the simple layout that doesn't distract me from the content. Also, the future customization for Humor made me giggle. I read the story and I was like:

It made me laugh, but I will admit I was wondering if there was the possibility someone crazier than me existed. :D

Accounts: I liked how you had your accounts mentioned on your lookup, and although they're all in the minimalist userlookup style. I also like how you have a nice gallery on your main account.

Spoiling: I like how you have pets with names that are very interesting. Hyphen and Warhol are very interesting names to own. Although much isn't up for some of your pets, I can tell you have grand plans for them!

Willy (xmooink)


Formatting: Although you filled out the form, because of the use of a nice layout, and that you put some images in, I considered it a petpage app. Only thing I would change is I would have put some more space between each of the questions because it's kinda hard to read.

Accounts: Honestly, this is really where your app fell flat. I took a look at your sides and quite a few of your pets were hungry. One of your sides hadn't been logged into in over a month. My reaction was something like this:

If you're going to be applying for a pet, it's best to try to make sure that your side accounts look nice and that pets are fed. After all, that's something UFA pet owners take very seriously. I did like that you had a lot of trophies from playing games, as that seems to be something you're good at. I also like the large size of your stamp/avatar collection!

Spoiling: I like how you keep track of the dates that your pets arrived on your accounts. It's very easy to see who the permanent pets on your account are, because they have petlookups and not UFT banners/notices up. While some of them are obviously works in progress, I do like how you try to give them matching petpets, and some of them are battledome pets as well!

Cynite (cynite)


Formatting: Love the pun on the page, and the adorable baby aisha art! Blue is also my favorite color, so I'm digging the background page color. The app looks well put together and quite fun!


Accounts: Would have been nice to see your sides all mentioned on your main, but I managed to account stalk without it. :)

Spoiling: The main way it appears you spoil your pets is by painting/morphing them, giving them lookups, and BD training them!

Lexc (lostcherub)


Formatting: I love how you answer the questions with your two pets! I really think that's an awesome way to do an app! I have conversations with my pets all of the time!

Accounts: You only have one, so there won't be much here. Both your pets are fed, nothing really seems out of order. Some might say it's "bare" due to no trophies, few site themes and stamps etc, but I'm of the mind that if you don't do something, it's best not to try to show that you do, you know?

Spoiling: Although you have two pets, I can tell they are loved, not only because you customized them, and gave them both lookups, but you took the time to write very well written descriptions for both of them. One of your lovely xwees has some stats as well, which I guess he needs since he drives race cars. ;)

I'm from the South. I know about NASCAR. Go #14!
Apps for the Literary Trio

Rose (harrypotterissocute7)


Formatting: I'm just going to start this by giving you a round of applause for the obvious hours of coding it must have taken to make such an interactive application.

Now, while I did get quite turned around at a few places, I did enjoy going through the story and learning about Reader, Writer, and Character. I will admit that I'm not much of a...hehe, horror person, but I did enjoy that you connected them all together and wove a very interesting tale!

I will admit, some parts of the app made me want to cower a bit. Hehe, I'm really not a horror person, but still. To each their own!

Accounts: I like that all of your accounts are linked on your lookup, and it's obvious that you have a thing for aisha and kacheeks! They all look very lovely.

Spoiling: Art, Pages, Characters, I see all of those with your permies, along with matching petpets and little things such as dates they came home among other things. I love that you write about your pets, and even though your writing may not be entirely allowed on neo, and you can't post all of it, I love the quality of it! You write very well!

Serina (serinasaurus)


Formatting: I felt a little awkward about the fact that you didn't remove the parts of the premade that weren't relevant to the application. (The Stats section, mainly.) I also wasn't sure about the fact that you didn't seem to care about which of the pets you adopted. While I understand not being able to decide between Reader, Writer, and Character, your app seemed to communicate you just wanted them just to "have them", and that it didn't really matter which pet you got. Your plans also seem somewhat vague, because although you said you're pretty sure you'd want a faerie wocky design, you also listed other possible morphs in the other column.

I just really got a very unsure feeling from you, as if you really weren't 100% sure of what you wanted, and that really seems kinda strange compared to some of the other applicants who know what they want.

Accounts: I like that all of your accounts are linked from your lookup! It seems like quite a few pets on your accounts are UFT.

Spoiling: Honestly, you only have a few permies, so it's really hard to get a sense of how you spoil your pets. I know you customize your permies, and that you give them lookups and petpets at least, but only one of your other permies has a page, and a lot of your pets are UFT. The vibe I am getting from your accounts is that you're somewhat of a serious trader, and since you have so few permies, I start to get the feeling you're really picky about which pets you decide to connect with. Which, combined with the unsure plans part really makes me worry about the possibility of my pets ending up in a trade chain in the future, you know?

