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What is a LOLcap? Now, for those of you in the know, you might think, "Oh! It must be a screenshot with a clever subtitle!" No, that is incorrect, sir. A LOLcap is any particularly lulzy screenshot. Be it stupidity, a pun (good or bad), or maybe a really awkward typo, any of these things can make up a LOLcap. And here, I archive them for all of time.

Submitting a LOLCap

So, guest, you want to contribute to the hilarity of LOLCaps? I can understand that. Well, there are a few qualifications for your screenshot!
  • First of all, you have to blank out any and all usernames/petnames so that users who do not wish to be identified, cannot be. Leaving your own in is fine, since I will be crediting you. (Unless you wish to remain anonymous!)
  • Do not make comments on the screenshot. I do not care if you thought x or z was funny, but I really don't want little arrows drawn all over it saying "lol @ this" or "HAHA @ that.
  • Host the image wherever you please, for I will be re-hosting it myself for continuity. C:
Get it? Got it? Good! Now, neomail abakkus with your links!

Abakkus & Hubbiry's LOLcaps

Drag the image to your address bar to see it full-size. (:
NOTICE: If you have a problem with this system, please leave quietly. Do not complain, for I will not change it. Ever. I use this system because I enjoy the visual continuity it gives the page, and if you don't, that's your prerogative, but not my problem. Now, if you know of a similarly nice-looking system that's less of a pain, feel free to suggest it. Other than that, please don't whine. And if you're rating my caps and this system effects your rating, shame on you, because the system =/= the screens.

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User-Submitted LOLcaps

Submitted by sootygirl181;
The Great Mix-Up

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