Because, if you're only able to get attached to a few pets, why should I give you pets that you seem to not really be connected to? It just seems like it's inviting you to get bored, only to trade the pet I give you away a few weeks later.

Melle (perniciousseraph)


Formatting: I like that you put your own twist on a Hot Potato premade, and that you separated everything into "Chapters". Made for an interesting read. I also like how you explained how in-depth your plans for these three are!

Accounts: Love your obvious dedication to Xweetoks! My writing buddy, Kathleen would approve! You also have a gallery, which is pretty awesome! I love how dedicated you are to your pets, and it shows through all of your accounts, way to go~!

Spoiling: I love how you just seem to brag on your pets a lot, and how you have a lot of goals for each of them! Customizations are a part of your spoiling style, and quite a few of them have characters and petpets! I love that you consider each one a unique part of your family!

Caitlin (princess18260)


Formatting: Ok. Perhaps I had too much caffine, but when I read the part about Writer creating the world from her breath, all I could think about was...:

And this is why I'm a nerd. But yeah. I liked the story and the ideas, even though I'm not exactly a RW draik person. I really wished you had linked your accounts IN your app. Thankfully they were linked on your UL for my stalking purposes. You edited the premade very well though, and even though you didn't finish everything, I had a good enough impression of what you were gong for.

Accounts: I like that you have links on your userlookup. Your love of draiks is obvious from all of your accounts. Nothing much to say on this front.

Spoiling: I love that you have a tangled fan pet, ok? Can I just geek out for a moment about this, since it is my favorite movie of all time.

I know how to play "Kingdom Dance" on the Piano. It's my favorite song.

I like how you have petlookups for a majority of your permies, even on your sides. One of the things that I find interesting though is how a lot of your pets are works in progress. There's blurbs on their petlookups, and customizations for them, but as far as anything more than that, it seems like you intend to do something, but you've not started yet.

Bit of personal advice, you're always going to be tempted to put off tackling petpages, stories, etc because of how "big" those projects seem to be. Just take it in small chunks, and work from there. Start by getting a layout up, then worry about one section of content at a time. Don't feel like you have to write 10,000 words all at once. I wrote a lot of my pet's stories by writing out sections of stories in board posts. (500 words at a time, sometimes even less than that!)

Don't be like cookie monster! Take bites instead of eating the whole cookie!

Xiialyn (xiialyn)


Xiiayn is applying for WRITER & READER /ONLY/.

Formatting: I'll admit, at first I was gonna go all rage and stuff on you about your layout, but then I read your paragraph about the reasoning and I was like:

Makes sense.

I know this is going to sound really picky, but your paragraphs were really long which made reading tedious. I'm a college student, I can do tedious reading, but I don't enjoy it, you know? The font was also a wee bit smaller than I would have liked, so those two things together just made me zoom in my browser and squint.

Imagine a much less impressive female version of this person, and you're on the right track.

Accounts: I like how you have themes to some of your accounts. I also congratulate you for being able to stand mara/baby pets. I've never been good with pets I cannot customize, so props to you!

Spoiling: I like how you give your permies lookups. I also like how you're trying to get art of your pets as well! That's pretty cool! I find it awesome how you have little blurbs about your pets too! I like that you're putting your characters from neopets into a Novel. (I'm doing that too, part of the many reasons I'm leaving, honestly. xD)

Apps for the lovely Spooking

Zoe (partyrock345)


Formatting: I like the spooky edited premade you used, and that you added some of your own art to the application. Also, the customization you came up with is pretty spooky as well!

Accounts: Sadly your accounts were kinda where this fell apart, as I took a look at both of them and one of them had some pretty hungry pets!

Spoiling: I know this will sound horrible, but I found your plans for Spook hard to believe when I took a look at your current pets. Although you have a few select pets that have customizations and lookups, a majority of your pets don't. Now, those pets could be trading fodder, or something to that extent, but I still feel like your pets are quite bare. Only one of them has a page of his own, and it looks to be a former application that hasn't been turned into a petpage yet.

Apps for the lovely Writer

Gigi (cookiegiih)


Formatting: The layout is lovely, and certainly fits the literary theme of this pet! It was easy to read, and not distracting, and it looked very lovely. Nice job! I enjoyed seeing a sample of your art and customization abilities!

Accounts: I would have liked to see your sides linked on your main, but you have so many other links there, I can totally understand if you feel they'd be swallowed up. Otherwise, your sides looked nice and were organized. Good going.

Spoiling: Well, you certainly like the BC when it comes to your UC grey grundo! Wow. I also like how you have petlookups for your pets, along with petpets too. Customization is also something you are into, because I couldn't go to any of your sides without seeing customized pets. Nice job! It's also obvious that you're a roleplayer, due to some of your pages having roleplays in Portuguese.

Laura (laura.pet131)


Formatting: The layout is nice, but I am a perfectionist coding snob, so the images hanging over some of the headers kinda bugged me a bit. I like that you coded it yourself, and that you included images.

Accounts: I like that you enter the NT, that's one thing that stood out to me, along with just how old your account is from the long list of plot trophies. Uhm, can't complain about your accounts too much, wish they were linked from your main too.

Spoiling: I just have a hard time believing that you're going to do ALL of what you promise for Writer. I just, IDK. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm writing this at 12:30 in the morning after a really long and hard day. I can see you entering a story in the NT, I can see you possibly painting eventide, but you really don't strike me as a petpage person. Mainly because although your pets have lookups and (it appears to be) half-finished customizations, and little blurbs, the ONE page I could find wasn't updated and had broken images. It's obvious you like your pets, and you spoil them in your own way, it's just that I find that part of your plans hard to swallow considering what I see from your own pets.

Don't get me wrong! I love that you're doing more with them than just letting them sit there! They have lookups, petpets, bits of customization, small blurbs about them...etc. But yeah, just finding it hard to believe.

Apps for the lovely Endanger

Sar (endangers)


Formatting: Your application layout is lovely! I really like how you formatted it, that you linked your accounts brilliantly in your app, and communicated your plans very well.

Accounts: Nothing much to say here, they look nice, and they're all linked together. Good job!

Spoiling: It seems to be that you have a few well loved permies who you really do enjoy spoiling~! I see petlookups, a little bit of art up in there, and it seems you have some good plans for them! I took a look at one of your work in progress pages, and it looks like a good start.

Apps for the lovely Bootlegger

Micheala (picksy95)


Formatting: I personally wouldn't have put the questionnaire on that hot potato layout, but that's just me. If that's your taste, go for it. I understand that you're technically applying for Bootlegger/Neocash, but I'm going to treat this as a Bootlegger application, and my reasoning is that it seems like you have more plans for Bootlegger than Neocash. Now, honestly, you don't seem to have that many detailed plans, but then again, you're doing the form + some other details, so perhaps you just didn't have the margin to expound on your ideas.

Accounts: Really like that you have your accounts all linked together on your lookups, and that your side pets are fed and customized as well!

I think the main reason I'm unsure about you is more of the fact that I feel you're really unsure about your plans and such. I mean, I know you plan to morph Bootlegger, but aside from that I don't see much else happening besides her being a customization doll. Which isn't a bad thing, but when there's other folks who would really get a creative boost from an amazing pet like this, it's a little hard to just give a pet to someone to be a customization doll.

This is nothing against customizers or anything, it's just that it's the only thing I can really see you doing with her.

Spoiling: Fellow Customization Queen I see. It seems that's really your main form of spoiling your pets, although I do see some matching petpets and some petlookups about.

Orinoco (Arrowsintheair4)


Formatting: Pirate themed premade for a pirate themed character. I get it! Easy to read through, so good job on that.

Accounts: I wish your accounts were linked on your lookup, but at least you link to all of your pets so stalking is somewhat easy that way. Your pets are all fed, everything looks pretty ship shape, although your sides are pretty young, but that's not an issue due to Bootlegger's level/basic color.

Spoiling: Another Xweeholic? Wow. Kathleen will be proud again. It's obvious that although your RL is hectic, you try very hard to do what you can for your little family of Xweetoks! I like that you're writing a book about the characters you've created here (fun story, this is part of the reason I'm quitting neo, so I can focus on writing a book myself. Three of my neopian characters are going to become characters in it as well), and I really like that you were honest about how busy you are!

Apps for the awesome Character

Ran (liuvro)


Formatting: First of all, your app is far from ugly, I love the art, the character, the story, heck, just about everything! I love how you and your two friends want to connect the characters together and I just, I am totally geeking out aren't I. *takes deep breath*

Also, I totally know I sent you a neomail about this, but like, I LOVEEEEEEEEE your idea of letting people adopt characters. I did something like this back in the day where I let folks adopt old refs I (and others) created, but I wasn't dedicated enough to maintain it. You totally need to create it, and if you did, IDK...I'd find some way to contribute!

Also, your art is amazing. End of story.

Accounts: All linked together and looking fab. 8D

Spoiling: I know this is going to sound like I'm way too gushy and complimentary, but WOW. Um, yeah. You love your pets. Your art is epic, you have screenies of when they came home, you have lookups and trophies for them, I just. Yeah. I'm going to quit now before other applicants give me looks. -______-

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